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  1. Hey Guys, Starting a little late. I found The NerdFitness last week and here we have a lot to read (what i found espetacular), so i read a lot the material around here and others indicated, now i'm pretty confident that will get some results. As Steve, my initial objectives are to gain weight. I used to go to gym (started when was 17) 5 days every week, but it was hard to get weght. So, i started college with 19 and had to move and couldn't keep on gym. 6 months later i started swimming what i was doing until this year (Loved to swimm, but had gave up on getting some weight) and because of a healthy problem it's not anymore a indicated activity for me. So since i was active, i wanted to start as assasin e do bodyweight exercises, but on the guild they said that would be better for me to start here. Well, for the first week i made sure my goals are SMART. My weight is 145lbs 170cm tall My main goal is to gain weight, what i divided as mini quests to gain 1lb/week. I'm going to do those exercises (beginning 3x week) : Standard Floor Pushups Pullup Negative Bulgarian Split Squats Lying Leg Raises I think that i spoke about the essential, but i am a starter here, so some help would be great if someone see some problem. Sorry if you see some english mistakes, i'm a brazilian, i do speak a little, but never travalled abroid and its no so request from me to now how to write/speak english, only reading english is pretty enough for college here. I attached a picture of me, not too skinny, but i want to be stronger.
  2. ok..the commando fizzled out in his training during the end of the last challenge...you guys must be wondering why?? life happens!! flu and not taking into account my gmat prep screwed up the challenge..and anyways, I hadn't set specific goals for the challenge too...which I am changing for this one!! then here my plan for the second challenge goes: 1. Calisthenics – I will be following convict conditioning for it (i) pushups- currently able to do full pushups(2 sets of 10) 10 – close pushups – 2x15 8 - close pushups – 2x10 6 – full pushups - 2x25 4 – full pushups – 2x15 (ii) squat- currently able to do 2x15 full squats 10 – full squats- 2x50 7 – full squats – 2x40 4 – full squats - 2x35 (iii) pull-ups – haven’t worked on it 10 – 10 proper horizontal pulls 5 - 5 horizontal pulls (iv) leg raise – currently able to do 2x10 flat straight leg raises 10 – hanging knee raises – 2x15 7- hanging knee raises – 2x10 4 – flat straight leg stretches -2x20 (v) bridge - currently able to do full bridges 2x8 10- wall walking bridges- 1x3 7 – full bridges – 2x15 A >42 B > 35 C > 30 D > 25 2. runninng run 1.5 miles asap(it took me 21 mins yesterday) for running I jst have completed c25k training.(can run for 30 mins continuously and not run for 5 k continuously)..so the plan for this challenge is tue - run for 30 mins and try to increase the distance with each run thrus- run sprints(400 m running and 200 m walking) sat- run 1.5 miles afap(as fast as possible) A – under 14 mins B – under 16 mins C – under 17 mins D – under 19 mins 3. splits – have to find more information on how to progress into them…planning on adding them to my workout most probably after 2nd week of my workout need help from the assasins guild on how to approach this. I am thinking to start with the 4 stretches mentioned in this page http://ashotofadrenaline.net/how-to-do-a-full-splitz/ A - 3 times a week B - 2 times a week C - once a week 4. headstands - I will be following the guide given by steve A - 3 times a week B - 2 times a week C - once a week I think I will not follow the points system from here on...the grades are just for overall assessment on my challenge
  3. Hi, My name is Belles and this is my first challenge. I have been doing pole dancing on and off for a while and I am quiet interested in doing things that will increase my strength and flexibility so assasin is the path I have chosen. I have signed up to the aca So just as my partner found nerd fitness and we decided that it would be a good thing to do, we also found out that I am pregnant. As of today I am nearly 13 weeks pregnant, for the first couple of weeks after signing up to the Academy I did well, but then some of the lovely side effects kicked in and I have been lacking in energy to the point where some days I fall asleep on the train after work. Main Quest My main quest is to be fit and healthy during pregancy and to be able to recover well after having the baby. Objectives: Slowly start getting back into a routine again, where I am exercising 3/4 days a week, even if it is just going for a walk for 30 minutes. Stop eating junk food (again) I generally don't eat lots of it, but have been using my pregnancy as an excuse for junk. I need to cut it out again and stick to a healthy diet for the good of me and the baby. Be doing regular pilates classes again by the end of the six weeks Life Quest: I recently completed my cert 4 in fitness and would like to be able to help women with pre and post natal exercise. I will continue to do research on courses available, and work towards becoming a pilates instructor
