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  1. This game was amazing and I am using Aloy's journey as a structure because in August I have my very own Proving coming up in the form of a vacation with my skinny fit sister. I CAN DO THIS Quest 1: Surviving as an Outcast: in order to survive without a tribe Aloy needed to learn to hunt, gather cook and care for herself. I need to relearn some of that too. I want to revamp my diet so that I can lose weight. I am very unhappy with how my body looks and with the exhaustion and general discomfort that carrying all this weight around with me entails. I want to have more freedom of motion, more options at the clothing store, and less self consciousness in my skin. Challenge Goal: Lose 4% of my body weight - Log food on myfitnesspal daily - Pack my lunch for work 5/5 days Goal 2: Train for the Proving. Aloy trained for her entire life to be fit enough to win her way back into the tribe. My Proving is taking a different form. In August my sister and I are going to England. I want to be able to keep up with her on hikes and tours and I want to be comfortable on the plane and on rides or buses. No matter what I need to raise my endurance and cardiovascular health by then. Challenge Goal: Complete Darebee: "Foundations Light" daily Goal 3: Becoming the Seeker. In her role as a Seeker for the Nora, Aloy has to go outside of the sacred lands and learn about new cultures. I need to broaden my language competency to make me a more versatile and employable therapist. I want to become fluent in Spanish. I was fluent in college, so methinks it will come back faster than picking another language to focus on. Challenge Goal: Do one Duolingo Spanish lesson daily Goal 4: Collect the Histories of the Metal World. I love stories and I have been writing in some from or another almost as long as I can remember. Depression did a pretty good job of eating all my creative juices in the past 10 years and I know that if I will ever complete this dream, I have to get back in the habit of writing again and I need to rebuild my skills. My goal is to take a stab at NaNoWriMo in November. Challenge Goal: write at least 100 words from a writing prompt 3 x per week.
  2. Welp this kinda embrassing, coming back here after I took such a long break hehe. Anyway I wanna update my exercise routine I been doing after my rehab . 1. 8 min of warming up. 2. 40 min of full body streching yeaa..... I take that long to finnish(I kinna enter some kind of trance after awhile) 3. About 30 min of bodyweight workout (not really sure how long I took) 3.1 2 set of 15 Military Pushup & 1 Set of Regular Pushup. 3.2 1 set of 30 Elbow to Knee situp & 2 set of 15 leg up Crunches (don't know how to call this one my body look like V) 3.3 1 set of 30 Squats & 2 set of side 30 Squats hmm something like wide horse stance and then go up & down. 4. Cool down by light strech. Every exercise, I trying intergrate in my work out are all low impact. So if you have some move or, an idea that I can modify or add that doesn't impact either my knee joint ,or Achilles tendon much will be greatly appreciate. My main quest for this challenge is probably consistent. I want to keep it steady for now, so that my body can keep this up without risking injury again... A - 7 times per week B - 6 times per week C - 4 times per week D - 3 times per week F - < 3 Hmm my side quest, For now I want to get rid of my habbit of sleeping late. If you're a former Night owl then any tip, hacked will be awesome . My goal will moving my bed time from 2 - 3 a.m. to 4 p.m. so that I can wake up 6 in the morning. Still don't know how I gonna grade this yet. Do guy have any ideas? Sorry if my grammar are wonky. I'm not a Native so Forgive me Grammar Nazi! Oh yea Is anyone here an Otaku? Anime,Manga,Manhwa,Light Novel,Fanfiction? anyone? - In hard work I trust.
  3. Greetings fellow Nerd Rebels! I'm Trydus, I'm new here to Nerd Fitness (well, new as in the first time posting, anyway). I think what the NF team built is amazing, and the community, extraordinary. Here I'm thinking "There's a place where there are a bunch of awesome nerds who want to be fit and more awesome too?! Count me in!!" A little history behind me: I've been on somewhat of a fitness journey for a while. I've been off and on Paleo and exercise routines for a couple of years, never deciding to fully commit to it until the beginning of this year, where some of my coworkers challenged me to a contest among themselves of healthy eating and exercise. They put together an online form to track our progress and make us more accountable to each other. This was the kick I needed, and I was off. I was eating Paleo every day (think salads, stir frys, steaks) and I also started a Yoga program, intertwined with my own sort of workout. Things were going good for a bit, and I was losing weight but didn't really feel like I was making progress. I guess I just didn't have actual fitness goals in mind other than "get unfat". At the same time, I had traveling on my mind, I wasn't happy with my current position at work and in life, and made a decision that in a year or two, I'd take an extended trip and backpack for a couple months in Italy. I started reading into traveling, how to survive on the road, skills, techniques, etc., and stumbled upon an article about staying fit while traveling. Naturally, this peaked my curiosity. After reading the article and watching the interview, I found Nerd Fitness. I've been hooked ever since. Ok, let's get down to brass tacks. Main Quest: My overall Main Quest so far is to become the most fit and skilled version of myself that I can be. I want to be in a much sharper state so when I take my trip (which has now evolved into an Epic Quest, thanks Steve!) I can be ready for any challenge that gets thrown at me. Not to mention just being more awesome for life in general For this 6 week challenge, my quest is to drop another 10-20 pounds (started January at 225, now at 205), and reach a new level of fitness. How am I gonna do that? Here are my goals: Goal 1: Continue to cook and eat Paleo every weekday. I typically start my Sunday or Monday with a trip to the local Whole Foods, pick up my ingredients, and do my prep for the week. This includes carrots, green onions, red leaf lettuce, radishes, zucchini, and chicken. With this, I make salads for my lunch, and stir fry combinations for supper. Sometimes I cook up a bunch of veggies for lunch the next day. What's funny about this goal, is I read Steve's intermittent fasting article, and realized I was already doing it and didn't know it! Goal 2: Stick to the workout plan. My workout plan is a combination of the "Beginner's Body Workout" with some additions such as pullups and chinups, on Mon - Wed - Fri. I want to be able to complete more than 3 pullups at a time by the end of this challenge. On Tue - Thur, I am continuing Yoga, to maintain and improve my joint strength and flexibility. I've found when you do Yoga on a regular basis (and, indeed, exercise in general), it's crazy how much it affects how you move on a day to day basis. I'm not nearly sore at all anymore (except after an awesome workout and maybe a little in the morning after said awesome workout), whereas