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  1. Havock's Quest for Destruction This year is all about moving forward, I'm looking out at the rest of my life and ready to embrace it while I destroy all of my old habits. Details: Name: Cyn Age: 34 Height: 5’4†Weight: 200lbs Main Goal: Level up in life and get fit, continue to lose inches and fit into a size 16 (in the brand I currently typically buy which is the fabulous styles of WalMart). This will be my first quest (I may have attempted and failed one about 2 years ago but since I know I didn’t finish I’m just going to start fresh). I’ve been kicking my butt since New Years as 2013 was a rough year and I decided 2014 would be amazing. I’ve already lost about 10lbs so the real goal is to keep that trend going and drop another size in the next 6 weeks. This is a new lifestyle not just a diet or program. I plan on making working out part of my daily routine because it releves my stress and makes me feel better. I’ve already seen the difference in how I handle things at work just since New Years. I do not want to go back, only forward. Mission: 1) Run/walk/elliptical 3.2 miles in 40 minutes I’ve been working on C25K since New Years but when I do try for 3.2 miles (5K) I come in at about 45 mins so I’d really like to get down to 40 minutes. I’m not going to restrict myself to the treadmill/track I’m going to include the elliptical as an option just in case. Goal is just to get out there and run and make steady gains in distance and/or time. 2) Drink alcohol only 1x per week (either Friday or Saturday) My first 6 weeks after New Years I managed this, but have fallen back to 2-3x per week, so for the next six weeks I want to get back to only once. 3) No Grains or Processed Food This is another goal to just continue what I’ve been doing and be as Paleo as I can be, but no grains no processed food at all. I’ve managed to already cut out soda since New Years, so this is one area I refuse to backslide in. 4) Do Yoga at least once a week I just completed a life quest to finally build up the courage to attend a yoga class at a local studio, and I fricken loved it. Now my goal is to keep going at least once a week. Life Quests: Work out With Friends Try working out with other people. I’ve been invited to go but am terrified for a variety of reasons, but I’d really like to do this. Grad School Also I am in classes for grad school and I need to maintain my grades/coursework. Motivation * Get even Stronger * Have more energy * More Balanced Move * Better role model for my children Note: I do have a before picture, I hope to be able to share it with an after pic in 6 weeks
  2. Hey Everyone - To be honest, I haven't spent much time on this site yet but from what I have seen it will be a really good resource for my current push to develop/maintain a healthier lifestyle. I'm looking forward to everyone I'll "meet" and everything I'll learn. Details: I'm a 28 year old female. I'm currently at 201 lbs which is already a 25 lb weight loss from my highest post-pregnancy weight. My long term goal is to 150-160 lbs but I'm going to have a huge shopping spree to celebrate when I hit 180. Main quest: Short Term - Improve diet, follow Paleo recipes/choices Mid Term - Run my first 5k Long Term - Lose weight and inches Specific Goals: Short Term (6ish wk) - My husband recently introduced our house to Paleo / clean-eating. I'm a very picky eater and a huge carb fanatic so the first week was a bit of a struggle... then I completely fell off the wagon. My goal over the next 6 weeks is to eat Paleo-style for 80-90% of the week. I'm not saying 100% because I don't feel it is realistic to never cave to a strong caving... and I'm not giving up daily but will limit it substantially. Mid Term (3ish months) - Run my first 5k... I've always been intrigued by people that run long distance but I know I'm not built to be a marathon runner. Instead, I've decided I'm going to try to run a 5k each month during summer. I'm about 1/2 way through a C25K program but week 4 is giving me some issues. Long Term - I want to be a size 8. I don't know where that will put my weight but since high school I've had size 8 in my head and I'm not sure why but it sounds like a realistic goal. At my highest I was up to a size 18 or 16W. I'm currently comfortably in a normal size 16. Lifestyle goal: I started some certification in my area of study a few years ago before I got pregnant and never finished them. They are a series of five exams and I have only completed two so far. I want to get back to my certifications and take time out for me. Life is hectic as a mom and wife with a full time career but I know if I focus I can fit it all in to my schedule. I think this was everything that they recommended to include in the first post. I'm looking forward to really changing my lifestyle and seeing the results! Maybe if all goes well I'll even wear shorts this summer... haven't done that in years! Good luck to everyone!
