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  1. Introduction Hello everyone! My name is Nannoo and this is my first *real* challenge! I say it's my first real challenge because even though I technically signed up for a challenge over a year ago I never actually followed through. This time, though, I will! I'm a junior in college studying computer science, so I write a lot of code. Quantity over quality, right? I am 6'3" and I weight about 340 lbs. Main Quest Lose 50 lbs before the beginning of Fall semester. Last summer I told myself that I would lose weight and be happier with myself. Well, that never happened. So this summer I want to set a realistic goal that I can work towards and look forward to. Quest 1 Walk for 20 minutes a day, 3 days a week. I would try to run, but I have a knee injury for which I will be getting surgery in May. For now, I'll just walk A = Average of >=3 days per week, B = Average between 2 and 3 days per week, C = Average between 1 and 2 days per week, F = Average between 0 and 1 days per week. My Endomondo workouts can be found here: https://www.endomondo.com/workouts/user/2166428 Quest 2 Track my food on MyFitnessPal every. Single. Day. A = 42 days, B = 35 days, C = 28 days, D = 21 days, F = <21 days MyFitnessPal profile: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/profile/nannooskeeska Quest 3 Conciously eat paleo at least 2 days a week. A = 12 days, B = 10 days, C = 8 days, D = 6 days, F = <6 days Motivation My motivation when I entered this challenge was originally my girlfriend, and that I wanted to be the person I thought she deserved. Well, we broke up. It was mutual, and we both agree it's for the better, but it sucks. So my new motivation is to become the person I think I deserve to be. Someone who is confident in himself and knows that he can do anything he sets his mind to. Life Quest My main life goal during this challenge is to consistently use You Need a Budget (warning: referral link!) to handle my money. I've had trouble with spending my money without really thinking about it, so I feel like I need to get my finances better in order. I've been using YNAB since the beginning of this month, and so far I really like it a lot, but I want to make it a goal not to let it become something that I'm obsessed with and then abandon after while. A = Use YNAB consistently throughout the challenge, B = Stop using YNAB Thanks for reading! I hope to see you all in the forums!
  2. Intro: I did an intro in the intros thread, but basically a 34 year old father of 2 who is about 50 pounds overweight and has been gaining a few pounds a year for the last 15 years, and now that i am about to be a full time elementary school teacher feel i need to be a better role model to my students and my own family. Main Quest: To get under 80kg (177 pounds) by my 14th wedding anniversary 29th Sept. Quest 1: Keep calories to sub 1750 daily. I don't struggle too much with not eating, it's the liquid calories that kill me...leading to no.2... Quest 2: Switch from Coke to Coke Life, and reduce the size of my glass from 750ml to 250ml (25oz to 8.5oz) and stick to less than 1 litre per day (34oz) Quest 3: Drop the carbs to 150g per day. I love bread, cereal, beer etc. drop the carbs to start getting into a paleo way of eating. Up the chicken, sweet potato etc. but drop the potato, bread etc. intake. Life Quest: Up my style game. I am in a school most days (i work as an education assistant to gain extra experience before i start teaching) and need to project professionalism, but also want to take pride in myself and help be a good role model for the kids. So ensuring i get regular haircuts, shave daily, keep updating the wardrobe with items that fit properly and are professional. Motivation: Role model. I want my kids and also my students to look to me as an example of a man who has it together and tries to get the most out of life, not just out of the fridge. so there we are, not sure about rewards etc. i will maybe look at that stuff next challenge as i am a bit unsure. Best of luck everyone!
  3. Hello, all! I'm excited to finally have the chance to have my own 6-Week Challenge. I just found the site about a week ago. -I've been on a quest to lose weight since Mid-June of last year. So far, I've been able to drop about 70 lbs., but I've got a ways to go, as well as a lot of room for improvement in regards to muscle building. My family's going on vacation June 6th, and I'd really like to be in better shape by then so I can go swimming, walk on the beach, etc. with confidence. Also, I understand it's only about eight weeks from now, so I'm not expecting to get ripped. Dropping the weight's most important to me, and if I happen to pick ups some sort of muscle along the way, that would be a bonus. Main Quest- Weigh in at or under 150 lbs. This would call for me to lose around 30 lbs. Goal 1- Make it to the gym at least three times a week. I usually try to go for an hour on the treadmill. In addition, I figured I'd try to give the Legend of Zelda Workout I found on this site a (hook)shot, in addition to extra sets of push-ups, and sit-ups. Sorry for the pun. I couldn't resist. (+1 STR) Goal 2- Go out side three times a week (on days I don't make it to the gym. Also, weather permitting) for an hour half an hour, and walk/jog/run. I'm not very fast, nor do I posses any noteworthy amount of stamina, so I'll definitely start out walking. (+ 1 STA) Goal 3- Go on a Paleo diet. I've been doing it for about a week now (with a few non-Paleo items making it through the filters), and think I could do it. I've discovered foods I'd never imagine liking, so it's already had a positive impact on my life. (+1 CON) Life Quest: Finish Camp NaNoWriMo this month. I failed NaNo last November, so I decided to give it another try this time. It was going great up until about two days ago. I'm running out of steam. But I think if I can just try to get into the world of my writing, I'll be able to pull it off. It's gonna' take a concentrated effort to take the time to do it, but I have hope. (+1 WIS) Thanks for reading, and good luck to you on your quest.
