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  1. Fresh off the boat here and excited to get started. So here's my level 1 challenge Diet: Swap out one soda per day with black tea. I've been rearranging things so that tea is always within easy reach at home and the office. Make at least 7 meals per week at home. Since I'm in the habit of eating out for every meal, that's more or less a 50% reduction. Fitness: Walk at lest five minutes per day. Level Up Your Life Five Minutes Daily Meditation For some reason the site seems to be refusing me (displaying as offline) whenever I try to post my intro on the correct board. Anyone know what'
  2. Love to hear from others who need to gain weight. I'm naturally thin and look great when muscled, like a skinny old lady when not. I am 60 and feeling "not." Where do I go to check in with those like me? Female especially. Physical Goals: Gain 5 pounds Workout 6 days/week Keep balanced more Paleo like diet. Plan ahead. Other: More face to face time, less computer
  3. Clouds. Everywhere. Clouded reason, clouded will, clouded strength, clouded judgement, clouded hope... clouded Faith. Oh, I know why. The last son of a family of Heroes. A cherished soul, kept safe and respected, just born at the right place at the right time. No need to rush, no need to sweat, no need to fight. But in a family of fighters, when you don't fight, you end up believing you are worth less than them, you lack something, you will never be that brave - and it's your own fault as they even have the strength to accept you the way you are. You are the only one who doesn't. That's how yo
  4. Alright, so I'm AdderTwist, known (for now) as Grunkle Morgue. Obviously I like Gravity Falls. My heath isn't so great at the moment, and while I've got some strength to me in an emergency, I'm not doing so great. To give you an idea, here's a candid shot of me: I'm severely mentally ill, but also have hyperelasticity, some iron and vitD issues, and am currently sitting at 115 kg (~255 lb) and am only about 160cm (5'2.5"). I'm not that concerned about weight loss, though the ass is fat, but I am concerned about the possibility of developing insulin resistance. It doesn't run in my family,
  5. Introduction: This is my second challenge, but I didn't finish the first time. My name is Michelle. 33 years old. 34 in November. Starting weight is 290 pounds. Currently 281.6. Main Quest: The Adventure Begins A dark force has invaded the world. Many cities have remained ignorant, continuing on with their daily lives. Strange rumors have been dismissed. One small orc village was no different. Placed deep in a rocky forest, it had little contact with the outside world. Things are changing. Villagers must venture further and further into the forest to bring bac
  6. ​Hello! I'm so super excited to start this new journey with everyone! I have been stalking the forums for a few years now and always planned on completing a challenge... and this time I'm going to make it happen! This is my long expected party and I plan to make fireworks! Main Quest: ​ Although I currently stand at about 150 pounds, I am barely hobbit-sized at 4'11", which sets my BMI in the "obese" category at about 30.3. I know, I know, BMI isn't a super accurate way to determine my health, but when combining my BMI with my current body fat composition of almost 40%, I am in some seri
  7. Main Quest: Unfuck my relationship with food. I have food issues for all the boring suburban middle aged woman reasons. I'm working on them. 1. When I have a food craving for something that's not on the list of reasonable foods, try to put it off. 2 points for successfully putting it off, 1 for thinking about it and mindfully doing what I want. Not kicking into "holy shit! I'm not going to FEED me!" panic mode is the name of the game here. Again, I have issues. 2. Two points for tossing away the last few bites of anything. Points not posted here on the same day don't count 3.
