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  1. Hello Newbie here! Not just to this site but to general fitness and good nutrition. i hope to become more active and be able to run without kneeling over and dying a little after the first minute. Plan to post more after i complete some challenges!
  2. Hi Everyone I fell off the band wagon part way through my first challenge in November, and have been scared to get back into things since then, but here I am! My main quest is to run a 5K colour me rad run on June 29th, since my sister is ecstatic to do it, and really wants to run it together. I originally wanted my goal to be to get under 200 lbs, but maybe that will be a nice side effect of training for the run! Goals: 1) get up to running 90 seconds at a time (with 2 min of walking in between) 2) 1 strength training session and 2 yoga sessions per week 3) work down to consuming sugary/ processed foods only 3x/ week I'll be breaking these down each week, as I want to gradually work up to the goals (Especially the running one since I have a knee with a history of injuries and surgeries). I'll upload beginning stats tomorrow. For week 1, here are the goal breakdowns (out of a max of 5 points each): 1) Do physio exercises daily 5 pts = 7/7 days 4 pts = 6/7 days 3 pts = 5/7 days 2 pts = 4/7 days 1 pt = 3/7 days 2) 15 min yoga session 2x 5 pts = both sessions 3 pts = 1 session 0 pts = no yoga 3) 7 sugary/ processed foods 5 pts = 7 treats 3 pts = 10 treats 0 pts = 12+ treats Life Goal: spend at least 35 min a week (5 min a day) cleaning! 5 pts = 35 min 3 pts = 25 min 0 pts = 15 min or less
  3. I'm very happy that I joined just in time for the next Challenge to start! My main Quest: I would like to fit into my pants (again) without the ugly fat spilling over Goals: -Run a 10K -Cut out pop completely (starting from 5 a day) -Strength train at least 3x per week Good luck other questers!
  4. Hello, hello! I'm super excited about this challenge. I've already started a few things early because I couldn't wait ! (Note: This might get edited in the next couple of days as I think more about it, but for me it's a big challenge posting and since I have a general idea of where/what I want to be/do I thought I'd post something to tear off the band-aid so to speak.) Main Goal: To look good in this pair of shorts I have: might take a couple of challenges. So for starting, since I'm starting at level 0 (I'm a personal trainer, but it happens to us all) is to: To build a foundation of daily habits that promote health and well being; an aim to decrease fatigue, increase strength, and feel better than I do on average at the moment. Two longer term goals which aren't the focus of this challenge per say, but will benefit from it anyway: 1) Finish the 10 mile run we participated in last year without getting injured while racing and thus having a better time. (This was the Disney: Tower of Terror 10 mile race if anyone is interested. It was a blast, but I got the most major cramp at the 10k mark in my hip flexor and my time went from 11 minutes a mile to 18 minutes a mile. It sucked.) 2) Walk to Mordor and back. So the three smaller goals that support the main goal are: Food: 1. Eat 2 paleoish meals a day. 2. Limit added sugars. 3. Minimal grains (rice and quinoa are acceptable). I say "paleoish" because I've tried the whole30 thing before and cold turkey does not work for me. So I guess those will be more primal meals following an 80/20 rule; more primal than paleo. I've got my meals mostly planned out for the moment and if I stick pretty close to that plan (minor deviations because of life are fine) I'm going to call it a job well done. Exercise: 1. Use the gym for me, not for others, 3 times per week. 2. Start a habit of morning sun salutations. 3. Do cardio (HIIT or running or a class) 2 times per week. I work at a local gym personal training and working our front desk, so a lot of times the last thing I want to do is stay there. However, I always feel better when I workout so there's not really an excuse not to. As for my specific workouts: It depends on how I'm feeling on a specific day-- if I over plan it ends up not happening so all I need to know is that 3 days a week I will workout, probably MWF. I will lift something heavy and call it a job well done. I'm a fan of big movements that use lots of muscles the better. Deadlifts are my favorite. (I've converted a few very cute, itty bitty, senior ladies to deadlifts and big movements. They just got cuter because of it! I love them ). General Health: 1. Make sure I get enough iron. (This should happen on it's own eating well.) 2. Drink 64 oz of water a day. The iron goal is because I'm suffering from iron deficiency anemia (which is partly why I've gotten so out of shape-- just too tired and such). When I make sure I am getting enough iron I always feel better; I've got pills, but I'm trying to get the iron mostly through diet-- liver, meats, bone broths, eggs, spinach, etc. I'm horrible at taking pills. Life Goal: 1. Write 1,200 words daily. In my non personal trainer life I'm a writer. I write fantasy mostly and some sci fi. I've let this slide, but am slowly getting back in the habit. 