  4. Rats, slimes, and starter gear ahoy! Hello all, my name is Kath and this is my first challenge. I joined Nerd Fitness because I am at the heaviest I have ever been in my life. (Well, I was. Since I've been watching what I eat for the past couple weeks and following the basics of the Nerd Fitness Academy, I've gone from 260 to 249!) Anyways, what motivated me to get into Nerd Fitness was that for the first time I was having trouble getting up from the floor – which is both embarrassing and terrifying. I have found myself looking at buying clothes yet another size bigger than I previously bought, and let me tell you… plus size clothing isn’t getting any cheaper. I am also concerned about my health – I have headaches all the time, my knees are achy, and at 25 years old my body feels very weak. I want to be able to move, to explore, and to feel my age! The most important reason for doing this though is my mental health – I have struggled a lot with my anxiety and depression in recent years – to the point where it is seriously effecting my life decisions. Whether losing weight/exercising can resolve all my problems or not, I can’t say, but heck it certainly can’t make them worse! I think if I get in better shape and shed some pounds, I can only feel better for it. A Challenge begins... The day of the great proving had come – a day where potential dwarven warriors proved their mettle by fighting in a huge aarena. The greatest warriors would then be chosen to join the King’s army – a position of great honor. Kath, however, was no great warrior. In fact, she came from a line of portly artisans & tinkerers. She had a dream though, to be the best - to be the winner of the proving! So, she scrounged up what pitiable gear she can find and headed off to battle. Fate had other ideas it seemed… As Kath approached the proving grounds, she noticed a crowd had gathered out front. Curiously, she listened to their murmurs. “The proving cancelled?!†“Is it true the princess was kidnapped?†“I can’t believe it!†Shoving her way forward, Kath saw that a large scroll was posted on the heavy doors of the proving arena. “Until the return of Princess Runa Stoneheart, daughter of King Branson Stoneheart II, the proving is cancelled. The hero that sees to her safe return from the clutches of Gurgnott the Goblin King will be greatly rewarded…†Kath’s eyes scanned the parchment first in concern, then in excitement. This was her chance! To go on a real adventure! To prove to everyone she had what it took to become a warrior. Surely others had the same idea her though, she thought. Looking around she noticed a distinct lack of the usual fighters and soldiers she knew. Curiously, she tapped on an older dwarven man’s shoulder who was near her in the crowd. “Um, excuse me, where did the fighters go?†She asked, fearing the answer. The older dwarf snorted. “They left early this morning, as soon as the news was posted. There was quite a stampede. Poor sods, if they had only taken a moment to organize their efforts they would have a least a glimmer of hope at making it past the goblin army… where are you going lass?!†He exclaimed. “I need to catch up!†Kath yelled over her shoulder. “They've probably reached the surface by now!†The old dwarf shook his head wearily as he watched her run off. As Kath made her way outside the city gate and into the tunnels that led to the surface, she felt a pang of regret. She hadn’t said goodbye to her family… but they would surely understand. Especially when she returned home victorious with a princess in tow! Eventually her quick pace slowed down to a cautious walk. She had never been this far into the tunnels on her own before. It was quiet and extremely dark – though due to her being a dwarf, she could see fairly easily. In fact, she could see shapes looming in the shadows. Making it to the surface wasn't going to be as easy as she thought… Main Quest Develop a healthy and active lifestyle that results in weight loss, muscle gain, and happiness! This might sound vague... let me specify what I mean: 1. Change my diet to promote weight loss – as a lifestyle, not “lose pounds fast†fad diet. (This includes both food & drink.) 2. Work out during the week and up my daily activity to help create a manageable calorie deficit. 3. Make my health (mental & physical) a priority. And with that, let’s move onto quests! Quest 1: “Move around with the WASD keys, click to attack the enemy with your axe!†Work out 3 2 days a week. I currently work out 0 days per week. 3 is the recommended starting amount, and sounds totally doable in my opinion. EDIT: Changed to 2 days a week. I’ll probably be trying various NF workout routines from the Academy (recruit, bodyweight, dumbbell) and other ones I find fun on the site. Given my weight and lack of activity, I will start with the beginner exercises and progress from there. Helpful quest items: The Nerd Fitness Academy, work-out equipment Quest 2: “Take red potions to regain your health!