I just ached all the time for no reason. At 26 years old, I just had enough of that non-sense. Goal 3: Sleep more, stress less. I work in a pretty high stress field, sometimes up at all hours of the night or working way more than full-time. My goal here is to try to get in more than 6 hours of sleep on average, and try out some meditation to reduce stress. One thing I've been considering doing is making it a rule to turn off my devices (multiple computers, tablets, so many gadgets!) by 10 PM, and just hitting a book until bed time. Life Goal/Main Quest Goal: Continue Learning Italian. I combined the life/main goal because this is a part of that Main Quest. I started learning Italian last year, and fell off the bandwagon. I am committing to spending 3 times a week on studying, an hour a night. I want to become fluent in Italian first, because that's the first country I'm going to on my Epic Globetrotting Quest, and the one I'll probably spend the most time in. Finding Nerd Fitness, reading the content and seeing the community has been really inspiring to me. It's helped keep me motivated, and taught me a lot of things about a lot of things. I'm glad to be a part of something so awesome. Good luck to all other 6 week challengers, I know you all can do it. Fortune favors the bold. - Trydus
  4. Fala Goes Hunting Fala Fourtusk snorted twice, decisively. She lifted each foot, stamping her trotters down through the thin frost and into the moldy leaves underneath, settling herself firmly against the earth’s grounding. Her energies were jumpy and electric in her boar form on a good day, but on this morning the woods were murmuring in a worried sussurus of windblown leaves. There was nothing for it- Fala had to ground deeper and find her way to the Arch Dryad before whatever the treegirls were mumbling about came to be. This stretch of woods was hers and she would guard it to her last dying breath. The bristles on her humped red back stood on end as the green growing energy of the forest spilled up into her. Her eyes took on a faint green glow as she turned, dowsing this way and that seeking the trail. She turned, circling in place, reaching… Ah! There! A faint whiff of apple came to her, sweet ripe scent out of season. Fala ran, surprisingly fast despite her humped shape.The apple scent led her deeper and deeper into the glen, had her dodging and ducking through tunnels of briar. As she came closer to the heart of the forest, she began to see ripples of energy, apple green tinged with red and gold. The smell of blossoms was all around her and she felt saliva pool in her mouth as she craved the sweet tart taste of the end of season’s orchard windfalls. She twisted and strained, pulling herself through a narrow opening in the brush and stumbled out into a sunny clearing. The space was circled with apple trees, a ring of ladies in waiting surrounding the great central tree, the home of the Arch Dryad of the Calderwood. Fala rushed to cross the space, nodding to the treegirls as she passed, barely making time for formality. The weight of the forest’s ominous potential rode her, driving her inwards like a whip’s lash. She skidded to s stop before her matriarch and slid to her knees, transforming into her half human half boar shape on the fly so that she could speak the tongue of the treegirls. She waited panting, for the Dryad queen to acknowledge her, her breath panting into the silence, a harsh and grating sound. The Syrwoman looked up, confused, to see the Arch Dryad bent in concentration over the prone and bloody body of- a human? --'--,--@ Hi all and welcome to my new challenge! I realized that I was missing writing fiction as part of my challenges here, and I had a bit of an idea for a story to act as a metaphor for some issues I am having in my life surrounding my body image and my relationship with food. I plan to update daily and to pair story posts with my successes and failures on the challenge as well as 4 weekly updates to make sure that Fala's story actually gets finished! Challenge goals to come in the next post.
  5. Hi all I'm Noor, the Halfling Assassin and wielder of arcane forces. If you have followed me for a while you may have read about my various exploits working to remove a curse where I spent time as a stone giant, along with my friend Sovellis. I have a tendency to add fiction into my challenges because it makes it more fun, but life has been so busy lately that I decided to take a break and to reground with some Druids I know. Now, I'm back and I am working to get healthy so I can return to sports I love like climbing and dancing. ACTing Assassin Quest: Main quest: reduce my body size by 4% a loss of 15.12 lbs Goal 1: Log all food using myfitnesspal, remaining under total calorie goal Goal 2: Eat primal consistently, whole 30 style (basically this is a whole 30 with dairy added in) Goal 3: In addition to my daily yoga for my back pain, I will work out on the elliptical machine daily, adding more time each week. I am going really really slow on this because I am so sedentary and my back is so painful if I am not careful, I want to give my muscles enough time to adjust and catch up. This is the planned schedule, which I can slow down by repeating a week if things go awry. 05 minutes - week 1 10 minutes - week 2 15 minutes - week 3 20 minutes - week 4 Lifestyle Goal: Complete the first 4 weeks of ACT bootcamp from The Weight Escape. ACT is the school of therapy that I use in my work as a psychologist. It is really more of a lifestyle and worldview than a series of techniques and I find that the more I focus on my values and on living in the now ( the two main tenets of ACT) the more I ma able to find joy and meaning in my life. The boot camp allows me to mindfully check in with my values and this particular series of exercises are tailored towards those of us who struggle with weight management, so it is ideal for me right now. I am not bothering with grading this time around, since NF is in the middle of implementing the new leveling system and I am not sure what that will look like yet. Expect intermittent fiction and hopefully daily status updates though! --'--,--@
  6. Who else is excited about the new NF character system? A new year, a new start. Anyway, I have included my quest goals below. 1. Character Creation: Create a character in the new model and post regularly a. Create a character under the new advancement system b. Post on my main thread weekly c. Join and complete the sub quest d. Text my friend at least three times per week to update fitness status 2. Body Weight Awesomeness: Complete a daily body weight workout a. 200 pushups b. 200 situps c. 200 squats d. 2 90 second front planks 3. Martial Arts Level-Up: Prepare for my test in late January a. Practice martial arts forms for 30 minutes, 4x per week b. Practice Hook, Crescent, and Spinning Roundhouse Kicks for 30 minutes, 2x per week c. Practice stances for 15 minutes, 2x per week 4. Internet Control: Limit time-wasting internet exposure a. Leave laptop at work Monday-Thursday b. No web browsing at home c. Video games only in the morning before work d. No more than 1 episode of tv per day Looking forward to a new character on Nerd Fitness and an improved one off it.