  3. So, this is my first 6-week challenge. Main Quest: To lose weight and/or slim down. (See below for why I'm being so vague on this, heh.) Mission 1: Exercise twice a week. This can really be any kind of physical activity. Mission 2: Cut sodas down to 1 a week. Mission 3: Make sure to have a vegetable in each dinner. Motivation (to steal from my husband, Daedelus): I have a husband I love and want to be healthy for, and a life with him that I want to live well. I also want to be stronger and better able to handle the up and down days I have. Brief backstory: I'm 30 years old and have had severe rheumatoid arthritis since I was 18 months old. Although I'm better off due to several joint replacements and pretty good meds routines, I've only recently gotten my meds back in order after about 2 months of being off all but one of my major meds (not a fun couple months, lol). Although I'm not tremendously overweight or anything, I weigh about 15 pounds more than I'm comfortable with. It's not muscle, heh, and although some weight may go away as my meds even out (a side effect of one of them), some is definitely not meds-related. Because of the RA, I have issues with both strength and stamina - my muscles are not very strong, and I tire easily. Hence both the vagueness of my Main Quest and the general nature of Mission 1: at least right now, any sustained physical activity - even a long trip to the grocery store - can leave me in rough shape. So one of my biggest challenges is to make sure I don't overdo it when I do feel all right, thus leaving me in worse shape than before. I'm also not sure what my level of exercise will do, with regard to muscle development or weight gain, so though I'm taking weekly measurements, I'm going to have to be quite subjective with this one. So... I guess that's it. Here goes nothing!
  4. MAIN QUEST Lose weight and fit into (size large) Los Pollos Hermanos t-shirt. MISSIONS ​Ride spin-cycle or bike 30-45 minutes 3 times per week. Drink no more than 2 soft drinks a week. Complete Total-Body Dumbbell Workout (http://www.menshealth.com/best-life-magazine/exericse-anywhere#.) 3 times per week. SIDE QUESTS LIFE QUEST Finish all assignments and projects on time. MOTIVATION Live Longer. Feel Better. Do More.
  5. ... and into a new world. The next few months will be tough but taking things step by step is the way to go. The first things to do are: - Eat a full* salad every day for the next 5 weeks - No chocolate or other junk food# on weekdays - Go to group fitness at least 5 times a week - Write down 20 things that I am grateful to God for before I go to sleep each night It's going to be a tough 5 weeks and I know I'm one of those over-eager people who actually has 20 goals sitting in their head but this is the start of a habit of forming habits, not just good intentions. * Full is defined as taking up half or more of my dinner plate and including 4+ different vegetables # junk food is chips, chocolate, crackers, ice cream, cake, coke, alcohol
  6. Starting my first challenge in a few days. I already do semi-regular workouts, and eat a lot of whole foods, but I love chocolate have a small problem with mindless snacking. My challenge is here: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/44284-pattycake118-engage/ My food diary is here: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/food/diary/pattycake118 Today's workout was Day 2 of Insanity: Plyometric Cardio Circuit. 455 calories burned, baby! Even better, I somehow convinced the husband to do it with me! While I think he only managed about half of it, I'm super happy to have do it and that he tried to get through it with me. I feel awesome right now. Make sure to look in on my challenge on day 1 - I *may* post starting photos, as embarrasing as I feel they are.
