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Found 9 results

  1. Rebel's Name: Djinn Gender: F Height: 6’2†Weight: 185 lbs Race: Night Elf Profession: Scout? Level: 0 The specific, motivating, overarching goals I’ve set for myself: A back sexy enough to sport a large, impressive Beardsley-Ricketts style tattoo of my design. (Pull ups! Yes!) The ability to run as far and as long as I would ever want or need. I’m thinking ten miles is about as far or as long as I would ever want or need to run. A methodical headspace, which I’m so much closer to having (for now) than ever before. Improveme
  2. I have been reading nerd fitness for a while now and decided to join the forums. I could be a complainer about my life the last several years but screw that. I am done with that. The only reason I am over weight and out of shape is because of me. I have never signed up for any kind of health / fitness forum before so we'll see how this goes. It seems there is a new challenge coming tomorrow so I guess there is no time to prepare. It's just time to get down to business. (war-face)... Right now I don't work out one bit. I do spend a good amount of time at work on me feet and I move heavy
  3. Welcome to my first-ever NF-Challenge! As you can read in my DailyBattleLog the last months have already been quite a leveling-marathon for my life and I´d like to take this to the next level by commiting to some awesome quests! I´ll credit my progress by giving percentage on how good I´ve mastered the quests and every Quest itself will benefit my NF-character, 25XP each. Quest 1) No more Soda! My name is Torsten and I´m addicted. Working in shift duty and hating coffee and tea is the story I keep telling myself for "needing" Cola and energy drinks to survive the day. No more excuses! No m
  4. A bit about myself. I am an old-school nerd that enjoys board games and card games,I am getting married to the Love of My Life this summer, and in a few short weeks we will be closing on our first home. Exciting! Over the past year and half I have lost over 75 lbs, but I still have a ways to go to reach my goal weight. My Challenge Goal: My goal is to lose 12 lbs over the course of this challenge. By the Power of Greyskull - I am transitioning from the Stronglifts program to Greyskull LP this month. My goal is to lift 3 times per week. Over the past couple of months, I have been slowly
  5. Wow, I just found this site today and already love it! So my overarching goal is to lose 15 - 20 pounds and to get lean by increasing my muscle mass. What I have working in my favor is that I have done it before and I know I can do it again, even with age working against me! About 15 years ago I went from 267 lbs to 172. It took a long time, but was worth it. I have slid back a bit, I am at about 195 now. My plan is to do what I did last time, eat decent food and get active. I love activities, in the winter I officiate ice hockey and in the summer I play Ultimate Frisbee as my main activ
  6. I think I'm going about his backward. I'm introducing myself AFTER having laid out my challenge... or MAYBE you're just reading this out of order. At any rate, my name is Brad (username chord509). I am: husband of 17 yearsfather of 2 teenage boys41 years old6'0", ~250lbs (17.8571429kg, 17.8571429st)training mentor for a large computer manufacturerMy fitness journey has been a series of mis-starts. I lost some weight on Atkins and Weight Watchers in the past, but it's hard to keep a fat man down! Growing up, I was the skinny runt of the class. No matter how hard I trained for sports, I nev
  7. I'b back for my second challenge! As I was celebrating New Year's with the family I saw a commercial come on for some health apps to start the new year. But one stuck out to me the most; the couch to 5k app. I thought to myself "why not?" what do I have to lose? Nothing, but weight. I already use most of the other health apps the commercial mentioned since they were free and could sync with the health fit app the iphone already has. In my last challenge I learned to build new and better habits. I work out more, make healthier eating choices, track my calorie intake and sleep schedule, and
  8. Hi, I’m Davi, a 22 years old architecture student, laboratory assistant I once was a warrior, not the greatest of all, but in path. I studied at morning and took the free time to practice as much as i could. I used to train 6 hours per day at this time. Respected by my comrades, feared by others in tournaments in my city, that i let my pride grow up like a beast, then i fell. Adulthood came to the door three years ago when joined college, military service, full time job and teaching martial arts for a kids class and i could no longer maintain the pace of training. Skipping classes, insomnia
  9. I'm off to a late start, but I need to start now rather than to wait. Main Quest: Prepare for and defeat Don Sergio Franchi (for those of you familiar with Mack Bolan) by preparing my body for functional physical capabilities, marksmanship, and even improving my intellect. 6 Week Quest: 1. Begin and stick to a workout routine (The James Bond Workout posted on NF and Mens Health) 2. Consume 30mg of protein, 30 minutes after waking (Tim Ferris 4 HC) 3. Drink a baseline of 2 liters of water Life Quest: Reread Don Quixote (Bolans favorite)
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