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  1. Hello everyone! After recommendation from a friend and newfound desire to get past this plateau I've been on for years, I decided to join Nerd Fitness! Main Quest Goal #1: To run my first 5k in a time that I'm proud of. My personal record running a 5k by myself was about 27:54, which is about a 9 MPH pace. I want to take this down to 8:30/mile if possible. I'm planning on training 3-4 days a week doing intervals and maybe distance once a week, but the 5k I'm planning on running is in a little over 3 weeks. So I need to get going on this! I'm training in Denver and running at sea level
  2. Greetings everyone! Here goes, my first challenge. I found the site a couple months ago and have been lurking around ever since. Time to really step up and get my self out there, so lets see. Main quest: To be able to run the full 5k non-stop (again). Quest #1: Strength training a minimum of 3 times a week. Haven't been able to stick with that one lately, normally good for a few days then just get lazy. Quest #2: Complete my runs at under the 9 min/mile mark, consistently. I can sometime hit that mark, or just right over it, but never more than just one day, after that good d
  3. Mild re-posting, not sure how to go about it but anyway... I'm goldfever, a 24 year-old chap from Bristol, UK. I work an office job during the week and study most weekends. I'm a keen cyclist (at least, I was) but experienced a few sucker punches in the past 6 months that has affected my waistline, and to an extent my general happiness. My main quest will be best measured by losing 5kg (11lb) to get myself down to 86kg (190lb) by the end of the challenge. By doing this I expect to have improved fitness, health and mental wellbeing. My goals to attempt to succeed in this quest include: Cy
  4. Hey y'all, This is my first attempt at the six week challenge, I'm determined to succeed. But I know I need back-up, if y'all have any advice for a first timer I'd appreciate it. My goals are as follow: Main goal: Be able to hold a run for 1 mile and begin building functional strength Grading scale: A: Run 3 times a week and strength twice a week B: Run 2 times a week and strength once a week C: Run 1 time a week and strength once a week D: Walk 30mins a day, no strength F: Do nothing Side Quest #1: Eat paleo twice a day A: Eat paleo twice a day for a week B: Eat paleo twice a day for 3
  5. [Dr. Nick voice] Hi, everybody! [/Dr. Nick] I've been an NF lurker for over a year and a half and am finally joining what is surely one of the coolest communities around. I've always considered myself to be some degree of fat/pudgy, and to have man boobs more than pecs. I'd rather be strong than skinny though, and since November I've been slowly but surely working my way up to 4 days/week of working out or skiing. I'm enjoying weightlifting for the numerical progress I can track and seeing muscles pop out for the first time in years, and my 2-3 days/week of skiing lets me utilize those gains t
  6. Paeli Profession: Adventurer (potentially Ranger or Scout… TBD) My name is Paeli, I’m a female half-giant (5'10", 195lbs) in my mid 20s. This is my first Nerd Fitness challenge. I enjoy cycling and was a bike commuter before switching jobs 2 years ago. I planning to resume that when the weather improves (after this challenge, most likely). My previous distance record bicycling was 60km in a day. I would like to exceed that. Brief history, I lost 100 lbs in 2012 & have maintained about 75lbs of that loss. My ultimate quest is to finish my weight loss in 2015! For now - I have chall
  7. Introduction: Hi! Karma here. This is my first time trying NF, or anything like it! I'm female, late 20's, and I had always been really active. College athlete and after college I did a few sprint triathlons, and began training for an olympic distance tri. My roadblock popped up a few years back...intense hip pain while running stopped me from pursuing triathlons. I've since had surgery and have been labeled with mild dysplasia, which limits some of my favorite physical activities. Anyway... Went back to school to be an NP and now I get so sucked into overworking and helping everyone around me
  8. Greetings! I created an account here for 4 days ago, find this site on Imgur, got really inspired ! I have a background in sports, icehockey & mountainbiking - but the last 6 years my life (i'm 29) has been about stress, work, drink & eat. I have gained 25 kg (55 lbs) the last 6 years. The mails i got from this site has been informative and inspiring. And puts a lot of focus on the "dont do everything at the same time" wich is one of my lifes unintentional mottos.. I would really keep this first 6 weeks in a reasonable level - so i really can make it ! I have some issues with