†Stick to my macros. 25/F/5'4" | CW: 249 1500 Cal intake per day 20g Net Carbohydrates (try to stay under - MAX 25g) 88g Protein (try to meet) 119g Fat (don’t need to meet, but try to stick to the percentages below) OR about 72% fat, 23% protein, 5% net carbohydrates I’m doing a keto based diet, which worked really well for me before. I just didn’t stick with it because of an ugly depressive episode/lack of planning. This shouldn't be TOO difficult, considering I am doing this with my mom, so we should have proper foods stocked. This doesn’t mean “eat lots of processed fatty foodsâ€, this is sort of a keto/paleo hybrid. Going to trying making most of my food from scratch and sticking to wholesome veggies and meats as best I can alongside good fats. I will update my macros monthly, so expect them to change around week 3. Helpful quest items: My cellphone (the My Fitness Pal app) Quest 3: “Using the dungeon map, navigate your way through to the exit!†Walk at least 5000 steps per day. I know that is the average for adults, but I am a super inactive person. My average is anywhere from 400-1000 steps on a regular day. So I’m going to take walks and get my steps in there. Eventually, I will move this number up (probably on another challenge) but for now getting to 5000 would be a big win for me. Plus, I just bought new minimalist sandals, so I gotta strut that new footgear! (In fact, I would love to do the whole ‘Walk to Mordor’ quest for my next challenge! With the minimalist sandals it would complete the hobbit experience.) Helpful quest items: Jawbone UP MOVE fitness tracker, my cellphone (the Runkeeper app) Life Quest: “Make sure to rest between fights to regain your STAMINA - never go into battle fatigued!†In bed by 10pm, awake by 8am. Given that I am unemployed/dealing with mental health stuff right now, it’s difficult for me to have any semblance of schedule/regular sleeping hours, so this is something that I think will bring order to my life! Plus as I start working out I’m going to need all the sleep I can get. Helpful quest items: Jawbone UP MOVE fitness tracker, my cellphone (alarm clock & white noise app) Motivation: I want to love myself enough so that my family doesn't worry about me. I want to feel free and empowered. Also, you know, I want to start my grand adventure - become a hero & all that jazz.
  5. Main Quest: Lose weight (90 lbs), gain muscle, be more active/healthier Mini Quests: Increase Steps per day: A. 10,000 steps - 5 days a week B. 10,00 steps - 3 days & 9,000 steps - 2 days a week C. 10, 000 steps - 2 day & 9,000 steps - 3 days a week D. 9,000 steps - < 3 days a week. Increase Water intake: (water or water with lemon wedges): currently drinking 1 cup or less A. 2 large glasses (18 oz) - 7 days a week B. 2 large glasses (18 oz) - 6 days a week C. 2 large glasses (18 oz)- 5 days a week D. 2 large glasses (18 oz)- 4 days a week Hit the Gym more: A.18 times within 6 week challenge B.15 times within 6 week challenge C.12 times within 6 week challenge D. 9 times within 6 week challenge Life Quest: Scan family pictures (trying to finish the last box): A.Spend 4 hours per week scanning pictures B. Spend 3 hours per week scanning pictures C. Spend 2 hours per week scanning pictures D. Spend 1 hours per week scanning pictures
  6. I'm super excited to start my first challenge! I love the whole levelling up/gaming comparison and am geekily looking forward to allocating stat points, hee hee. our.lady.of.ashes, I hope you don't mind that I am using the same basic format as you did in your intro post - it seemed very easy to follow and I liked it a lot. So, yeah. I'm msblt! I've been overweight since I was 12. I had moderate success a few years ago, going from 267 to 202 before I not only gave up but openly allowed myself to overeat as much as I wanted. It shows... I'm back up to 259, just a few pounds from my all time (non pregnant) weight. I have severe clinical (and chronic) depression. I've been dealing with it for the last 20 years. It's only in the last two and a half years I've gotten help. I'm on meds and in therapy. It's an ongoing struggle. The past two months I've been in one of the worst downward spirals of my life, resulting in me basically giving up on almost everything. I don't shower more than maybe once a week, I don't brush my teeth, I don't bother trying to be social, I basically go to work and do the best I can bother to do, then come home and try to not totally fail at being a single mom. I decided to spend this next year focusing on me. Getting to the mindset of "I should take a shower because it is important and good to take care of myself" instead of "I guess I should shower so when I go to work people aren't offended by my odor." Main Quest: Lose 60 lbs by 