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  1. So...in preparation for 14 September: Medium term goals - to keep up my running, difficult to do long runs because of pain at top of fibula triggered by running more than about 2 miles, but don't want to lose it altogether; to be able to deadlift = or > bodyweight; to be able to do a proper pull-up; to keep moving and keep learning. Six week challenge: 3 x strength workouts per week, one in gym with personal trainer, one at home (just bodyweight), the third can be in the gym or at home or even outdoors if we get some nice autumn weather. 1 intervals session p/w - running or rowing machi
  2. This is my first challenge. Frankly I am scared and anxious. I do not have my SMART goal yet- but need to take a baby step. I plan to (support encouraged) Create it over the next few days. The big goal: Life style change! Edit: to add Challange to first post. I am assuimng an edit does not notify followers.
  3. So this is it: my first 6 week challenge, a.k.a. my first step to finally level up my life! I have put a lot of thought in this, but as I am very bad at explaining myself in this very difficult language of yours, I'm gonna get straight to the point: As you can read here , my main motivation is to go back into a state, in which I feel like myself again: I want to get back the Energy, the fun and happiness I had in my life before everyday routine put an end to that. To stop the vicious circle, I want to start with this: Main Quest: "Building a Habit" - or: "You've got to start somewhere":
  4. Hello everyone, I started off poking around here a few weeks ago, then disappeared because I got married. (YAY!!!) 10 days into marital bliss! Anyway, I'm pretty excited to start my first challenge! November will be interesting because it's a very busy month for me, but I've given too many excuses through the years to start up with them again now. If you want something enough, you figure out how to do it anyway, right? I like to run and hunt (archery, not guns) and I'm starting some bodyweight exercises to increase my strength and agility, so my challenge is going to be Legolas themed.
  5. About me: Office worker who enjoys the outdoor. Canoe, fishing, hunting, hiking, camping are my kind of activities. I don't do much anymore during winter tho, maybe that will change one day. I use to be in quite a good shape when I graduated from an advanture tourism guiding school years ago but I can't say it's still the case today. Rangers, be ready, I will be joining your ranks. So as a main general goal, I'll simply say I want to build some muscle back on that skinny body and be in a better shape. For this first 6 week challenge I'll be working mostly on my arms Quest 1: Do 3 sets of 3
  6. The little kraken sighed to herself as she lay in her cave watching the bigger, older krakens get ready to go out on their fieldtrip. Apparently there was going to be some kind of big launch of human ships down south and the krakens that had come of age were going to go out and wreck their first one in the coming weeks. Kree stared at all the other krakens, laughing, arms writhing in the sea, playing and telling jokes to eachother and she turned around and hid further into her cave. She wouldn't get to go. Not this year either. She was going to have to stay up here in the north where it was co
  7. About me: I'm usually known online as monsupee, a throwback to my high school days. I am not as active a video game player as I used to be, mostly due to lack of time, but still love to play when I have the chance. I'm fairly tall for a woman, 5'10 but have had ups and downs with weight. Life has been a little rough at times, my fathers death, my car accident and surgery afterwards, injuries, my brother's unexpected death, and most recently I had foot surgery for ongoing foot pain. Before surgery I was an active ballroom dancer even though I was in pain, but before pain made me give it up,
  8. So this will be my introductionary challenge so it is time to buckle down! This first challenge will be mainly focussed around building up a workout routine in my bussy life and building willpower. And ofcourse i want to drop some weight on the way Main Quest -To lose 55lbs -To compete in the viking run Smart quests -workout 3 times a week, either strength or cardio. A= Completed this for entire 6 weeks: Strength +2 Stamina + 2 B= Completed This for 4 weeks Strength +1 Stamina +1 C= Completed this for 2 weeks
  9. Introduction: Hi, I am Shannon and this is my first challenge. I like to do Obstacle Course Races, but I weigh too much currently to fully compete in them or complete them. I need to increase my upper body strength, lose weight, and learn how to run. I have a job that doesn't require a lot of activity. I joined the rebellion because I would really like to change my lifestyle and one day be able to take part in Obstacle Course Racing again. Main Quest: Lose 20lbs by the end of the year, 100lbs to lose by Oct. 2016. Quest 1: Start a 5k run app, and commit to doing it 5 days a week over
