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  1. Name's Charlie. I have 9 years of MMA (mixed martial arts) up my sleeve, but since an injury last year I've had to stop. I'd love to get back to the level of fitness I was at and maybe get a little better at other things too, like running which I avoided like the plague, oops. On my rest days, I hope to dedicate myself to yoga to increase flexibility and balance. An example week may be Monday - running Tuesday - Upper body strength training Wednesday - Interval training (running) Thursday - Core strength training Friday - running Saturday - Lower body strength training Sunday - Yoga Main
  2. This is my first challange. I'd really like to be training for a half marathon right now, but due to a foot injury I've had to stop nearly all work outs for the last 3 months , So I'm going to take it slow and build core strenght while NOT injuring myself. 1) My main quest will be building muscle, while learning about weight lifting. Sub Goal 1) Build up to weight lifting 3 time a week.Sub Goal 2) Track each one of my work outs on on paper so i can see my progress.Sub Goal 3) Take a class at my gym at least once a week. 2) SIDE QUEST: Reasurch cash envelop budgeting system.3) DECLARE YOUR
  3. Introduction: Hi, I'm Deborah and I'm an aspiring Scout. I am a computer programmer by trade but am currently looking after my 4 month old son, Jellybean, fulltime. I haven't focused on fitness since I got pregnant, but I miss running and am keen to get active and fit again. I previously attempted a NF challenge but ended up losing focus and not completing it. This time, I have signed up for Nerd Fitness Academy as well and I'm going to make real lasting changes in my life. Main Quest: I want to run a half marathon by the end of August next year. I really enjoy running and have previously run
  4. Hello you. I'm doing my first-ever 6-week challenge to get myself on the path towards a better, less fluffy version of myself. Who am I? I'm Ares Pandora. Duh. More seriously, I am an English teacher in South Korea who is sick and tired of being sick and tired. Main Quest To jump-start a new way of life by getting under 80kgs. Goals 1. I will stick to my workout schedule: three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. (STR:4|STA:2) Grading: A = 18 B = 12-17 C = 7-12 D = 1-6 F = 0 2. I will not drink beer, as it is counter-productive and carb-y. This one is going to be
  5. Main Quest: To "Travel" 75 miles before DEC 10. My character is from a small town and was given a gold coin to rush the message to a city far away... 3 Goals: 'Travel' an average of 3 miles a day per week. Run, Walk, Swim... No bikes though! Do one body weight workout a week to simulate lifting, climbing, and other various obstacles one might encounter on the road. Work out on various inclines at least once a week. It shouldn't just be a flat land... The trails are never just easy walks, but often up hills and mountains. Life Quest: Become more organized. My pack in life is clu
  6. Yay, here's my first Six Week Challenge! I've been interested in the process of becoming a superhero since I got more into the Marvel universe after the Avengers movie dropped. And, with a few exceptions, the superheroes I love most are those without superpowers to speak of. Just regular people who have become extraordinary, like Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Robin. I'm not thinking of taking up vigilante justice or anything, but the thought of being able to do just about anything I want to do is pretty enticing. Having the strength and mobility to get any job done would be pretty awesome. So th
  7. Hoooookay, welp, hey folks. Ready to get crackalacking on this six week challenge or what? Lift some weights, run some miles, crawl through the Fade, beat the snot out of some templars...oh wait, oops. XD Ah, so I'm a newbie and not exactly 100% I'm posting this right but hey gotta start somewhere, right? So without further ado, name's Jaz. The Xiao Long is a RWBY reference (YangFTW), so if you ever want a RWBY geekout, call me. I'm one of those start up the fitness life, get busy with life and then fall off the wagon - no more! I'm a cosplayer, looking good in the outfits I work my ass off i
  8. Hi, my name is Lee and I started my quest back towards long term health on May 12, 2014 when I realized that I needed to reform a lot of aspects of my life to be the father I wanted to be. Since then I've started eating paleo, commuting via bike, playing Ultimate Frisbee consistently again, disc golfing when I can, and spending more time hiking and taking our dog for walks. I've lost 50 lbs, put on some muscle, improved my athletic performance, and feel better than I ever have. You can read more details on my past if you wish; I'm pretty sure that's not really violating the spirit of Rule 1. I
