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  1. I failed my first challenge here. But, like my hero Erwin Smith, I don't intend to make excuses. It is 2015 and I am back and this time I am going to get things done! Since December, I've been using a website called PopSugar to inspire myself. I finished their 30 Day Squat Challenge just yesterday, so I know that with their printable resources I can inspire myself. This is because I can have them on my wall, looking at me, I can get myself inspired to go and do them in my own home. I'm decently fit. I have asthma, but I can cycle for upwards of an hour at a regular pace of about 80rpm.
  2. Hello Friends, I have been circling the forums for along time, and it seems like I need to finally Jump in. My names Clint, 26 years old, and I am no stranger to fitness. I was an athlete in high school, was in the National Guard for 8 years, and have run two half marathons. However, over the last year or so, my fitness level has fallen off the table. Its time to make some changes and level up a bit. So Here, we, Go. Main Quest: Get back into Shape. Goal 1: Do the Begginer Bodyweight Work Out 3 times a week Goal 2: Do a Cardio Activity 3 times a week. Goal 3: Walk a minimum of
  3. Hey all, I'm dauntlessDreamer. A 23 year old semi-recent college grad. I'm not new to the fitness endeavor, having been involved in sports throughout middle school, high school and some college, but I'm definitely not as fit as I used to be. Probably my favorite sport is cross country but another past love of mine is gymnastics. I was never really good but at one time I was able to do a back walkover and even then it wasn't very consistent. I can currently do a backbend, but need to work on my arm strength and flexibility to get much further. Main quest: Be able to do a consistent back walko
  4. Introduction: I am Joshua. I hate it when people shorten it to Josh...just saying. I used to do all manner of construction and stayed very strong and fit that way. But I leveled up my brain and earned several degrees so that I could teach Mathematics for a living. However, pencils are not very heavy and my children are getting big. So I really want to set a good example and be fit like I was so I can keep up with my children, Main Quest: To be a great teammate at the Warrior Dash at the end of the month. A long time friend invited me to join his merry band to do a Warrior Dash. I
  5. Hi Everyone! I cannot tell you how excited I am to begin this journey! I've wanted to partake in these challenges for a few months now but never could get the timing right. I want to eventually create my character (honestly though I have no clue about how RPG stats work and such...bad nerd alert? Anyways, I'd love to learn that side of these challenges eventually) Also, I thought long and hard about my quest and goals. If anyone has anything suggestions to improve them let me know. I want to complete these and would love help and support to be successful! Here we go: Main Quest: Run a half
  6. This is my third time trying a six week challenge. I always seem to make it until week three or four and then something happens (chaos at work, chaos at home, illness) and things fall apart. I'm trying to keep my six week questions VERY simple and straight forward this time in hopes of finishing the challenge and thus gaining momentum to get back to a healthy lifestyle with the advent of the new year. I'm going to use this top post to track my progress, marking an X within each bracket as I complete each task. Main Quest: To lose 30 pounds by December 31, 2015 Quest #1: Complete C25K wor
  7. I've been a member of this board a couple years now, even tried a 6 week challenge before but got nowhere fast. I'm quiet, independent, stubborn and think I know everything. I'm also in need of some serious shaping up. So I'm jumping in today. My goals: Lose 10 pounds. Seems super low for 6 weeks but I lose weight like I run: slow as a 2-legged tortoise. Increase my running distance back up to 3 miles. This one, unfortunately will have to depend on the weather. I love running in the cold but draw the line at subzero temps and/or measurable snow or ice. I have a track at my gym but god it's
  8. Endurer

    So it begins

    Ok, first off Hi anyone and everyone that might read this. I am very new at this so bear with me. I think I am supposed to start my own thread and then see what happens from there. Let me introduce myself. I am 57 years old, 5'5" and weigh around 210lbs currently. My weight has veried some in the last year. I had gotten down to 182 and then it slowly deteriorated from there back to my current weight but not as bad as the 225 that I started at. I want to get fit and healthy enough to ride and compete one of my horses in endurance riding. There are levels to that as well starting at intro