  7. Fresh off the boat here and excited to get started. So here's my level 1 challenge Diet: Swap out one soda per day with black tea. I've been rearranging things so that tea is always within easy reach at home and the office. Make at least 7 meals per week at home. Since I'm in the habit of eating out for every meal, that's more or less a 50% reduction. Fitness: Walk at lest five minutes per day. Level Up Your Life Five Minutes Daily Meditation For some reason the site seems to be refusing me (displaying as offline) whenever I try to post my intro on the correct board. Anyone know what' going on there?
  8. I've been a member of nerdfitness for a while and have decided to get in the bandwagon and announce my daily log to assassinate kill all the things. That's right. I'm here to conquer. And to tell my tale of triumph and defeat to all (who care to listen.) What to expect during my battles of valor: sarcasm, gifs, videosdaily log of current six week challengepictures of not mehappy postssad postsstories of levling up or just how "how I battle with my exercise"random noob questions. But they'll go away after the quest for answers/enlightenment is done Goals: lose 50 lbs.(Thanks college and stress for giving that to me.)study a lot.I'm majoring in accounting. and it might not sound hard but I recently switched majors which is making things a little more difficult.exerciseget into the habit of itI'm starting off with Dance Central 2 and zumba on the xbox but I'll work my way to other exercisestry new exercisesstart off with small 7 minute strength training exercisesdo the BBWW workout confession: I tried the 20min hotel workout my first time here and was sore for a week (serious case of DOMS. and kinda pulled a back muscle, so I was out for another two weeks after that)kill conquer the 20 min hotel workoutschedulinggetting into a better routine for everything is better for, well, everything. this inclides getting into a better:sleep schedulestudy scheduleworkout schedulereading schedulefandom watching scheduleetc.A little bit about me: Female Age: 22 Height: 5'5 Current Weight: 197 lbs Goal Weight: 140~150ish (I shall shout my small steps to this goal with gifs, videos, constant trips to the woot room, and lots of sarcasm) Fears: public speaking and over socialization. guess you can chalk that up to social anxiety. (but online no one knows that. and no one knows you're a cat) Likes: dogs, puppies, fluffy things, shiny things, reading, writing, fandoms, tea, D&D, gaming, music, distractions, chocolates, gummies, food, fruits Current Gaming addiction:online mmo called "Terra." I've been playing as a beserker since its so easy to lvl up with some time and a little bit of grinding
  9. Hi, I'm Koaladle and this is my first challenge! I enjoy ballroom dance and bike riding and used to spend all my spare time biking to dance lessons. Many adventures later, I am the family homemaker. It's been a weird adjustment, but I've decided to see this change as a fortuitous opportunity to become the active person I was before I gained the Spousal Sixty. I have a few advantages: I am in charge of groceries, my dog loves walks, and my handsome husband will eat whatever I cook, even the experiments gone wrong. Main Quest: Lose 65 pounds by June 2016 Quest 1: Walk Heimdall for at least 30 minutes twice a day. Measurement: A = 2520 minutes in 42 days; B = 1,050 minutes in 42 days; C = 800 minutes in 42 days Reward: A = +3 STA, +2 STR; B = +2 STA +1 STR; C = +1 STA Quest 2: Drink three liters of water every day. Measurement: A =126 liters of water in 42 days; B = 105 liters of water in 42 days; C = 84 liters of water in 42 days Reward: A = +3 CON; B = +2 CON; C = +1 CON Quest 3: Eat veggies twice a day. Measurement: A = 2 veggies, 42 days; days; B = 2 veggies, 36 days, C = 2 veggies, 30 days Reward: A = +3 WIS, +2 CON, B = +2 WIS, +1 CON, C = +1 WIS Motivation: I want to be fit so I can start a family farm (the natural combination of a hippie and a cheapskate). I need to get used to moving all day, eating whole foods, and staying hydrated to make this possible.
  10. It's time for my first full challenge! My goals in vague form: I want to get leaner and fitter, and improve my Aikido, rock climbing and running. And to stop being such a wimp in general :V (As in, I get way too easily pulled of track by every little distraction/craving/bad day. Enough of that.) Specific goals for the next 6 weeks: Lose 5 kg (63 to 58 kg). Grading: A - 58 kg B - 60 kg C - 61 kg Else - Fail. I'm perfectly normal weight, but I'd like my legs and belly to look less flabby. Also, carrying less fat around would be really nice for the climbing and running. No problem with gaining some more muscle after that, though I'm going to implement some intermittend fasting (not sure which scheme yet), and eat lotsa vegetables and fruit and protein. Those things I got down pretty well already, the main problem will be the after-lunch snacking, and I don't react well to (even self-chosen) prohibitions, so I'll do this one result-oriented. Become able to run 10k in 50 minutes (Currently: 5k in 29 minutes). Grading: I'm gonna multiply my speed in km/min (goal: 0.2, now 0.172) by the distance for which I keep it up (goal: 10 km, now: 5.1 km). So now I'm at 0.90 km2/min, and my goal is 2 km2/min. (Weird unit, something that apparently mostly has application in measuring viscosity and diffusion. Well, I'm kinda diffusing around the running track ^^) A - 2 km2/min (10 k in 50 minutes) B - 1.6 km2/min (10 k in 60 minutes) C - 1.43 km2/min (10 k in 70 minutes) Less - Fail. Exercise every evening except for Sundays. For at least 30 minutes. After that, don't use the computer, and eat only protein. Mo: Climbing, Tue: Running, Wed: Aikido, Thu: Climbing, Fri: Running, Sa: Aikido. Grading: That makes 36 days of exercise. A - Perfect game, 36 days. B - 5 out of 6, not too bad: 30 days. C - At least turned up to classes: 24 days Fewer - Fail. This will help me a lot with sleeping well, with losing weight and not too much muscle, and improving my skills. Life quest: Become able to apply Chinese vocabulary/grammar I learned so far. Total 40 h of practice (plus classes). Grading: A - 40 h B - 30 h C - 20 h Less - Fail.I realize my 'A' level goals are rather hard, but that's necessary to motivate me. I'm the "Easy? I can do it tomorrow then... Impossible? Let's see about that." kind of person ^^ Back before my foot injury, I think my best 10k time was 53 mins, so getting under 50 min would be a personal best. So is 6 weeks of not skipping exercise or Chinese studies. And the 58 kg - I've been there before, once, and I liked it. More of it! (Well, technically less, but, eh..)