  10. So this is my first challenge. The aftermath of Camp Nerd Fitness continues. About me: I like Star Wars and X-Men. I am a psychotherapist helping others with drug dependence and other issues. I am a married man. I have the best cat. This is where I would be out of control and either develop goals that are outside the scope of a 6 week challenge or that are too complicated for me to stick with -- so after some SMART goal reading here it goes: Quest 1: I am committing to attending 4 cross-fit WOD's per week for the 6 weeks. I enjoy my workouts when I am there but struggle with the m
  11. MAIN QUEST Get in shape by June 1., 2016. On a nice sunny day, go for a pride-infused longboarding session in the special tank top already waiting in the drawer! During that session think about where you want to go from there. MAIN QUEST BREAKDOWN For the target session to happen with infused pride, at the bare minimum I need to A.) Lose the beer gut and B.) Acquire at least SOME muscular definition. I guess A.), and B.) mainly break down into diet and excercise. The timeline for this quest is the ~37 weeks available. For now it seems that the way to go at this is in min. 2 phases. First is a
  12. Hey all! This is my first challenge, so I’m a Recruit. I imagine I’ll jump around between other guilds in future challenges--I’ll probably want to be with the Adventurers or Druids for most. Further down the line I definitely have some Assassin aspirations but could see myself hanging with literally any of the others at some point as well. I’ve got to stick to it first, though! Main Quest Lose weight: reach 175 lbs. That’s about 35 down from current weight. Run a 5k without walking. I’m probably not that far from this one. Do 3 bodyweight pull-ups. Pull-ups are my nemesis
  13. Kilo

    Challenge 1: Kilo

    Generally don't to this type of thing, but suppose it can't hurt. About me: I'm not out of shape, but there is room for improvement. I already eat pretty healthy (thanks to the NF blogs), work out three times a week, and bike to classes every day. I intend to start working on my parkour, but realize I currently lack the strength to do the moves. I currently have three week personal challenges that I try to keep up with that go as follow: Walk/Bike for 20 minutes everyday Eat one fruit or vegetable everyday Cook 10 meals a week Go to the gym 3 times a week Cook something different once a we
  14. Morning all! My name is Matt and I am 41 years old. I am the father of two girls, 16 and 9, and have been married for 23 years. I weigh 182 lb as of this morning and stand 5'10. I work out several times a week. I stumbled upon this site yesterday and have been semi lurking and observing since then, reading all of the L1 and noob INFO/FAQ stuff. I just recently finished a Spartan Sprint, in much less spectacular but more realistic time than I wanted, and I have a Spartan Super coming up in mid Oct. I'm also registered for 2 half marathons between now and April. I'm starting near the end of this
  15. The door cracked open. Mobius knew who was there, why they were there. Still he cared not to even move, so he continued to lay flat as his new guest entered uninvited. "The darkness has nearly overwhelmed you Darth Mobius. It hangs on you like a weight." imparted the stranger. "If you dare, take your first steps and meet on the edge of the village." he continued. Mobius laid there for what seemed like hours without uttering a word as the stranger waited, then left. "I must not let myself be swallowed like this!" Mobius thought to himself as he sat bolt upright. He would take those fi
  16. Hey all! This isn't my first challenge ever, but it's my first challenge in years so rather than trying to pick up where I was I'm starting from basically level 1 and working my way back. I'm a med student who got pretty depressed first year of med school and is now trying to get healthy so that 1. I don't feel like a hypocrite and 2. I can encourage healthy behavior change in patients when necessary. When I got depressed I gained about 40 pounds, of which I have lost 10 so far. I also stopped cooking, stopped working out and stopped talking to people. I've started fighting back, and am hopin
  17. Introduction: Hello all. I am Brendan and this will be my first challenge. I have been a member of the academy for about 3 months, but it has been mostly just reading, and watching what is going on. Time I jump into the deep end rather than dipping my toes into the shallow end. Each of the quests will be worth a total of 3 points. Main Quest: Lose 10 pounds I am currently at 284. 10 is nice and round and easy to grade. A: 10 – 9 pounds B: 8 pounds C: 7 pounds All points will be allocated to Constitution. Quest 1: Strength Train 3x a week. I will break down the strength training
