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  1. Fresh off the boat here and excited to get started. So here's my level 1 challenge Diet: Swap out one soda per day with black tea. I've been rearranging things so that tea is always within easy reach at home and the office. Make at least 7 meals per week at home. Since I'm in the habit of eating out for every meal, that's more or less a 50% reduction. Fitness: Walk at lest five minutes per day. Level Up Your Life Five Minutes Daily Meditation For some reason the site seems to be refusing me (displaying as offline) whenever I try to post my intro on the correct board. Anyone know what' going on there?
  2. Surakha

    Noor: Reground

    Hello Druids! My name is Noor and I am a halfling assassin who was cursed into the form of a stone giant by fae magic. If you take a look at past challenges, there are many bits and pieces of story there cataloging my quest to regain control of my body and mind from this curse, which is a metaphor for mental illness, hormonal imbalance, and the stresses and struggles of being a fat pansexual genderqueer professional in modern America. I come to the druids because I am seeking balance and centering after months of rapid change and high stress. I am in the process of completing my doctorate in psychology and my internship year is the first time I have been working full time since I left the workforce 5 years ago. I am also commuting over an hour each way, so taking care of my body and finding work-life balance has to be a huge priority. so yeah, that's me, doing my best to live a values-driven life in a mad and mixed up hectic world. ​ Goal 1: Yoga and Stretching. My body has become stiff, calcified by the necessary evils of a commuter's life. I have worked and worked over my time at NF to build exercise into my routine and pretty much every challenge I have gotten hurt, or aggravated my back. Instead, I am holding off until I can get in to see a physical therapist and build a routine under supervision. Instead, I am going ot focus on flexibility and core strength through low or no impact exercises and regular stretching. My goal is to do 15 minutes of core strength work 3 days/week, and at least 10 minutes of yoga every day. CORE (+3 STR) 15 or more days; (+2STR) 12 or more days; (+1 STR) 6 or more days YOGA (+3 DEX) 35 or more days; (+2DEX) 28 or more days; (+1DEX) 14 or more days Goal 2: Diet and Nutrition. I want to lose weight. I am tired of carrying this burden and I want to have a long healthy life. I can't really articulate my long and complicated relationship with food here, but it suffices to say I have an eating disorder that I have fought with since college and one of the best ways for me to manage food is to focus on eating appropriate quantities of healthy food that I enjoy. In my case that means generally a higher protein PaleoPrimal plan. IN order to make sure I am consistently eating the right amounts of food and staying in balance there, I will track food daily. TRACKING (+3 CON) 35 or more days; (+2 CON) 28 or more days; (+1CON) 14 or more days Goal 3: Sleep. My sleep cycle is getting dysregulated and I am not prioritizing my wellbeing over video games, media and social time. I have a long commute to work every day and I have to be up at 5am. That means bedtime is at 10 PM. That's lights out, in bed dozing off at 10pm. I get a break on weekends, no curfew on gaming nights, and shoot for midnight on the non-gaming day BED ON TIME (+3 STA) 27 or more days; (+2 STA) 20 or more days; (+1STA) 10 or more days Goal 4: Writing. I am completing NaNoWriMo this month. I have been struggling to prioritize creative things and to give myself more outlets in my life to be imaginative as I find that to be very renewing and important for my self care. I have always wanted to be a writer since I was little and have written tons of short stories, poems nad even longer pieces but never managed to complete a novel. Hopefully this will push me to do so. I am making a goal to write for at least 15 minutes a day. NaNoWriMo (+3 WIS) 35 or more days; (+2 WIS) 28 or more days; (+1WIS) 14 or more days
  3. This challenge comes at the perfect time. I need strength coming into the holidays as they are filled with a significant pile of dread this year. During these 6 weeks, I will build me up. I will fortify my walls and train my forces. Main Quest : I have a dress. It was my goal dress forever ago. I fit in it exactly once before discovering I was 2 months pregnant. I will fit in it again. It is a size 16. I am currently fitting in a 22. My daughter is 11, I guess I can ditch the baby weigh excuse now. During this Challenge I will: Log my food Journal my feelings (instead of feeding them) Have at least 30 minutes of exercise or meditation daily Dedicate 30 minutes daily to cleaning or home repair. Character: Human Adventurer Level 0 Strength 0 Dexterity 0 Chrisma 0 Wisdom 0 Endurance 0 Constitution 0
  4. Hello! My name is Chelsea0270516 Once upon a time I was a great ranger - specializing in water related activities. Then my exploring & moving days came to an end as I fell in love with the most amazing Orge. We spent much time in his swamp playing games and watching the world go by. Neither of us wanting to leave the others company for something as silly as training. After we married it got worse for a while & then we both realized - we would be in trouble soon if we didn't make some changes. That was in 2013. Since then we have changed some parts of our lifestyles, but we still have a long way to go. I have lost most of my weight (40 pounds) but I have a little left to fight off. I want to be strong again. My Mission: Treat my body & mind with the respect they deserve so I can become a druid or assassin. Goal 1: Track all food & fluids I eat each day before bed. Tracking makes me more aware & is one of the reasons I was successful in losing 40 pounds to begin with. I need to be consistent with it. A: Every day before bed B: Every day (maybe forgetting until the next day to record something) C: 6/7 days recorded each week D: 5/7 days recorded each week F 4/7 or less recorded each week. (All on avg) Reward: Cake! JK the cake is a lie anyway. My body will reward my actions - I will feel better Goal 2: Be active 5/7 days a week for at least 30 minutes per day. I already walk during my break at work - this will just push me to be more consistent with it. A: 5/7 days a week be active 30 minutes B: 4/7 days a week be active 30 minutes, C: 3/7 days a week be active 30 minutes D: 2/7 F 1/7 or less? (all on avg) Reward: New Armor! (Specifically pants. ) Side Quest: Spend time practicing my religion outside of services. Reward: Mental rejuvenation! Side Quest: Find local rock climbing wall. Reward: Get to go rock climbing!