1,200 words is not difficult for me to hit, I just have to put my butt in the chair and do it. Starting stats for fun: Height: 5'4" Weight: 124lbs BF%: Around 23% last I measured. I'm not really interested in measuring this at the moment. But if we ever find the fat calipers at work (they ran off, maybe they are scared of the new management, lol) I might measure again. Not a big deal for me. Shoulders: 35.4" Chest: 30.9" Bicep: 10.8" Forearm: 8.8" Waist: 24" Hips: 38.5" Thigh: 22.8" Calf: 13.5" Also starting at: the worst diet ever, standing up all day at work and demonstrating exercises, but besides an occasional walk or class or morning yoga I am very non-active. Everything can only get better from here. I'm not going to do a grading system. I'm doing a second degree in Dietetics (my first is in Art) and I already have too much of my life dependent on a grade. I can't go through life grading myself on an A,B,C,D,E,F scale. I know what I can do in a week, in a day, in an hour. I know what doesn't work for me because I've done all of this before and so what I've planned here is very manageable for me. I know what I won't do regardless of my good intentions and planning. I'll be grading pass/fail. It's great to be here! --Dany
  5. I am Prince Rassidan, the last remaining member of a my race. Gather round and I shall tell you my tale. Long ago a great battle transpired between my race and that of mankind. My race had once ruled over all the lands but the greed of the humans knew no bounds. They conspired that it should be they who ruled the world as they believed that their greater numbers made up for the lacking in spirituality that humanity seemed to lack. So when the war started my race was slowly pushed back until finally we gathered in the capital city for our last stand. The siege raged on for weeks until finally the city was breached and all those inside were put to the sword. I fought valiantly and bravely but against the odds it was only a matter of time until my end came. With one fatal blow to the knee I fell from the wall and into the cold depths of the sea below. It took all of my effort to avoid drowning in that water and my efforts were not in vain as I eventually found land and with the last of my strength heaved myself ashore and collapsed on the each of my salvation. Once I awoke it was to my surprise that a group of angels had seen fit to my eventual recovery. It took years for me to recover from the wounds and scars of that great battle but the damage had already been done and with the first few steps out of that door I entered into the world anew and with the knowledge that I was the last. It was up to me alone to exact the revenge of my people but I was not yet ready for such a task as my knee still suffered from the previous injuries, a constant reminder of what needed accomplished. Main Quest It is apparent to me at the outset of this journey my first task must be to cure my knee. In order to accomplish this goal I have decided to tackle it from three different directions. The first goal is to ensure I stick to a strict regime of running no less than three times a week to try and build up the endurance in my knee again. The second goal is to have a day devoted to strengthening my legs to try and relieve the stress placed on the joint. The third goal is to try and make it below 215 lbs. to ensure my knee is not supporting so much weight anymore. Side Quests Now in order for me to succeed in my journey I must not limit my only growth to just the desire to be in the best fighting shape I could hope to be. I must also train my mind and to help with that I have decided to take on a simple life quest to enhance the desirability of my life. I am to aquire a book to help train myself on one computer certification. Now it may take some time to build up the knowledge needed to aquire such a certification but one must start somewhere. Motivation My motivation is very simple and it is to ensure that I can continue my journey without the need to worry about my knee being in constant pain due to my prior injury. It is by healing this wound that I will be capable of completing all future tasks that may be required of me and accomplishing all I wish to see in this life.