  9. Hello! I'm a noob here, and would like to challenge myself. Unfortunately, this challenge will be a week shorter for me, but I thought that five weeks are better than nothing. My main fitness goal is to complete a marathon within tree years. Two yars ago I completed a 10K, but because of my hasty training routine, it cost me a severe knee damage, so now I should begin from scratch. A less distant goal is to run another 10K on the October 20-th (or earlier), and a 5K by the midsummer. For this challenge I'll be working on creating habits: 1) Weight training: Steve's Beginner Bodyweight Wo
  10. Hi I'm Ethan, intro on myself: I'm 5'7" and I weigh about 167 pounds. My problem really isn't about my weigh but more of my self esteem. I've never really been proud of myself and I've never been good with dealing with people so it's been hard on my self esteem. I'm not sporty, I don't play outdoor games and even when I play computer games I usually play single player so even online I don't have friends. I'm not the type of person people like to hangout with so I have a serious problem with maladjustment(My level of maturity doesn't match my age). I found Nerd Fitness about 2-3 years ago and
  11. I tried, I failed, I tried, I failed (give or take a couple of tries) and I'm back. Goals: 1: Cycle 5k in under 8 minutes. 2: Do 100 pushups. 3. Cycle 20k in under 50 minutes. I beat my last personal goals so I'm going to keep challenging myself with endurance and strength. Got an exercise bike and a bodyblade I use for practise. I can currently only do about 15 pushups, and all this is with an aim to eventually filter through to join the assassins.
  12. Greetings! fifipommes (La Pomme), the newbie here. I’m a 35 year old writer/filmmaker, living between London, UK and Lagos, Nigeria. This 6 week challenge could not have come at a better time, as I woke up ready to kick my own behind into gear again (and this time it's personal - not that it ever wasn't ... moving on). Main Quest: Complete the Super Sprint at the London Triathlon on August 8th!! (Yes, i will) Quest 1 - (deliciously evil) Demon Sugar: Hi, my name is Fiona and I am a sugar addict. I was doing quite well with a pretty strict paleo diet and then I fell, face first, of
  13. So... I've stopped counting how many times I've started doing this challenge and how many times I've given up or sort of forgotten about it. (As happened last time, but in my defence, exams were a priority then ). I just don't want to feel constrained by my weight. I don't want to breathe heavy because I walked three flights of stairs. I don't want to have to keep buying bigger clothes and having to settle for uglier clothes because they don't have a lot of nice clothes in bigger sizes. I want to feel good about my body. I want to be able to look in a mirror and smile. I also don't want to
  14. Hello All, This is my first challenge since I just stumbled upon NF a week or so ago. I am really excited to participate. I am almost 40 years old weighing 15.2 stones. I am already pretty active. I bike, run and have started swimming. I am training for my first TRI this summer and want to be in better shape. Main Quest: Complete my first TRI in July. This Challenges Quest: Swim 300 meters without resting Quest 1: Train for that TRI! The TRI is getting closer each day. I want to make sure I can do the 1500M swim, 40K Bike and 10K run. Training now is important to that. A - Exercise at le
  15. Hi everybody! Ok I have done a challenge or two before but I feel like I want to start over this time. So here we go again. Main quest: Perform in a mini-tri race in august. Thats 600meters swim, 20km bicycle and 4km run. - My goal is to do it under 1h 20 min - Sub goal is to be able to do the whole swim with crawl and be able to do the whole swim without stopping. J-man goes Sylar - "Gathering the super powers Part 1" To complete this race within 1h 20min (or better) I need to gather some extra powers! So with the determination of Sylar its time to get what should be mine from some of o
  16. Hey there! I'm Ash. I'm almost 24 years old, and its time I get my butt (and life) in shape. I enjoy running, and I'm a wannabe RunDisney addict. I have plans to run at least one half marathon this fall, possibly two, and most likely a full marathon next January. I need to start being more consistent with my workouts, and eating better to fuel them. I'd also like to lose some weight, I stepped on the scale yesterday and weighed in at 185, and ideally I'd like to be at least 140. More importantly than numbers however, I'd like my body to look as awesome as I know it can. I know to do that
  17. coops

    Spin to be Slim

    Main Quest: to lose 10 pounds Goals: Nutrisystem, Keep up learning spinning, pray more Side Quest: Stick to paying off debt according to our budget plans Guild: Recruit I am a 49 yr old career mom of 3 sons. I lost myself along the way of raising my boys to men and packed on 50 pounds. I have all kinds of health issues now… high cholesterol, pre diabetic, obesity… I want to be back to my 125 and my healthy lifestyle. I used to be an aerobics instructor and I have always been athletic. I want this to be the beginning of my healthy me journey. I want to be off all meds that are fa