  5. Hey there. I'm Raven the reindeer shaman. I cope with disabilities and a chronic illness that is going to kill me eventually ... but not this year, if I have anything to say about it. I'm part of the Asphodel crew and two of my partners are on here. My Main Quest: Slowing my rate of health deterioration. Every year above ground and doing something meaningful is a good year. My three goals for this first challenge: 1) Eating leafy greens of some kind EVERY DAY. 2) Doing Tai Chi twice a week. I need it because my lower limbs are becoming unstable and it is said to help prevent falls. 3) Getting outside and taking a walk at least three times a week. My Motivation: Prolonging my life. -RK
  6. Hi, My first post, was posted to the wrong challenge! Reposted here! Im a 41 year old mom originally from the US now living, with my small family, in the Netherlands. I really like to play video and board games, quilt, crochet and cross stitch, reading comic books and movies, star talk radio.... My motivation: get old healthy! Masterquest: Lose 30 kg Challenges: Diet 1 - No Smoking I have stopped for a month now, this is my priority for the next year. I want to keep up the good work and keep away from social situations that encourage smoking. 2 - No Candy Another weakness!, sour mats, lollypops, tictacs, sour gummies- I am going to take a six week break from these (and those like them!) Fitness 1 - Find A yoga class and attend it 6x I really enjoyed doing yoga back when I attended the yoga pregnancy classes, I would like to pick it up again and give it a good try. Well that it for now seems kinda thrilling to get started!
  7. So, hello; I'm Odonate, or Thea, whichever, a female-bodied nerdy Pagan about to turn 40. I'm no stranger to gamification -- I've been using Habitica, formerly HabitRPG, for a couple of years, and I've tried SuperBetter too (and probably will again someday if I can arrange better support) -- but I wouldn't have thought to join a gamified fitness site until some people I know and see on a regular basis RL started using it and decided to invite the rest of us. While I'm not all that genuinely FIT, I'm able-bodied, eat a reasonably healthy diet, and am happy with my weight. I know that getting more exercise would be good for me for several reasons, but I keep running up against the issue I REALLY need to work on, which is executive function. I'm seeking treatment for what's probably AD(H)D, but it's slow going with a lot of hoops to jump through, so for now I'm not getting too ambitious... but one thing that I know helps more than almost anything else is having other people to check in with, especially (but not only!) people I already know, so here I am. My MAIN QUEST is just plain sticking to this routine. That's absolutely the hardest part for me, keeping up with something that requires doing every day, or every week, and it's doubly (or triply or possibly exponentially) hard if no one other than me cares if I do it. (Tracking helps, but tracking is ALSO a thing I have to keep doing on a regular basis that's harder to stick to when no one knows or cares if I don't.) My sub-quests are 1) SLEEP I will adjust my times for going to bed and waking up from 1am/10am the first week, to 1am/9am the second week, 12am/9am the third week, then 12am/8am, 11pm/8am, 11pm/7am through the end of the challenge. I will support that process by starting to get ready for bed an hour beforehand -- backlit screens mostly off, shower if I can get in there (5 people + 1 shower sucks), pajamas, brushing teeth, meds, skin care, daily review and prepare for the next day in my planner notebook, etc. In the morning, I will shower right away if I didn't do it the night before, get dressed, take meds/vitamins, and eat something. I think this is pretty reasonable, since I've maintained those sorts of sleep/wake times before, even when not working (which I'm not currently), but it may not be easy at first NOW, since I've had some trouble getting to sleep lately (which has contributed to my staying up later on purpose, because lying in bed awake in the dark is no fun). The get-ready-for-bed routine should help, though. 2) MEDITATION I will do mindfulness meditatation every day, for five minutes the first week, ten minutes the second week, and an additional five minutes each week through the end of the challenge. I will also do lovingkindness meditation once a week (probably Sunday), and keep up with my current daily prayers. This one... is not going to be easy. On top of the difficulty I have with regular practice, no matter what the activity is, meditation really does not come easily to me. I'm hopeful that proper AD(H)D treatment will make it at least a LITTLE bit easier, but I haven't got that yet. If it works out particularly badly, I will probably switch to guided meditations, since I have lots of those in various lengths so that I can still extend the time each week, and they work a little (if not much) better than silence. I am still trying to figure out when the best time of day to do this is. 3) EXERCISE I will do three sets of jumping jacks every day, starting with 10 and adding 5 more to each set every three days. I will also try the beginner body weight workout at least twice during the challenge so that I can see where I stand about possibly doing it in the next challenge. The jumping jacks honestly aren't even meant to be physically challenging, they're just meant to establish a habit of doing physical activity every day and increasing it a little on a regular basis. The last time I had any success with exercising regularly, even a little bit, I started so small that there was literally no excuse for me not to do it, and worked up from there, so that's what I'm doing here. I want to do my exercise in the late afternoon or early evening -- when most of my day is over, but not too close to bedtime either. My SIDE QUEST will be a daily tarot card study (not a reading) with a weekly three-card reading. In the long term there will probably always be a spiritual component to the stuff I want to work on here, so I figure that makes me a Druid. I'm going to post regularly here (ideally daily) about my progress, and would appreciate encouragement, gold stars (when earned), feedback, etc., since accountability is one of my best motivators.