  9. OK HERE WE GO So, I don't know if I am doing this right or not, but I am ready to get moving. I love the idea of a 6 week challenge and I have so many goals I drive myself crazy... I started my journey into becoming healthier 2 years ago and have lost 80 lbs, run 2 marathons, and done a tri. But, now that I have no motivation for a while, I need this to keep me going... MAIN QUEST - My main quest is to get below 200 lbs, and look good naked Quests to accomplish the main goal: 1. Eat 100% Paleo for 6 weeks - I started Paleo about 2 months ago and dropped from 227 to 212, but then t
  10. Longtime lurker, first time participant. I’ve been planning a lifestyle reboot for awhile now and I’m finally pulling the trigger. So. My short-term main quest is to build healthier habits. Nothing fancy there. I have more ambitious goals for the future, but since I’m starting from the lowest rung on the health ladder, I figure I should build a baseline or I’ll sprain something reaching for the next rung My three goals for this challenge: Train for a 5k run 3 times a week. I have a running program loaded up on my unPhone and have already been running with it for the last two
  11. My first challenge! I've been waiting for this since my respawn. SO PUMPED. Main Quest: Get my weight below 200 pounds - Long Term Goal 1. Do the rookie level of the Rebel Fitness Guide 3 times a week -A: 3 times a week -B: 2 times a week -C: 1 time a week -Fail: No times a week...ya bum. 2. Do Zombies, RUN! 5k training at least 2 times a week -A: 2 times a week with moving on to next workout -B: 2 times a week without moving on to next workout -C: 1 time a week -Fail: You didn't run at all? Mer. 3. Wake up at 10:00am on days when I work, so I ha
  12. Hi everyone, I had a bit of a rough year personally so I'm aiming to build solid habits to keep me going strong even in the tough times. These goals are geared towards getting me ready for another semester of college as a biochemistry major and making my life story truly mine. 1. Form solid get-up-early habits (6:00 AM wake-up) *Make tea like chamomille, mint to wake * Meditate 2. Go to 5 triathlon team workouts per week in order to * Have accountability to team members * Make new friends * Maintain a clear mind 3. Eliminate other gluten free flours (sorghum, rice flour, etc
  13. I'm going to be lazy about this challenge, and repeat the last one for a few reasons: 1. I joined at week 4. I wanted to get a foot in the door, so I started late, and now I'm going to do it for real. 2. Over all, I probably only scored a b- for the weeks I was here for, so the girls are still valid, while not being so easy as to not make progress. So here we go. Introduction: I usually go by Will, I'm a long time gamer: PC, tabletop, rpg; hot and cold toward fitness. Swam competitively through high school, bulked up in the weight room in college, became of somewhat undefined shape thereaf
  14. Hello all! I am new here but want to take part in this new 6-week challenge! I am a 40somethingsomething year old woman, long distance enthusiast, long time nerd and I want 2015 to be the year I push beyond 'skinnyfat'. Seriously my arms and legs are so ridiculously skinny (it's a big problem - I can't wear shorts bc of my chicken legs) but I have the dreaded belly if I stop running for a few weeks. And I injured myself training for a marathon, so...dammit. My partner is also basically a Cylon -- former pro athlete, sports star, long and lean, and 100% amazing. She's inspiring, and I want
  15. Hi I am Mike and this is my first challenge. I want to get into shape and generally live a healthier life. I am currently 5'10" and 200 lbs-ish of pure out-of-shape-ness. I am also about to turn 30 and worry that if I don't get in shape now, I never will. I have a desk job so I just sit in a chair 8 hours a day/5 days a week. When I get home I play video games or guitar or play with my daughter. Two days a week I play pathfinder with friends. My lifestyle is very sedimentary. I joined the rebellion because I would really like to change my lifestyle a bit and get into shape. I also am very inte
  16. Me: I'm Sam and this is my first challenge. I've gotten super lazy and therefore chubby and, well, I want that to change now. I have no idea how much I weigh because we don't own a scale but I know it's more than I should be weighing in at. I'm a pro at starting things with great ideas and am even more pro at abandoning things when I decide I don't like them. I'm a C25K dropout several times over. One of these days, I will learn to enjoy running! (Ha. Haha.) Main Quest: To get back to a size 7/8 or so. I'm hovering between a 14/16 right now and at only 5'2, it's not fun. I'd go by pounds I