  4. Hey guys! I've been reading NF on and off for a while, but never really looked into the forums since i'm a total forum newbie but I finally did and love the energy over here! I've always been in pretty good shape because I love activities! I'm the girl who wants to try everything I went to a tennis academy when I was in 7th grade and played tennis in high school. Ive been dancing since i could walk (dancing is my happy space! especially if there's live music involved!) and I've tried almost all different kinds! I played soccer for many years! I absolutely LOVE to ski (learned so young i don't remember learning). I got over my fear of running in high school when ran cross country for 2 seasons! (i'd been terrified by the mile before that! ) I've always lived in places that have a very significant adventure and sport culture because my dad is an adventure/adrenaline junkie so staying fit was never too hard. Now i moved to France on my own and no longer have my dojo around or the mountains 5 minutes away and i need motivation. Especially since I now reside in the wine, bread and cheese capital of the world I'm really excited to motivate myself to be more active and find activities to do in my new environment!!! I just signed up of a beginner parkour class on Monday!!! I'm stoked! I've been walking around sore for the last two days! so on to goals.... Main Goal! Find ways to move my body every day. and try to fit into those jeans that I brought that only fit me when I'm at my best! because that's where i wanna get back to! Quest 1: Go to Parkour 3 times a week! (only miss if its super important!) Quest 2: Ride my bike to school at least 3x per week! (Its a 40 min bike ride! ) Quest 3: Cook one meal a day for myself! I eat out too much! When I cook I become more aware of exactly what I'm consuming in general! Life Quest!: Understand a full hour and a half Political Economics lecture given by the teacher that even the french kids say speaks too fast! Motivation: I honestly feel 10x more amazing when i'm eating well and exercising! I feel less foggy-brained, and more awake! Bring it on!!!!
  5. Introduction: I'm Alexandria, I finally joined NF after lurking for years. Just in time for a 6WC! I'm "healthy" overall but want to push my limits and increase my muscle tone. After having two children and sitting a LOT while caring for them and doing side stuff (sewing, crafting, websites, gaming), I lost a lot of muscle tone I had, and now I really just want to be active every day. (See very poor quality photo.) Main Quest: Develop enough muscle tone and joint stability to get back into rock climbing. Quest 1: Do the Beginner's Bodyweight Workout at least two days a week (aiming for 3). It takes me 15 minutes to complete the three rounds, with modified pushups, 30 second planks, and a milk jug for weight. I would like to be able to do full pushups, longer planks, and use at least 20 lbs for weights by the end of the 6WC (my children weigh more than 20lbs!). Quest 2: Yoga at least once a week (aiming for 2). Early morning sessions on M, T, W, Th are all available, make it to at least one of these. By the end of the 6WC I want to be okay with going to at least two sessions. Quest 3: Walking/hiking day at least once a week. Plenty of places to do this, from the local flat park to the more challenging state park trails. By the end of the 6WC I want to be okay with *hiking* with my kids (one riding on my back, 26lbs), doesn't have to be a long hike, just not flat. Life Quest: Complete my apron sewing projects: there are three aprons, plus accessories. I rarely make it a priority to do these even though I really want to finish them. I would need to cut out movie/Crunchyroll time in order to make this happen without giving up sleep, and that's a pretty strong vice... Motivation: My children. I also love the feeling of losing yourself while working on a route in rock climbing, or enjoying the outdoors more in general. I want to be able to care and keep up with my kids without feeling like an "old woman" all the time. My husband would probably be happier if I wasn't in so much pain all the time from a sore body, he gives me a lot of massage right now. He also believes (from a physical therapy standpoint) that I don't have strong enough joints or muscles to handle rock climbing safely without injury, so that is one of the reasons it became my main quest!