  8. Yes I admit I always prefered the Empire to the Rebellion. Never got the fascination with rebels so many of my fellow nerds have. Always prefered Alliance to Browncoats, Empire to Alliance, Templars to Assassins,Deatheaters to... You get the idea So in my quest to become the next Evil Overlord (and at 33 I am getting a late start) I am decided on the following. Goal: To start doing Yoga every morning. Easy enough I've found a site that has a thirty day challenge with videos to get me going. My major issue is sadly I lack discipline. Side Quest Alpha: Start going to Qi Gong or Tai Chi classes. Just a short walk from me is a training school for just that. I just cannot decide on which to take. Side Quest Beta: Start doing a morning meditation routine. Life Quest: I am going to get my debt under control if not payed off. Okay let's rock this! I wanna live like a Super Villian
  9. The Hippie Hermit dwells in caves and hates to go outside. Their natural habitat consists of artificial light, Netflix, coloring books, and Xbox 360 games. When they must venture into the world, you can often find the Hippie Hermit hiding in the shadows, away from the crowds, but oftentimes their brightly colored ty-dye skirts draw unwanted attention. Hippie Hermits are not good at blending in with their natural surroundings. When interacting with a Hippie Hermit, be aware that their headphones will cause interference in their hearing and attention skills. When the headphones are playing psychedelic chillstep music, there is no hope for conversation. Walk away. Or float away. The Hippie Hermit loves to cook, but hates complicated recipes due to their short attention spans. You will find them oftentimes eating a variety of salad or stir fry combinations that are simple to make but you never thought of trying before. Vegetables and meat make up the majority of the Hippie Hermit's diet, with the occasional chocolate cake thrown in there. Race: Hobbit Weapon of choice: Hugs Zombie apocalypse weapon of choice: crowbar Main Quest: To lose 10 lbs by the end of this challege! Quest 1: To eat three Paleo meals per day, at least six days a week. (+2 EXP to Paleo for each meal) Quest 2: To track all the food I eat and eat under 1,500 calories/day. (+5 EXP to Tracking for each day) Quest 3: To do three youtube workout videos per week (at least ten minutes in length). (+2 EXP to Fitness for each video) Life Quest: I am a graduate student, that is my life quest. (+100 EXP to BRAAAIINNNNSSSSS) Motivation: Because I deal with depersonalization/depression, this is to help me get control back over my body and help deal with depression symptoms. The best treatmet for depression is to take care of yourself!
  10. Try 2 at this Lost motivation in the middle of my last one, battled it out with my depression again beginning of this year, got on some new meds (and wow, should have tried new meds sooner!), and found a diet plan that seems quite sustainable for me, keeping me full, happy, and very few cravings. Been on the new diet since just after the 4th of July, been working out quite well thus far (as you can see from the meters in my sig). Main Goal I want to continue sticking with my current diet plan (with hopes to drop below 220 by the end), and start to add in some more activity to up my strength (namely the Nerd Fitness Yoga program, since I shelled out the $$ for it). Current diet is ketogenic diet, I've really been enjoying it quite a bit (my main source thus far has been ruled.me for recipes). Adding in activity will likely be tricky at first, don't want to go to quick and send myself into a spiral of craving anything for energy. However, I do believe I have the hang of snacking for this diet now, so I feel as though I'll be able to manage it. Quest 1 - Yoga! Add in at least two full sessions and two mini sessions each week of the challenge. I'm free to add more than that after the first week if I desire. Quest 2 - Sleep again Get 8 hours a night. Sleep is apparently a never ending battle for myself! Every time I fix something with my sleep habits, it seems like I pick up a new bad habit. Snoozing is still an issue - I've been using a sleep cycle alarm that is supposed to wake me up when I'm sleeping lightly/in an ideal part of my sleep cycle, but honestly, I don't think it helps. Instead, I'm just going to use the function on the alarm to use a slowly increasing volume wake myself up at the designated time. I've also taken up the bad habit of cruising twitter for like, 15 minutes on my phone before I actually get out of bed. I'm not going to try and cut this completely, but I'm going to try make sure I get myself up from the bed and at least in front of my computer to do this. Weekends (Friday night and Saturday night) I will allow myself 10 hours if I feel I need it, but no more. Quest 3 - Take the dogs for walks I've got two large dogs that we usually just play with around the yard to get them some exercise, but I'd like to get them something a bit more formal, and also will give myself a bit of activity. 3 days a week take them for at least a 15 minute walk (while wearing tennis shoes). I'm sure the 15 mins seems short, but some days they are worse than toddlers, so it's merely the minimum allowing for puppy tantrums. Hopefully this will also get them to be a bit better leash trained as well, as this has certainly lapsed. I'd like to get this to be early morning walks eventually, but first I just want it to happen, period. If I get up with enough time to do it in the morning, great, but if not after work is fine as well. Life Quest The urge is to fill this up this time with alllll sorts of stuff I want to fix. Last time, I wanted to do a writing themed one, and this is something I'd like to stick with, as the nebulous urge to do so is still there, just having a hard time, you know, actually doing it. Also, I want it to become a hobby that I use to fill time. This time, I simply want myself to write SOMETHING. it doesn't have to be anything with a goal in mind. It can tie into a previous weeks work, or just be something fresh. It can be fiction or diary style. Just something to get me typing! One full page single spaced a week. This is minimal, I'm sure it seems like small fry. But I want to get a small habit of just doing SOMETHING to do with writing. Once that habit is there, I can build it and morph it as I want it to. Also, I'm going to add vacuuming the house in to this as well. Because I own two dogs and a cat that shed, I need to freaking vacuum more often! Twice a week go around cleaning up the hair bunnies that collect in the corners (we have wood floors), and once a week a good vacuuming on the couple area rugs we have placed. Class - I think I'll just stick with recruit for now One of my pratfalls with trying stuff like this is looking too far ahead and getting overwhelmed and bogged down in 'what ifs' and 'wouldn't this be cool!' So I'll have picking a class as a reward for sticking it through to the end this time.
  11. Hey guys, I hope I understood everything about this challenges correctly. I'm aiming for the Ranger class (probably with little bits of every other class mixed in). But as I'm new in the Rebellion, I start here. Right? Some background on me: I'm 1.84 m tall and weighing up to 104 kg (and as a proper nerd I use the metric system). About half a year ago I started to eat better. I was on a Paleo-inspired low-carb diet and I got from 112 kg to 106 kg pretty fast. I also started to walk every day for at least 30 min, preferably 60min+. Now I'm back on the Fast-5 diet (which I tried two years ago). For those who don't want to google: It's intermittent fasting with a window of 5 hours in which you eat every day. Mine's from 15 to 20 o'clock, but my evening glass of milk may be drank later. In the last week I started to incorporate bodyweight and light dumbell training into my daily routine. But last Sunday I tore some muscle fibres in my back and so I'm home resting this week. Therefore my quest goals below are rather humble. Main Quest: Get down to 90kg. 85 kg. Self-explanatory. Corresponds to 20% body fat, if I gain no muscle. Quest 1: Walk 20 min every day in the first week, no matter how slow. Walk 30 min every day from the second week on. The day before I tore my muscle I started the Walk to Mordor. I aimed for 5 km every day. But since I can't stand and walk properly at the moment, this must suffice. Quest 2: Meditate 5x every week for at least 10 min. I really loved meditating about half a year ago, but for the last three month I couldn't compose myself enough. Quest 3: See a physical therapist. I want my back to work properly again. Quest 4: Eat fish at least once every week. I focus mainly on vegetables, meat and dairy. I want to have fish three times a week, but it's hard to get high-quality fish in my neighbourhood. Bonus: Doing daily stretching and easy bodyweight exercises by the end of the challenge. Well, let's see what the therapist says. So, is this worthy as a nerd fitness challenge?