  6. so, this time, i am determined to complete a six week challenge! my first challenge, i got halfway through, before giving up, but this time failure is not an option! MAIN GOAL - to be the best i can be. mentally, physically, academically, creatively, everything-ly. i want to be able to face anything and beat it. GOAL 1 - running. i have my very first ever 5k on the 16th march (about halfway through this challenge) which i'm running with my best friend. out aim is to run 3k, walk 1k, and run the final 1k. easy for her, but i struggle to run a whole kilometre right now. so i need to run a lot. daily, in fact. for the first three weeks of this challenge, i need to run every single day. for the second three weeks, i will probably drop down to only 5 times a week, ready to amp it back up to 6 times (what i've been doing for the past month or so) for my next SWC. A = 36 runs. B = 30-35 runs. C = 25-34 runs. F = anything less. Update: (posted below, on the 9th march): a goal changing update: - so, another pub local has offered for me to start working with two of his horses, bringing them on and getting them back into work. with storm, and the spotty ponies i'm going to help maisie with, that brings me to four horses, minimum, to work with. horses, for me, will always be priority over everything and anything, followed closely by work. this week, i'm working split shifts every day (bringing me to about 10 days solid of splits by the end, maybe more), and so with the horses and with work, i'm not sure how much time i'll have to focus on running and the gym and swimming etc. since i'm now not doing the 5k next sunday, i'm changing my running goal - decreasing from 36 runs over the 6 weeks, to 24. this seems like a much more realistic goal for me right now, and means i can focus on a couple of decent workouts a few times a week, instead of stretching myself too thinly. A = 24 runs. B = 23-20 runs. C = 19-15runs. F = anything less. GOAL 2 - riding. i'm so glad the weather's starting to improve and the sun's staying out longer; it means i can ride more! i want to get storm (the pony i ride) back up to the fitness level he was before christmas, so that i can start jumping him! i'm aiming to ride 4 times a week, including at least 10 minutes of bareback riding (great for the abs!). A = 24 rides, 1 hour bareback. B = 20-23 rides, 45-59mins bareback. C = 15-19 rides, 30-44mins bareback. F = anything less. GOAL 3 - planning. i need to plan my days / weeks out better, so i have time to fit everything in. this means every evening (even if i don't finish work til midnight, or if i stay at a friends house) i have to plan out the next day. easy task, so a pass if i do it every night and a fail otherwise. Pass / Fail. i decided not to give myself a side goal, because i find it hard enough to focus on three things at once! next challenge, for sure. good luck everyone!!
  7. First up, I wish I had found you guys a year ago when I started my fitness journey (well the REAL journey, the one I've actually stuck to) - great to be in like-minded company! So for my main challenge: I want to run 5k. I've always hated running (I came last by a long way in any forced-upon-me race in school, and turn a ghastly shade of red whenever doing aerobic activity) but now I need to embrace my self-imposed limitations and push past them. I usually do bodyweight training and pole, so the strength is getting better, but some cardiovascular activity will go a long way in helping me improve in the stuff I actually like doing. The time has come to stop avoiding it. How I'm getting there: - Train once a week at a running bootcamp (went today for the first time, man it's tough) - Run home from my other classes 3 times per week - Get 8 hours sleep (and less time time wasting on the web into the early hours) Here's to a good start to the week.
  8. Main Quest Run a 5k! (The Color Run in Fort Lauderdale, FL on May 10, 2014) Ever since I heard of the color run, AKA "The Happiest 5K on the Planet," I've wanted to be a part of it. So I've decided to start training for it! 1. I will go running 3 days per week for 20 minutes each workout. 2. I will get 8 hours of sleep every night. 3. I will exercise my core and legs 3 days per week. Life Quest: Get a driver's license! Due to severe anxiety surrounding the whole idea of driving, I've never been able to get a license. But it's time to change that. I'm very nearly there already; all that's left is to get in the practice and study time, get the documentation to prove my address, and go take the test. "What's your motivation? Why are you trying to live a better life?" Because I'm tired of being stuck in the slow lane of life, commiserating with miserable bastards. I don't want to become bitter like them; I want to leave them and their unhealthy cycle behind! I want to spend time with amazing people! I want to go amazing places and do amazing things! I want to run far without tiring and lift heavy things without help. I want to climb trees and mountains and swim across lakes. I am not content to never be more than this. I'll be following the "Couch to 5k" Running Plan!