  6. So hey here I am getting into my first 6 week challenge! Hoping I've got the right idea with the info for an initial post Main Quest To reduce bodyfat to 10% and to build strength and agility. Strength and agility wise I'm looking to build towards things such as a handstand pushup and planche. Goal 1: Continue YAYOG program. STR +3, CON +1, WIS +1, CHA +2 I joined a pvp challenge thread for the YAYOG program over here, and plan to see the basic program through to the end. Workouts are 4 times a week for the first 6 weeks and 5 times a week after that for a total 25 workouts during this 6 week challenge. The program also includes tracking meals in MFP to stay limited to a 2000 calorie diet. A = 24 workouts B = 22 workouts C = 20 workouts Goal 2: Practice Handstands. STR +2, STA + 1, DEX +1 If I want to get to that handstand push up one day I'd better learn to do one. I'll need to practice my handstand progressions for at least 5 minutes 5 days out of the week. A = 30 practices B = 28 practices C = 25 practices Goal 3: Go for a run. STA +3, WIS +1 I don't really like to run for it's own sake, but I love it if I'm playing something. Still, I need to get out at least once a week for a couple miles to build up my stamina. A = 6 runs B = 5 runs C = 4 runs Motivation I want to really see what I'm capable of. I've never had that much upper body strength and want to change that. I'm also a big fan of obstacle events, especially the various Ninja warrior incarnations, it would be great to be able to participate in things like that instead of just watching from the sidelines. - Oh yeah, I also wouldn't mind looking pretty damn good. [ Stat point allocations for each grade will be 100%, 80%, 50% for each A,B,C respectively. Overall stats will be rounded to the nearest tenth after any additions. ] Starting Stats Weight: 180lbs Bodyfat: 18.4%
  7. Hi all, I'm new to NF but not new to READING about fitness. I used to be in great shape, but over the years have developed poor habits that have not been a positive in my life. Today I woke up at 0345 knowing that I had to make changes, so I finally signed up and am here for my first 6 week challenge! Main Quest: To start something and see it through to completion. (Long time analysis paralysis sufferer) Quest 1: Do the beginning body weight workout 3X per week during the challenge. A: 18 workouts B: 14 workouts C: < 12 workouts Quest 2: Eat at least one healthy Paleo meal per day during the challenge. A: 7 Paleo meals per week B: 5 Paleo meals per week C: < 5 Paleo meals per week Quest 3: Do Tabata sprints / hillcharges once per week during the challenge. A: 6 sprints / hillcharges B: 5 Sprints / hillcharges C: < 5 Sprints / hillcharges Life Quest: Register for classes to become a Math and Science teacher. I've put this off for too long, and I'm not getting any younger. Motivation: I used to be confident and sure about where my life was going. Now I dread questions like "what are you up to?" I'm tired of waiting for lightning to strike me from some outside influence to shock me into change. It starts right now with me.
  8. Hey I'm mac.stran and this is my very first challenge. I am so excited to start! So currently I weigh 310 lbs and have rediscovered my love of rock climbing. Unfortunately, I currently am too heavy to do so but one of my goals is to get back in it. So my main quest is to lose 75 lbs. For this challenge I have 2 quests. Quest 1: I was never a big vegetable eater. But in order to help myself be successful I need to become a veggie lover. I am ready to embrace them I just need to get in the habit of eating them. So my goal is to eat at least two veggies a day. Measurement: A = 40 (started a day late) days. B = 36 days. C = 32 days eating at least 2 veggies a day. Quest 2: I have my athletic moments and I really want to start strength training so I bought Starting Strength and want to start it. So every M/W/F I want to strength train. Measurement: A = 17 days strength training. B = 15 days (5 weeks). C = 12 days (4 weeks). Let's do this! I want to rock climb!