  12. Main Quest – I want to be smaller than my husband… that's all... Six Week Quests- 1. Whole. a. I will complete a Whole30 and the requisite reintroduction protocol 2. Yoga. a. I will use my Nerd Fitness Yoga membership more than never… I will get 3 sessions in each week and work up from there. 3. Walking. a. Now that the temperatures are dropping below 90 and the rainy season is coming to an end (at least in my realm) I’d like to get some of the fresh air everyone keeps talking about… I will walk twice a week after dinner with my husband (or without if he’s being a lazybones). Why?... WHY?!?!?! Because… that’s why! Seriously, there are a lot of depictions of the devil and angel on each shoulder, but I feel like I’ve got an army on each side and lately the Angel’s Army of “Think about the Long Term†is losing battle after battle to the Devil’s “Eat the Chips NOW†Brigade. I keep fighting, and don’t stop starting over when I fall because failure is not an option and the further I get from my victory, the harder it is to get back above ground… So, even if my reason and motivation is simply “so it’s not harder to get there later in lifeâ€, so be it… Also maybeiwanttohavekidsonedayandidon;twanttobetootiredtopickthemupandrunandjumpandplay… Oh, I started the Whole30 on 9/11/15 (I couldn't wait!) Gonna add a starting pic later too...
  13. She wakes up on the ground, disoriented and just a little sore. It's dense and humid forest surrounding here, branches and leaves nearly blocking out the afternoon sun. Turning slightly, looking up, she notices a little light peeking through that darkness.... could this be the respawn she's been waiting for? Gosh I hope so. So here I am, ready for a "do-over" in round two. I am a long time Women's Academy member. I began my first challenge with the best of intentions, but I went on vacation and though I kept track of the Academy Facebook group, I just waned everywhere else. So it was a partial win, I suppose. Like my first challenge, I have crafted this challenge to make sure I continue the little bit of progress I made over the summer. A little background may be in order: in June, the pain in my lower back made it so uncomfortable to walk, I knew I needed to take control. Thinking it was just weight pressuring my back, I found a trainer at an all-women's gym whom I really liked and set forth to work with her twice a week. After the first few workouts, she told me my right side was way higher than my left. That could be causing my issues. After two tries, I found the right chiropractor for me, and proceeded to go twice a week. The diagnosis was misalignment, but also very very super tight muscles. And I thought I was just tense? Ha! So here I am. I continue on a regimen of deep tissue massage, core strengthening, and trainer sessions twice a week. I need to stay, and perhaps surpass, where I am now. Hey, that's my main quest. I will: 1. make an effort to walk in the evening at least 2 days a week2. fit in yoga at least 2 times a week3. use my toning balls and plank on off trainer days to continue to strengthen my core4. set my Fitbit activity alarm so after 2 hours of nonactivity, I will get up and stretch (at the very least)These are small steps-- but I know I can handle them. I often check my phone during my free periods at school, and I will continue to do that through my nemesis, Tapatalk. My mini-quest is something I need to conquer to keep my brain with my body. In this mini-quest I will work to curb my negative self-talk. I'm not completely sure how I will begin slaying that, but I do have a few ideas up my sleeve.
  14. Name: NikaNika Level: 3 Note: Nearly a year later, I’m back and remaining amongst my fellow druids. I broke my five-point elemental system down into a sub-three point Body-Mind-Spirit system to help focus intentions in my return challenge. There’s a possibility I’ll be starting a new job in the next few weeks, so some things might change around if that happens… but they might not too; will see when/if it happens. Main Quest ☽☥☾ Strengthen Body-Spirit-Mind Connection. Body Realm of Earth Commit to Daily Fitness Habits with intention to lose excess fat and strengthen muscles. Spirit Realm of Akasha, Water Accept Self in a Loving Present-Frame with intention to increase confidence and expand heart. Mind Realm of Fire, Air Allow for Strength and Progress with intention to ground purpose and channel passion. Challenge Quest Breakdown Earth Mind: Devote at least 30 minutes every day to Physical Fitness Body: (weekly based) Total of Eight Sessions per week. + Three Sessions of HIIT (15-30min each)+ One Session of Total Body Strength+ One Session of Upper Body Strength+ One Session of Lower Body Strength+ Two Sessions of Flexibility (most likely Yoga).Spirit: Intention set to lose excess fat, shape body to desired proportions, strengthen muscles. Water Mind: Wake during Morning Hours to connect with the energy to Clean House. Body: Practice Head-to-Toe Hygiene Ritual 4 days a week, cleaning all bodies. Spirit: Invite Love and Appreciation in Self-view of Body Image. Air Mind: Check in with Recovery Record app every day for all meals. Body: Cook/Prepare at least three plant-based recipes weekly. Spirit: Eat with Love, Acceptance and Forgiveness as set intentions. Fire Mind: Commit at least 10 hours every week to writing, rewriting and editing. Upon week six, publish novella. Spirit: Trust in my creative choices and when something feels complete, let it be. Body: Take 3 minute breaks every 27 minutes of writing to stretch, move, and hydrate. Akasha Mind: Meditate upon the Tarot and my resonance to the Fool’s Journey. Body: Sit/Lay/Stand in Stillness for 5 minutes upon Entering Space, Move as Feels Natural and Needed During, Sit/Lay/Stand in Peace for at least 10 minutes upon Exiting Space. Spirit: Create Space for Connection