  11. November 6th Change of Plans! Hello guys! As a recruit, a huge part of your first challenge is figuring yourself out! I put my goals too high, I expected too much of myself in too extreme of a shift. I have lost the first five days and will still be receiving 0's on my report card for those days. But I'm revising my goals, now, so that I can Set Smart Goals, Take Baby Steps, and actually achieve CHANGE in my life in a long term way. Big Goal / Main Quest: I want to feel free in my body and in my capability to do things. Motivation: Freedom FITNESS QUEST 1. I will be in bed by 10:00 every night. (Gotta be ready for those Assassin chase sequences!) Nov. 2) Failed. Got nightmares. Made the choice to watch America's Next Top Model and then do a word-sprint for NaNo, and did not get to sleep until after 3:30am. New Fitness Quest 1: I will, every night at 9:30, drink tea, put on nice music, write out my thoughts for the day, and sit in my bed like it's a boat I have to stay on until the morning light. No internet other than Skype and these forums, and no games, but I can use my computer look at comforting pictures and write my thoughts. FITNESS QUEST 2. I will eat only what I have set out to eat, and log it, every day. (Gotta lose that body weight if I wanna do pull-ups!) Nov. 2) So, this started OUT well! But then in the evening I just totally binge-ate, I'm not even sure how much I ate in total so I couldn't even log it. I really had a come-to about a self-control limit I have, and what it means about the future. Nov. 3) Still no, same issue, gonna have to do something really strong tonight. Nov. 6) I'm in bed, I have drunk my tea, my ship is sailing. Success. <3 Nov. 7) Success, in the technical sense of my new parameters. <3 Nov. 8 - Dec. 7) Kept an out-of computer log for a while, and did just fine. New Fitness Quest 2: Every day, I will write everything I ate and when I ate it. FITNESS QUEST 3. I will follow my four-day schedule, no matter how phoned-in I have to make it in order to get it done. (Gotta have that strength to do the parkour I wanna do!) Nov. 2) I did this! I did this thing! Look at me being all doing stuff well! Woot! (+4.8% Q3) (+0.8% overall) Nov. 3) Muahaha nothing to do today. Nov. 6) I have uploaded all of my food! Even if I wasn't super happy with it, I logged it. :3 Nov. 7) Yay uploading! Did it! :3 Nov. 8) Okay maybe it didn't SAY the best stuff... but I LOGGED IT, DAMNIT! :3 Nov. 9 - Dec. 7) Kept an out-of computer log for a while, and did just fine. New Fitness Quest 3: Every day, I will drink three liters of water. Nov. 6) Nooooo! Only 1.8! TOMORROW I WILL DO MORE! Nov. 7) STILL NOPE! GAH, this is way more difficult than I feel it should be! I used to ROCK this! > Nov. 8) Not looking good... Nov. 9 - Dec. 7) Kept an out-of computer log for a while, and did just fine. Life Side-Quest: Complete NaNoWriMo Successfully. So far, I have KILLED this quest, I'm doing excellently, I have written at least 1,667 words every day. Nov. 6) Yup! 2,000! A very low day count for me, but tomorrow's gonna be KILLER! Nov. 7) Yus. Nov. 8) Lol I FINISHED NaNoWriMo today, come at me. XD Nov. 9 - Dec. 7) There has been no need for any more logging of this, because I DID IT. I value and honor the fact that I am starting from Level 0. I value and honor the fact that I have to change my basic habits and let my body begin to trust me before I freak it out and try and intensely change everything at once. I value and honor the fact that it is just as awesome to set goals that I can achieve than to try and do something I'm not ready for. Or MORE. Good luck, everyone. <3
  12. Hello everyone, I started off poking around here a few weeks ago, then disappeared because I got married. (YAY!!!) 10 days into marital bliss! Anyway, I'm pretty excited to start my first challenge! November will be interesting because it's a very busy month for me, but I've given too many excuses through the years to start up with them again now. If you want something enough, you figure out how to do it anyway, right? I like to run and hunt (archery, not guns) and I'm starting some bodyweight exercises to increase my strength and agility, so my challenge is going to be Legolas themed. Because anytime something can be Legolas themed, it should be. Quest One: Bodyweight routine, including flexibility and agility work, at least 3 times a week for at least 20 minutes A = 17+ workouts B = 15-16 workouts C = 13-14 workouts Quest Two: Run at least 3 times a week for at least 20 minutes (total - starting off I may need some walk breaks but they don't count toward my total running time) A = 17+ runs B = 15-16 runs C = 13-14 runs Quest Three: Cook at least one dinner a week at home. Also, quit eating doughnuts for breakfast and I only get one "students are gone for the day!" chocolate after work. A = 6 weeks of dinners/no doughnuts or extra chocolates B = 5 weeks of dinners/no doughnuts or extra chocolates C = 4 weeks of dinners/no doughnuts or extra chocolates Life Quest: Spend at least 15 minutes a day studying Spanish (2+ Duolingo lessons and/or communicative exercises like Lang-8) A = 38-42 study days B = 34-37 study days C = 30-33 study days
  13. Heyo, I've been on Nerd Fitness for about a month and I'm ready for my first challenge. I've never really put out public goals like this, so we'll see how it goes. I recently started bouldering again (after 16 years since the last time!) and that led me to looking at my overall health and fitness, cuz boy howdy have I gotten out of shape. So, here's how I'm tackling things to start off: Main Quest: Get my body fat down to a healthy level. In September I finally measured this and it was over 35%! Ugh. I'd like to get it below 30% by the end of the year, and with the holidays, that's going to be tough. I've already managed to drop it to just over 32%, so I need to drop at least 3% more and keep it there. Goal 1 Limit my alcohol to fewer than 10 drinks per week. That might sound like a lot to some people, but that is half what I can put away in a normal week, and there are a lot of parties coming up. :-/ I know that beer and cocktails are a major part of my weight. I need to moderate better. Goal 2 Do at least 30 minutes of cardio per week. I'm currently climbing 2x/week and weightlifting 2x/week. I hate cardio work though and my aerobic endurance is pitiful. Time to put my grown up pants on and just do it! Goal 3 Eat a veggie with every meal. This is part of the Academy nutrition levels, but I also find that when I am eating more veggies, I tend to not eat as much crap. I already generally eat veggies with most meals, so this is to just push me a little further and pay more attention to it. Life Quest Practice written and spoken Danish every day. Oy. I'm American, and have been living in Denmark for over 4 years. I still don't speak Danish very well. It's silly. That, and the fact that I can't get permanent residency without passing a language test, are motivating me to get my shit together. I'm married to a Dane and have permanently settled in Copenhagen, so this language thing really needs to happen. I work for a US company and most of my universe works just fine in English, so I really need to actively want this, as it won't just happen naturally on its own.
