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  1. Hey there, hi there, ho there! I'm Afaenia - relocated to the semi-countryside in Japan in February 2014 and after lurking on Nerd Fitness for considerably longer than that, it's time to do what has to be done and face full life consequences. I teach Englsh in an immersion style school so the majority of my day is singing, dancing, yelling and running which ends at 7pm or 8pm, depending on the day... I bike to and from 90% of the places I need to go, because hey, it's free!!. Main Quest: Lose 10kg! If I lose ~0.5kg per week, that should roughly amount to 10 weeks, so let's call it 12. 10
  2. Hi all! I'm Anna Maria, and I'm super excited for my first challenge! Keeping things simple the first time around. I'd love to hear any suggestions/comments you guys have! (Yes, some of my goals have 2 separate grades. I don't know how to amend that.) Main Goal: Adventure! I want to be able to drop what I'm doing and go on any sort of adventure (an extremely strenuous hike, swimming in the ocean, taking the stairs to the top of the Eiffel Tower, etc.) without worrying that I will injure myself specifically as a result of being out of shape. Let's make it quantifiable, though-- I want to
  3. Introduction: Hi, I am UncleHuggyBear and this is my first challenge. I like to ride bikes, however I’m overweight at about 198 lbs and not very well conditioned and going up hills is quite a challenge for me. I’ve joined the rebellion because I want to really change my lifestyle against the Empire of lethargy and laziness in order to ultimately ride a metric and then imperial century on my bike. This isn't my first go around with doing a challenge, but I was in a very bad place mentally about 2.5 years ago and I wasn't having any fun. It didn't help that I was about 1200 miles from my
  4. Name: Alphaprotagonist Status: Cosplayer Gender: Girl Age: 22 Height: 5'2 Weight:143 Interests: I like hiking, urban exploring, and just generally finding new places to be. I've also recently taken up running and yoga in the hopes of having a more holistic approach to my health. Talk to me about Star Trek, conventions, cosplay, or anything else that tickles your fancy. If hiking or camping is your thing, I'd love to hear more. Looking for a squad? Tell me your goals and we'll see if we line up. Regardless, let's be friends! Main Quest: I've never run a 5k before, and I'm hoping to be a
  5. Heyo! First time here and I'm super excited! I'm a runner by nature, but want to get better at putting all the fitness pieces in order, not just running. In the past I've either managed to succeed at running and forego strength training, or vise versa. Diet can be a little wishy-washy too But I feel like I'm doing pretty well at these things individually, I just need to get them all working together. So for this challenge the overarching theme will be: Putting the Pieces Together! My goals are as follows: 1) Train to Be a Better Runner. - Follow the Training Plan That means following th
  6. Hello! So this is my first challenge, so tell me if I'm doing it wrong... _______________________________________________________ From my Intro Post: A bit about me: My name is Beth; I am 33 in November; I am an American living in Australia, and I am a SAHM with a soon to be 4 yo and triplets that just turned two. I am currently 87.9 kg on Day 1, with some fused vertebrae from a car accident ages ago and some military service, and a deep seated need to do this right this time, despite the fact that I have been a 'bare minimum' type of person my whole life. Why I'm doing this: I'm doing
  7. The Curious Cat Chronicles: Chapter One The door swung closed behind her as she stepped outside. Her eyes squinted in the sudden sunlight, and she brought her hand to her face to shade them. Too long spent indoors, Cat thought to herself. She stretched out neglected muscles, felt the tension in her neck and back releasing in percussive unison. Too long spent on dusty papers… Months she had spent nursing old wounds, and looking for answers – but finally, when Cat had all but given up hope, the call came. It was time. There was a long road ahead, and she was not even close to ready to bei
  8. About me: I started biking for transportation over a year ago and I have recently decided I want to step it up and start training for a triathlon. I am a full time student, and I am taking karate classes, so I am rather short on time. I go to karate every day, but I would like to I recently lost 25 lb because of karate, but I'm trying to get down another 5 lb to obtain a "healthy" weight, although I'm really more interested in gaining muscle. Main Quest: Prepare for Sprint Triathlon in Spring 2016 -Run (5k, 3.2mi), Swim (750m, 827yds), Bike (20km, 12mi) Prepare for 10k (6.2mi) in
  9. As the subject says, this is my first challenge. I started NF about 2 weeks ago. Twice in the past I have gotten into pretty good shape (including finishing a few 100 mile cycling rides a few years ago) and have then been derailed with injuries. Right now I have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes that can be directly related to being very overweight. Hopefully this time I am ready to stay on the course regardless of what is thrown at me. Since I am at the beginning of my questing, my goals are about fundamentals. 1: Average 2 pounds a week of weight loss during the six week challenge.