  9. Brand new here and came across the Paleo diet information and got into everything else on this site. Back in 2012 my sister signed me up for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon, which I half assed trained for. To say I felt horrible crossing the finish would be an understatement. This year I did train a bit better, but not as well as I should, so I'm hoping to start taking this a bit more seriously. Now my sister has signed me up for the Wine and Dine to get my first Coast to Coast medal this November. What makes this a bit more challenging for me is that I broke my left leg back in 2006 and now have an IM rod and pins in my leg. So walking and let alone running feels awkward. Also, as the miles add on I start putting more weight on my good leg and that tends to cause fatigue which tends to slow me down - but at least I keep a good enough pace to not get swept! Plus, I can verify that diet is 80% of your weight loss plan. When I broke my leg I lost 30 lbs in two months because I couldn't go out and eat junk food. I had to eat only what my parents gave me, and that was pretty much what would be on the Paleo diet - so I know it works! Anddddd on top of all that I'm diabetic too. The last couple of months I've been very depressed and not watching my diet or blood sugars. Having the out of sight, out of mind mentality so I didn't see that I was out if control. Right now I'm still on pills, but I'm taking 1,000 mg two times a day. Pretty much I got lazy and hoped the meds would do all the work and I could eat all that I wanted. Pretty much I have quite a mess to clean up, but I'm hoping with this challenge to take it step by step and make it manageable. Currently I'm 5' 2" and at 187. I'll try getting pictures up tomorrow to track my progress as well. Now to get down to business. MAIN QUEST Fit comfortably again into my size 12 jeans, with no "overflow". Maybe even need to buy smaller jeans. THREE SIDE QUESTS 1) Start my intermediate running program to get conditioned for the half marathon training. 2) Track my blood sugar once a day. 3) Start easing into the Paleo diet and have one cheat day. LIFE SIDE QUEST Obtain my Microsoft Certification. (Word and Excel Expert, Access, and Sharepoint) MY MOTIVATION Get my diabetes under control and reduce my dosage.
  10. So this is my first challenge, like most people on this board, and I’ve decided to set my first challenge as follows; Run 5k The reason I have opted for this is because I signed up to run the race for life in May this year. I really suck at running, like majorly suck. I’m hoping by using this as a challenge to work on I may be able to track my progress a bit better and work towards the quest in a more structured way. My three goals for this quest are; Do heavy cardio atleast3 times a week Do strength training at least 3 times a week Monitor diet for clean quality food intake. These seem like pretty basic goals, but as I have never done a challenge I wanted to set myself goals that would help me with my quest, but that weren't too specific. My life side quest for this challenge is to finish my nutrition course, I've been neglecting it for a little while due to other things happening in my life and need that little more pressure to get it finished.
  11. Hey Everyone - To be honest, I haven't spent much time on this site yet but from what I have seen it will be a really good resource for my current push to develop/maintain a healthier lifestyle. I'm looking forward to everyone I'll "meet" and everything I'll learn. Details: I'm a 28 year old female. I'm currently at 201 lbs which is already a 25 lb weight loss from my highest post-pregnancy weight. My long term goal is to 150-160 lbs but I'm going to have a huge shopping spree to celebrate when I hit 180. Main quest: Short Term - Improve diet, follow Paleo recipes/choices Mid Term - Run my first 5k Long Term - Lose weight and inches Specific Goals: Short Term (6ish wk) - My husband recently introduced our house to Paleo / clean-eating. I'm a very picky eater and a huge carb fanatic so the first week was a bit of a struggle... then I completely fell off the wagon. My goal over the next 6 weeks is to eat Paleo-style for 80-90% of the week. I'm not saying 100% because I don't feel it is realistic to never cave to a strong caving... and I'm not giving up daily but will limit it substantially. Mid Term (3ish months) - Run my first 5k... I've always been intrigued by people that run long distance but I know I'm not built to be a marathon runner. Instead, I've decided I'm going to try to run a 5k each month during summer. I'm about 1/2 way through a C25K program but week 4 is giving me some issues. Long Term - I want to be a size 8. I don't know where that will put my weight but since high school I've had size 8 in my head and I'm not sure why but it sounds like a realistic goal. At my highest I was up to a size 18 or 16W. I'm currently comfortably in a normal size 16. Lifestyle goal: I started some certification in my area of study a few years ago before I got pregnant and never finished them. They are a series of five exams and I have only completed two so far. I want to get back to my certifications and take time out for me. Life is hectic as a mom and wife with a full time career but I know if I focus I can fit it all in to my schedule. I think this was everything that they recommended to include in the first post. I'm looking forward to really changing my lifestyle and seeing the results! Maybe if all goes well I'll even wear shorts this summer... haven't done that in years! Good luck to everyone!