  14. Hey everyone, I'm behind on posting my status. I'm attempting my 6 week challenge again. My last round fell apart towards the end because of family health emergencies. I found myself struggling to stay current on my workout, eat non-emotionally, and not sink into depression. I tend to be a major people pleaser and put myself last especially when other people need care. Looking back on what went wrong last time, I fell apart because I didn't have plans in place to take care of myself when my original schedule wasn't realistic to maintain. My huge goal is to have enough strength and flexibility to do tricks on my slack line. I'm most excited by the Assassin's guild because the quests are more challenging for me. I want to go from weighing 178lbs to weighing 155lbs. (The end weight represents what I was before I tore my ACL and felt my best.) I'm not a huge fan of focusing on a number, but at the moment I think it is the most measurable. For this six weeks I plan to do the following: - Do the bodyweight workouts 3 times a week. - Yoga at least one day a week. I'd like to shoot for twice a week, but I tend to take on too much and then struggle to stay afloat. - Work on my art at least one hour a week. I'm taking a self-paced course on drawing with pen and would like to make time for this. The measurable item would be drawings when the six weeks are up. The objective is to teach me to make time for myself. -As a mini-quest, I'd also like to post in the forums at least once a week. Just to build the habit. That's the plan at the moment. For week 1: I completed two workouts of the bodyweight brigade and walked my mini-Aussie 21 miles.
  15. About me: I'm usually known online as monsupee, a throwback to my high school days. I am not as active a video game player as I used to be, mostly due to lack of time, but still love to play when I have the chance. I'm fairly tall for a woman, 5'10 but have had ups and downs with weight. Life has been a little rough at times, my fathers death, my car accident and surgery afterwards, injuries, my brother's unexpected death, and most recently I had foot surgery for ongoing foot pain. Before surgery I was an active ballroom dancer even though I was in pain, but before pain made me give it up, I used to run, do country line dancing, swing dancing and I like to swim, though I'm a winter swimmer. I'm currently working to build up my strength in my foot and leg so I can start doing normal activities again. Main Quest: Be able to go back to dancing and running, losing weight will likely be a side benefit of being active. Quest 1 - Start doing short walks to get my foot and body back into the habit of moving more. Walk 10 minutes a day 5x a week, with the hope of increasing it to 15-20 by the end of the challenge. Points: 1 pt per day completed Quest 2 - I have a routine from my physical therapist that I should be doing twice a week or if I can't go there, then going to the gym. Bonus points if I add a third day or add in upper body training. Points - 4 points for 2 days, 2 points for 1 day, -2 points for 0 days and 1 bonus for upper body training or extra lower body routine. Quest 3 - Freggies, I'm awful about eating them and it should be easy to add them in to my daily diet, so a minimum of 2 per day with the hope of 4 per day. Points, 1 point per freggie, with 10 points if I hit 7 or more, -5 points if I don't get any
  16. Hello! My name is Chelsea0270516 Once upon a time I was a great ranger - specializing in water related activities. Then my exploring & moving days came to an end as I fell in love with the most amazing Orge. We spent much time in his swamp playing games and watching the world go by. Neither of us wanting to leave the others company for something as silly as training. After we married it got worse for a while & then we both realized - we would be in trouble soon if we didn't make some changes. That was in 2013. Since then we have changed some parts of our lifestyles, but we still have a long way to go. I have lost most of my weight (40 pounds) but I have a little left to fight off. I want to be strong again. My Mission: Treat my body & mind with the respect they deserve so I can become a druid or assassin. Goal 1: Track all food & fluids I eat each day before bed. Tracking makes me more aware & is one of the reasons I was successful in losing 40 pounds to begin with. I need to be consistent with it. A: Every day before bed B: Every day (maybe forgetting until the next day to record something) C: 6/7 days recorded each week D: 5/7 days recorded each week F 4/7 or less recorded each week. (All on avg) Reward: Cake! JK the cake is a lie anyway. My body will reward my actions - I will feel better Goal 2: Be active 5/7 days a week for at least 30 minutes per day. I already walk during my break at work - this will just push me to be more consistent with it. A: 5/7 days a week be active 30 minutes B: 4/7 days a week be active 30 minutes, C: 3/7 days a week be active 30 minutes D: 2/7 F 1/7 or less? (all on avg) Reward: New Armor! (Specifically pants. ) Side Quest: Spend time practicing my religion outside of services. Reward: Mental rejuvenation! Side Quest: Find local rock climbing wall. Reward: Get to go rock climbing!
  17. Hey everyone! So I tried this once before but only lasted a couple of weeks, so this time I am more determined to follow through. I want to essentially keep my goals the same, and focus less on the scale and more on how I feel and how my clothes are fitting. Main Quest: go down one size! I am currently a 16 and will be a 14 or less by the end of this challenge. Sub quests: 1) strength train 3x per week, no excuses. 2) no binging or snacking on processed garbage. 3) cardio and stretching on non-strength training days Life quest: spend time each week painting or being creative in general. No matter how busy I get I should be making time to do things that are important to me. Let's go!
