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  1. I am a nerd. Not quite the stereotypical braces, pocket-protector, and coke-bottle glasses (though I was only saved from the latter by being allowed to get contact lenses at 13 years old), but a nerd through-and-through. Think Hermione (sorry, Hermione Gainser), or Amy Farafowler, and that is me – broad knowledge base and the urge to share it with whoever asks, and sometimes those who don’t ask. Whenever I learn something, I LEARN it. I also see learning as an interesting experience. When I get bored, I have been known to read whatever I can get my hands on (including cereal boxes and instruction manuals), or learn (or at least attempt to learn) some new skill (I do not always stick with it, though). I am fairly confident that I can learn just about anything I would need to use. Though the process is sometimes frustrating, I usually get to the level of knowledge I need. Sounds great, right? Somehow, though, I have gotten the idea over the years that there is something wrong with these (and other) ingredients of who I am. I have spent most of my life feeling very different from the people around me –a feeling which was exacerbated by choosing a non-academic major in college. Those of you who followed my last challenge already know this, but I have decided it is time to tackle this head on. It is time to (re)discover how awesome nerds are! Goal 1: Nerds are Awesome! (+2 WIS, +2 CHA) At least 5 days per week, post something awesome about myself or about nerds in general. This can be text, pictures, videos, whatever. Goal 2: Nerds like numbers and tracking (+3 STR) Track (and show improvement) in 5 basic exercises, plus handstands. At least once a week, test myself and log the result in 5 basic exercises (pushups, overhand rows, split squats, V-ups and arm-leg raises) and handstands. Because of the busy time of year, I am not requiring a set number of workouts each week, just to track once a week and see progress. Goal 3: Nerds like science (Fractal endurance training & flexibility) (+3 STA, +2 DEX) I really want to improve my endurance, but I have a hard time convincing myself that I have time to do a longer workout. So I am going to trick myself. I will climb up and down our driveway on the following schedule, at least 5 days per week: Weekly – begin with 1 time up and down the driveway, increasing one time each week until week 6 is 6 times up and down Daily – Day 1 of each week, I climb the driveway once during the day. Each day, I add one time during the day that I go up and down the driveway that many times. As an example, on week 2, day 4, I will go up and down the driveway twice, at 4 separate times during the day. This formula isn’t really a fractal, but it reminds me of fractals (which I think are enormously cool) so that is what I am calling it. I will also do stretches or yoga at least 5 times a week. Life Quest Goal: Nerds Rule the World by sharing knowledge they love with others (+2 CON, +1 CHA) I am finally, after taking a break for about 7 years, beginning to teach childbirth classes again. This goal involves making the progress I need to make so that I feel confident and prepared (and have enough couples) before my first scheduled class begins on August 21 (and continuing for the weekly sessions after that). To make this happen, I will need to spend a minimum of 5 hours a week on my website, marketing, and designing class content (cumulative, not each). I hope you will join me on the journey! (Edited - forgot to add stat points and handstands!)
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