  7. TL;DR- Lose fat now. Gain muscle later. Do all the things. A little background/starting stats I am a Software Engineer so I don't "accidentally" get any exercise =p I'm also an avid gamer and have lots of software side projects, so I clock a lot of hours sitting down. In the last 3 years I went from 217lb @ 18% BF (177 lean mass) to 270lb @ 31% BF (187 lean mass) and in 2013 I lost 40 lbs and am now at 230lb @ 20% BF (184 lean mass). I've been oscillating at that point for a couple months. Someday I want to be a shredded 230lb+ @ 10% body fat. Also, I am 26 years old, 6'3" tall so I'm a big dude trying to be a smaller big dude in preparation to be an even bigger big dude. My Motivation I have a family history of diabetes and circulatory issues, so fitness really needs to take a front seat in my life to prolong the time I have here. I am also getting married in June, and want to be the strongest version of myself in every way for my fiance (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual). Main Quest The boss at the end of the dungeon here is to finally conquer a challenge I have first made worse for myself, and have been trying to beat for over a year. I want to get my fat loss out of the way so I can finally bulk the right way. To put it in a more quantitative context, I want to lose another 25lbs and get down to 205lb @ 10% body fat. For the next 6 weeks of this challenge, I want to lose 12lbs of fat and maintain lean mass. Mission 1: Preparation My folly at every turn thus far has been lack of preparation. If I don't prepare my meals, I feel like I can't work out. If I don't plan my workouts, I feel like I'm not being effective. This mission is complete when I A) cook all meals (instead of fast food) and plan my workouts. I have gotten to where I always shop in bulk at costco and cook often, so it's not a change of habit, just of consistency. Mission 2: Nutrition Cooking my meals is a solid first step toward this. I try to get close to 200g protein a day, and a net caloric intake of 1700-1800kcals/day (This puts me at 1000kcal/day deficit for weight loss of 2lb/week). This mission is complete when I do not stray outside of my plan by cheating. I do eat a couple "sanity" meals on the weekend, but those are usually only mild cheats. Mission 3: The Temple of Iron Toward the end of 2013 my weight loss started to plateau really bad. I had gotten to the point where I was losing weight only by food, and my metabolism slowed a lot because I wasn't working out. This mission is complete when I work out at least 3 times a week. Since my main goal is losing fat, this will emphasize cardio but still include weights to maintain lean mass. Secret Mission: Proper recovery I am a night owl AND a morning person. I like being up late and I like being up early, but hopefully not back to back (confession: I do that back to back way too often). Getting a full 8 hours of sleep is my unicorn! Life Quest Since my dayjob and side projects are so left-brained, I want to continue to get better at the creative side: design, 3d art, digital painting, and bass guitar. I do this to strengthen my mind as a whole, to diversify my skill set, and to have more common interests with my lady (she enjoys and is good at art). I consider this side quest complete when I've spent at least 3 hours in a week on one or several of the listed activities. I'm stoked to have found Nerd Fitness! Can't wait to get started with you guys!