  18. Hi everyone! Feel free to read my intro here! I'm Sam and I'm already a year or two into my journey of getting healthy, fit and strong. I've just started ballet classes (done 4 x 45 min classes so far) as an absolute beginner (age 25) and want to use this challenge mainly to get as good as I can as soon as I can, which will make the classes more enjoyable (I'm the only beginner), too. My long term goal is basically to be a stronger, bendier, fitter, healthier version of myself who practises sport because I love it rather than just to stay healthy. I'm also still very much learning how to maintain weight and a good food/drink routine, so I need to keep an eye on that too. As such, my quests are: Quest 1: Do 3 hours of ballet a week, including the 45 minute weekly class. This will allow me to work a lot of stuff out in my own time, and should fit right into my routine. Measurement: A: 3 hours of ballet every week B: 2-3 hours of ballet every week C: 1-2 hours of ballet every week. (+3DEX, +2STR) Quest 2: Keep a battle log. I've never kept one before, so I figure properly tracking my food/drink/exercise will let me know if I need to do anything I'm not doing Measurement: A: Record all food, drink and exercise every day B: Record 6 days a week C: Record 5 days a week (+3 WIS, +1 STA) Quest 3: Stick to my recommended weekly units of alcohol. I love beer and wine and it's a big part of the socialising I do, so I'm reluctant to cut it out entirely now I'm at a healthy weight. As I'm tracking things in my battle log, it should be easy to keep within my limits. Hopefully this'll teach me to abstain in advance if I know I've got a big event, which I will have at least a couple of times during the challenge. Measurement: A: <14 units 6/6 weeks B: <14 units 5/6 weeks C: <14 units 4/6 weeks (+3 CON) Life Quest: Get house looking its best for Xmas I'm a huge procrastinator and my husband is something of a hoarder. We've been living in this house for a year and a half and we still have loads of tasks yet to do to feel properly settled. I'm gonna identify twelve of them I'd like to get through before Xmas. This will all mean I spend less time tidying/cleaning/wondering where on earth everything is: 1) paint bedside cabinets 2) paint chest of drawers 3) clear out all old clothes including underwear 4) scan wanted contents of old notebooks and recycle 5) clean, empty, organise, list items belonging in cupboard under sink 6) clean, empty, organise, list items in cupboard next to the fridge 7) organise wardrobe 8) clean, empty, organise, list items under the bed 9) scan photos from lounge bookcase 10) organise and list living room cupboard contents 11) scan and recycle the contents of a folder 12) scan and recycle the contents of a second folder. Measurement: A: 11 or 12 tasks comple B: 9 or 10 tasks complete C: 7 or 8 tasks complete (+1 WIS +1CHA +1CON)
  19. Main Quest: Fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans, size 6. After delivering my beautiful baby girl 2 years ago, our family went through some really tough times, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I lost my grandfather and hero to dementia, my husband lost his spiritual mentor and friend to cancer, and I lost my lifelong best friend to a horrific defect she had since birth. I left my career in the military after almost 7 years to take care of my baby and my husband's unit (also military) assigned him to swing shifts (2 months rotation 12hr days/15hr nights) a couple months after I delivered. We are stranded halfway around the world from family and every friend I have made here has moved away. Unfortunately, the result of all this is unhealthy weight gain because of binge eating and no motivation for exercise. By the end of this challenge I want to at least be able to fit comfortably in a pair of size 10 jeans. I am aiming at completing my main quest by April 2016. Mini Quest 1: Business of the Dangerous Variety “It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to.†― Bilbo Baggins By the conclusion of this challenge, walk for 1 hour 5 days out of 7. Week 1: Walk 10 minutes 5/7 days Week 2: Walk 20 minutes 5/7 days Week 3: Walk 30 minutes 5/7 days Week 4: Walk 40 minutes 5/7 days Week 5: Walk 50 minutes 5/7 days Week 6: Walk 60 minutes 5/7 days Grade: A: - Walk at least the weekly target time allotment 5 times a week B: - Walk at least the weekly target time allotment 3-4 times a week C: - Walk at least the weekly target time allotment 2 times a week D: - Unable to complete at least 2 Walks to standard I will grade each week separately as I go through the challenge and average those grades for the overall score. Mini Quest 2: Legs! “Legs! I've still got legs!†― Eleventh Doctor By the conclusion of this challenge, perform 10 pistol squats each side. Week 1: 25 Body weight squats 3-4 times a week Week 2: 50 Body weight squats 3-4 times a week Week 3: 5 Assisted pistol squats/leg 3-4 times a week Week 4: 10 Assisted pistol squats/leg 3-4 times a week Week 5: 5 Pistol squats/leg 3-4 times a week Week 6: 10 Pistol squats/leg 3-4 times a week Grade: A: - Complete weekly goal 3-4 times a week B: - Complete weekly goal 2 times a week C: - Complete weekly goal 1 time a week D: - Unable to complete weekly goal even once to standard I will grade each week separately as I go through the challenge and average those grades for the overall score. I have a knee instability problem on my right side and have been prescribed squats and a brace as my treatment. This is a great way of working it into my schedule, I think. Mini Quest 3: Choices “Remember, if the time should come when you have to make a choice between what is right, and what is easy, remember what happened to a boy who was good and kind and brave because he strayed across the path of Lord Voldemort.†― Albus Dumbledore By the conclusion of this challenge, I will eat primarily Paleo 5/7 days of the week. Week 1: Limit sugar to once a week Week 2: Cook at home 5/7 days of the week Week 3: Eat a veggie and protein at both lunch and dinner Week 4: Eat a veggie and protein at all meals Week 5: Limit bread to 1-2 days a week Week 6: Limit dairy to 1-2 days a week Grade: A: - Complete weekly goal at least 90% of the time B: - Complete weekly goal at least 80% of the time C: - Complete weekly goal at least 70% of the time D: - Unable to complete weekly goal up to at least 70% of the time I will grade each week separately as I go through the challenge and average those grades for the overall score. Notes: I may not be able to complete the 6 week challenge online this time because we are in the middle of getting ready for a move at the end of Nov/beginning of Dec. However, I will try my hardest to keep up with the challenge even while offline. ​
