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Found 4 results

  1. I am descended from a Norse clan called "Seawulfe." While my ancestors were brave adventurers who battled man and sea, I have lost my way and only do battle at a computer screen. I am a 41 year old training mentor with a large tech company in Austin, TX. I spend the majority of my day sitting in front of a computer screen. I come home... and sit some more (World of Warcraft, television, dinner table). I'm tired of wasting my life on my butt! My motivation is my father and my kids. My dad is morbidly obese with glaucoma and diabetes. He can no longer get around without the use of a walker.
  2. So I may not be clear on how this all works just yet, but I've always had success by stumbling forward. My first challenge is in my sig below. I am currently on Day 3. I have been successful in packing my lunch for work. Our cafeteria is staffed with legit chefs, and the food is restaurant quality (read: DELICIOUS!!!). So, part of my challenge is to bring my lunch to work for the 6 weeks in order to fill myself on nutritious foods that aren't chock full of sugar and processed carbs. Strength training is going well. I'm doing the Beginner Bodyweight Workout. I'm currently 6'1", 253 lbs.
  3. I think I'm going about his backward. I'm introducing myself AFTER having laid out my challenge... or MAYBE you're just reading this out of order. At any rate, my name is Brad (username chord509). I am: husband of 17 yearsfather of 2 teenage boys41 years old6'0", ~250lbs (17.8571429kg, 17.8571429st)training mentor for a large computer manufacturerMy fitness journey has been a series of mis-starts. I lost some weight on Atkins and Weight Watchers in the past, but it's hard to keep a fat man down! Growing up, I was the skinny runt of the class. No matter how hard I trained for sports, I nev
  4. .:: Good morning humans of Nerd Fitness! ::. ABOUT ME: My name is Sara, I’m 23 and I’m very late for this challenge! British girl currently living and working in Japan, I have been a Nerd Fitness Rebel for three months now and it has helped me build healthy habits and increase stamina. In a country (that I absolutely love but) where many women put themselves through harmful diets in an effort to look thin, I am glad to have found a community that puts emphasis on getting strong! In addition, I have been aspiring to live a more mindful and minimalist life. Meditation and decluttering
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