  8. This isn't my first challenge, but the first in a long time. In the last 9 months I've lost about 20 pounds following the basics of good diet and exercise. Now I'm sitting right around 185 pounds at 5'11" and have some more body fat to get rid of. Therefore my goals are to: MAIN QUEST My main quest is to get to 12% body fat, with 5% coming off in this challenge. I'm not quite sure of where I'm at right now, but my best guess is 20%. I will get a body fat test done at my university to get a starting number the week of Feb. 24. I measured myself with calipers since I couldn't get a good test done at my university for less than $75, and I'm estimating myself at 21% BF with this website from the NF bodyfat article. That puts the approximate amount of fat I need to lose in this challenge at 10 pounds, which is probably just at the cusp of feasibility. Side Quests Cut added/refined sugar intake. I like fruits as much as I like cake and cookies, but it seems to be much easier to eat the latter. So I want to cut down on added sugar. It's pretty easy to track since I've got my MFP profile linked here. A - Eat snack/meal with added/refined sugars 0-1 times per weekB - 2-4 times/weekC - 5 or more times/weekEat more vegetables. I really like veggies, but I usually don't go out of my way to prepare them. Gotta get some yummy recipes and I'll be all set. A - Make a veggie main course 2 times a week and eat a half-plate of veggies every night for dinner.B - Eat a half-plate of veg 3 nights a week for dinner.C - Eat half plate less than 3 times a week.Hit a 3-plate deadlift (315) and bench 200 lbs. I'm currently at 275 for deadlift and 180 for bench press. A - Hit these goals.B - Get within 5% of the lifts.C - Within 10%Life Quest Learn Portuguese (well, enough to survive). I should be going to Brazil in July for a few weeks (not for the World Cup , but guess you can't have it all!). I should learn some Portuguese so that I can survive there - be able to order in restaurants, ask directions, understand if someone is talking shit about me, etc. I'll be using Duolingo to learn, as well as a language group once I get a couple weeks in. A - Study five times a week for at least 30 minutes.B - Four times a week.C - Three times Before/After pics I've attached my before pic to this post (taken Feb. 22). I'm quite bloated in these pictures, but that'll make the after pic look that much better, right? I should also probably make a goal to get a full-length mirror
  9. Right so, I generally prefer to read about adventures rather then go on them, but that's all about to change. I'm gonna go it! Slay that dragon! or keep it as a pet can't quite decide. Main quest: to fit back into those size 10 jeans, feeling embarrassed on summer holidays is a thing of the past. Goals: -Walk to and from town twice a week instead of getting the bus- there's some nice hills involved there -Me favourite pasties and cakes shop is only to be attended once a week - And finally... to do 5 minutes of yoga a day at the very least Life quest: to give £1 a day to my shark Erik money box so I can go on said holiday Hopefully as my first time this will go alright, my motivation usually sucks so fingers crossed those jeans on the back of the door will keep me going and good luck to everyone else
  10. Hello everyone! I am very, very excited to begin this challenge and do as much as I can to start being healthier now I am 19 years old and a sophomore in college. I gained a little bit of weight last year and want to lose it. However, am less concerned with losing the weight than just increasing my muscle/decreasing fat and at that point I can assess my weight more. I am in the healthy range for a 5’7†female—currently about 145lbs. I have not been in very good shape for a very long time because I stopped doing sports in elementary school. I do Tang Soo Do, a Korean martial art, but my studio is not very intense and I could always get by without having to train harder. All of my friends and other people who know I do it believe I am very fit just based on the fact that I do a martial art…but that is definitely an inaccurate assumption. I tested this past fall again and preparing for that over the summer alongside my friends who are either my age or just starting high school, I felt way out of my league. I really struggled with body image and whether or not I was good enough to deserve testing. In the end the support of my family and friends got me through it and I passed! However, I do not want to feel that again. I know everyone is unique, but it is hard when you feel like there is no way you are strong enough to do something because even the little 13 year old boy next to you can crank out 50 pushups no problem and the girl you look up to most is basically a super hero like the rest of her family. But now I am going to stop looking at myself in comparison to everyone else and just get down to business and be the person I want to be rather than wallowing in self-doubt. Whew, sorry that took a much stronger turn than I anticipated… So now I am finally starting to work out and eat healthy. Because of that my goals may get edited quite a bit as the challenge starts and I figure out my schedule and how achievable my goals actually are in the next 6 weeks Some of this may be a bit verbose, but it helps me if I write it all out and can look at it rather than keeping it all floating around in the abyss of my brain. My Main Goal: To be noticeably stronger and toned, and have a higher endurance (maybe able to run a 5K). I ultimately want to feel good in my swim suit this summer, but to start off with I have a couple of pairs of slacks that I love, but just don’t quite fit right. My friends say I look great in them, but they are very good friends and rather forgiving of any extra fat that may be showing As a long-term goal I am also walking to Mordor, and back again, at the same time as my sister. Goals: 1) Eat every meal as paleo as I can. Dinner is difficult as I am on a college meal plan, but breakfast and lunch (and snacks) I generally do on my own so there aren’t any excuses. I also know I feel better when I have been eating healthier, and drinking enough water. I am really trying to eat healthier, including adding in those veggies that I don’t tend to eat…I am really focusing on doing the best I can with allowances here and there to keep me on track. The biggest challenge will be during the stress of exams when I tend to eat anything that contains sugar—no late night runs to a coffee shop with friends where we all end up getting huge, sugar-loaded drinks (at least not where I buy anything). 