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  1. Okay, here goes again! I have been on and off exercising, stretching, studying, etc. But this six weeks is going to be my time to consolidate that into real habits that will last. My big goal is to "do better" at my next Tough mudder. I would define "better" as: * To be able to get over the 12-foot walls at my next Tough Mudder (the only obstacle I had to walk around) * To be able to jog/slow run a 5K. speed immaterial - ability to not stop and walk is the point. so not a whole Tough Mudder, but sizable chunks of it. I have no goal weight. I am a wild elf adventurer, looking to move into a ranger-y druid combo at some point. Goals for the six week challenge: * Playground/beginner's bodyweight workout 3/week at local park - 3 circuits. (working especially toward proper pull-ups) * Run/walk 2/ week around the other park's 5K course, cutting down on allowable walk breaks each time. * 1 big serving of leafy greens 1/day. Bonus INT quest: Keep up with Japanese study via Anki and at least 10 new kanji/week, I believe I can do this. i have already tried working the park strength workouts into my life, and the amount I walk and bike here in Japan (I have neither access to a car nor a valid International liscense, so I can't drive every/anywhere) is helping. I'd like to bump my cardio/endurance, however. So 2x/week runs. One on the weekend, one on a weekday evening. I love greens, I just need to remember to buy and prepare them. And I am very excited for my Japanese study, but I need to make it a priority as I ramp up other goals.
  2. Hi Rebels! It's been really exciting to read everyone's goals for the next six weeks! I'm really looking forward to the positive energy being in this community creates! I have tried to do a challenge here before and failed. I tried to do ALL THE THINGS and crashed and burned in a sore, hungry heap. But I learn more about myself every time I fail, so here I am again! This time I'm going to keep it super simple - simple goals, and pass/fail results so I know if I get to join a guild next time! MAIN QUEST I want to lose twenty lbs by May next year (160 lbs to 140lbs) but still be able to squat 155, deadlift 135, and do 3 pullups. (These were my stats before I started slacking in the gym a few months ago.) GOAL 1: Track my eating on MyFitnessPal every day. I have a calorie goal (1600) but I am not making it a part of this challenge. The point of this is to make myself aware of what goes into my body so I have more control over it. I know there are some other people who are using this app for their goals, so if you want to PM me your MyFitnessPal user name I'll do my best to encourage you from there too! Pass = 30-42 days tracked Fail = 0-30 days tracked GOAL 2: Get to the gym 3X a week. Getting to the gym is hard for me. Working out when I actually get there isn't so hard. Why? I don't know. But I just have to get there. Pass = 13-18 workouts Fail = 0-12 workouts GOAL 3: Walk to Tom Bombadil's house. This is were it gets really nerdy, ya'll. I've wanted to do the walk to Mordor for years, but never had a way to track my miles when I was walking outside, and I HATE treadmills. Behold, the mighty smartphone! I got the RunKeeper app so now I can always know where I am in Middle Earth! I usually walk 8 - 12 miles per week in the cool parks and state forests around my place. Tom Bombadil's house is 98 miles away from Bag End, which stretches me to a little over 16 miles per week. If you want to join me, here's the breakdown of the miles from Bag End to Rivendell! Pass = Crickhollow (73 miles) to Tom's house (98 miles). Bonus if I can get to Bree! (135 miles) Killed by Nazgul = Don't make it to Crickhollow LIFE QUEST : Go play! I'm going to pick one creative thing to do a week, do it, and document it here for you guys. This could be anything! Knitting, cooking, other crafts that I don't know how to do, visiting a gallery or museum, drawing, trying a new kind of exercise, writing, whatever. The point of this is just to let off some steam and broaden my horizons at the same time. No pass/fail for this. Playing shouldn't be graded! MOTIVATION: Guys, I'm gonna be really honest here. I have no noble motivations at the moment. NONE. Some are actually inappropriate to share with the public, but I'm posting them anyways (poor you). They are all silly, and yet they all move me emotionally, so I don't care. Here's some examples: the look on people's faces when they see me putting 45's on the half rack; the ability to have regular, satisfying poops (who wants to go through life not being able to poop?!); having smaller tits so I never ever have to wear a bra ever (EVER); the ability to hike all day and then eat a giant, beautiful burger; the ability to out-eat everyone else at the table (why...?); the happy feeling my muscles get after a successful pullup; doing bro curls and looking like a total bro; and other stupid things that I would be happy to share with you as the challenge goes on. But the biggest (silly) thing right now is that my husband and I are going to an anime convention in May, and I want to look as hot as possible so all his friends think he's a massive stud (he is). What?! It's my body - I do what I want. Thank you all so much in advance for your support! Let's work hard and kick ass these next six weeks! (Also, if you have a silly motivation, maybe you could share it with me so I feel a little less stupid?)