with Source and Patron Energies. Bonus Challenge: Spend 10 minutes daily to play with the cats. Motivation The Dreams are Endless, This Life is Real, Body, Mind, Spirit seals the Soul, Allow Rhythm to Lead, Trust in What Exists, Create that Which Will. STATS Age: 25, Height: 5’ 5†Starting Weight: 180 lbs Current Weight: 180 lbs. Prospective Weight: 140 lbs. Starting Race: Wood Elf Prospective Race: Valkyrie Attribute Points STR: 4 DEX: 2 STA: 5 CON: 6 WIS: 7 CHA: 8 Grading Rubric Earth Mission A – At least 8 sessions per week / 30 minutes per day. B – 6 to 7 sessions per week / 30 minutes per day. C – 3 to 5 sessions per week / < 30 minutes per day. D – 1 to 2 sessions per week / < 30 minutes per day F – No time devoted to Physical Fitness at all. Water Mission A – 4 Hygiene Rituals per week / Morning Wake B – 3 Hygiene Rituals per week / Morning Wake C – 2 Hygiene Rituals per week / Morning-Afternoon Wake D – 1 Hygiene Ritual per week / Afternoon-Night Wake F – 0 Hygiene Rituals / Night Wake Air Mission A – 3 plant-based meals prepared / Daily RR Check-in B – 2 plant-based meals prepared / Daily RR Check-in C – 1 plant-based meals prepared / Daily RR Check-in D – 0 plant-based meals prepared / <Daily RR Check-in F – 0 plant-based meals prepared / No RR Check-in / No Loving Awareness Fire Mission A – 10 hours per week with movement/hydration breaks every 27 minutes. B – 6 to 9 hours per week. C – 5 hours per week. D – 1 to 4 hours per week. F – 0 hours per week. Akasha Mission A – Belief in connection, space and stillness. B – Openness to connection, space and stillness. C – Cynicism of connection, space, or stillness. D – No stillness or connection. F – No connection or space.
  15. My main quest is to become a stronger person, not necessarily physically but more so mentally and emotionally. I'm far too lazy, I give up too easily, I'm scared of so many things and I'm sick of it. My hope is that completing this challenge will prove to me that I am strong, and show me that I'm not such a wimp after all. 1. Drink 2 liters of water per day Probably going to be adjusted based on what I find out I really need, but if I'm going to college in a location much hotter than what I'm used to and doing intense marching band stuff, drinking water seems pretty important. So, paying attention and being responsible about it is a thing. 2. Complete a 30 day yoga challenge 5 days per week and I should be good. 3. Read 6 books over the course of the challenge
  16. Good morning! Today I'm starting my first NF challenge. I'll do the write up later today and then post it here. I've been around NF for awhile. After a couple of false starts, I am ready to go all in. I am 56, 50lbs overweight, out of shape after a knee replacement a year and a half ago, and determined to get back, get healthy, and possibly even thinner. I would like my knee replacement to last as long as it's able, and I would like to live an active, healthy life, enjoying the outdoors in the Inland Northwest where I reside. I have a job, soon two jobs as a professional driver, and I run a small bed and breakfast in NE Washington. Life is Good!
  17. Hello! I have fond memories of the two 6-Week Challenges I did in 2014, though I can't for the life of me remember my username. By the end of 2014 I felt like I didn't need the challenge format anymore. I joined the Nerd Fitness Academy a few months ago and have had great success with that, but there's one aspect of my life that needs the challenge format again. Main Quest Get out of a serious mental rut that threatens to stop or reverse my personal development. Motivation: I feel like I'm losing my grip. Crushed by an ever-increasing number of obligations both real and imagined, and with increasing responsibilities/authority at work in particular, I have this persistent feeling of discontent lingering under the surface. I didn't realize how far-reaching the effects were until a recent meltdown. I'm doing reckless things and getting angry easily when I previously was nothing like that. In addition, I've developed an attachment to food that I didn't have before. If I let these problems get worse, I'm going to be in trouble. I don't want to undo all the gains I've made in fitness and nutrition since last year. Challenge ObjectivesFormal meditation every day for at least 10 minutes total. I know this isn't going to help my stress in and of itself, but I suspect it's going to bring some deeper problems kicking and screaming to the surface. One meal per day, I will just eat the meal. Nothing else. I usually eat with something to read or a screen of some sort in front of my face. I'll stop using the kitchen table as a storage space. By sitting there and just eating, I hope I can take my first steps to understanding the attachment to food I've developed. As an optional bonus, I should try eating slower. I don't have any particularly unhealthy foods in my house anymore, but sometimes I snap and ravenously eat way past the point of fullness for some reason. Every other day (probably my off-days for working out), I will take a moment to think about what I've been dreading, avoiding or putting off. Then I need to do one of those things. I don't know if my overwhelmed feelings caused or were caused by my avoidance of certain obligations, but I need to finally face them. Life Quest: At the beginning of every week, I will evaluate my obligations. Are they as numerous as they think? Is each one truly important, or even truly an obligation? Are there any obligations I can cut out? If I receive new offers over the course of my challenge, the vast majority of the time I should experiment in saying "no." Also, I need to make sure that this challenge itself doesn't become a new "obligation" in my mind. This is my reminder to myself to avoid joining ALL the accountabilibuddy groups/PvPs/etc, haha!