2) Hold to my schedule of Zumba class 2 days a week and working out at the gym at least 2 days a week. Ideally I will do some other exercises. Friday: cardio or weights or a long walk/sprints. Saturday: At least go for a 30 minute walk, preferably in the morning so I am ready to start on homework instead of laying around. I do need to make sure not to bite off more than I can chew. 3) Get up and walk for at least 10 minutes in the morning before I do anything else and/or walk for 10-20 minutes in the evening as a refreshing break from school and homework. Life Quest: Read the chapter for Organic Chemistry before we start learning it in class and stay on top of the homework—learn all the reactions!! Also, for, ahem, a break from homework: go for a walk or read a book. Find one quote a week to write down and stick on my wall--I always say I will go back through a few books I read last year and write down quotes, but I never seem to. Motivation: I am ready to get in shape like I have said I would for the past four years, it isn’t like it should be that difficult because I am not overweight. I am tired of coming up with excuses for why I haven’t gone to the gym or done any sort of exercise and by extent not being able to wear the clothes I want to with confidence. Onwards! To the treasure and rewards that await at the end... ~Keldream Nebula
  11. Hola! My motivation is to be a better me...To be the Best Me I can be...and to attract a man! I currently weigh 200# @ 5' 7". I just turned 45 years old. I am working on loving myself as I am but know at the same time that I do not fit into the stereotypical idea of "beauty" and with all the self-actualization and extra weight odds are reduced of finding a date. I have children, 2 eighteen yr old daughters and a 12 year old son. I have two part time jobs and I work from my home office. This is Day 2 of jumping in head first to the Paleo Diet! main quest: Lose weight and fit into a size 12 your goals -YMCA 4 times a week, -Eat Paleo -Drink more water side quest -Work on the 100 Day Project for creativity and journal more Really looking forward to this challenge and life long journey! Thanks for reading, Mama G
  12. Hello everyone! I first signed up to Nerd fitness a long long time ago… It’s been a couple years I think. Oops! Anyways, one of my closest friends has been getting into shape since the start of the year and she has motivated me. I want to level up! So, I wanted to come back and utilize this awesome community of fellow gamers trying to improve their lives. I want to improve my life, and I need support. So, here I am! This will be my very first challenge! Alright so my Main Quest will be to lose weight. I don’t care if I lose it super slow. I have bounced back and forth on so many diets and everything that comes out for weight loss. As long as I progressively lose weight (healthily), I’ll be happy. I am 100 pounds overweight. So, this is like a huge main quest and will take me several challenges to work on! I have not taken my measurements. Maybe I will do that this weekend and post it. For now, my starting weight is 292 pounds. YIKES! I may or may not post a starting picture as well. It is really embarrassing, but it would be good so I can see my progress along the way. We'll see. My missions will be the following: Go for at least a one mile walk every day Drink at least eight glasses of water every day Eat no more than 1590 calories every day These may seem super hard and strict for my first challenge. I don’t think I am asking myself too much. These are things I’ve been telling myself to do and that I will do for a long time. It’s time I stopped talking and thinking about doing these things. It’s time for me to do them! This challenge will help me set up good starting habits for my journey to a better me. I need to be hard and push myself. No more excuses! As for my Life Quest, I'm not quite sure. This one is hard for me to pick one. I am an overachiever and a perfectionist. There are so many things I could choose for this right now. Oh, I’ve got it! My Life Quest will be to have more fun, be silly, and not be so serious! Why so serious?! I need to be more playful. I have been told this by others and deep down I know it is true. Motivation: 95% of all the women on my mom’s side of my family are obese. Some are morbidly obese. My aunt who is the biggest has a lot of health issues. She has had her knee caps shatter because of her weight and she has used a walker as long as I can remember. I am prone to heart disease and diabetes from my dad’s side of the family. My motivation is my health. I turn 30 this year. I want to get healthy and set up habits to keep me healthy as I age. When I am 60 I want to be able to go camping and hiking. I don’t want my weight to dictate what I can and can’t do. This is my motivation. I’m looking forward to doing this challenge with you guys! ~Staroddchic
  13. Main Quest: To get ready for hiking season this summer. Goal 1: Drink at least 28 bottles of water a week Goal 2: Plank at least 30 times in the six weeks Goal 3: Walk at least 20 times in the six weeks Life Goal: Write for a total of 25 hours in the six weeks Motivation: Why not really?