1/1/16, taking me from 259 to 199. Goal 1: Eat veggies at dinner every dayA = 40+ days (+3 Str, +2 Wis)B = 35+ days (+2 Str, +1 Wis)F = 34 or fewer days of veggies at dinner (No Stats) Goal 2: Drink four "packer cups" of water a day (I have a large sized cup I am using for this)A = 40+ days (+2 Con)B = 35+ days (+1 Con)F = 34 or fewer days (No Stats) Goal 3: Go to bed by 11pmA = 36 days (+2 Sta, +2 Cha)B = 30 days (+1 Sta, +1 Cha)F = 29 or fewer days (No Stats) Life Side Quest: As embarrassing as this is to post... I'm going to make my side quest to take care of my hygiene. That might seem not only gross but also really small, but for me it's huge. A day is "completed" for this goal if I shower once a day and brush my teeth twice a day.A: 36 days (+2 Cha, +2 Wis)B: 30 days (+1 Cha, +1 Wis)F: 29 or fewer days That brings me to the max stat points attainable being the 15 I have the chance to earn during this challenge, if I interpreted the rules correctly! I'm excited to start this out and build some good habits in the next 6 weeks. Edited to add:Additional stats gained from weekly mini quests in the Campus Tours threadWeek #1 "Let's Get SMART!" earned +1 Wis
  7. Hey yall. So I've tried to do challenges here before, but have never been able to finish one. Here's hoping the fifth try's the charm? Background: A month ago, I was diagnosed with Wegener's granulomatosis. It's an auto-immune disease that attacks the lungs and sinuses. I spent a week in the hospital, and I've lost about 40% of my lung capacity. I'm undergoing treatment with steroids and immunosuppressants. So far I've managed to lose about 20 pounds just by virtue of being sick. I'd like to continue the trend, but in a slightly more healthy way. Since I'm still getting winded just climbing the stairs, I'm mainly going to focus on dietary changes for now. I hope to be able to start working in mild exercise later, and be able to increase intensity as my lungs heal. Quest 1: Eat more paleo. I like paleo, and I like the concept behind it. I also love to cook, when I have the time to do so. My goal is to eat at least two paleo meals a day for the duration of this challenge. If this goes well, I hope to do a Whole30 in the next couple of months. Quest 2: Drink more water. Okay, I'll admit it. I suck at drinking enough water. At work, I'm usually so busy that I'll go several hours without drinking. My goal is to drink at least 1 liter of water daily. I hope to increase to 2 liters of water daily by the end of this challenge. Quest 3: Move more. Like I mentioned earlier, this will be the smallest of my goals. My only goal for this challenge is to walk five minutes a day. Right now, I'm not sure I'd be able to do any more than that. Wish me luck!
  8. Main Quest A New Life : Lose 40 Pounds Side Quests Only the Pure : Drink Only Water Starting Somewhere : 60 Minutes of Physical Activity per Day I am only sticking with two side quests this time around, since it's my first challenge and I don't want to overwhelm myself. I'll be keeping a detailed log of what goes on in the Daily Battle Logs per day. I'm excited to get started. Wish me luck!
  9. Hi all! This is my first challenge. Basically, I have let life get in my way over the past couple of years and have gained a bunch of weight. These days I feel so self-conscious and gross about myself that I rarely leave the house besides going to work, but staying home all the time sucks! I know I can get healthier and fitter, but I also know that doing it in a healthy and sustainable way won't result in instant gratification, so I've been really lacking motivation to get started. I'm joining this challenge in hopes of finding accountability, encouragement, and some new health and fitness ideas. Main Quest: Lose 60 pounds in 1 year. Quest 1: Exercise at least 30 minutes/day at least 6 days/week Measurement: A = 36 days, B = 30 days, C = 24 days Quest 2: Log food intake into myfitnesspal at least 6 days/week Measurement: A = 36 days, B = 30 days, C = 24 days Quest 3: Get at least 7 hours of sleep at least 6 nights/week Measurement: A = 36 days, B = 33 days, C = 30 days Life Quest: Get to work on time (7:00am)! When I get to work late, it throws off my whole day and the likelihood that I'll accomplish my health/fitness quests that day. Measurement: A = on time 80% of the time, B = 70%, C = 60% Motivation: Live a healthier life so I can stop being an unhappy, self-conscious hermit!
  10. Jenn1999

    First timer

    Hi! I'm a teacher and mother of two and life has been so busy that I have not taken care of myself. Main quest: to lose 30 pounds Goals: 1. Walk at least an average of 5,000 steps a day. 2. I will have no more than 1/2 cup of ice cream no more than 2 days a week. 3. 20 minutes of strength training twice a week Life quest: I will spend 30 minutes each week cleaning out my closet. I will update on Sundays.