  18. antro

    Fit for 25th

    Hey guys, nice to be here again! I was taking on the 6 Week Challenge back in July last year and found this place very helpful and motivating. And I do have to say, it went quite great! The problem was that when I started to feel better about myself and the level of fitness I achieved over ~6 weeks, I just... stopped and abandoned my efforts. Sad story, but I got lazy When I saw that I had lost some weight and that pants were fitting nicely again, I skipped workouts, stopped eating clean and now I'm in nearly the same spot 5 months later. Current situation: Pants again are very tight
  19. Hello Everyone, I am Akuyo, I enjoy candlelight dinners, long walks on the beach... Oh wait, wrong forum! Nah, to be real I am here because I've finally come to the 'it's time to make a change' point. My brother gets back from the Navy in late June and that will mean a lot more going outside and being active in sports related activities.. The shape I am in now ('Round') won't cut it for that. It's time to take back the days of my youth as a Soccer player for my highschool. Main quest: Run a 5k within the next 6 weeks. I used to run a 5k at least 3 times a week for practice.. Now I doubt I'
  20. Hi all! Some time ago I realized that if Zombie apocalypse happened I would probably die at nearest fence, unable to climb it. Being eaten alive? Gross. But more seriously, I figured that being fit and flexible means better motorcycle riding for me, so less risk of injury and/or death. So, being an average European stopped being ok (average one can't do either pull up nor push up) and I started to do some cross fit. Irregularly, but still it got me 3 push ups!! Yay! But this Christmas season...boy, was I glued to the couch. I romanced with cakes and got married to a blanket. For my
  21. Hi, I am Bine and this is my first challenge I live in Germany and love playing golf. Started running last year, still very slow – but I run J Same is with indoor rowing, slowly but enjoying it J I have lost 9.5 kg (20 lbs) in 2014 and now want to move on, but I only can do this by taking care of good nutrition and sports. I joined this challenge, because I hope that this can help me to overcome my inner weaker self... Especially in the first 3 months of this new year I want to assign quite some time to proper diet and fitness. During golf season in summer, especially the cardio part is
  22. So, let's say I am Sam Gamgee's great-great-great-great-grandson, who now inhabits a world that has moved on a little since old Sam's day. I have traded in my linens for Under Armour and Goretex, and whilst I still do go barefoot in fair weather, I currently do not leave the house without my insulated pac boots. A new year has dawned, and the travel bug is munching on my calf. I see the now-famous old book sitting high up there on the shelf and immediately decide to follow in Sam's footsteps all the way to Mount Doom, hitting all the major highlights along the way, hopefully arriving before D
  23. As you set out for Ithaka hope the voyage is a long one, full of adventure, full of discovery. - taken from C. P. Cavafy's Ithaka (I like this poem and I got to know it in a uni class on Lord of the Rings Online and MMOs . So.) I think this describes pretty well how I'm hoping to get the most fun out of the challenge itself and not just its results. Anyway, I'm Lee and I like running. However, I haven't done it in... 2 months, so I'm using this challenge to change that. (Edited parts in italics or crossed out.) Main Quest: I want to be able to run 10km. see "Motivation" Quest 1: g
  24. I'm Jenny and this is my first challenge. I'm a health and fitness yo-yo: up down up down. I have all the best intentions and no consistency. I've had periods in my life where I've been very healthy, and others where my behaviors were atrocious. Right now I'm trending toward atrocious and I've started to put on enough weight that I just feel. . .meh. My diet is enough to make a glutton blush, and it's time to admit what I've been doing to myself and just stop. My main quest is to clean up my diet. For me, that vague phrase generally means following a mostly vegan diet with little added sugar
  25. Hello fellow​ NF rebels! I'm Sam, a long-time lurker but first-time poster on the forums. I live in North Yorkshire in the UK, and led a life that was completely devoid of any sort of healthy stuff until last March, at which point I realised that I didn't want to be the sort of person who's unfit and hates the way they look for their whole life. Anyway, I'm 24, female, live with my lovely partner and run my own French tuition business. I love every aspect of my life except my looks and generally poor physical condition, but am really proud with how far I've come. I have mild asthma whic
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