  14. Main Quest: Reaching my goal weight (135 lbs) by eating healthier and working out! Goals: Workout 3 days a week total: 2 days Pilates and 1 day Yoga. -Grading based on final percentage of missed workouts. Eat healthy with no more than 2 cheat meals a week and behaving on school nights! -Grading based on successful days. Lose 6 lbs following the WWP+ program. -Grading based on delta weight to final pounds. Life Quest: Sleep & Schedule: Get approximately 7+ hours of sleep a night, wake up: M-F @ 8:00 -Grading 6wks * 5 days = 30 days, percentage of days achieved.. Motivation: Always ready to put on a bikini and go to the beach! Starting Stats: 31 - Female
  15. Round One of the many challenges I have to complete on the journey to being physically fit. Main Quest: To Lose 10 lbs Side Quest: Substitute 4 servings a day with fruit and/or veggies. Side Quest: Workout 4 times a week Side Quest: Cut 50 percent of the carbs I usually eat Life Quest: Research college majors 2 days a week for at least an hour Motivation: My motivation is that I've seen many family members lose their lives because they did not have healthy habits. Another reason is that I need to be prepared for my future career path in Professional Wrestling. Finally, my last reason is to be able to enjoy life without being controlled by health limitations. Grading Scale Main Quest: A- 10 or more lbs lost B- 8-9 lbs lost C- 6-7 lbs lost D- 4-5 lbs lost F- 3 lbs lost or less Side Quest: A- 4 servings substituted B- 3 servings substituted C- 2 servings substituted D- 1 Serving substituted F- 0 Servings substituted Side Quest: A- Workout 4 times a week B- Workout 3 times a week C- Workout 2 times a week D- Workout 1 time a week F- Workout 0 times a week Side Quest: A- Cut 41-50% of carbs out of diet B- Cut 31-40% of carbs out of diet C- Cut 21-30% of carbs out of diet D- Cut 11-20% of carbs out of diet F- Cut 0-10% of carbs out of diet
  16. Total new to incorporating strength training in my work-outs, but have been at it a month and a half and loving it so far. So, first challenge: Main quest: FEEL GREAT IN MY SKIN Goals: 1. Train on average 4 times per week (with 3 being strength training/strength circuit) 2. Improve diet by carefully recording what I'm eating in order to find the best ratio of cardio/protein for me individually. 3. Lose a total of 3 cm in body circumference measures (arm+waist+hip+thigh) OR 3% body fat. Life goal: get that job
  17. Hi! I made a bet with a friend just over a month ago that I could get a six pack in 6 months (22nd of July), which started out quite well but got derailed for a few reasons. I'm hoping this 6 week challenge will give me a short term goal to focus on, and will help with my overall goal of winning the bet! You can read about the progress so far here. Main Quest - Get a six pack! 3 Goals: Do a strength workout at least 3 times a week - I'll be keeping track of this here. Start eating healthier - No more bread, pasta, pizza etc. Going to try and give up beer as well... Try and get a full 8 hours sleep each night - Something I've never been able to manage! My main motivation is the bet - 200 Euro if I win! Wish me luck Edit: After reading SweetJane's challenge, I've decided to steal (or "borrow") her rating system for my goals (thanks Jane!). Do a strength workout at least 3 times a week A – Completed all 18 workoutsB – Skipped 1-3 workoutsC – Skipped 3-6 workoutsD – Skipped 6-9 workoutsF – Skipped more than 9 workouts. Start eating healthier - I'm going to start trying to eat Paleo full time from the start of week 2 and tracking my meals (didn't have time to properly plan my meals or get Paleo shopping in for this week!) A – Tracked every day and stayed within my goalsB – Missed tracking or didn't eat Paleo 1-3 daysC – Missed tracking or didn't eat Paleo 3-6 daysD – Missed tracking or didn't eat Paleo 6-9 daysF – Missed tracking or didn't eat Paleo more than 9 daysTry and get a full 8 hours sleep each night - I'll do my best to keep track of this too! A – 8 Hours every night!B – 8 hours 6 nights a week on averageC – 8 hours 5 nights a week on averageD – 8 hours 4 nights a week on averageF – 8 hours 3 nights a week or less