  18. Introduction: Hi, I'm AthenaMM and this is my first challenge. I introduced myself previously here and I was still pretty much in the same place. Then I kind of had an epiphany a couple of weeks ago. Rather than trying so hard to keep up with the workouts and healthy eating just to lose weight and being upset when the scale didn't reflect my hard work, I should stop worrying about the scale and figure out what (eating, fitness and sleep wise) made me feel my best every day. I also went back to working on creating sustainable habits, which is what worked for me before. I was focused on habits and not the scale in the first part of this journey but sometime after the plateau started the scale unintentionally became the only way I measured progress. In the last week and a half (or so) I've been rating my hunger using this scale before and after I eat and paying attention to how certain foods make me feel. I also found a 7 day a week exercise plan that is working for me. You do 1 day of intervals, 1 day of endurance, 1 day of strength training, 1 day of yoga and 3 days of active rest (walk for 30 minutes) interspersed with the rest . I've been working on three habits for the last week and a half and these are going to be my quests for this challenge. Since I want these to become real habits that I do without thinking, I think that keeping them up for 8 weeks (the two weeks before the challenge and the challenge) will be a good step in that direction. I'm also pretty shy and I've let myself get into a rut because of it. I'm ready to break out of that and try some new things. Main Quest: Discover the eating and fitness plan that makes me feel my best everyday. Quest 1: Do morning yoga every day. There are a handful of 15 minute yoga routines in the app I'm using that focus on balance and/or flexibility which are two of my weak spots that I can choose from. If there are mornings where I am short on time do the 4 minute sun salutations routine. Since I am working on this as a habit, I am grading pretty harshly. Measurement: A = 40-42 days, B = 37-39 days, C = 36 days Reward: A = +3 DEX, +2 WIS, B = +2 DEX, +1 WIS, C = +1 DEX Quest 2: Exercise daily. For the most part I want to follow the 7 day plan I'm currently following, but if I'm short on time or just too worn down I can either walk for 5 minutes, do 20 squats or 30 jumping jacks. On Sunday Quest 1 and Quest 2 are accomplished at the same time because I do a 30 minute, more strenuous yoga routine first thing in the morning. Measurement: A = 40-42 days, B = 37-39 days, C = 36 days Reward: A = +3 STA, +2 STR, B = +2STA, +1 STR, C = +1STA Quest 3: Rate my hunger before and after every meal (and snack). Don't eat if my hunger before is higher than 4 and stop eating at a 5 or 6. I'll be keeping track of this for every meal and snack and I'll calculate the percentage of the time I kept to these guidelines to measure progress. Measurement: A = 90-100% of the time; B = 80-89% of the time, C = 70-79% of the time, D = 60-69% of the time Reward: A = +3 CON, B = +2 CON, C = +1CON, D = +0.5CON Life Quest: Do something every week that makes me uncomfortable (talk to a stranger, try something new, etc) Measurement: A = 5-6 times, B = 3-4 times, C = 1-2 times Reward: A = +2 CHA, B = +1CHA, C = +0.5 CHA Motivation: I turned 40 this year and I want to stay healthy and capable for as long as possible.
  19. ABOUT ME: I'm Cody. I started yoga about two years ago to offset the strain of my job as a baker. Yoga definitely soothes my sore muscles, but I've hit a bit of a wall, as far as strength and stamina. I've since added Pilates and bodyweight exercises, and am starting to see a change. My goal is to continue to improve my strength and stamina by increasing the length of my workouts. Recently, I've begun tracking my food intake in order to see if I've been fueling my body appropriately, and it turns out I eat very little protein. I think after being vegetarian for nearly ten years, the moment I started eating meat again, I assumed my intake was "good enough." Turns out that I actually eat very little meat, and have almost completely stopped eating good vegetarian proteins. QUEST: To improve strength and stamina. OBJECTIVES: Increase length of workouts to 45 minutes for the first three weeks, and to 50 minutes for the last three. [sTA, STR] Currently, I am working out around 3x per week, at 40 minutes each. I will need to complete nine workouts each half of the challenge at the given length of time. Final: 13/18 workouts complete. A = 16 - 18 B = 13 - 15 C = 10 - 12 Eat at least 70 grams of protein per day. [WIS, CON] At first, this goal will be met with Clif Bars and Bolthouse drinks, until I find the right "real food" breakfasts and after-work snacks for myself. I will be tracking with SparkPeople (unless someone has a better tracker to suggest.) MyFitnessPal. (MyFitnessPal suggests that I should shoot for 135 grams of protein per day, but I'm taking the baby-steps approach.) Final: 34/42 days complete. A = 37 - 42 B = 31 - 36 C = 25 - 30 SIDE QUEST: Keep up with or exceed my Goodreads.com reading goal. Read at least three books during the six week challenge. [WIS] Final: 4/3 books read. A = 3+ B = 2 C = 1 MOTIVATION: To have the energy to both work and play. REWARD: oGorgeous Bow My Gawd! yoga bag. My boyfriend offered to buy me new gear as a reward. This was my choice. Though I already purchased it for fear of it selling out, it doesn't come out of the package until I finish a challenge with all A's and B's. MINIS: Mini 1: SMART Choices [+1 WIS]Mini 2: Making Friends [+1 CHA]Mini 3: The Library [+1 WIS]MID-CHALLENGE UPDATEMini 5: The Cafeteria [+1 CON]
  20. Hey all, OmBunnie here..and this is going to be my first 6 week challenge and I am super excited! I have been on a weight loss journey for a lonnnnng time and a fitness journey (two seperate things in my eyes) for about a year. I'm 5'3.5 and 160 pounds with 26% body fat ---> aka the very highest body fat percentage before being considered overweight or unhealthy or whatever. A few years ago I was 240 pounds. There were a lot of factors..I was heavily medicated for Bipolar Disorder and other various associated things and although I wasn't sedentary, I didn't exactly lead an active lifestyle. I got tired of feeling like crap all of the time. I got tired of taking pill after pill after pill and feeling too nauseated or fuzzy in the head to get out of bed. I talked to my dr and we worked on weaning me off to the bare minimum. I immediately began to lose weight. I became more active- not working out, just really being more active and I started eating better. More and more weight came off. I got out of the shitty relationship I was in and got into another shitty relationship, but still maintained my weight loss. After getting out of that shitty relationship I focused on myself and what makes me happy and that's when things really started to change. I started reading a lot about nutrition and made that a focus in life. I then got into a really good relationship (with the Hubbs) and it made me want to be healthy. To be able to do fun things with him and his amazeballs little boy..and the more I worked on it, the more I realized that there are wonderful things in life that I want to live a long long time to experience. I want to chase my kid around the park and bike ride and ice skate and go hiking. Hubbs and I started going to the gym at my job together and that's when I put nutrition and fitness together. I found yoga. Yoga changed my life. For the first time I feel strong!! Like..wow!! And it has given me such an inner peace..I have been off anxiety meds completely for almost 2 years!! However..I have been at 160 for longer than I would like and it's time to bust through this plateau. Main Quest: I need to get off this plateau. It's been at least four months of shimmying between 158 and 162 and I'm tired of it. In this six weeks I want to lose 10 pounds and be halfway to my ultimate goal weight of 140 pounds. Mini Quest One: get my workouts in. I will be doing body weight exercises- Beginner Body Weight!!