  11. Hey guys, I'm Natalie65 and this is my first challenge! I'm joining this challenge a little late so I will just do it for a little longer So, my main quest is to lose 15lbs by September, but I'd like to see if I can lose five by the end of my six weeks (20th April) Sub quest #1 is to eat as healthily as I can, eat minimal junk food and find a way to eat more protein. I also want to try to have at least 3 portions of fruit or veg per day Sub quest #2 I have had an ankle injury for a while now and so my second quest is to do what ever I can to speed up the healing process so that I can start running again! (This is why it's even more important to me that I eat healthily as I can't do cardio) I have two life quests... My first is to complete my second year of university with no less than a 2.1 My second is to do at least one lesson from my Spanish and German Rosetta stone language programs per week My motivation is that Im very small (5'1") and I'm 130lbs but look more like im 150lbs. I want to be able to wear a bikini in summer and have a flat belly I hope I've done this right! 😘
  12. Hi, My name is Janelle. Although I have been here a few times. I am aiming at completing this challenge from start to finish. I'm hoping I'm a little wiser than the last time. I am currently 78kg. I started my journey of change in 2012 at which point I was 98kg. Through a massive trauma in my life I lost 15kg due to stress. For the last 15 months I have hovered in the 72kg-78kg weight range. Change is required for the following reasons: 1) I have the arthritis of an 80 year old (my doctors words not mine) in my left big toe and its starting to manifest in my right. This is aggravated by my weight, lack of movement and excess sugar consumption. This causes me a lot of physical pain plus it stops me from wearing some of my favourite shoes! ( oh yeah Im a shoe-a-hollic!!) 2) I have a twitchy back (my words). Doctor says I have very little core strength added to that I carry my weight in my tummy. Improved core strength and weight loss will help. 3) My family has a poor heart health history, a cycle I want to break. 4) I love to horse ride and I love to go dancing (not at the same time). Neither of which I have done for nearly 10 years. I want to start going out with friends and feel confident and sexy again ( in a fabulous pair of shoes and outfit to match). I also want to get back into the saddle and go horse riding with my kids. That said here is my Main Quest: My main quest is to get down to a size 12 or 65kg by Christmas 2015. My current stats are : Weight is 78kg I'm in a 14-16 clothes. Height : 167cm Waist: 106cm Hips: 113cm Right thigh: 58cm Right calf: 39cm Right upper arm: 29.5 Left thigh: 57.5cm Left calf: 39.5 Left upper arm: 30.5cm BMI: 27.96 My SMART quests in the past have been DUMB (please note shouty capitals were needed here!) I have tried to achieve way too much to soon. So now I know what doesn't work. Hopefully this time I will get it right. So SMART QUESTS: 1) Increase veggie consumption. Minimum of 4 serves per day. Track this with food diary. Grading over the week : A=5-7days, B=3-4days, C=1-2days. 2) Cut out extra sugar and added sugars. Track this with food diary. Grading over the week: A=5-7days, B=3-4days, C=1-2days. 3) Complete 3 BBWW/walks per week. Track this by checking in here on my thread each time I complete one. (last time I was aiming for 5-7, didn't have much luck. That's why it's less this time. ) Grading over the week: A=3, B=2, C=1. 4) Meditate a minimum of 5 times a week. Track this at the end of week on here. Currently I am doing this for 20min-30min 5 days a week. I want to maintain this level. Grading over the week: A=5, B=4, C=3. One bonus point will be allocated if extra exercises are done ie: water aerobics or extra walks or BBWW. At the end of the 6 week challenge extra points will be added up, and go toward overall grading. LIFE QUEST: Spend one day a week working in my studio on my pottery. Post pics of my work good or bad. Go out dancing at new RNB club with friends. Go horse riding with kids. MOTIVATION: Keeping up with my kids, feeling good mind, body and spirit. Participate and present everyday in my life. No more wasting time. I'm sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. So Im off to bed and to meditate and focus on what I want to achieve. See ya. ..........
  13. Howdy yall, I am a programmer who plays World Of Warcraft - lvl 100 Disc Priest Since I have gotten back into WoW I've gained weight. I was overweight before I started playing, but now I need to lose a lot of it. This is my first 6 week challenge so I am going to keep my goals simple, for now. 1) Workout 45 minutes a day - I am going to break it up to make it easier, since I am very overweight. I want to walk 15 minutes during my lunch break at work and then 30 minutes after work. 2) Give up bread 3) Keep a food log My overall goal is to loose 175 lbs, but I am taking this one step at a time, so I don't get overwhelmed. Thanks!
