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  1. Greetings all! For those of you who know me (poor devils) this is mostly a re-hash. A little about me... I'm 42, live in Nova Scotia (east coast), Canada, unattached, no kids (one cat), have WAY too many books and proud of it. I'm a boiler and refrigeration operator by trade, though my dream is to have a "bricks & mortar" used bookstore. I currently, have a part-time one that I run out of my basement in my spare time and my whole inventory is science fiction & fantasy (my passion). Should be a link to my stores facebook page in my signature. I'm also a Freemason and quite active in my lodge, which has helped offset my normal "hermit" habits and given me a new confidence in myself and abilities In August 2013 I weighted 267 lbs, and something "clicked" in my head and I decided I needed a change. The pic on left was me on August 23, 2015, pic on right was me in August 23, 2013. So, I started trying to get healthy and since I'm a type "A" person I use www.loseit.com as my food log and calorie counter. I hit my goal weight. The holidays and other life "stuff" put me above my goal weight of 175lbs and the first (and second) challenge of the new year was less than successful for me. Main Quest: For this challenge my main quest is too get to 180lbs, I've gained too much weight these past 8 weeks. To do that I will be doing the following... Side Quests: 1. Keep my daily food log and weigh-ins with my loseit.com account, and stay below my calorie limit. I'm allowing 1 cheat per week. 2. Do at least 2 Cardio workouts a week (min 20 minutes), even if its just walking around my sub-division or playing on recumbent bike. 3. Do the following Body Weight exercises during the week. I used to try for more, but am making my goals reachable and plan on building from here. 50 Push-ups 75 Squats 50 Leg Lunges (combined total of both legs) 75 Dumbbell Rows (combined total of both arms with 25 lb weight) 50 Leg Raises 100 Jumping Jacks 40 Bicep Curls (combined total of both arms with 25 lb weight) 20 Triceps drips 4. No eating or booze after 8pm when I work dayshift or on days off. 12 midnight when working nightshift. I'm allowing myself 1 cheat per week. Late night eating is the worst for me, this works if I can stick with it. Life Quest: My MAJOR life quest is to finish my basement and turn it into rec room/bookstore, though I'm going to add some minor life quests for this challenge for those days I need to do something else. I'll be adding mini-life quests as well. Each week I will spend an hour doing at least ONE of the following things I enjoy. 1. Work on a short story 2. Work at updating my used bookstore in some way (inventory, ads, etc...) 3. Work at exploring my family history 4. Work at my Masonic interest (reading, learning lines, etc...) I also like to write, what I have been doing for the past while is mirroring parts of my real life into a story featuring a halfling named petefeet. More of this in next post.
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