  8. Hi fellow recruits. I am new to the forums so bear with me :-) I am a 51-year-old gal who is wanting to level up nutrition and fitness. I am still navigating through the Academy, and all the awesome information it has to offer. Main Quest– to lose 6 to 10 pounds during the course of this challenge; thereby increasing my health and wellness :-) Goal 1-MOVE-scheduling a walk;minimum of a mile, 3x-4x per week. Goal 2-LUNCH-plan ahead and pack/bring my lunch 4/5 workdays. Goal 3-SWEETS- to not eat any unplanned sweets/candy at work ( The location of my crappy eating ). I plan to use my fit
  9. Hi I am Lacewood and this is my second challenge (I only got a few weeks into the first). I've just graduated university and taking a gap year before doing my Msc leaving me sitting around home all day everyday. I joined the rebellion because I would really like to change my lifestyle and give myself an energy boost. My main quest is to lose 10lbs by the end of the challenge (baby steps). Quest 1: Have a healthy breakfast every day ie not croissants and brioche. Cereal and fruit or something with eggs sound like good options. Measurement: A = 7 days a week, B = 6 days a week etc
  10. So the last time I attempted a six week challenge it was a little over 2 years ago and I never completed it. Part of me was ok with that at the time as I was making a new friend, working out with them, joined crossfit, etc. none of which were part of my six week challenge. I deliberately chose not to follow through with my challenge even though I was making excellent progress for the above reasons. Two years later I am in a more stable place, my weight went back up again though probably around where I was two years ago +/- 5 lbs. I still have met my strength goals or anything else so for now I
  11. Hi! My name is MrsFeistyPants (a loving nickname from my husband) and this is my first challenge! After being inspired by this amazing site, I bought a pull-up bar and had it installed in a doorway I use multiple times each day. I have been doing bodyweight workouts regularly since I became part of the NF team in July, so I figured a pull-up would be no big deal. Huge failure. I just hung on the bar and didn’t move at all, while trying my best. Since that “reality check†moment, my goal is to do ONE pull-up on the bar. I will even settle for a chin-up! It may not sound like much, but it w
  12. Welcome to my very first post on the NF boards. Let me preface this entire thing by saying that I am a woman who loves comfort. Anything that makes me "feel" good and comfortable (usually the familiar) is what I am most likely to do. Eat, binge watch shows on Netflix, binge read a series of books, build Legos with my 5, almost 6 (she'd never let me hear the end of it if I didn't tell you all that she's almost 6) year old daughter... you know? All things that are sedentary and generally not complicated. Well, that lifestyle has officially gotten me to a point where I am uncomfortable. I h
  13. My injuries have healed, but now I must regain my power, my speed and endurance. I have gained much weight over the course of my injury, I want to lose it. My diet must reflect that of a Rakasta, not a goat that will eat anything it comes across. I must be strong enough, cunning enough for my journey in the spring, so this winter I will prepare. I will train my body, sharpen my mind and learn the skills I will need for my travels. To improve my body I will work on: Physical Therapy Walking (5k) Brush/Floss/Rinse Practice Flogging Dance/Swim/Weights (nice mix of cardio and weight training)
  14. An introduction is in order. Contrary to my name - I am not quite 50 yet! But I am closing in on that number. Over the last few years, the weight has added up (409 lbs) and I am looking at shedding 150+ pounds from my frame. I heard about this web site and it made sense to me as I work in I.T. and have been gaming since starting to play D&D back in the late '70's. I am starting to see the physical effects of carrying around this extra baggage and want to slow that process. MAIN QUEST: To get my weight down to 320 Quest 1 - Bring my lunch from home rather than eating out at least
  15. Hello everyone, I am pretty new to NF only been around for about 2 weeks so far but I have been going throught the steps slowly. Already I have cut out soda and started walking on my breaks at work. I am a little worried to start a challenge so soon but I don't want to wait around until next year to get into the action. I am level 0 so I grabbed my stick and I am ready to squish some rats and get my first level up. I am pretty out of shape. I was in the military when I was younger and that is what pushed me away from working out. I guess being forced to workout is why I have not
  16. Background I am a lazy coward. I wish there was a nicer way of saying it, but there isn’t. My heart is (usually) in the right place, but I will make excuses, shirk my duties, and hide (not run, since that might include some form of effort), whenever I can. I have my reasons, just like everyone else, but I’m sick of them, and I want to be more, better. I’ve always been more brain than brawn, but that has long since turned into an excuse as well, which is why there will be no Life Side Quest, only blood, sweat and tears. That is not to say that there will be no brain activity, but for 6