  14. Hey there! I'm PrinceRobotCat and this is jackass I'm a little late getting this up but at least I made it in on the first day. My main quest for this challenge is mostly to feel better! I'm going to work on flexibility and moving more (I have medical issues and depression/anxiety) while rewarding myself for doing positive life things and fixing my diet. Also since I've seen that there are other out trans peeps in this recruit group: I'm a nonbinary trans person and my pronoun preference is they or he. I'm going with a Guild Wars 2 theme for this challenge and will be showing my travels through Tyria to get to Orr (and kill a zombie dragon). Each week I'll have specific exercise and life goals but I'll also have an overarching goal for the whole challenge in the form of a modified/shortened walk to Mordor. My goals: Personal Story (over all 6 weeks) Walking to Orr - 210 miles (averaging 5 miles per day) Crafting (week specific quantity but over all 6 weeks) Novice Artificer - 0-5 (1 point for each page of prose or each craft completed) Novice Chef - 0-5 (1 point for each meal cooked at home with protein and vegetables) Metrica Province - Starter Area (Week 1) Map Completion (week specific tasks) Heart: Help the C.L.E.A.N. kreweFinish unpacking (I moved into a new house, yay! But my stuff is everywhere, boo.)Empty out officeSweep floors Skill PointCuatl Health Goo: Fighter’s Stretching x 4 times (20 seconds for each) http://darebee.com/workouts/fighters-stretching.htmlLuminates Plant: Energizer Workout x 7 times http://darebee.com/workouts/energizer-workout.html VistaThaumanova Reactor Vista: Do a pull up! (I've never done one before) Jumping Puzzle (optional but challenging) Goemm’s Lab - Inner Warrior Workout Level 1 (3 sets) x 3 times http://darebee.com/workouts/inner-warrior-workout.html
  15. Totaly new here, jumping in at the deep end so I hope I get it right! Main goal: Getting over my fear of making a fool of myself at the gym when I work out on my own. Making strenght training a natural part of my weakly routine. 1. Take strenght training classes at my local gym to get inspiration at least once, but idealy twice, a week. 2. Reading up on and deciding on a program to start at the end of these six weeks. Maybe Strong curves or Stronglifts 5x5? 3. Try something new at the gym on my own at least once a week. During these six weeks I also want to continue runing and eating well.
  16. Introduction: Hi I’m Brian and this is my first challenge. I'm 32, I'm married, we have a toddler and I work mid-shift (my life currently doesn't lend itself to a prime schedule, but that doesn't mean I can't make it work). I'm currently performing what I call a "Deliberate" year and that means that I don't just accept what life gives me. It means that I deliberately choose the path for my life (though I understand that life will still try to stick its foot in every once in a while). That is where this post/challenge comes in. I see a change I want to make and instead of going into my head and internalizing it I'm going to get a good portion of my thoughts straight and then act. As a result this post won't be perfect, and I'm sure I'll do something wrong, but it doesn't matter because I simply need to act. I need to move. Nerdy interests: Doctor Who, Zombie/Apocolypse, Star Trek, Starwars, Superheros, Board Games. Main Quest: Be ready when the Doctor says "Run!" or at least when my kid does. Quest 1 (Sta): Wakey, wakey. Eggs and Bakey! I will open the blinds when my 1st alarm goes off! (A= 5/5, B= 4/5, C=3/5, F= >3 – Where did the daylight go?) Bonus points if I wake up without using the snooze feature (+1 if I get dressed and ready right away).Bonus points if I wake up and workout (+1 point a day). Quest 2 (Sta): Tire the Monster Out! Actively interact with the kid 5 days of the week (turn of the tv and do something different). (A=5/5, B=4/5, C=3/5, F= >3 – this kid doesn't stop, but you did.) Bonus points for any extra days (+1 for any extra half hour). Quest 3 (Wis): What am I even eating? Track food/drink consumed. The idea is to build habit of logging, not yet adjusting. (A=5/5, B=4/5, C=3/5, F= >3 – Was that even edible?). Bonus points if a healthier substitute is made as a result of logging (+1 per substitution). Bonus points if I submit my log onto my 6 week challenge page (+1 per weekly submission). Quest 4 (Cha): That's F*ing Cold! Take a 5-minute cold shower. This one is all about the mental benefits(http://impossiblehq.com/cold-shower-therapy).(A=5/5, B=4/5, C=3/5, F= >3 – I can still feel my toes). Life Quest: Make changes that stick around long after the motivation for change has gone away. I'm building habits that will lend themselves to more positive life outcomes. Motivation: Change, deliberate and uncomfortable change. I want to be able to play with my kid without hesitation, know what I'm eating, and actually be awake to do it all! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Points Week 1: 30 points (16,4,6,4) Points Week 2: 33 points (15,5,6,7) Points Week 3: 33 points (15,5,1,1) Points Week 4: 36 points (14,8,7,7) Points Week 5: 36 points (14,9,7,7) Points Week 6: 36 points (14,8,7,7) Total: 205 Rewards: I don't know yet.