  3. Hi! I've been following this site for a while and finally decided to jump in. This is my first challenge, and my main quest looks a bit vague, but my biggest problem is sticking with my workout and eating plans so I'm going to tackle them now! Main Quest: Make healthy habits stick... Goal 1: Lift 3x/week--My back and core need this the most, but everything is going to to get a workout! Grade: A = 16-18 workouts; B = 15-17; C = 13-14; D = 11-12; F = anything less than 11! Goal 2: Swim 2x/week--I love to swim, but it's hard to drag myself to the pool early in the morning (which is the only time there's lap swimming without a million kids in there!). Grade: A = 11-12; B = 9-10; C = 7-8; D = 5-6; F = anything less than 5 Goal 3: Track food and workouts daily--This one is as a precursor to sprucing up my nutrition! Grade: A = 30-36; B = 23-29; C = 16-22; D = 9-15; F = anything less than 9 My Life Quest is to try Stand up Paddleboarding before it gets too cold to swim here! (The grade for this one is going to have to be pass/fail...) My Motivation is to finally get over my back surgery and to encourage a friend of mine! So far, so good on recording my food...First workout is tonight after work!
  4. Hi y'all. Hope I'm in the right place. This is my first quest and I'm excited. I'm definitely a nerd and I'm new to a love of fitness, so I'm hoping that this will be the beginning of a lifelong way of doing things. I'm ex-Army, and I'm vertically challenged, so I'm no stranger to conquering challenging situations. However, over the past 15 years I've let my health take a backseat to everybody else's needs and wants. No more. I turned 42 two weeks ago and I've decided that the rest of my life is all about me and crushing my goals and achieving my dreams. To that end, here's my main quest: To lose weight and fit into a size 6 again reliably. I'm an 8 so it's not far fetched to think I can accomplish it in 6 weeks or less. My 3 goals are: 1. To run or walk at least 5 times a week. I'm already walking or interval running every day, but I want to up the intensity level on my workouts and challenge myself to run the full time for my interval run. I'm using Zombies Run 5k to increase my enjoyment and challenge myself to run more. 2. To do the beginner's basic workout 3 times a week. I've been doing some calisthenics since March, but I can definitely improve my intensity level. 3. To include vegetables or fruit as part of most meals. I'm a carb and dairy girl, so this one will be challenging for me. My life quest is to read two books off of the bookcase in my library instead of buying new ones or getting them from the library. This is in line with my life goal of simplifying and shedding excess weight around the house too. My motivation is simply to be a better version of myself a year from now than I am right now. I want to crush all the negative voices in my head telling me that I'll get sick and stop working out, or that I'm too weak or tired or hungry or sleepy to work out.