  17. Introduction: Day 0 There's nothing out here but a wasteland of misery and destruction- and a shit-tonne of dust. I am weak, and ill-prepared. If I am to survive, I will need to find shelter- recover my health, and build my strength. I shield my bleary eyes and look up to where the sun lays, giant and aggressive at the crest of a cliff, it's unending shower of painful rays strangling out the last shreds of moisture from the choking landscape. I gaze so long I begin to see dots- dark smudges against the backdrop of fierce, fiery orange. Strangely still for a trick of the eyes. that is when
  18. HELLO! =D The big main goal: Lose weight. My current weight is in the 280-290 ball park range. The over all goal is to drop down to 180lbs. I know 100lbs are not going to go away in six weeks though. To start on the journey of weight loss I will need to do the following. Change my eating habits. 1. Reduce sugar. 2. More protein and fiber 3. Remember to eat 4. Apply what I learned in nutrition class to my life 5. Most meals need to be homemade. Less pizza, burgers and what not. I'm currently keeping a food diary for the week leading up to the challenge. From there I will review it and
  19. Intro: Teacher by day, Jedi in training by night. I live in Japan. I love my job and the opportunities afforded me by living where I do. I am not in the worst shape in the world (can run a slow 10k and have some beginner experience in weight training), but I have never been an athlete. Over the years I have worked primarily on my INT with less attention to the physical side of things, and am finally at a point where I feel I am ready to change my focus. I have also had 3 knee surgeries and numerous lower body injuries over the years, so I really want to work towards improving my strength in o
  20. Hi folks, since I've had a bit of a lull over the last week I thought there's no better time than to start planning to revitalise the next six! So I'm joining the 6WC for the first time. My first set of goals are a bit pedestrian and mostly focused on habit forming, but that means they are achievable as well as challenging. I'll worry about stats etc later, but I just wanted to get these down so I can't back out. Main quest: Lose 12kg (26lb). I haven't given myself a deadline for this; it's more just an indicator of ideal general fitness. Side quests: Achieve steps goal every day. The goal
  21. Allie's Journey Begins: Kiya & The Hourglass There is only an hour left until the clocks are turned back. While I will get the chance to repeat every minute of the next hour, repeating other things in life is a fleeting concept. While 1:08 AM will change an hour from now, there is no changing the candy corns that I ate during that minute (Halloween candy is a blessing and a curse). These poor choices have slowly piled up for me like sand trickling in an hourglass. I'm ready to flip that hourglass over. Now if only I was strong enough to do that... *A light autumn breeze flows through t
  22. Excited to get started on my first challenge!! Can't wait to get more information, anything else I need to do to be a recruit?
  23. So this is my second time doing the 6 week challenge. I was doing pretty well the first time until real life got in the way with some serious drama. But, now that I am happier and subsequently gained 10 pounds, I'm getting unhappy again. So to sum me up: Suffer from Churgg-Straus syndrome, on a daily dose of Prednisone for the rest of my life, high anxiety and bipolar depression, just went from working a job where I ran around roughly 5 miles a day to a desk job where I'm lucky I get a mile of walking done a day, and I'm pretty broke so "eating healthy" is ridiculously difficult from a financi
  24. Back Story: The biggest change I'm pushing for is no change at all. Sounds a little odd, I agree, but let me explain. For most of my life, I've been overweight. I grew up a tad on the larger side, and lost a ton of weight in highschool. I managed to maintain that for about two years before I went through some bad times and gained it all back with good 'ol stress eating. For all the years following, my life has been a struggle to get to a healthy weight and stay there. Time after time, I'd pour months and months of effort into getting healthy, only to gain it all back again, and then some. Fin
  25. Warning: this is long. Sorry about that. It is my first post after all! :-) A little bit of background: I was chubby as a child and chunky as a teen, but lots of activity kept me from really ballooning out. In high school, I was probably around 185. At times in college, I got up around 220, but I'd usually lose whatever weight I gained by working a summer landscaping job. The last year of college, I slimmed down significantly. In October 2001, at age 22, I was the leanest I had ever been in my life. Down to an average of 160, I was sick for a while and down to an all-time low 145 on my wed
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