  17. I've been lurking around the forums for a while, but this will be my first 6 week challenge. Hopefully I do this correctly. My main goal is to lose at least 5 pounds by the end of these 6 weeks (and if I don't, I'll keep working at it). To accomplish this, I will: 1) Cut back on soda and sugar in general. I've been slowly working on cutting back, and for the first part of the challenge I'll go down to 1 can of soda a day (I get horrible withdrawal headaches if I suddenly cut it out at once), the start slowly cutting back to not drinking any a day. I have a 20oz cup on my desk at work that I constantly refill, and I track my water intake. I've gotten to where I drink at least 2 liters of water a day. 2) Work out 3 days a week for at least 10 minutes. Even if it's just walking around the block or doing bodyweight workouts in my room, it'll be something. 3) Eat healthier foods. This is already a difficult one for me, but I'm working on it. I mostly need to stop snacking on chips and candy and start bringing more fruit/smoothies/what have you to work. My side quest is to work on keeping to a budget. I'll (hopefully) be moving soon, plus I'm going on a trip at the end of May, so I need to keep saving money and not spend it on random things. I got a better paying job so I'm in the "I have money now so I have to spend it!" mindset.
  18. Yay this is my first challenge! I have no idea what I am doing but here it goes… Please let me know if I am doing this right… especially with the points! Goal 1: Create healthy habits While my overall goal is fat loss, I cannot at this point reasonably expect that I will lose a certain amount by the end of six weeks especially since I have not even settled on a diet plan that fits me yet. That is why my first goal is to discover and create healthy habits to base future fat loss on. I may (this would be ideal) lose fat during this challenge but it cannot be my focus if I do not have a solid foundation to base it on first. I will make this process more tangible by settling some ground rules that I know I can follow. No sodas or sugary drinks (this level is already very low anyways) No alcohol (same) with two cheat days for special occasions No bread items 6 days a week (this will be a bit of a challenge for me but I have noticed an increase in energy when I limit just bread so I think this will be good) No added sugar (this includes desserts) with 4 cheat days and allowances for dark chocolate In addition, I will keep track of what I eat and limit portions to only what I need. I will essentially be following the No S’s diet with no snacks or extra portions. Also SLEEP WELL: I want to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night If I go off track, I will take .5 points away for every day this happens. This will be 2 constitution points per week for a max total of 12 Goal 2: Work out at least 3 times a week in some capacity for 30 minutes. I will take things slow because I need to let my legs rest from the shin splints so it will mostly be bodyweight at the beginning and then maybe some light walking in a few weeks. I may try some yoga. If anyone has any advice for exercises and or cardio that I can do while giving my legs a rest that would be awesome! This will be 2 strength points per week of exercise for a max total of 12 Goal 3: Continue to educate myself on different types of diets and being healthy. I will be more successful when I know exactly what is happening to my body when I do different things. I will do research on exercise and make sure I am following the correct form for sure so I do not become injured. In addition, I will learn about nutrition and get better at measuring out correct portions for myself. I will learn at least one new thing each week for 2 points per knowledge gained. First, third and fifth week will be about diet, and the even weeks will be about exercise. For every extra piece of knowledge I pick up I will get 1 point. Minimum 12 knowledge points I will report once a week with a point update, information I learn and a grade for myself on the week. Height: 5’1†Female Starting weight: 159lbs Starting waist size 40†Body Fat %: 30-35%?? OVERALL GOAL: be happy, healthy, and informed
  19. Hello all! I am new to Nerd Fitness and the Challenges. I am a 50 year old mother of a college-aged son who is trying to get back into some healthy habits. My goals for the 6 Week Challenge are: 1. Follow my food plan (I'm a fan of Dr. Furhman) more closely. I have never been a totally strict adherent, but the more closely I follow this plan, generally the better I feel. 2. Continue my regular work out schedule. Last year I finally found an exercise I love--rowing classes with time on ergs and interval training with weights! I usually work out three times per week and I plan to keep that schedule going. **I would like these two goals above to contribute to losing 10 pounds. 3. As for a side quest, my goal is to spend more time outside and watch less TV! Now that it is getting nicer outside, I want to walk after dinner two nights per week, rather than staying inside watching TV. This of course should help with the other goals too! I was so happy to find Nerd Fitness a few weeks ago--I appreciate that this site is positive and supportive of people like me who were not always so physical or "of the body." I'm looking forward to this journey with you all!