  12. MAIN QUEST Lose weight and fit into (size large) Los Pollos Hermanos t-shirt. MISSIONS ​Ride spin-cycle or bike 30-45 minutes 3 times per week. Drink no more than 2 soft drinks a week. Complete Total-Body Dumbbell Workout (http://www.menshealth.com/best-life-magazine/exericse-anywhere#.) 3 times per week. SIDE QUESTS LIFE QUEST Finish all assignments and projects on time. MOTIVATION Live Longer. Feel Better. Do More.
  13. My brother started his first NF challenge during the first-of-the-year surge. He and I are basically the same person. I was lamenting my lack of motivation to do the things I think I want to do toward the goals I think I want to achieve today and he said "you need a NF challenge, like, yesterday." So here I am. I am a nerd by proxy and am slowly learning about RPG's and XP. I will be following my brother's format and awarding myself XP on a daily/weekly basis. I need to see my progress little by little and I need to see that every day I do something is progress. Main Quest: More than anything in the world, I want to achieve a life-goal on purpose. I have a long list of things I want to accomplish in life - I always have. I don't think I have ever been successful in reaching a goal when it wasn't an accident of my circumstances and natural abilities. I have one BA and an MA - but so long as I am enrolled in a school and can borrow the money for tuition, I will earn that degree. I won't get great grades, but I will graduate. This 6 weeks is about measuring my success on goals that are important to me...it's about doing something every day, even if it's just a little - rather than doing nothing because a little bit feels useless in reaching big, scary goals. Goals: Running - I will run 3 days a week (preferably, Monday/Friday/Sunday based on my schedule) in pursuit of completing a C25K program over the next 9 weeks. I want to be able to run 5K's this summer without worrying about training. Ultimately, I would love to train my kiddo (9yo boy) to run 5Ks with me. For every C25K workout I complete, I will earn 10XP toward Constitution, for a total possible 180XP. I will deduct 1XP for each day I complete the workout after it's prescribed day. Diet - I have successfully completed 2 Whole30's in the last year but have always gone off plan 1,000% almost immediately after Day 30 (for wedding planning last spring and vacation earlier this month). This time I will complete another Whole30 and also 10 days of reintroduction. Each of those 40 days will earn me 10XP toward Constitution and Intelligence (400XP total possible). After those 40 days I will decide how many off plan foods/snacks/meals I can have in a week and still continue to reach my goals of maintaining healthy metabolism while burning fat. Housekeeping - Our house is often overrun with the messiness of daily life. It doesn't take long before my perfectionism, combined with natural laziness paralyzes me from doing the work to get things back in order. During this 6 weeks, I will clean 20 minutes on at least 2 weekdays (5XP per session) and I will clean at least one hour on the weekends (10XP per hour). These XP will be applied to Wisdom. This goal can earn me 120XP over the course of 6 weeks. Python - I am working to complete an introductory CS class through MIT's open source courses. This class will help me to discover if CS is something I want to pursue as a career change. I will complete 1 lecture and 1 assignment per week and earn XP toward Intelligence: 10 XP per 1-hour lecture and 20XP per assignment, leaving a possibility of 180XP. After six weeks of successful work, I will have earned 880XP. woot Life Side Quest: While this flurry of activity has taken over my life, I will also work to determine how and when I might enter nursing school. By the end of this six weeks, I hope to have a firm plan for my career and educational goals for the next 2-5 years. Motivation: This whole thing is about making my accomplishments feel more real so I learn to just plug along every day. I want to take pride in chopping down a tree and not just see how many trees there are still to chop down in the forest. I want to value my hard work, not just the "accomplishments" that I stumble upon. Thanks for being so smart, baby brother. Together we shall fix it all.