  5. Hello! I'm Shane. I have a very sedentary job for the first time in my life and have pushed myself to finally get moving. I have so many goals...I'm 31 and want to finally for the first time in my life be skinny. I've already made progress, since this time last year I went from 215 to 195. I am aiming at becoming a Ranger class and below I will list my goals. I will be joining a gym on August 1st. Quest 1: Get under 190lbs, I have been fighting this one for a long time now. This is a pass or fail. My weight fluctuations make this impossible to "Grade" Quest 2: Workouts, I have set my workouts as Mon/Wed/Fri on weights and Tues/Thurs/Sat or Sun for my runs. This goal is not skipping a workout even if I have to do it hotel style. Measured by number of missed workouts: A=0 B=1-2 C=3-4 FAIL= 5+ Quest 3: Be able to perform 10 pullups in a row. I could possibly do around 2 right now without stopping. A=10+ B=8-9 C=6-7 D 4-5 FAIL: 3 or less Life Quest: Do everything in my power to sell my house. I have lived there for 20 years, I inherited from my parents when they passed. I feel trapped, the upkeep and maintenance, yard work etc takes up a ridiculous amount of my time. Also, I have never lived anywhere but my small town in my 31 years. I'm single, no kids....I want to travel and see new places, meet people. Motivation: I'm 31, single, bored, no kids, no family, unfulfilled, and not happy where I am. What more motivation could a human being have to change everything possible? * Thursday 7/31/2014: Broke a personal goal. 5 miles in 55 minutes. Finally under an hour. * Friday 8/1/2014: Joined Anytime Fitness Gym
  6. Hi, I'm a new member to the forums, but I have been reading Nerd Fitness for a while. Inspired by the idea of a challenge, I decided to put some of the healthy habits I'd been reading about to the test and actually be active instead of passive about my fitness. I'm not the most unhealthy person, but I'm definitely overweight, and there are health issues that would definitely improve or straight-up disappear if I were to lose weight. I currently "run" doing a Couch to 5K program, and I'm toying with the idea of yoga. I'm afraid of weights, but I want to get over that. I don't have access to a gym. My main goal is to reach 154 pounds. This number may seem arbitrary, but I have a hard time budging from a certain weight once I'm settled there, and I'm currently around 162 pounds--and have been here for several years. Losing a handful of pounds sounds easy, but I suspect it will be a challenge. The weight of 154 pounds was my sweet spot, the place where I last felt healthy, so I'd like to try and get back there. If I go lower, I won't complain! To meet this goal, here are my quests: Drink no more than one bottle of soda a day or, in special circumstances, no more than seven bottles of soda a week. I do tend to work well in crunch mode while drinking lots of soda, so if it comes to that, I will allow myself to "borrow" from the next day's allotted amount. I have forgone soda before, and I felt great. [GRADING: 6 weeks = A, 5 = B, 4 = C, 3 = D, 2 or below = F] Run a 5K without stopping to walk more than once or twice. I have done 5Ks, but I have a problem with endurance. I'd like to work on this by continuing to do the C25K program and hopefully reaching a point of 3.1 miles of continuous run-jogging--or maybe do an actual 5K! [GRADING: 3.1 miles = A, 2.5 = B, 2 = C, 1.5 = D, 1 or below = F] Try a new type of workout each week. I thrive on novelty, so this will motivate me to workout more. I will allow myself to cheat with a new variant of an old workout--for example, playing a new version of Just Dance or trying out a different style of dance workout. [GRADING: 6 weeks = A, 5 = B, 4 = C, 3 = D, 2 or below = F]These goals aren't terribly extreme, but I feel they aren't meant to be. I have been working towards these goals for a while, but this challenge will hopefully strengthen my desire to continue buffing myself up. As for a Life Quest, I have a bad habit of making a gajillion goals and not sticking to them--call it the Renaissance Woman in me--but I think the biggest thing will probably be to erase credit card debt and rebuild my emergency fund. This has been a hard summer, and my stress levels will be way, way lower if I can accomplish this even a little bit. My motivations are pretty clear in my post, I think, but overall, I'd like to stop feeling like the Sword of Damacles is hanging over me due to poor physical and financial health. There's too much to be done in my life starting in August; a clean bill of health would do the body good. Nice to meet you all, and I hope we can achieve great things. THIS IS NERDFIT!