  9. Introduction: Hello there! My name's Stephanie and it looks like I joined Nerd Fitness just in time to hop on to this new challenge! I'm about 130 lbs, 5'7", maybe even 5'8"? I'm very body positive when it comes to my looks, but I know that I'm incredibly out of shape. I don't have a single skill that could allow me to be in the assassins guild, but everything about it intrigues me, so maybe one day I'll be able to move on over there (: Main Quest: I want abs that could kill a man. Killer abs. Quest 1: Continue Beginner Bodyweight 3x/week and add in 10 minutes of ab exercises before the end stretches. Walk 1-2 miles every other day. Measurement: A = 42 days, B = 36 days, C = 30 days Quest 2: Two fruits and two veggies a day (though I'll allow myself some leeway and just call it 4 freggies). Measurement: A = 4 freggies, 42 days; B = 4 freggies, 36 days, C = 4 freggies, 30 days Quest 3: Bedtime: 9:30PM, Wake-up: 5:30AM. This seems to be the best routine to get me rolling out of bed and moving right away and it keeps me the most motivated throughout my day. Measurement: A = 42 days, B = 36 days, C = 30 days Life Quest: Complete three more classes on Skillshare. Measurement: A = 3 completed, B = 2 completed, C = 1 completed, 1 started Motivation: I'm in school for graphic design, and I sort of had a rude awakening realizing that this means I'll be sedentary for much of my work day. I promised myself that if that's the case, I need to spend time outside of my job on the move. Also I would love to work for a healthy body now so that when it really counts, I can look back and thank myself for being proactive instead of reactive.
  10. 안연하세요! Nice to meet you all ~ I am a new member to this site referred by my irl friend Ciara! Today starts a new beginning for me. I will start out by being upfront and sharing the fact that I am not overweight and have been a fairly athletic person throughout my life. Nevertheless, I have ALWAYS struggled with a "food obsession" if you will, and a severe lack of perseverance and routine. I will admit that I am rather lazy. I really enjoy lounging on the couch reading a book, playing a game, or watching a little bit of TV. When I put my mind to it, I can exercise well. But often enough I find myself just not WANTING to. I'm impatient and get bored. I cannot muster up the energy to get dressed and situated and begin a workout. I cannot manage my time well and am constantly worried about "will I have enough time tonight to do X Y and Z?" I end up sitting around not getting anything accomplished because I'm too concerned. The ironic thing is because I'm too concerned about "having enough time" to do "whatever"... I end up doing nothing instead. Just resting. As for my food obsession...well, I really think food rules my life. I ALWAYS think about it. I'm always trying to pass the time quickly until I can enjoy my next meal or snack. I honestly don't eat a lot at one time...but I can end up eating quite a good bit over the course of the day. My biggest killer is nighttime snacking. I KNOW that at 11:30 at night I do not need to eat a giant bowl of Cinnabon cereal...but I do it anyways. I have heavily associated food with activity. If I am reading or watching TV, I feel like I must be eating something. I really need help in separating my activities so I can do one without the other. I'm here not only because I want to be able to stick to a routine and develop a healthier lifestyle but I also want to shape my body. I had a very childish figure growing up, and now that I'm 24, I would like to look my age. I often feel like I look like a teenager still. I want to be feminine, not just "cute". Not that I mind being called cute or anything, but I want to feel like a bombshell. There's nothing wrong with that, right? I'm planning to move to California in 1.5 years, so my main goal is to achieve this "S Line" body that I want before moving. I have plenty of time to set into a solid routine and learn a lot about shaping a body and developing a healthier, energetic lifestyle. I hope I can meet many people here who can help encourage me and share with me their goals and strategies too. Everyone together - í™”ì´íŒ…!!! (Fighting!!!)
