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  1. Perhaps a bit backwards as this is part of my second 6 week challenge goals, but that isn't the point if you can travel through time I suppose (even if it is in one direction, you still are traveling through time you lucky time traveler you!) Where to begin though... Ahh right, concerning Half-elves. I likened myself to an Elf as I seemed to intake as many calories as possible, eating my parents out of the home as a high schooler and even ate as much in college; I seemed to be perpetually stuck at 155 lbs with an active lifestyle between JROTC Drill Team, Band, the B.S.A, as well as other activities that didn't involve working out in a gym. I went to USAFA in which we were approximated to have a 3000-4000 kcal diet per day, but I still seemed to be only able to maintain 155 lbs. I avoideed the gym until my Junior year when my roomate and I decided we were going to turn our lives around and make fitness part of our lives after we discontinued Drum and Bugle Corps to focus on improving our GPAs. Through motivating each other, we went to the gym, spotted for each other and worked on improving our form as we increased our weight. I had noticed my body fat percentage was improving as my muscles became defined as opposed to the stick and bones i considered myself doomed to. After graduating and moving to my first assignment, I lost my motivation to work out, especially in gyms and found myself reasoning unit PT was enough to live with. It wasn't until a few weeks before my first challenge that my doctor noticed I had high blood pressure and I had gained 10 pounds without looking like I had. A recheck showed my blood pressure was lower than what was first diagnosed, but still was still high enough to notice my health is really important to me. Remembering we had once looked at this site, I decided it was time to join the Rebellion and not let the fear of an unstructured character system hold me back. Lo and behold the RPG system had some more guidelines than what my roomate and I first looked at and I jumped in with both feet off of a 10m platform (yeah, it happened like that). As I had finally gained weight and my health was not as stellar as I had once thought, I believed Half-elven is my race. It embarrasses me to say, but my first workout resulted in a week of recovery as I had neglected to work out for 6 months and thought i could manage my previous workouts. Realizing this error, I have begun to schedule time for working out and have (mostly) followed through. Yesterday was my first time back in the gym to toss weights since graduating from the Academy. I was only able to make it halfway through the workout; I had realized I had lost my memory of the form for a straight leg dead lift and I walked out of the gym embarrassed at myself. Today has mixed feelings, as I could only complete the minimum number of reps for pushups of the PFA, but I maxed the situps and ran 10:41 for the 1.5 mile run; resulting in a score of 91.6 from a score of 94.6 back in September when I was still riding the life of ease an relying on workouts done three months ago. Although a bit akward, I took a look in the mirror and admired myself as I noticed my abs were coming back, even maybe a bit more pronounced and I realize that the first 6 week challenge did work out for me even though I only accomplished half of my goals. I am currently 5'11" at approximately 160 lbs, but I am not considering weight loss or gain as my exclusive goal. I am currently working on improving my health by working out regularly and improving those workouts a little each time.
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