  7. Greetings friends, I'm Alaia, 24 years old and finally getting into fitness! I have always loved trying and learning new things, but until now had an irrational block about more physically strenuous activities. My day job sadly means sitting on my ass for 9 or 10 hours a day (although working on getting a standing desk from management), and I've let myself get weak and lazy. Perfectionist that I am, I suppose I figured why try active hobbies when I obviously won't be good at them. A couple of weeks ago I went to Bali with some friends. It was amazing, don't get me wrong, I had a fantastic time. But there were things others did that I couldn't do. My lack of fitness (and the extra weight I'm carrying) prevented me from properly learning to surf, from day-long biking trips to see the island, from water skiing, even from nailing most of the awesome yoga poses being taught by the beach near where we were staying. So here I am. Finally discovering (with much excitement) that health and exercise can be fun. As I get stronger, there are so many crazy wonderful things I could learn to do. Even looking over the guilds here has given me some exciting ideas (on that note, while I'm not ready to choose just yet, I think I'm looking at becoming an Adventurer, Ranger or Assassin after my first challenge). My motivation is, without wanting to sound trite, simply to get the absolute most out of life and never be held back from doing what I want. Ambitious? I suppose so. Which brings me to the more solid, attainable goals I've created for this challenge. Main goal: get down to 65kg I've been browsing through people's main goals, and I understand that many of them are more epic/long term than mine. I'm currently around 72kg, so 65kg is probably attainable for me even within this 6 week challenge (or if not, fairly soon after, I'm not a fan of setting time limits for weight goals). However, I respond much better to shorter term focuses (short attention span), so I'm going to go with this for my first challenge. Quests 1. Work towards and complete 10 proper push ups 2. Hold a plank for 2 minutes 3. Run for 45 minutes at 9km/hr Again, these don't quite fit the more common mould I've seen around here (gym 5 times a week, calories less than 1500 a day etc). But I started to create a challenge like that and was a bit disappointed, because personally (and this is just me) I find specific performance goals more inspiring. Having said that, if anyone's interested, I will be going to the gym about 5 times a week to work towards these goals, as well as watching what I eat. That's all for now, can't wait to see some of you around the forums!
  8. Main Quest: I've always struggled with fitness, especially in terms of running and endurance. I'm not very strong either. I'd like to change that and build some muscle while becoming more comfortable with running. I don't have specific main goal in mind besides just get more fit, but if anyone has any suggestions, I'm open to them. Missions: 1. Complete the beginner body weight workout 3x a week. (/6) [MWF] 2. Run at least 1 mile every day. (/36) 3. Bike to/from soccer field (5 miles total) and practice soccer for one hour 3x a week. (/6)[TTHS] Sunday will be a rest day. Life Quest: 1. Write at least 1,000 words for my NaNoWriMo novel each day. (/42) 2. Go surfing at least once a week. (/6) Motivation: I'm starting college in a month and I want create some healthy habits so I can be active and involved Grading: Everything will be graded pass/fail. If I reach each goal at at least 80%, I will consider this challenge 'successful'.
  9. I'm so excited for this challenge! My main quest is to be able to do real push ups (on the ground, no knees) and at least one real pull up in good form by the end of these six weeks. Mission 1: I will do the Beginner Body Weight Workout every other day, except days when I go kayaking. I will also be adding in 10 leg lifts and 5 assisted pull ups per set to start. On off days, I will alternate between interval sprint training, light cycling and rest days as necessary. Reward: 1 STR Mission 2: I will eat a semi-paleo dinner (allowing sprouted-grain bread and minimal dairy) 6+ days a week. Reward: 1 CON Mission 3: I will get 7+ hours of sleep every night. Reward: 1 STA Life Quest: I will spend 15 minutes cleaning every day. Reward: 1 WIS If you have any suggestions, please let me know