  10. So I signed up for the wipe out run that will be taking place here in Sacramento on September 5. My main goal for my first 6week challenge is to compete and only stop to catch my breath only four times throughout the race. To do that these are the goals I need to meet: Lose 20lbs by September 4 |STR + 3 Not really necessary but it will help me be healthier and in better shape overall for the run. I will work out for at least four days a week. Alternating between light and heavy workouts. A= 22 days B= 16 days C= 11 days D= 5 days F= 0 days Cut soda's out of my diet for 6 weeks |CON +
  11. Hi, I'm Joe. I can't wait to have goals! Goal #1 Eat fewer carbs. This will be tricky since I don't have a quantitative handle on the amount of carbs I eat now (yes, I know, I should track them...consider it done), but in general I want to cut it down since my triglycerides are through the roof and I'm told they are driven by carbs. Goal #2 Run three times a week. I normally get out for two 5Ks, so this will involve more road work, most likely over the weekend. Goal #3 Lift weights twice a week. By lift weights I mean visit the gym at work and hit the strength machines as much as pos
  12. Introduction: Hi all! I've been reading NF for a long time (really, since it was new!), but I never joined the rebellion before. I don't know, I guess I never felt the need, but I've been feeling kind of frustrated with the grad student life lately, and well, wanted to level up somewhere else. Also, I've gained a few pounds and would like to lose them :-) I'm pretty active. When I have class, I bike to school most days (unless it's raining or over 95°F). Since I'm not in school for three more weeks though, I haven't been biking since summer school ended 7/31. I feel kind of silly joinin
  13. Greetings fellow recruits! I'm a 45 year old husband and father of 4 who has spent the last 25 years (unsuccessfully) battling my weight. My job (college professor and department chair) lends itself to a lot of sitting, late nights, and grabbing food on the go. Earlier this summer, I realized that I had gone from being frustrated about my weight to sad and resigned. This terrified me. After knee surgery on June 30 and the 4th of July weekend, I weighed myself on July 5 to find that I weighed more than I ever had. This moved me from sad, resigned, and scared to angry and determined. Since July
  14. Hello all, After running a half marathon last year I started gaining weight, lots of it. A lack of exercise combined with a stressful year (which resulted in lots of eating) wasn't the perfect combination. I have recently started to make some small changes to balance out my life better and these challenges seem the perfect way to stay motivated. My main motivation is that I want to feel healthy in my own body again. I don't want my body to slow me down and make me tired when there is still so much to do and see! Since my eating pattern is a major issue for me, I have dedicated two quests in
  15. My intro is up in the Rebel Intro forum here but in short. I just started with the beginning bodyweight routine on Monday. And here is my log so you know where I started. Goal - I want to be able to hike all around the Giant's Causeway in Ireland next year (sometime in the 2nd half of 2016) without falling and busting my ass. I busted it once. I wound up in the ER. Nothing was broken but do you know how hard it is to sit when you have a deep tissue bruise on your ass the size of a dinner plate?! Destination Link: http://www.discoveringireland.com/vacations/the-giants-causeway/#overview Ave
  16. Hello! First off, I hope you're having a great day! To learn more about me and why I'm here check this out: My Life Story/Intro can be found here! If you like me, Here is my Battlelog! Main Quest: To weigh 155lbs (Currently about 50lbs) SMRT Quests: 1. Bike to work 3 times per week 2. Do 1 Strength training and 1 yoga class/week 3. Food Prep over the weekend for Monday-Friday (food prep on Monday August 3rd for that week due to holiday) Scoring: BIKE: A - 18+ bike rides completed B - 15 bike rides completed C - 12 bike rides completed D -
  17. Hi – I’m Alocin. This is my second go at a challenge – I abandoned one last year while I had some horrible, no-good, very-bad health issues. My backstory is that I lost almost 25 kilos (approx 55 pounds) in 2013-14, through getting a handle on eating better and portion sizes, getting back into swimming, taking up yoga and starting to run (C25K). I was in a really good place for a long time, and was on the cusp of getting down into a healthy weight range for the first time since my late teens/early 20s. Then, about a year ago, I was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety, as well as