  9. Hi guys, My first NF challenge, Im a little nervous since A- Christmas is coming and weather is getting bad B- Exams and Assignments coming up for college So I can see motivation being difficult, so Ill just have to be strict with myself So here are my challenges: Main Quest: Run 10km! I've always been a crap runner, very slow and lack of stamina So I want to be able to run as long as I want and not stop! I doubt Ill get to 10km in 6 weeks without stopping. I will set my goal for this 6 week challenge to be 7km. A= 7km B= 6km C= 5km Side Quests: So my main quest deals with
  10. About me: In this past year, I've discovered something about myself; I like being fit which is not something i thought i would ever say. I had spent years trying different things, and I worked out regularly, but nothing really stuck and I stayed fluffy and plagued by migraines and other issues; but after much searching, I found a gym that clicked for me. They give out a lot of high fives and don't care about the numbers on scale; it is more about form and function over pain and muscle fatigue. I have never been stronger and...Knock on wood... my migraines have been better. I really want to pu
  11. Hello all! I am here for my first challenge. I am ready for a change. I have been lurking for a few weeks and love the awesome, supportive vibe around here! I am going all in. Like many, I have lost and gained hundreds of pounds, but have always struggled with maintaining these healthy habits. I believe the paleo diet is a great way to go and am excited to start. I have always been active, but over the summer broke my clavicle mountain biking and had to have surgery. This led to my excuse for complete couch potato world. Anyway, I am healed up and I am ready to move and change! I am more inte
  12. I hope I did this right: Introduction: Hi all. I'm Aimee and this is my first challenge as well as my first post in the forums. I have been struggling with my weight all my life. I used to be really active in high school with volleyball, water polo and swimming, although my diet was atrocious. I got it together for a short time my senior year and slimmed down to my lowest weight of 145 lbs. I'm 5'2" so for me it was good but my ideal weight is 130 lbs, most of that muscle. Fast forward 12 years and I'm now sitting at a lethargic 240 lbs. I'm pre-diabetic, have high cholesterol and am a pri
  13. Hey there! My name's Kathryn. I'm a licensed massage therapist who loves her job, and I'll be going to college in the fall of '15 to pursue a physical therapist degree. I'm starting off fairly healthy, and definitely with no weight loss goals, but I want to really explore being active and feeling strong in my body. It's something I didn't get much of when I was younger - I played two years of rec basketball and that was it, folks - so I'm excited to see what I'm actually capable of, and capable of enjoying. I always hated running, so I made a loose goal earlier this year to run a 5k. Well, si
  14. Looking forward to see how this works! Interesting concept My main goal: Get down to 141 lbs (8 lbs) on my way to 135. with the mini goals of Walking 3 out of 5 days at lunch for 30 minutes each (my Fitbit wil help me there!) Jog 3 days out of 7 (I'm stuck on 2 days) Increase my distance from 2-3 miles to 5 miles (eventually I want to do a half marathon) Motivation: I want to be a healthy 51 year old so I am in as good a shape as I can be as I continue to get older so I am less prone to ailments of the aging.
  15. Name: MasterContender Age: 22 Height: 160cm Weight: ~200lbs maxed at 220 Gender: Unknown Race: Unknown; Shows Bugbear attributes Location: Indeterminate; last seen razing villages and kicking a** in the mountains of Nepal Occupation: Unemployed college graduate- aka English Major Should you come across MasterContender, regard them as extremely dangerous. It has been known to have the ability to shapeshift and is trained in hand to hand combat. Rebellion Game Sheet Motivation I am joining the rebellion because I want to enjoy my body in its prime. These are the best years
  16. Introduction: A little late to the game, but I'd like to see this through. I was naturally skinny when I was younger, but could never really put on muscle. Shortly after I quit smoking I gained close to 18 lbs of fat. Then shortly after starting my third decade of living, I gained about 20 more. I have picked up running, and find I absolutely love it, and can get into yoga every now and then as well. I've always wanted to be more enthusiastic about my fitness, but always feel like I get so bombarded with contradictory information about what I should be doing, that I tend to fizzle back
  17. Hello everyone! Let's get our fit on~ I just found this community this weekend. Perfect timing, yea? I'm still on the fence about what class I want to be; I am debating between Druid and Assassin. Completely different, right? Main Quest: To fit into a size 12 dress. Subgoal 1: Run at least 3K 3 times a week Grades: A - Run 3 times a week B - Ran twice a week C - Ran once a week D - Didn't run at all. Subgoal 2: Do yoga 3 times a week Grades: A- did 3 times a week B - Did twice a week C - did once a week D - Didn't at all Subgoal 3: do 5 mins of abs a day Grades: A - Did 7 days B - D