  18. Hi all. I figure it's about time I start a challenge. I'm 33 and sick of having no upper body strength. And super sick of having no energy thanks to being hypothyroid. I'm hoping being more active will help. Plus I guess I'm what they call "skinny fat". I always struggled with being underweight. I'm now at my ideal weight but I've gained it all in belly flub. So I have some fat I need to get rid of but without losing too much overall weight. And overall toning would be nice. Recently joined the gym so I'm already on my way I'm vegan and eat somewhat healthy, though I know I could do better. I've mostly given up pop and have cut way back on junkfood. But I know I need to up my water intake. Main Challenge Gain strength and stamina, lose bellyfat Goals Strength training 3 days/week Cardio at least once a week Drink more water Life Quest Find a decent job that I don't hate Motivation - I'm just fed up
  19. Hello again folks! So I got in late on the first challenge of the year and I didn't really get going on it. So I am back to restart my level 1 challenge and actually do it this time. My stuff is pretty much the same except for a few tweaks brought about by helpful replies to my first challenge: Main Quest: To be able to complete Utah Police Academy Entrance Fitness Requirements: 1.5 mile run in 16:15 14 consecutive push-ups 23 sit-ups in one minute Goals: Run at least 2 times week (1.5 miles each time) Lift weights at least 2 times a week (including hitting pushups and situps hard) Eat clean (I am an ethical vegetarian and low and behold, a bunch of junk food is vegetarian. I want to join my wife and head towards a vegan diet that is actually whole food based and healthy, not doritos and soda. I will focus on eating lots of fruits and veggies and try to avoid refined carbs. I also want to cut out soda completely.. To some, a complete overhaul of eating habits sounds a little extreme but I have actually had a lot of success in the past and I have found that it works really well for me) Life Quest: Work on Spanish for 1 hour each day My Motivation: I am planning to enroll in the police academy in September. I want to start now so I can not be the fattest or slowest guy in my class. Its time to actually get my shit together and make something of myself.
  20. So I am really new at this. I am 27 years old, married to my best friend, live in Utah and have 2 dogs. I have never really been in shape but I used to be thinner. I gained about 45 pounds after marriage and got sick of it last year. I started eating healthier and lost about 30 pounds over the course of a year. I am not really in shape but I am less heavy. I started working out last week and did 24 ball squats and haven't been able to walk normally for 4 days. I seriously have no muscles in my legs AT ALL! I am currently 151.6 pounds, 5'3, 29.1% body fat. I want to get to about 135 and lower my body fat percentage but I think the last little bit is gonna take some time and I want to build muscle while I am at it. I don't want to be squishy anymore!! So I am going to start here and try to transform my current body into the one I want and into the one that will keep me healthy. Main Quest - Get my summer body and maintain it. Side Quests - Lose at least 5 pounds - Get stronger. (Go to the gym and strength train 3x a week.) - Eat within my 1500-1600 daily allotted calories. * Drink at least 3 32oz bottles of water daily (trying for 4!) Life Quest - Read the Bible daily! - Eventually be able to do high bar squats! - Pay my sister back the $880 that I owe her!