  14. How silly is it that I'm having a bit of anxiety posting here.. hopefully I follow the directions correctly So... Main Quest: Tone body and fit comfortably in pants again (Lately it seems that as soon as I get off work and into my car, I unbutton my pants so I can "breathe"!) 3 smaller/specific goals: 1) By the end of these 6 weeks, I will eat at least one veggie per day. A: Eat a veggie a day for 5-6 weeks B: " " for 3-4 weeks C: " " for 2 weeks D: " " for 1 week F: " " for less than a week 2) Practice kickboxing techniques once a week [i recently started a kickboxing class, which I attend twice a week. My goal is to practice the techniques I learn every week so I could level up to the advance kickboxing class while getting my body in shape] A: 6 times (over 6 week period) B: 5 times C: 4 times D: 3 times F: 2-1 times 3) Walk/run for at least 20 minutes, 3 times a week. A: 15-18 times B: 12-14 times C: 9-11 times D: 6-8 times F: 0-5 times Life Quest: Complete at least 50% of reading assignments every week so I'm not cramming when finals come. (Grading: Pass or Fail) Motivation: ...so why am I here? Being healthy is one of the few things in life we can control... I want to master my mind and defeat my doubts. I want to feel good about how I look on the outside and the inside. Can't believe I'm actually posting this!
  15. Hello everyone! I am very, very excited to begin this challenge and do as much as I can to start being healthier now I am 19 years old and a sophomore in college. I gained a little bit of weight last year and want to lose it. However, am less concerned with losing the weight than just increasing my muscle/decreasing fat and at that point I can assess my weight more. I am in the healthy range for a 5’7†female—currently about 145lbs. I have not been in very good shape for a very long time because I stopped doing sports in elementary school. I do Tang Soo Do, a Korean martial art, but my studio is not very intense and I could always get by without having to train harder. All of my friends and other people who know I do it believe I am very fit just based on the fact that I do a martial art…but that is definitely an inaccurate assumption. I tested this past fall again and preparing for that over the summer alongside my friends who are either my age or just starting high school, I felt way out of my league. I really struggled with body image and whether or not I was good enough to deserve testing. In the end the support of my family and friends got me through it and I passed! However, I do not want to feel that again. I know everyone is unique, but it is hard when you feel like there is no way you are strong enough to do something because even the little 13 year old boy next to you can crank out 50 pushups no problem and the girl you look up to most is basically a super hero like the rest of her family. But now I am going to stop looking at myself in comparison to everyone else and just get down to business and be the person I want to be rather than wallowing in self-doubt. Whew, sorry that took a much stronger turn than I anticipated… So now I am finally starting to work out and eat healthy. Because of that my goals may get edited quite a bit as the challenge starts and I figure out my schedule and how achievable my goals actually are in the next 6 weeks Some of this may be a bit verbose, but it helps me if I write it all out and can look at it rather than keeping it all floating around in the abyss of my brain. My Main Goal: To be noticeably stronger and toned, and have a higher endurance (maybe able to run a 5K). I ultimately want to feel good in my swim suit this summer, but to start off with I have a couple of pairs of slacks that I love, but just don’t quite fit right. My friends say I look great in them, but they are very good friends and rather forgiving of any extra fat that may be showing As a long-term goal I am also walking to Mordor, and back again, at the same time as my sister. Goals: 1) Eat every meal as paleo as I can. Dinner is difficult as I am on a college meal plan, but breakfast and lunch (and snacks) I generally do on my own so there aren’t any excuses. I also know I feel better when I have been eating healthier, and drinking enough water. I am really trying to eat healthier, including adding in those veggies that I don’t tend to eat…I am really focusing on doing the best I can with allowances here and there to keep me on track. The biggest challenge will be during the stress of exams when I tend to eat anything that contains sugar—no late night runs to a coffee shop with friends where we all end up getting huge, sugar-loaded drinks (at least not where I buy anything). 