  10. Introduction: Hey guys! Arya Sapphire here. :3 This is my first challenge here and I'm ready to tackle it! I named my challenge thread ''Through the Looking Glass'' because I'm a huge Alice in Wonderland nerd, yes, but also because I want to go through this challenge working out for me. I want to feel better, get stronger and know that deep down everything I do is for a better health and a better me! So I'll try to focus less on my ''looks'' and more on my fitness progress and how I feel. I'm 90% vegan. I've been going to the gym 3 times a week for the past 6 weeks, doing strength training (a little barbell work, which I adore and a lot of lunges, squats, rowing machine and etc.) I also used to do pilates and yoga for a year. Fitness has been the best thing I have done for myself in the past year and a half. I stopped for 6 months during fall and winter because I burned myself out by doing too much cardio, too much muscle work and also by working my job standing up a crazy number of hours. It led me to eating badly again, never working out and I gained back all the fat I had lost. I'm 5'5 and my highest weight was around 148. I've never been majorly overweight but having been bullied all throughout high school and primary school, it made me a super self-conscious person and I used food as my only resort to happiness for way too long now. But I'm ready to change! Anyway, this is getting super long, haha. Here are my goals! :3 Main Quest: My current body fat% is around 27-28% and I'd like to drop it down to 20% eventually. (also, I want to feel good in that cosplay ) Quest 1: Keep doing strength training at least 3 times a week. Measurement: A = 3 or more times a week, B = 2 times a week C = 1 time a week Reward: A = +3 STA, +2 STR, B = +2 STA, +1 STR, C = +1 STR Quest 2: Jog outside 3 times a week. Measurement: A = 3 or more times a week, B = 2 times a week, C = 1 time a week Reward: A = +3 STA, +2 DEX B = +2 STA, +1 DEX C = +1 STA Quest 3: I really want to bring down the number of times I eat take-out food. Measurement: A = 0-2 take-outs, B = 3-4 take-outs, C = 5 or more take-outs Reward: A = +3 CON, B = +2 CON, C = +1 CON Life Quest: Clean my room at least once a week. A clean place for a clean mind, right? It would help me greatly to meditate and be less anxious I think! Measurement: A = Clean it once or twice a week, B = Clean it once every two weeks, C = Clean it once a month or less Reward: A = +2 WIS, B = +1 WIS, C = +0.5 WIS Motivation: I work a lot. I have two jobs and finding time for fitness has been hard, but when I do, I am in the best mood possible. I want to find the time for myself, to feel better and have a clearer mind. I also do acting on the side and feeling strong and beautiful because of those lifestyle changes would benefit me for my self-confidence. :3 Let's do this guys! The next 6 weeks will be extremely rewarding.
  11. First challenge! I've been waffling back and forth on getting into shape but I've decided that it's time to stop screwing around and actually commit myself to finding what really works. Main Quest I've decided for the first phase of my main quest, I want to finally drop to 200 lbs from my current 220. I don't know if this is possible in 6 weeks, but it's something to shoot for regardless. For my three goals to move toward this, here's what I've decided: 1. Kettlebell swings every Monday and Friday at the gym with Wednesday dedicated to exercises to make up for my highly asymmetrical build problem. I'm 90% left-handed and the last time I tried a deadlift, my right arm just plain quit on the second lift. I obviously need to work on this or I'm going to seriously injure myself. 2. Go for a walk every day. I spend a lot of time at my computer prospecting for gigs and doing follow-up work on potential clients (performing artist) so I need to get out of the house and move around. 3. Try out at least one new paleo recipe per week. I'm not sure I can go 100% paleo, especially since I currently share a house with other people and thus do not have total control over what comes in and out of the house. Still, this will give me a foundation to do more of my own cooking when I'm able to get a place by myself. Life Quest I'm still paying my dues as a performer, but what I really want to do is travel. So now that I'm almost finished putting my new press kit together, the next move is to approach cruises and try to get booked. I'm going to apply to both the niche cruises (and holy shit there's a lot of them) and the major cruise lines like Norwegian, Carnival and Disney. The goal is to get a 6-month contract with a major cruise line, or barring that book at least 1 niche cruise for some time in the next 6 months. I'll be uploading pictures of myself on Sunday. Here's hoping for the best.
  12. Current Stats: 5'9", ~200 lbs, 28 Main Quest: To lose 50 lbs and rock life in general -I will go for a walk in the morning before work -I will eat one salad a week -I will forgo sweets at least 2 days a week -Use the Zombie Run! app (with chases turned on, even if I get caught) at least 2 times a week -Do body weight exercises at least 2 days per week Motivation: I feel the need to be able to love myself before I can expect anyone else to do so. I am definitely on the path to this right now, losing weight is not the way to do this, but taking care of my body and the way I eat definitely is. I can't eat and treat myself like crap and love the way I am.