  18. The Mission: UNLOCK DIETARY BEAST MODE. What would it be like to eat food and not worry about getting sick? What would it be like if I had a diet that contributed to a healthy weight but didn't make me sick when I eat? I aim to find out. I'm Melissa. Hi! In addition to the challenge things I am working on below, here's what I'm like. I'm a 37 year old living in the intermountain west. Things I like to do include being outside (mainly hiking, camping, backpacking, canyoneering, and rafting), reading, cooking (currently getting into fermentation and sausage making), baking, board games (word, o
  19. Hi! I'm joining in last minute for the next challenge! I live in the UK, I'm a physics graduate turned coder and I'm in my 20s. My favourite geeky things are computers and science. I also like sewing & cross stitch. My favourite things on TV are Doctor Who, Game of Thrones (recent convert) and Agents of Shield. Since none are airing at the moment, my favourite right now is Humans. I've been reading the nerd fitness blog since last year and I've finally decided to be less half arsed about getting fitter! My previous attempts over the last few years have been unsuccessful... mostly be
  20. Hi there I've been thinking about doing one of these challenges for a while now but have been putting it off with lame excuses. Recently I've started noticing that I can no longer feel the muscles in my back and shoulders - they are gone! Last year I started lifting and working out at a gym near my work and absolutely loved it - the process, the changes, the planning and commitment that went into it. I usually worked half days which meant I could head to the gym when it wasn't too full and I could work out in peace. Then I got a new job - full-time hours, more time getting to and from
  21. I am descended from a Norse clan called "Seawulfe." While my ancestors were brave adventurers who battled man and sea, I have lost my way and only do battle at a computer screen. I am a 41 year old training mentor with a large tech company in Austin, TX. I spend the majority of my day sitting in front of a computer screen. I come home... and sit some more (World of Warcraft, television, dinner table). I'm tired of wasting my life on my butt! My motivation is my father and my kids. My dad is morbidly obese with glaucoma and diabetes. He can no longer get around without the use of a walker.
  22. A lot of the training that Luke had in the swamps of Dagobah was physical and mental training. That's what I'm going to be doing this challenge- starting to make healthy a habit in order to prepare to go to a Jedi Training Academy! So I'm a college student. I had dining hall access, I never learned to really control food intake on my own (though I'm learning), and I didn't work out much. Fast forward from beginning of college to almost three years later and I'm about 30 lbs heavier and really not in shape. I want to get back to playing Quidditch as a chaser. The past month or so I've been e
  23. Hello Everyone! I'm RuthixCube - a 26yo from southeastern MA who has a penchant for marathoning shows on Netflix/Hulu (Master Chef and The X-Files are my current go-tos), FPS games (Halo was my gateway drug), swearing like a sailor, and kicking ass in Roller Derby - almost. I became an Academy member back in October 2014, but I honestly never did much with it. I had attempted to use the main forums at that time, but became somewhat overwhelmed with all of the information and found parts of it quite confusing. Since the shutting down of the Academy Forum, I’ve heard stories of how influentia
  24. Hello, I am Atrophos. I hope to join the ranger guild following this challenge. In my quest to finish strong at the Elysian Games, I've discovered some weaknesses that need to be corrected. This event lines up perfectly with this 6 week challenge. In addition to the immediate goal, I have discovered that this is a side mission that will prepare me for a story line series of quests that begin in February. Main Goal - Clean and Jerk 115 pounds for multiple reps The first sub-quest on my journey to Elysium has been posted and it is an escort quest to lead the NPC "Grace" through a series of b
  25. Hello NF! I stumbled upon NF yesterday and it looks like exactly what I need to jumpstart my fitness journey. Growing up I usually played sports in school but never stuck to one sport long enough to get good. I never considered myself an athlete or to be in very good shape (cardiovascular or strength). I have always had a few extra pounds, but until recently my body weight/shape had remained very stable ("curvy"). My recent weight gain has moved me from a high normal BMI to a low overweight BMI, and my body feels/looks that way too. The extra weight combined with feeling physically weak afte
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