2) Hold to my schedule of Zumba class 2 days a week and working out at the gym at least 2 days a week. Ideally I will do some other exercises. Friday: cardio or weights or a long walk/sprints. Saturday: At least go for a 30 minute walk, preferably in the morning so I am ready to start on homework instead of laying around. I do need to make sure not to bite off more than I can chew. 3) Get up and walk for at least 10 minutes in the morning before I do anything else and/or walk for 10-20 minutes in the evening as a refreshing break from school and homework. Life Quest: Read the chapter for Organic Chemistry before we start learning it in class and stay on top of the homework—learn all the reactions!! Also, for, ahem, a break from homework: go for a walk or read a book. Find one quote a week to write down and stick on my wall--I always say I will go back through a few books I read last year and write down quotes, but I never seem to. Motivation: I am ready to get in shape like I have said I would for the past four years, it isn’t like it should be that difficult because I am not overweight. I am tired of coming up with excuses for why I haven’t gone to the gym or done any sort of exercise and by extent not being able to wear the clothes I want to with confidence. Onwards! To the treasure and rewards that await at the end... ~Keldream Nebula
  16. So, this is my first challenge, and it coincides with my first week at university, so here goes that as well! Anyway, I wanted to do this because I've always been a loner, always staying quiet, no face to face interaction, no exercise. Just me and my computer screen for most of the day. Because of that, I'm not eating properly, and I'm unfit. In completing this challenge, I hope to be able to get out more, and be sociable, be outgoing, be energetic. Also, I want to feel good about the way I treat my body, and if by the end of it I end up in better shape, then yay! Anyway, my quests (if anyone has any suggestions or amendments to add, feel free to bug me about them!): Main Quest: to be more physical, outgoing and confident in my personality. Specific goals: 1. Join a sports team OR pick up a martial art. Haven't decided what yet, will check what Uni offers tomorrow. 2. Eat 3 square meals a day. Methinks this will be the one to watch out for. I often forget to eat. 3. Have an hour long workout 3 times a week. Probably gonna go for the body weight ones here at NF. Side Quests: Life SQ: Ask someone out (answer is irrelevant) Fitness SQ: Participate in some sort of athletic or sports competition. A marathon, a swimming carnival, a hopscotch medley, anything really!
  17. Hiya I'm WildRiceGirl! Level 1 Troll Priest, 29 year old, 5'9, 280.7 lbs. I actually started my quest last week, I couldn't wait. I'm ready to finally take my life in my own hands and complete all my life quests. I am morbidly obese and will change my diet and exercise regime so that I can be a healthy weight, super sexy, and as a direct result finally comfortable in my own skin. 6 Month Goal In the next six months I would like to complete a triathlon. The ways that I will achieve this are as follows Go to Spin classes at least 3 times a weekSwim at least 3 times a week Be able to run at least one 8 minute mileBe able to run a 10K 6 Week Goal Become completely acclimated to Paleo and down 35 pounds. Complete Spin class at least once per weekNot miss any runs in my C25K programComplete the Beginner Workout program 3 times a week.Eat completely Paleo at least 3 continuous weeks without a slip up. Side Life Goal Pay one outstanding bill
  18. That's my 1st challenge: just to get off the couch and exercise. I'm a big procrastinator and I always keep putting it off, so just making sure I'll actually get started with some kind of fitness routine might be a good first challenge for me. So... Main quest: Get off the couch and get into a fitness routine Goals: - hike at least 10km (6 miles) a week - do 1 yoga workout a week - complete the Leslie Sansone 'Walk Away the Pounds - 1 Mile' workout DVD 3 times a week Life quest: Study Swedish for at least 3 hours every week Motivation: I just want to have a healthy body again, fit and slender. I still have a long way to go, but so did Frodo and Sam, and they also made it in the end!