  13. I hate it when things happen that I'm not prepared for, somehow this is the motive of my whole life. Stuff to be prepared for reaches from "when the shit hits the fan" to "beeing able to invite neighbours over without getting a panic attack because the living room is all messed up". A large part of beeing able to cope with stuff is a healthy body, so here I'am. I'am skinny (or skinny fat), never been overweight but never been really fit. For some years now I'm trying to change that. I'm doing yoga 1x per week for 1,5 years or so in the gym, I'm indoor climbing/bouldering(but not as regularly as I'd like too) and for sometime now I'm dooing circle training on some machines in the gym. (Because a coworker startet it in the gym and needed a accountability buddy, and I figured those machine would be better than no weight training at all. I'm scared of free weights...). Sometimes I'm running with the help of zombiesrun or together with a neighbour. But my goal for this fitness challenge isn't fitness related, it's nutrition based. For large parts of my live I didn't ate any fruits except bananas and apples, and vegetables only cooked well and only some. Meat was my food. My current partner likes to cook, so naturally I'm trying more and more things now, but my diet is still far a way from being full of vitamins. I think I'd feel better if I would get more of the right stuff into my body. So that will be my goal in my first challenge. Main Quest for this Challenge Getting enough Vitamins and Minerals to keep my body healthy. Enough means for this challenge: at least 80% of the recommended amount for every value listet on paleotrack Quest 1: Track Food intake daily on paleotrack.com as exactly as possible Quest 2: at least 5 days per week a serving of raw vegetable and fruit Quest 3: at least 3 time per week scrambled or hard boiled eggs Life Quest: Spend some time with real persons outside of work at least 2 hour per week Oh and I will try to write a little story around it/move my report to a fantasy world. I don't have a history in writing things,but I always wanted, too. It will be good exercise for my english skills, too as I'm not a native speaker. "Damn, I have to get my shit together if I want to survive this," Kiazi thought while looking at her food storage. It was already two weeks since the THING happened. Until now she and her partner hid in their apartment, hoping that somehow everything would get better. But it didn't. It only got worse. Now the food storage was empty and she felt somehow empty, too. She has to build up some energy to master life in this broken world. The door of the food storage room made a loud noise when Kiazi closed it with emphasis.
  14. I've been wanting to start living my life right for a while now. I start for a while and then I slip and slowly go back to my old habits. I'm posting this in hopes of making sure that I don't go back into my same old rut. Hopefully this will give me the accountability I need. Main Quest: Lose 12 pounds (in six weeks) Steps: Stop Drinking Sugary Drink Measurement: A = 0 sodas, B = 6 sodas, C = 12 sodasReward: A = +3 CON, B = +2CON, C = +1 CONAlternate Jog/Strength Training for 20 minutes, 5 days a weekMeasurement: A = 20 min for 30 days, B = 20 min, 25 days, C = 20 min, 20 daysReward: A = +3 STA, +2 STR, B = +2 STA, +1 STR, C = +1 STAEat fruits or nuts instead of bad snacksMeasurement: A = 0 Bad Snacks, B = 6 Bad Snacks, C = 12 Bad SnacksReward: A = +3 WIS, +2 CON, B = +2WIS, +1 CON, C = +1WISMotivation: I want to look good for my fiancé I want to be able to live a long and healthily life I don’t want to have fun doing sports, not embarrassed Life Quest: Go skydiving Ends: July 20
  15. Hello everyone and greetings from Germany! I'm Schmonk, a 28-year-old guy from Northern Germany and this is my first challenge on NF. I am 1,78 metres tall and weigh in at 71 kilogram ( or 5 feet 10 inches and 155 lbs, if I converted that correctly). Although I think my overall body composition is skinny, I sport a small paunch, that would be called skinny-fat, I guess. Going to the gym has never been the top priority for me, I preferred to go to my soccer matches or practices ( I play and coach soccer four times a week) or to watch a hockey game. On top of that, I am a bit of a game addict, so instead of doing some activity outdoors, I spent some time on the PS3 or PC. I'd like to become a better version of myself, so I hope to establish a workout routine and pick up some healthy habits with this challenge. First of all, my aim is to get stronger and pack some muscle on my frame. I could probably come up with a dozen other goals, but first things first! Main Quest: Reach a weight of 78 kilogram (171 lbs) by gaining mostly lean mass. Quest 1: Start with Stronglifts 5x5 and keep to a gym schedule of 3x a week. Measurement: A= 17+ visits; B= 15 visits; C= 12 visits Reward: A= +3 STR, +2 STA; B= +2 STR, +1 STA; C= +1 STR Quest 2: Go to work by bike 2 - 3 times a week. I participate in a campaign called "Mit dem Rad zur Arbeit" (" Go to work by bike") which requires me to bike at least 20 times to work by the end of August. I hope to do 16 out of 20 by the end of this challenge. Measurement: A= 16 bike rides in total; B= 13 bike rides; C= 10 bike rides Reward: A= +3 STA; B= +2 STA; C= +1STA Quest 3: Bring a healthy, self-made lunch to work everyday. I want to prepare healthy meals to bring to work, but