  18. I'm not used to forum posting so for the time being I'm just going to be concise. Main QuestTo run a 5k without stopping(To be able to run forever like most characters in games) Small GoalsTo run daily (around my college)To sleep 8 hours daily (this will be hard to do)To drink 5 glasses of water dailyLife QuestConvey feelings to girl and ask said girl out (Mission complete even if feelings are not mutual)Diet/Fitness Side QuestCut out all foods with high levels of sodiumMini QuestsWeek 1 - SMART ( Will make a secondary post later about this) Motivation I want to be a guardian. What I mean b
  19. Introductions: Full name Xantall of the Farwood but you can just call me Farwood. This is actually the third time I’ve tried the 6 week challenge. I’m disappointed in myself about those failures. Yet they will not be forgotten. Those failures have given me an understanding of what I actually have trouble with and how to work around them. In truth it sound simple but I want to run. I have been overweight my whole life and have never been able to achieve more than a long steady jog on the basketball court or a quick sprint across the tennis court. So out of
  20. 1) Drop sizes - Need to get back down out of plus size land. I’ve been flirting too much with going up in sizes 2) Keep a freakin’ habit going for once in your life. - Swimming about 4 times a week this semester needs to keep going. Keep some form of cardio going at least 4 times a week. Lift twice a week. 3) Save for wedding - Save $50 a week for the wedding in order to pay for everything we are planning for. 4) Level up food and water game a. Choose better breakfasts b. Continue prepping lunches 5) Try to pass
  21. Ok, so to begin at the very beginning for its a very good place to start. I started going to the gym a year ago, and started jogging/running this fall when the weather was nice, but I have hit a plateau. So, Geronimo! Main Quest Be ready for first 5k of the Spring (March-ish?) 1. Run on the tread mill at 13min/mile for 3 miles- 3 days a week a. level up time and distance as able b. three sets of two circuits after cardio 2. Cut the junk food at the office 3. Yoga on Sunday mornings I think I put this in the wrong place the first time through? Sorry
  22. Main Quest: Hold a 9 minutes per mile pace for 3 miles — just want to set a personal best and give myself a confidence boost. Why? I see the accomplishment of my Main Quest as a little piece to a big picture change in my life that I am working towards so it’s not really my “Main Quest†but it is a realistic 6 chunk of my bigger picture "Main Quest." I am practicing following through with goals, and focusing on efficiently working towards changing myself into a stronger and more resiliantperson, both physically and mentally. This is my way of planting positive energy into my life and
  23. BelleRose’s First Challenge I used to swim a lot but over the years it’s become less frequent. I want to get back into it because it always made me feel happy as well as healthy. Main Quest By the last end of this challenge I will consistently swim at least 3 kilometres over a week Goal 1. Diet – lay the ground work of eating healthier. Over the last few years my diet has been terrible so I want to bring it back to being more balanced. During this challenge I will aim to eat 2 pieces of fruit a day and to eat healthy home cooked meals 5 out of 7 days. Goal 2. Daily exerci
  24. Hello fellow Nerdfighters. (Sorry for my English in advance, it's not my native language) I've been lurking around this place for almost a year now and i finally decided to join in. Although i have made (for my standards) incredible changes this last year, i feel like there is more room for improvement; time to be more awsome every year! I'm a student from Holland, 21 years old, and since i found NerdFitness i've been upgrading my life significantly. I am 186 cm long (6ft1) and i weigh around 84kg (185 lbs). So this summer i decided i wanted to run a Half Marathon. A friend of mine pushed
  25. This is my first 6- Week Challenge. I finally realized that I am only 32 years old and was sedentary. I was working at my desk all day and coming home and lounging all evening. I started to hurt and I'm too young to have aches and pains. I stumbled across Nerd Fitness because I was looking for a walking challenge to get me out of the house and my search found the Walking to Mordor post (I'll be in the Midgewater Marshes in a few miles). For my first quest, I want to take the jump from walking, which I've been doing regularly for about two months (and feeling so much better BTW), to running.
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