  20. Here we go, first 6 week challenge! Main Quest: Turning the priorities that make me feel at my best into habits. Specific Quests: 1. Twice a day I will log a meal that included both protein and veggies. 2. I will be in bed, ready for bed, with lights out at between 8pm-9pm every night (early to bed, early to rise, and no excuse to be made about 'not having time'). 3. I will do my workout or walking every day, no matter how phoned in I have to make it. Life Quest: I will study for a minimum of one hour every day and have better study habits just in time for finals, fight me dang it. Attributes: TBD
  21. Hi everyone! My name is Jenny and I’m a 30-year old Belgian girl currently living in London, UK. Main quest: To get stronger and more flexible, and be physically able to do more activities and be better at them. To hopefully get the added benefits of exercising: feeling more energised and slimming down my waistline would be nice. Motivation: I am an amateur dancer, and want to use this challenge to become a better dancer and try aerials or pole dancing in the coming year. Quest 1: Start each weekday with a 15-minute home workout, and a protein drink. Total: 30 workouts, allowing myself to catch up at the weekend if I missed a day during the week. Measurement: A: 26 to 30 days B: 21 to 25 days C: 15 to 20 days Reward: (+3STR, +2STA) Quest 2: Keep a food and exercise log on weekdays, weekend optional. Total: 30 days of log Measurement: A: 26 to 30 days B: 21 to 25 days C: 15 to 20 days Reward: (+3 WIS, +1 CON) Quest 3: Stop snacking after dinner. I will have my last bite of the day at dinner, which will happen no later than 20h, and won’t eat until breakfast the next day. Again allowing myself cheats at the weekend, so again, a total of 30 days. Measurement: A: 26 to 30 days B: 21 to 25 days C: 15 to 20 days Reward: (+3 CON) Life Quest: Go back to journaling. Morning, evening, on the bus, anything counts, but I should unload my thoughts on paper every day, filling at least a page. Total: 42 days. Measurement: A: 35 to 42 days B: 28 to 34 days C: 21 to 27 days Reward: (+3 WIS) Let me know your thoughts or if I should change anything. Gimme a shout if you’d like to be accountability buddies, too. Thanks! Looking forward to this journey J Also, ridiculous question: Do I have to also sign up to Nerd Fitness Academy? I’m guessing yes but couldn’t find the info. Jenny/Enelyah
  22. About Me: I am commonly known as Shorty. I am a 22 year old woman into gaming, writing, roleplaying, and interested in acrobatic style sports such as parkour. While my small frame and low 120 pound weight make me seem fit and in shape, I'm far from it. So much as walking up a few flights of stairs makes me have to catch my breath. I joined the rebellion to get more active and get motivated to get my ass off the couch. About Shorty Scorch: Shorty Scorch was the first roleplaying character I ever created. (I'm talking back-and-forth story type rp, not a game.) I was seven, and Shorty Scorch was what I wanted to be when I grew up: Fast, strong, respected, and agile. Most importantly, a ninja. Now I'm grown up and far from that dream- But I can still hit it! Main Quest: Be able to walk up and down 5 flights of stairs at work in two minutes or less by the end of May 2016. Quest 1: Walk for 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Currently, I wake up, get ready to go sit at work all day in front of a computer, drive home, sit for the rest of my day on the couch and game or watch a YouTube series about games I'm interested in. This has dropped my Stamina to non-existent. Scoring: 5 Shuriken = 10 min for 30 days 4 Shuriken = 10min, 25 days 3 Shuriken = 10min, 20 days 2 Shuriken = 10min, 15 days 1 Shuriken = 10min, 10 days 0 Shuriken = 10min or less for 9 or less days Rewards: 5 Shuriken = +3 STA, +2 STR 4 Shuriken = +2 STA, +1 STR 3 Shuriken = +1 STA 2 or less Shuriken = No point gain. Quest 2: Complete the Beginner Bodyweight Workout every third to start, and every other day after three weeks. This will get me in the habit of doing the workout and help me be able to do more reps and more cycles. As of the writing of this post, I can only manage 1 cycle at full reps. I will be lowering the reps for now to attempt to do more cycles, then push myself for at least one more rep each day. Scoring: 5 Shuriken = At least two cycles of at least 1/3 recommended reps for 18 days 4 Shuriken = At least two cycles of at least 1/3 recommended reps for 15 days 3 Shuriken = At least two cycles of at least 1/3 recommended reps for 12 days 2 Shuriken = At least two cycles of at least 1/3 recommended reps for 9 days 1 Shuriken = At least two cycles of at least 1/3 recommended reps for 6 days 0 Shuriken = Two or less cycle of 1/3 or less recommended reps for 5 or less days Rewards: 5 Shuriken = +3 STR, +2 STA 4 Shuriken = +2 STR, +1 STA 3 Shuriken = +1 STR 2 or less Shuriken & F = No point gain. Quest 3: Drink no more than one soda a day. This was a strict rule growing up at our house, and when I left for college, I completely broke it. For almost two years I was drinking nothing but Mtn Dew. Last December, I stopped drinking Mtn Dew completely as it was making me sick, and since taking on a full time job two years ago I started cutting back on soda in general. I'm still drinking a few a day, and that needs to stop. Scoring: 5 Shuriken = No more than one soda a day for 42 days. 4 Shuriken = No more than one soda a day for 36 days. 3 Shuriken = No more than one soda a day for 30 days. 2 Shuriken = No more than one soda a day for 24 days. 1 Shuriken = No more than one soda a day for 18 days. 0 Shuriken = One soda a day for 17 or less days or more than one soda a day for more than 24 days. Rewards: 5 Shuriken = +3 CON 4 Shuriken = +2 CON 3 Shuriken = +1 CON 2 or less Shuriken = No point gain. Life Goal: Complete the 50k words for NaNoWriMo for the first time. I tried NaNoWriMo last year, but lost the majority of my work at the end of it all due to a computer failure. (And good old fashioned forgetting to save.) This year I intend to back files up, break my work out into "days" files, as this story is planned to be in a journal format, and hit a goal of a measly 1670 words a day. Scoring: 5 Shuriken = All 50k words written by November 30th. 4 Shuriken = 37.5k words written by November 30th. 3 Shuriken = 25k words written by November 30th. 2 Shuriken = 12.5k words written by November 30th. 1 Shuriken = Less than 12.5k words written by November 30th. Rewards: 5 Shuriken = +2 WIS 4 Shuriken = +1.3 WIS 3 Shuriken = +.7 WIS 2 or less Shuriken = No point gain. Motivation: On occasion, I have to go from the second floor to the seventh floor at work to pick things up. I want to be able to do this quickly and easily, and without taking the elevators. (Elevators make me nauseous.)