recently I failed and had to buy processed food for lunch or go hungry instead. I will now cook my food in advance so that I can enjoy a delicious lunch at work everyday. Measurement: A= Average of 4,5 meals per week; B= Avg. of 4 meals per week; C= Avg. of 3,5 meals per week Reward: A= +2 CON, +2 WIS; B= +1 CON, +1 WIS; C= +1 CON Life Quest: Establish a working schedule of 2 hours of straight work, followed by a 20 minute break. Keep that up for the full working day. I tend to shirk my duties at work. I like my work, but I get distract easily by the internet and search for wholly unrelated stuff, for example the latest news on the health status of the german goalkeeper for the upcoming World Cup (By the way, he has fully recovered by now). I recently read about this mode of operation of a german author and want to try it for the challenge in order to boost my performance at work. Measurement: A= stick to schedule +95 per cent of working time; B= +85 per cent; C= +75 per cent Reward: A= +2 WIS, +1 STA; B= +1 WIS, +1 STA; C= +1 WIS Motivation: I feel like I am holding myself back from progressing by being lazy and having false priorities. I want to be a stronger and more confident version of myself. And finally I just wanted to say that the fact alone that I wrote the challenge has given me some clarity of thought and I'm really excited to tackle those goals!
  16. When Greenleaf set out on his journey this morning he had no idea he would be tested so soon. The road from Glenwood to the Druid forest is long and fraught with danger, but it is a path he must travel, one step at a time, and with each step he will become a changed elf. It was his first journey from the safety of the wood, one of self discovery that he knew would last a lifetime. He had thought he had it all planned out, but best laid plans often find hurdles, and he will need to hone his ability to adapt to keep himself moving forward. As he defiantly approached the mountain road he heard a thunderous crashing and saw a band of Mountain Gron's tearing through the rock with their massive clubs, causing a shower of boulders to rain down before him. It seems that Greenleaf's first move had been anticipated. He now had a choice, he could clamber over the rocks, a difficult prospect enough with his injury, risking a battle alone against eight angry Gron's, or he could travel across the lake. All the boats had long since been burnt to ashes, and Greenleaf had never set foot in the water, for fear of being dragged down by the beasts that lurk beneath the deceptively tranquil waters. Clearly someone, or something, did not want him to succeed, but Greenleaf was not the type of elf to give up at the first hurdle. “Oh well†he shrugged, “It looks like I'm getting wet.....†Background So, this isn't how I planned my first challenge at all. I see myself eventually as a Druid / Assassin hybrid class, and I started my fitness journey with the beginner bodyweight workout, wanting to become stronger. But as I've talked about in another thread, I have developed an injury. The injury was, in at least one way, a blessing in disguise, as I discovered Yoga in an effort to fix myself. I had always wanted to give it a go as I am interested in the strength flexibility combo, along with the mind/body/spirit balance. It is the first type exercise routine I have truly enjoyed and wanted more of, which is a very positive thing for me. However the doctor has said to rest for the time being, I asked if there was anything I could do to improve my fitness in the meantime and they gave me one life line – Swimming. Now I've never been in to swimming and not done any since school (quite a long time ago) however as its that or the sofa, my path has been set out before me. Main Quest My quest for the first 6 weeks is to prepare my body, mind, and begin to strengthen my weaknesses, working towards my ultimate goal of becoming stronger and healthier every day of my life. This really is the starting zone for me, I've been in this zone too many times, so this time I am going to start slow, build a strong foundation, and make changes that stick. Goal 1 – Swim twice a week Look into lessons (which will count as one session if I sign up for them) and add in an extra session in any event. I cant be more specific yet as I haven’t been swimming in years so I need to find my limits before I can push them. Goal 2 – Meditate for 5 minutes each day Always makes me feel better, but I practice too sporadically, make this a habit! Goal 3 – Replace cakes, biscuits and chocolate with fruit, nuts and seeds My main diet goal is to get bigger, but doing it the right way. This is the first step. I'm going cold turkey (and in fact may eat some cold turkey). Life Quest – Get back into the Reading Habit I love books, and I love reading them, I used to do it all the time. Once my daughter was born I let it go by the wayside as there was so much else to be done. She is three years old now, so I don't have an excuse there, but I do have a bookcase full of books I haven't read yet. I will make time to re-discover my old passion. At least 30 minutes twice a week. Motivation I want to be healthy and happy for my family and myself. I want to become a super hero to my daughter so that when she grows up she will be proud to say I'm her dad. Plus I need to be ready for when I am called upon to join a secret guild of assassins and/or protect the Galaxy.