  19. Motivation I seem to have lost sight on what's important health wise from where I was full of inspiration last year and I want to get that back Main Quest -Lose weight, at least 10 lbs Missions -I work at DQ part-time, sooo: have ice cream once a week instead of every shift - Don't skip workouts - Drink water every day Life Side Quest -Be more obviously affectionate to my family Starting stats... I am weighing in at 239. I'm pretty disappointed in this. I started 2013 at 249 and got down to 213 and ended up gaining almost all of it back during the Winter. I want to be under 200 by summer, and my diet is my weakness and what holds me back. And as hard as it is and I know I rock at working out. I need to step outside my comfort zone and and focus on my diet. I am a runner, but I live in WI and don't own a treadmill and am scared to run outside in this mess. I thought I wasn't losing any weight while running, but after taking the Winter off I can see how valuable it was to me!! I will work on my profile tomorrow, I just wanted to get this in ASAP as soon as I saw it
  20. hello everyone! so this is my first challenge around here and here it goes: main quest # building muscle and get stronger so i won't get injured when i run (which i love doing but i'm still learning how to!). in order to do that, my sub-quests are # focusing on strength workouts at least 3 times a week. # keeping up with my diet and lose at least 8 more kgs by the end of the challenge. # starting a cross-training activity (probably swimming) - to perform at least 3 times a week. life side quest # practicing my writing skills - i'm working on my thesis project this semester and i plan on writing a little bit every week so i won't find myself at the end of june with loads to do on a short time notice. motivation this is it, guys: life is too short for us not to live it the best way we can! i've finally realised how great having healthy habits is for your life in general - in the last six months i've already lost 23 kgs (and i still got 18 to lose!), quit smoking and started running. all aspects of my life have improved and i hope i can keep on going! let's do this!
  21. I'm just posting this again since I posted it about a week and a half before the last challenge ended. Main Quest Get down to below 200 lbs by 1/1/2015 last weigh-in: 238 lbs Goals 1) Work out 5 days a week -- Right now I am just getting back into a routine of running and weight training and general body weight fitness. 2) Run a half marathon -- I have run a few in the past, but I have found that if I don't have a race that I'm training for, I tend to miss workouts. I will be signing up for one by the next challenge period and running it this summer. 3) Eat healthy! -- When my workouts and weight loss was working, I was tracking all of my food consumption, so I was accountable for everything that went in my mouth. I plan on doing this again. I have liked the iOS app LoseIt! Life Quest Pay Down Debt! financial health is just as important as physical health and mental health. I have a mountain of debt that I need to do away with. I hope to pay off at least one credit card and then use the snowball method to attack the other ones. Motivation Captain America, Thor, and Superman! I want to look like them. If I can't do that, then I just want the next best thing. I want to look good naked. I don't think I've seen the south side of 200 lbs since I was 19 and at 32, I'm ready to see it again.
  22. This is my first time on this site and therefore my first challenge. I have been an on and off fitness person. I have completed two mud runs and done a few 5ks. I have not however ever run an entire event. I recently suffered a knee injury that has frustrated me to say the least. A trainer I know turned me on to the Paleo diet (lifestyle) and from there I found my way here. I have little support and therefore hope that this will be my modivation that I need to stick with it. I feel like it was somewhat fate. I am signed up to do my first 10k in exactly six weeks, April 5th. So my goals are as follows: Main Quest: Run a 10K Sub goals: <To regularly run a 5k with no walking and to do so a couple of times a week <To lose 20 lbs (this will help my knee as well and would only be a start) < To be completely following a Paleo lifestlye My Life Quest would be to pay off my small store credit cards. (I have three) I know that this is all possible if I don't give up. Which has been my norm. I am also in a program at our local gym called the (try-a-tri program). It is scheduled for April 26th. A few weeks after the challenge is over. That is truly my Ultimate goal. To complete this program and successfully complete the Tri would truly be an accomplishment. Now to stay motivated!!!
  23. Bang. Challenge one. I am setting the intention that this will be another of my lifes turning points. The moment I will look back on and recognise as being a big step forward in building a healthy eating habit and getting the the body that I want and deserve. I will become more agile, fit and strong. I will eat less and healthier. I will cut out the negative head chat and will do the right thing and be kind to myself. Life is a thousand nows and I'm hungry to make the most of them. Goals: Lose 10kg - these seems unrealistic but I am confident that the with the amount of water weight I am carrying from binge eating it is entirely healthy and achievable. Intermittent fasting with a fasted workout 5 days a week. I am going to push for 6 but I think that 5 is realistic, especially for the first few weeks. I will be doing a fasted workout at 12 each working day and will probably hit the gym on the weekend for fun as well. I'll also do some light fasted cardio in the morning, hopefully busting morning sprints by the end of the 6 weeks. Run 6km in 30 minutes - the biggest thing holding me back with this is the fact I am topping out he scales at 128kg and that at the moment I am ridiculously undisciplined. I'll be starting to complete this challenge over the last two weeks of the six. I'm confident that I'll have something to smile about when i complete this. GET SOME!
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