  17. Introduction Hi, I'm a elementary teacher in South Korea. It's pretty easy to sit at my desk and do nothing when I'm not teaching, though we do have a rock climbing wall and pool in our school that I can use. I like to swim, rock climb, scuba, do spinning classes, and hike. I joined because I'm already planning on trying to lose some more weight to get closer to my long term goal at 160lbs. Main Quest I want to reach 174lbs before the end of March, so my goal is to lose 15lbs on this challenge. It's a simple starter goal before I decide what hardcore stuff I want to work on later. Qu
  18. Hey, I'm Soozle, I'm 33 yrs old, 5' 7" and a (UK) size 12. I'm not really that fussed about losing any weight, so have no idea about my weight/BMI. Instead, I want to feel healthier and more comfortable in myself. The last couple of years have been difficult, and I feel like i'm stuck in a rut which I need to get out of. I have a sedentary lifestyle (not much exercise other than walking to/from work - about 1.5 mile round trip), a mentally unfulfilling job, and most of my friends are scattered across the country. Don't get me wrong, there are lots of positives in my life and things are bet
  19. Well it's been 2 full years since I attempted my first challenge on Nerd Fitness, a lot has changed in my life since then and some things have stayed the same. Here are the highlights: After starting strong for 3 weeks I proceeded to drop out of my first challenge on Nerd Fitness and wen't back to my old habits, by November of 2013 I had gained an additional 10 pounds and hit 255 for the first time in my life.In November 2013 as part of a weight loss challenge with coworkers I lost 30 pounds and regained my confidence in my ability to be healthy.In March 2014 I moved back to Michigan from Ala
  20. Intro: Hey, I'm AlphaProtagonist, also known as Ali. I am a 21 year old California girl looking to tone my body into a killer adventuring machine. I like hiking, urban exploring, and just generally finding new places to be. I've also recently taken up running and yoga in the hopes of having a more holistic approach to my health. Main Quest: I've never run a 5k before, and I'm hoping to be able to jog one all the way through without stopping by the end of this challenge! (no matter how slow I go) Quests: Quest 1: Get Flexible! - Yoga at least 2x a week (A > 2x a week - B = 2x a week
  21. Hi all! Back from rehabbing my broken patella (I don't recommend it), and ready to get through a challenge. I've been building up a plan of attack that has a lot of variety, but I'll keep it rather simplified here because even I have to look at my planner to remember what today is, haha. Essentially, the idea is variety will keep me from boredom and that's been one of my biggest hurdles over the years. Also, a lot of my exercise plans are simple or modified because of my knee, so my plan may change as I keep getting stronger. Main quest: Run a marathon in April 2016 (I've been cleared to d
  22. Introduction: Hey all, I’m drasnian (or Faith if you’d rather) and I’m a 5'2", 23 year old MSc student. I’m about 167lbs at the minute, probably the least fit person I know, and those things combined with a love of far too much unhealthy food has led me to NerdFitness! My partner and I are in it together, both trying to lose weight, get healthier, and generally feel better about ourselves! I'm taking part in the 6 week challenge because I’ve been reading the site for months and because I can’t resist anything gamified (Goodreads challenge, obsessed. Audible badges, check). Main
  23. INTRODUCTION: Hello! My name is Sherri and this is my very first challenge. I’m married with three cats, enjoy reading and writing and video games and anime. During the day, I work as an escalations manager, putting out fires and making people happy. The rest of the time, I like to hermit at home and do a whole lot of nothing. Fitness-wise, I’m actually starting silks next week, and am checking out a tae kwan do studio to see about taking some classes. (I think they also have kickboxing, which is a major plus.) I started running a few months ago and have done two 5Ks since then, with m
  24. Hello! . Greetings from the Last Frontier - I'm Jill from Alaska. I'm a 33 year old accountant and actor (one is my passion, one is my profession - give ya one guess which is which!) and I have felt myself slipping farther and farther from where I want to be in the last year. I used to do long distance running, completing several marathons, but I never got very fast, and became very frustrated about a lack of perceived progress and basically gave it up. No more running + late night pizzas = finding myself up 20 lbs from my usual weight. It seems so silly to be concerned about 20 pounds
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