  17. Hi Rebels, This is my first challenge. About a year ago I found Roller Derby and with it my motivation to be better than I am. I have never been particularly active and am now in my mid (ehem, late?) 30s, I finally have the desire to push myself. Im 5.4" and approx. 83 kg. My main quest: to play competitive Roller Derby and be an assassin on the track. In order to do this I need to pass my minimum skills and improve my performance overall. 1, To increase my stamina by running to/from work twice a week. Skating twice a week when possible. 2, To increase my strength. My lower body strength is progressing steadily through skating and all the lunges. My upper body strength need serious work. At the end of the 6 weeks I want to be able to do proper push ups! Just one would be good but 10 would be awesome. 3, To lose weight. I don't need to be thin, I need to be capable and agile. I will continue to eat a diet low in sugar and processed foods (my greatest weakness). I would like to lose 3 kg. My motivation is to be everything I believe I can be. To be a strong mother to my son and encourage in him a love of adventure. To be fearless.
  18. Hi RachaelAgnes here, Have recently been discharged from hospital, overweight, old and now asthmatic!! Used to enjoy exercise and looking good - then 20 years happened! My main quest for this challenge is to lose 10-12lb My missions during this quest are: - to do the beginner body work out twice a week - by the end of the quest to have stopped eating bread - to swim at least twice a week. My life quest is to get to a body weight and fitness level that improves my overall health - but especially my asthma! I have looked at the guilds quickly, and the Druids would seem to be my best fit at the moment. Good luck to everyone!
  19. Okay! This is my third time trying this out. I have been to the doctor and now know that I wasn't imagining some of the pain I was going through so my goals will be edited. Satyrs are known for their ability to laze away the days with food and beer, but a love of nature and very creative. A bit sensual and a bit prone to pleasure seeking behavior when work needs to be done instead and I will probably be taking on a Ranger class since the excitement is what tends to keep me coming back for more. My main quest is to drop my body fat percentage to the 20% (but not in this challenge alone) and not to do it by starving myself, but by building muscle. Not that I would have the will power to starve myself. Gross! This satyr wants to frolic her way through life, but wants to feel good and have the energy to do any and all things that strike her! The goals- 1. Weight Train: 3 days a week (I had 4 days, but since it's been a while I was worried I won't hit that goal, so instead of setting myself up to fail I am going to add an extra day of rollerskating.) 2. Swim/Run/Rollerskate: 2 days a week 3. Eat a salad three days a week. Life Goal 1. Spend some time every week sewing. 2. Get some sort of part time job. 3. Do my chores every week. I will upload them on Monday and should be done by Saturday. Pictures and measurements will be uploaded later!
  20. This is going to be largely blank for now, as I am just joining up and not really sure what direction I am headed in yet. I want to do the challenge. But I haven't had time to read up on the in's and out's. So I will post what I have going on to this point. Goal #1. Eat cleaner. I am knocking out convenience store lunches. I find myself grabbing a bag of chips and a taquito for lunch more often than not. I am going to bring my lunch to work with me, and include veggies and protein. Goal #2. Get out and DO SOMETHING. I am going to walk a minimum of 10,000 steps a day. I would also like to be able to do multiple unassisted pull-ups. (I am currently at 1.) I would love some input on this. I am so n00b it hurts right now.
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