  21. v Main Quest: I want to lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks. o No fast food, hot Cheetos, or soda. o 30 minutes of cardio at the rec/park every day. o 7-8 hours of sleep every night! o Do not eat in front of TV or computer! v Life Quest: Get a 4.0 this semester o Study 6 hours/class spread out throughout week o Study SMART, not HARD! o Two office hours per week (Different Prof.) v Measurable: Take measurements and pictures every week v Attainable: Take a picture of every meal throughout the day & add calories consumed with Pixlr. v Realistic: 1 pound per week is do able, not out of this galaxy. I CAN DO THIS! v Timely: I want to accomplish this goal by April 28, 2014! Motivation The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the man who will win. – Roger Bannister High School Graduation Picture – this is that ‘one’ picture I look back on for motivation (4 years ago) Current Before Picture – will be posted on 2/24/14 Current Measurements – will be posted on 2/24/14
  22. Bang. Challenge one. I am setting the intention that this will be another of my lifes turning points. The moment I will look back on and recognise as being a big step forward in building a healthy eating habit and getting the the body that I want and deserve. I will become more agile, fit and strong. I will eat less and healthier. I will cut out the negative head chat and will do the right thing and be kind to myself. Life is a thousand nows and I'm hungry to make the most of them. Goals: Lose 10kg - these seems unrealistic but I am confident that the with the amount of water weight I am carrying from binge eating it is entirely healthy and achievable. Intermittent fasting with a fasted workout 5 days a week. I am going to push for 6 but I think that 5 is realistic, especially for the first few weeks. I will be doing a fasted workout at 12 each working day and will probably hit the gym on the weekend for fun as well. I'll also do some light fasted cardio in the morning, hopefully busting morning sprints by the end of the 6 weeks. Run 6km in 30 minutes - the biggest thing holding me back with this is the fact I am topping out he scales at 128kg and that at the moment I am ridiculously undisciplined. I'll be starting to complete this challenge over the last two weeks of the six. I'm confident that I'll have something to smile about when i complete this. GET SOME!
  23. I've been trying so hard to lose weight and I've done a lot to drop pounds including running (I've completed 2 marathons under 4:30 and 2 half-marathons), strength training and yoga and the scale just wouldn't budge. By some stroke of luck, I stumbled into nerd fitness and I realized that the culprit is not my lack of activity but my choice of fuel. I have a terrible sweet tooth and rice is my main source of carbs. With that said, I am challenging myself to finally lose the weight by going Paleo. For the next 6 weeks, I will rid myself of sugar — so no coffee and dessert. I will also replace rice with grilled veggies. I'm giving myself 6 full weeks to adapt this new habit and hopefully drop some weight. I'm so excited to share my progress with all of you! Starting Weight: 125.2lbs My Main Quest To weigh only 110 lbs by May 9th (my 14th wedding anniversary) Specific Mission Eat Paleo for 6 weeks - to start, no rice and coffee for 6 weeks Do the beginner bodyweight workout Run 6 miles on Tues/Wed/Fri. Do 12 miles on Saturdays. Life Quest Read the bible for at least 15 minutes - My goal is to finish reading the whole bible in a year. But somehow between Numbers and Leviticus, I just doze off. What’s Your Motivation? I’ve always felt fat and ugly and I thought that it’s time for me to be more confident in my body and to master my metabolism. I want to be healthy and beautiful for myself, my husband and my family. I want to wear a nice dress and nice clothes and not hide under layers.
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