- 3x per week on nonconsecutive days as well as at least one mile of walking/jogging followed by yoga 3x per week. My rest day will include a 15 minute minimum yin/relaxation yoga sesh because I know nothing that is more restful. Scoring: all dem workouts- A 5 days/week- B 4 days/week-C 3/>3- F (I mean, really) Mini Quest Two: shape up my diet. I eat very well 5 days a week. I work in a Hollistic Wellness place so all I hear day in and out is how nutrition affects everything so I know what to do and what not to do. But I tend to slip up more on the weekends- biggest points to work on- replace my morning Low cal Java monster with green tea or water with lemon, eat breakfast on Sunday's, and just say no to cookies. Scoring: strict adherence/no slips- A, 1-2 slips (1 big slip or 2 teeny slips)-B, 2-3 slips- C, holy shit are you pregnant slips- F Mini Quest 3- Fit in some of those workouts in the AM. I am a late night person..I get out of work around 8 or later and don't get home until 9 or later and i sleep until the very last second I can in the morning. I feel like trying to wake up earlier and workout will help to accomplish my goal of no AM monster as my blood pumping will wake me up! Not expecting any miracles with this one so my scoring will be generous. Scoring: 4 am workouts- A, 3 am workouts- B, 2 am workouts- C, 1 am workout- D, 0- F Life quest: get better at sleeping. I used to be on an array of sleeping meds due to insomnia but I gave them up with most of the other pills that weren't necessary to keep me from absolutely losing my mind. I have gotten better at sleeping, but there is a lot of room for improvement. I average about 4 a night and would like to get up to 7. I know I need more sleep!! So glad I got that done and I am soooooooo glad to be here!!!
  21. This is my first time participating in one of these challenges and I am very excited to begin! I am hoping this new method will keep me accountable, won't overwhelm me, and make this journey a little more fun. I plan on posting my journals to this thread as well as to my Tumblr (link in my signature for anyone that is interested). Goals Practice yoga and/or meditation dailyDrink at least 3 water bottles a day (25 oz each)Practice one yoga pose that challenges or scares me dailyPlan I am already almost at this point, I just need something to keep me accountable. I will start a journal with a log of my daily activities.I will set reminders on my phone throughout the day to remind me to drink more water.I have been trying to do this on a regular basis, but get discouraged sometimes. I will put this information in my journal to keep me accountable and encouraged.Life Side Quest Write once a day. This can be in a journal or as part of my blog. Does not include work-related writings!Plan I am already planning on starting a journal to hold me accountable to my other goals and will set reminders to write daily.Going Forward These are goals that I would like to complete at a later date, but don't want to overwhelm myself with currently. I will allow myself to do these things, but will not be tracking them. Get more sleepDraw once a dayCreate a bedtime routine and stick with itPack and/or prepare lunches ahead of timePrepare/make dinners ahead of timeGo to the farmer's market once a weekKeep my home cleanDo laundry at least weeklyThrow away and/or donate old clothesThrow away and/or donate items in my home I no longer need or usePractice one yoga pose a day that scares or challenges meComplete DIY shoes projectComplete recording, downloading and selling/donating old CDsGet your watch repaired!Complete the DIY shirts projectFinish those damn glitter acornsTreat yourself to only one "guilty" snack once a week and substitute all other days with healthy, delicious alternativesDo a handstandDo a headstandDo front splitsDo side splitsDo a back-bendSuccessfully hold crow poseSuccessfully hold eight-angle poseSuccessfully hold scorpion poseHold plank for 1 minuteDo 20 push-ups in a row
  22. Wow, I'm nervous typing here. I'm an at-home mom of two and have recently realized I go out of my way to avoid certain things: like bending down to get a pot from the lower cabinets or walking with my kids to the park. I've always been strong and flexible and have walked everywhere, but after a move that forced me to start driving every day, I'm no longer getting my steps in or getting a whole lot of outdoor time, and I seem to be getting stiff. It's really affecting my mood. I used myfitnesspal to lose 25 lbs last year and plan to continue with it, but I need something more, and this community has me all fired up. Since moving two months ago, I've put back on about 8 lbs. I realize this should be easy enough to reverse, but all of my old routines need to be built back up, and all of my current bad habits (oh, sure, I'll sit on the couch and watch TV during lunch!) need to be squashed. I am also a graphic designer/copy editor, but my passion has been for illustration. I went into graphic design hoping to get myself an art education that would allow me to pay off my student loans. But I've become lazy and haven't strived to get better at my art. Goals: To get 10K steps 6 out of every 7 days. While I will occasionally "make up" for lost steps, I don't think I want my goal to be averaged, the point is to move every day, not move a lot one day to make up for two where I sat most of the time. Basic percentage grade will apply weekly. To eat paleo 3 days a week. Again, I want to try to change an entire day, not number of meals per week. I'm am most afraid of this goal. Same percentage goal. Yoga 3 times a week, for 30 minutes. Two poses on the other days (child/happy baby/etc.) I really need to work on my flexibility and mindfulness. I think mediation would be good for me, but I know that it would be a lot harder to open up any block of time for "just" meditating right now. I'm hoping a little yoga (with the added benefit of flexibility) will help me to bridge the gap between not having any mindfulness time and blocking out time for meditation. Bonus: To draw/paint/sketch/doodle for 30 minutes every day. Really, here it's just to block of the habit. I would love to have a future goal of specific work or selling illustrations, but it is the structure of my day I'm missing. And, with summer coming, it is about to get harder. I recognize that waking up earlier (to get time before my family starts needing me) would be a great help in meeting a couple of these goals, but I've learned through experience that, for me, that's putting the cart before the horse. I need to be excited to wake up, and I'm just not without first seeing that I have something worthwhile to get up for. Prior to having my second kid I woke at 5 most mornings, without the alarm clock, I miss those early mornings. Thanks for being here and helping me get excited for making these changes!