  23. Hello friends, This is my first post on NF - in fact I just joined about an hour ago. But I've been creeping about in the shadows for long enough, and maybe joining the Challenge as an official member will be fun. I'm afraid I can't reveal the exact nature of my main quest... Just know that much is at stake and if I'm going to survive I will need to be stronger, more energetic, and more mentally resilient than I am now. Also, I eat way too much candy for a person of my age and general level of gravitas. Here are my official goals for the record: Be in bed by 11, even though everything fun in the world happens after 11. Can anything good happen early in the morning? I guess I will find out. Make a good effort to log food. The important thing, though, is to stick with healthy stuff 90% of the time (what's "healthy" is surely up for debate, but I have a definition in mind). This should be interesting since I hate cooking (but I love grocery shopping). Get some exercise every day. I ran some short triathlons not that long ago and I would run, bike, swim, strength train, or do yoga almost every day. But I have been basically couch-potatoing for the last year or so. Still, I did it before, so I can do it again. I just need to remember how much fun it is to ride a bike in the rain (not sarcasm, I find it really is fun once I get over myself).Side quest: Set aside 10 minutes every day to meditate or keep a journal. Thanks for paying attention to this thread-among-many. I look forward to questing with you all! c-pin
  24. Hi everyone! I'm so excited to start my first 6-week challenge (which is weird for me because I've never been excited for anything fitness related in my life). I've been a NF reader since the early days, and I even joined the forums a couple years ago, but I never did anything with it. Here's what I've come up with, goal-wise: Overall goal(s) Be able to do one pull up. This is something I've always wanted to do. I doubt I will be able to do this in 6 weeks because I can barely do a horizontal row right now (and I don't even have a pull up bar yet!), but this is one of my ultimate goals.Be able to touch the floor from a standing positionExercise goals Do the "recommended bodyweight routine" from /r/bodyweight 3 times per week over the course of the challenge. That's a total of 18 times over the course of the challenge. I'm already doing this, so it shouldn't be too hard of a goal.Follow a toe-touch progression or other stretch routine at least 3 times per week (can be on off days) - 18 days totalFood goal Look up and try one new Paleo lunch or breakfast recipe per week - 6 new recipes triedThat's it for now! I may revise before the challenge starts.
  25. Welcome to my very first post on the NF boards. Let me preface this entire thing by saying that I am a woman who loves comfort. Anything that makes me "feel" good and comfortable (usually the familiar) is what I am most likely to do. Eat, binge watch shows on Netflix, binge read a series of books, build Legos with my 5, almost 6 (she'd never let me hear the end of it if I didn't tell you all that she's almost 6) year old daughter... you know? All things that are sedentary and generally not complicated. Well, that lifestyle has officially gotten me to a point where I am uncomfortable. I have many reasons that led me to Nerd Fitness a little over a week ago, but the proverbial straw that broke this camel's back was a trip to a theme park where there were a few rides that I was nervous to get on because I wasn't sure my "trunk" was going to fit, and a disturbing situation in which the ride operator actually had to count the number of clicks on the safety bar to make sure that it was tight enough and I wouldn't fly off the ride. Kudos to the operator for making an awkward situation not feel completely humiliating, but it was enough of a wake up call to make me Google "fun ways to exercise" first thing on Monday morning. And wouldn't you know it... Nerd Fitness was the top result. Being the creature of habit I am (notice that "binge" was listed in two of my activities above, and should have probably been listed on the other two), I have been on Nerd Fitness daily soaking up as much information as I possibly can to motivate myself to break bad habits and form and solidify good ones. My first day, I did the Angry Birds Workout during lunch. It kicked my butt, and I was sore for a couple days, but I was excited. I've started to focus on my diet (reducing pasta and bread, another first for me), and have done 3 strength training workouts in the last week (you guessed it, another first). So when I entered the NF boards yesterday and saw that a new challenge was starting up next week, I decided to give it a go. I read through most of the other "Recruit" posts (Hi everyone!), and decided that if I was going to "challenge" myself, I might as well document it and join in with everyone else. This is another first for me. I am typically a very quiet, reserved person. I rarely speak around people I don't know, and not very talkative even when I do know you. I used to say that I'm anti-social, but I don't think that label really fits. I'm just quiet... usually. Enough back story... here is my main goal for this challenge: ** I want to fit comfortably into "that" pair of jeans in my closet. At some point they did fit me comfortably, I just can't remember when. I can get these suckers on, if I jump around the room while pulling them up and then lay down on the bed to zip them, but then I walk like the Mummy without joints. It's rather comical if you ask me, but I do value breathing, so I can't wear them for very long. So that's the main goal. Here is how I plan to attack it: 1. Walk to/from my car to work everyday. I work in a large metropolitan city, and parking is scarce. My car is parked one mile away from my jobsite, and my walk to work is mostly uphill. The day after squats, I must look ridiculous trying to motor up that hill. You're welcome drivers. I'm sure I made at least a few people start their day with a laugh. FYI: The walk back to the car (downhill) at the end of the day hasn't been a picnic either. 2. Breakfast will not contain any grains or other starchy foods. Bye-bye pancakes, bagels, hash browns, cereal, and all other things that had a starring role on my morning plate... 3. Strength train three times per week with gradual progression in difficulty. I'll be moving up from the Recruit workout and starting Bodyweight Workout 1 next week and progressing steadily from there. 4. No dessert until Thanksgiving, and then maybe one medium slice of pumpkin pie. Now this is a monster one for me. We have family dinners at my cousin's house every week, and it always includes dessert. Last night I turned down berry cobbler and mango sherbet. Everyone looked at me like I was crazy. And I typically don't limit dessert to family dinner night. Dessert is a regular visitor at my house. 5. No soda or fruit juice for the entire length of the challenge. This one shouldn't be too hard, but I still think it's important. Caffeine does weird things to my body, so I cut that out over a year ago, but I occasionally have a non-caffeinated soda, and I've been known to polish off a carton of juice or two. (Yes, I am that woman that drinks straight from the carton while standing in front of the fridge. Don't judge. You know you've at least thought about doing it before.) I think that should give me enough of a challenge for the next few weeks. Enough to keep it interesting so I won't get bored, and not so hard that I get discouraged. I've got a pretty good support system at home. The husband has lost over 100 lbs over the last couple years (WOOHOO!!), and the little one never runs out of energy or reasons for me to get off the couch. The dog is not much help, but she's 11, and sleeps most of the day, so she gets a pass. Anyway, that's me and my quest in a nutshell. Lots of firsts, which is very uncomfortable, but the kind that don't make my skin crawl. It's a good level of discomfort. The kind that has hope and promise. Haha... cheesy clichés over. Good luck to all my fellow recruits. We can do this!
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