  20. I am the father of a 3 year old girl and 3 month old boy. I want to be around when they graduate high school so I need to make some lifestyle changes. I have already started my own weight loss program with a goal to lose 50 pounds by August. My rules are as follows: 1. I am limited to having only 2 Cokes a day. 2. I am required to drink 3 (24 oz) bottles of water a day. 3. Only 1 serving of food, no going back for seconds. 4. 1 dessert a day, either at lunch or dinner. I have had some success, despite slacking off on rules 3 and 4. In 15 days I have lost 9 pounds. Cutting back on Coke and M&Ms are not going to do the trick though. My 6 week challenge is to include at least 15 minutes of exercise 5 days a week. I'm an IT guy so I have a extremely sedentary lifestyle. 15 minutes of walking is a 100% improvement from doing nothing at all. Wish me luck!
  21. Hello, my name is Danica and this is my first challenge. I've been overweight for years now and have developed more than a few bad habits due to a sedentary lifestyle. I've tried to become active and lose weight in the past but for various reasons the attempts didn't last long or I went about it the wrong way (with a couple successes like restricting how much soda I drink.) But with some help I'm confident that I can take the first steps to seriously improve myself. Main Quest: Lose 5 pounds by the end of the six weeks. (I know it doesn't seem like much but I have an unfortunately limited diet and until I can expand it a little more, I feel that I'd have better luck trying to lose five pounds in one challenge rather than ten.) Quest 1: Go to the gym four days a week and do twenty minutes of interval training. (Right now I'm able to go up to 4.0 on the treadmil but I'm going to try to aim for going up to 5.0 by the end of this challenge.) Quest 2: Exercise portion control by measuring how much food I'm making and shrinking serving sizes. Quest 3: Cut back on pasta by limiting pasta meals to (at most) two or three a week (Due to multiple reasons, I'm constantly eating big meals of pasta and as much as I love it, it's not really helping so I'm going to try to cut back on how much pasta I eat in a week.)
  22. Hi guys, I'm Azzie and I'm gonna try out my first 6 week challenge from today. Stamina is pretty sucky so I'm gonna start really small. Main Quest : To eat healthy and exercise every day for the next 6 weeks Quest 1 : To eat healthy home cooked meals with low carbs Points : + 1 for every healthy meal - 1 for an unhealthy meal Goal : To have 75 Points by the end of 6 weeks Quest 2 : To exercise daily for 30 mins (Walking - basic bodyweight circuit - streching) Points : + 1 for every 30 mins exercise - 1 for skipping a day Goal : To have 30 points by the end of 3 weeks Side Quest : To study hard and do well for my final exams. I'm notorious for starting new things and leaving them half way through because I can't handle them, so hopefully I've made precise, simple and clear goals that I can follow. I really feel good starting this and I plan on updating the status of my challenge every Sunday evening. Wish me luck guys, and all the very best for every one else starting this new 6 weeks challenge!!
  23. Hi! this is the second challenge i have signed up for the first was over a year ago and i never fully prepared and fell at the first hurdle! a few things have changed since then... one thing is i have gained 20lbs, not so good! another thing to change though is i have went from eating an unhealthy vegetarian diet to toying with primal/paleo which is going to set me up for this challenge. main quest to lose 10% bodyweight initially over the coming months and become fitter and stronger in the process! how i will get to my goals using mini quests 1.eat 95% paleo/primal diet by preparing food ahead and using meal plans. 2. get to bed for 9pm and get up at 430am to give me enough sleep and to make a bulletproof coffee before starting work at 6am 3. listen to solfeggio meditation 5 out of 7 nights to keep me positive and stress free! 4.start incoperating some cyclying and beginner bodyweight workouts into my week 5. hit the weekend alcohol on the head! why? because i have sat about on my fat ass too long! I think my weight is contibuting to my self diagnosed social anxiety and most importantly i have got 3 beautiful children who deserve the best dad they can have good luck everyone on your challenge
  24. 6 week goals: 1) wake up at 5:30 - set alarm - stick to it 2) do leg workout day 1, arms day 2 - stick to it 3) try to take a walk every day - don't get stuck on how long, how far, just walk somewhere. 4) READ A BOOK instead of gaming on iPad before bed 5) bedtime no later than 10pm. Long term goal - better habits resulting in looking and feeling better - total weight 40 lbs.
  25. Hello Fellow Challengers! So excited to start my 6 week Challenge! My goal is to lost 10 pounds in the next 6 weeks, which will be accomplished by going to the gym 4-5 times a week, as well as sticking to the Weight Watchers Program that I have started. I also want to make sure I get up and move every hour, as I have a desk job, and I don't always get up when I should and stretch! My life side quest is to make one new recipe every week. Appreciate all the support! We've ALL got this!
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