  11. That which can go wrong, will go wrong. - Murphy's Law That which can go wrong, will go wrong, to me. - Murphy's Roommate This is my story, and it starts at level zero, where every adventurer makes that decision to leave the safe confines of the farm/smithy/bakers shop and take on the adventure. The firt few steps on the road are always the easiest. You have a full stomach, a little coin in your pocket, and dreams of Epic! in your head. I know this from other things I have done in life. The end state is somewhere along the Assasin line of thought, my body and overall goals align with being able to get places other people can't, survive things most people wouldn't, and still be able to win a fight and get back out. For now, I'm just an adventurer with the main quest of baseline fitness. 6 Week Challenge Goals: 4x week bodyweight work: pushups, squats, and pullups - Victory condition: Pushups:50 in one minute Squats: 50 in one minute Pullups, 5 in one minute 4x week cardio (run, eliptical, rowing machine) for 45 minutes - Victory condition: achieving 20/24 possible cardio 1x week spend at least an hour hiking - Victory condition: achieving 6/6 possible hikes Eat 80% paleo Sun-Mon, 80% of my calories have to come from the right sources - Victory condition: out of the 30 possible days, do this 28 of them Eat 50% paleo Fri-Sat - Victory condition: out of the 12 possible days, do this 10 of them Side Adventure: Take the General Class license for HAM radio, pass the test FTW! I did break out my 3.5 books and have figured out that I am most likely trying to do something along the lines of the Ninja class from "The Complete Adventurer". Yes, the rolling of the dice is the percussion instrument when they play the song of my people. - MR
  12. Hi all I'm Jeza and I'm excited to sign up for my first challenge. I've been around for ages but never had the courage to actually try a challenge. To be honest it all felt super overwhelming but I've decided screw it let's do this. NFA has really inspired me to create the life I actually want to live. So, down to business. I want to conquer the world. I want to be able to use my body to conquer any obstacle thrown my way. I also love to play Netball and really want to improve my jumping, dodging and stealth skills! As such my main challenge at the moment is to first lose the excess fat I have gained over the past 5 years and then sculpt my body into a lean-mean, ass-kicking machine. So how will I do this? MAIN STORY LINE To be able to use the world as my playground and enjoy the outdoors. Hiking, climbing, swimming, running and the list goes on! Nothing will be off limits anymore. I want to be able to use my body as my weapon. LEVEL 1 QUEST Be under 75kgs GOAL BREAKDOWN Bikram yoga 4x per week Weekly carb intake under 700g Use food diary every day Once I have started building these healthy habits I can then move on to actually developing some skills. Like pullups! LET'S DO THIS!
  13. Hi everyone! I am new to Nerd Fitness, but I just LOVE the website - great info presented with a great sense of humor. I do well with eating and some other lifestyle habits, but fitness has always been a struggle for me. It has been even worse since I had surgery on a torn meniscus a year ago. Main Quest: Improve Endurance and Fitness Specifically, I would like to be able to go for a hike, paddle, or whatever moderate activity I am doing for an hour or two without getting exhausted. Specific and Measurable Goals: -Exercise at least 5-6 days per week, alternating cardio (interval training) and strength -Eat at least 2 meals a day containing 50% vegetables or fruit -Go out for 1 or more extended activity sessions each week Side Life Quest: Finish creating my online healthy pregnancy classes and get them live Before: Not doing pics, sorry. I am 5ft 6 and currently 133 lbs. I spent a decade hovering around 118, so it would be nice to get that back, but it is not my primary goal. My fitness level is currently so bad that I get winded walking up our driveway (rather steep, about 150 ft long). I did the Beginner's Body Weight workout yesterday. I only got through 2 circuits, but am still sore today. *sigh* Motivation: I want to be able to do the activities my husband and I enjoy comfortably, and in a way and at a pace that is fun for him as well. It is more fun when it does not feel so much like work! Let's do this! (Our challenges) -Elsfaire
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