  23. Hey peeps, So here goes, challenge time, I have attempted one of these before a while back and like most things in my life I gave up on it really easily but it's respawn o'clock so new me is going to kick this challenge's arse (That's right America; ARSE) and set myself on the path to a healthier life. First a bit of background: I'm a lazy arse, I like to sit around and do nothing, it's my favourite hobby. It's also the thing about myself I like the least, so my challenge is going to be to get moving, start doing things so that in 6 weeks time going up two flights of stairs won't require a rest break. I used to do things, I played football (No America, not the one with pads and downs and under inflated balls, the proper one with stupid haircuts, ridiculous wages, massive egos and the inability to be touched without acting like you've been tasered) I went to the gym, I cycled everywhere and I worked standing up all day, I do none of those things now and you can tell from looking at my gut, hence respawning back here on Nerd Fitness, this place is amazing and I firmly believe I can achieve my goals here. Vital statistics Age: 27 Height: 5' 7" Weight: 107.9 KG Challenge: Main Quest: To improve my quality of life and be more active Six Week Goals 1. Workout a minimum of 3 times a week. I have the Rebel Fitness Guide and I have DDP Yoga, I will decide on one or the other for the duration of this challenge and commit to at least three workouts a week, possibly on a Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday basis although that is TBD, extra workouts may be added but for the challenge 3 is the minimum 2. Record my food intake on a daily basis, and make smarter decisions when it comes to food I've tried getting fit before but I've never tried actually monitoring what I eat and trying to maintain a set caloric intake, so I'm going to give that a go this time, I've downloaded myfitnesspal onto my smartphone and I was given a nifty link to a calculator thingy to work out how much to cut back to lose weight 3. Drink only water Kinda linked into the above but I drink a lot of energy drinks and fizzy drinks, and alcohol, and basically anything that isn't water, so for the next six weeks only water (I may have the odd alcoholic beverage as I have some events to attend during the challenge but rest assured I will punish myself after) Life Goal Where to begin? I have so many bad habits and things to improve, but I'm going to go for a (reasonably) easy one for the challenge, stop biting my nails, it has become almost impossible for me to open cans of drink (those energy drinks and fizzy drinks that I love so much from the above goal) I bite my nails to the point where I'm eating skin to get to more nail. So I'm going to stop doing that over my six week challenge. So there we have it let the challenge commence! (on Monday the 8th) HUZZAH!
  24. Hi all! Lady N here, posting for the first time. I joined NFA back at the end of December and leveled up my diet like crazy, lost 20 lbs in 6 weeks and then promptly gave up. It's the perfectionist in me - I am one of those all or nothing people, so naturally my weight yo-yos with my alls and nothings. I figure maybe this 6-Week Challenge might help me stick with it this time. I will be focusing on exercise this time around because it's easier for me to eat right when I'm getting enough exercise. I'm slowly recovering from illnesses and injuries that incapacitated me for 18 months and I grew a little too accustomed to sedentary life. So, here goes. Starting metrics: Height: 5'9" Weight: ~266 lbs Chest: 51" Waist: 50" Hips: 54" Biceps: 17.5" Thighs: 31" Calves: 20" Main Quest: Lose ~ 130 lbs OR reach a size 6, whichever comes first. Challenge Quests: 1) Goal: Walk at least 15 min/day. Measurement (weekly): 6-7 days = A; 5 days = B; 4 days = C; <4 days = F % of final grade: 40 2) Goal: Complete the 30-Day Yoga Challenge Measurement: 30 days = A; 25-29 days = B; 20-24 days = C; <20 days = F % of final grade: 40 3) Level up free weights from 15 lbs to 20 lbs Measurement: Pass/Fail % of final grade: 20 Life Quest: Acquire and keep a job. Motivation: I turn 33 on July 10 and I want my life moving solidly in a good direction by then. I don't enjoy having to constantly second guess activities because I'm not sure if they are physically possible for me. I want to live a fuller life in so many areas. Whee! Now to get to work!
  25. Introduction: Hi! I'm Kitty, a newbie. I'm 5'2" and weigh approximately 110 pounds, which is pretty average for me but a few pounds over what my comfortable body weight is. I followed a fairly healthy diet while I was away at college but ever since I've been home I've been stuck in a rut of eating junk, and I don't work out at all so I've been constantly feeling lethargic and unmotivated. I'm not very athletic but I used to be a dancer and I love yoga, so I can see myself streamlining towards the Druid path (although I'm fascinated by the Assassin one and may dabble in that later on). So excited for this challenge! Main Quest: Sorry in advance for the generality - my main quest is to slim down and firm up! Quest 1: Drink at least 6-8 cups of water daily. Measurement: A = 6-8 cups per day; B = 3-5 cups per day; C = 1-2 cups per day Reward: A = +3 CON; B = +2 CON; C = +1 CON Quest 2: Stop eating processed foods completely (except for one cheat meal once a week). Measurement: A = 1 cheat meal per week; B = 2-3 cheat meals per week; C = 4 cheat meals per week Reward: A = +3 CON, +2 WIS; B = +2 CON, +1 WIS; C = +1 CON Quest 3: Stay active by doing 30 minutes of yoga 3-5 times a week. Measurement: A = 3-5 times a week; B = 2 times a week; C = 1 time a week Reward: A = +3 STA, +2 STR, B = +2 STA, +1 STR, C = +1 STA Life Quest: Finish "The Great Gatsby" by the end of the 6 weeks. Measurement: A = finished completely; B = 3/4 of the way done; C = halfway done Reward: A = +2 WIS, B = +1 WIS, C = +0.5 WIS Motivation: I have an event coming up in the next six weeks and I want to feel hot in a bikini (and naked). Did I mention my ex will be there?
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