  18. Good evening fellow recruits, A little about me: 49 yo F, 5'6" (167cm), 156 pounds (71kg), attorney, mother of a teenager, owned by two cats and a very confused dog. I joined the Rebellion a couple weeks ago to jumpstart my weight loss and fitness efforts. My main goals over the next few months are to lose 10 (ok, 11) pounds before my birthday (December) and to try to PR at a half-marathon on October 31. My quests toward these goals, over the next 6 weeks, are: 1. Track my eating and drinking (all beverages, caloric and not, alcoholic and not) daily. I have the MyFitnessPal app
  19. Hello ! My name is Marie, I've just turned 30 and I'm french (this is important because my english is far from perfect !). I'm a runner (I ran the NY marathon last year), a swimmer and I try very hard to do some yoga everyday (but I'm as stiff as an oak tree so this is challenging). I was in very good shape last year, but after running the NY marathon I let myself go for various reasons (new job, new house, new life, too much stress, etc.) and didn't run or swim for 6 months. As a result I gained a lot of weight (~10kg) and can now barely run a 10k. Plus, my favorite clothes don't fit any
  20. Hi all! I'm Emma. I'm a uni student who looooves music, TV shows and movies (too much), and playing WoW with the husband. Fitness and healthy eating habits were never a priority for me or my family growing up; DH has been trying to encourage me to be healthier for a while, but it has taken me a few years to find my own reasons for wanting to make some changes to my lifestyle. I joined NF for motivation/encouragement - DH and I will both be finishing school in the next few years, and plan to move home and settle down. We both want kids, and I am worried that my current state of fitness or l
  21. Introduction: Hi everyone! I'm Riadho. I'm 25, 175lbs, and 5' 7". I manage a movie theatre, so it's not the best job for inspiring fitness. I love reading books and comics. I'm a little music obsessed. I also like to knit. As far a physical activities, I'm a big fan of hiking, geocaching, biking, and geocaching. I'm trying to change my body and want to be able to keep up with my athletic boyfriend and our dog....and to prove to myself that I can do this! Main Quest: Drop to 14% body fat by the end of the year Quest 1: Practice yoga every single day (I'm lacking in flexibility). M
  22. Hi there. This is my first challenge. I like to write. In fact, I do it for a living. Writing is difficult to do when you aren’t sitting, so I sit most of the day. I weigh a whopping 279 lbs. and I am not 7 feet tall (5'7"). Last week I realized, though I don’t go out near as often as I did in my early 30s, I still drink too damn much for my off work activity. I’ve already spent a week detoxing. No alcohol and eating only whole foods. And it has been fricking amazing! I wake up like a champ raring to go. So I see it – I see where I want to go. I was never a large person until I hi
  23. Introduction: Hello, I'm Tael and this is my first challenge. I really enjoy the outdoors and want to go hiking/camping more often, but my endurance is almost nothing. I used to be more active in college, but since then have gotten more used to the sedentary lifestyle of working as a tutor and sitting down with kids for long periods of time. I joined the rebellion because I would really like to get out and explore forest/mountain trails. I'm pumped up about working out alongside a group of people holding me to my goals! Main Quest: Lose 50lbs by December I currently weigh 243 lbs at
  24. Main goal: Over the next year, I'm going to lose 50lbs, be able to run a 5k in 30 minutes, and greatly increase my flexibility and strength. And I want to be able to do a pull up. Oh and I want to get good with a longbow, but I won't own one til probably Christmas. I have some experience through an archery class but I want to increase my speed and accuracy. Challenge goals: workout 5 days a week (swimming, running, climbing, yoga and/or zumba class); cut out meat, dairy, and soda; go on at least 1 hiking trip. Life goals: help clean the house, dedicate time to taking care of myself mentally.
  25. Main quest: Get ready for travelling and volunteering overseas in less than two years' time. Ideally this involves losing 30kg, running a 5k race, and lifting heavy things on a regular basis. Going to focus on running right now because I like it, there's very little prep (no excuses) and the most important thing right now is momentum, but I consider strength to be a priority overall. 6-week challenge goals: 1. Run with Zombies, Run! 3 days a week Approximately 30min per episode. Possibility this will aggravate an old injury - if so, I will switch to bike riding or bodyweight strength exerc
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