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Found 9 results

  1. Rebel's Name: Djinn Gender: F Height: 6’2†Weight: 185 lbs Race: Night Elf Profession: Scout? Level: 0 The specific, motivating, overarching goals I’ve set for myself: A back sexy enough to sport a large, impressive Beardsley-Ricketts style tattoo of my design. (Pull ups! Yes!) The ability to run as far and as long as I would ever want or need. I’m thinking ten miles is about as far or as long as I would ever want or need to run. A methodical headspace, which I’m so much closer to having (for now) than ever before. Improvement will look like calm, composed academic and creative output (school and the aforementioned tattoo). A kitchen-centered diet made of wholesome goodness. Steady improvement with bodyweight routines, both beginner and advanced. The ability to bike the terrible and steep hill that stands between me and school. Become a commuter cyclist. Mastery over whatever magic will translate these accomplishments into a happier life. I will probably be figuring this out on here, so that like-minded people may perchance benefit from my overthinking. Such goals must of course be broken down into tiny bite-sized pieces. I know the next challenge is a bit off, but I’m going to start directing myself towards that end now. I have a very long warm up time. Goals for Challenge 1: 1. A methodical headspace comes from tea and not coffee for me. So I shall be decreasing my coffee intake, ending up at “enjoying an occasional cup,†while upping my intake of green, white, black, red and mate. 2. Endeavor to bike to work once a week, even if it’s on a day I don’t need to be there, just to start getting my head around it. 3. Complete beginning bodyweight workouts three times a week, working up to completing two sets of everything except lunges. 4. Brief fun runs three times a week. Talking 20 minutes here. 5. Complete a solid draft of an article I need to write for school. (I’m not in a position where I can comfortably modify my diet right now, and it isn’t that terrible anyway. I’ll do that for the next challenge.) Hope this isn’t too much! My thinking here is that 1 isn’t that hard because tea is awesome, and helps me think more clearly which will help with number 5, which HAS to happen. I can complete 2 any morning of the week, which gives me ample opportunity to start conditioning myself to that change without excessive mental suffering. I ordered a pair of Vibrams this morning, so I’m all excited for 4, which won’t take that long but will get me used to going out in the morning, and I’ve already been doing bodyweight workouts twice a week, so I’m just going to be making it a bit tougher for myself. Any thoughts or insights anyone has are welcome! Pre-challenge prep day 1 I sanded and spackled my living room – arm workout? Ordered new running shoes! Drank only one cup of coffee, then switched to Oolong in the afternoon. Got into a crummy mood, wrote and meditated until I felt better.
  2. I have been reading nerd fitness for a while now and decided to join the forums. I could be a complainer about my life the last several years but screw that. I am done with that. The only reason I am over weight and out of shape is because of me. I have never signed up for any kind of health / fitness forum before so we'll see how this goes. It seems there is a new challenge coming tomorrow so I guess there is no time to prepare. It's just time to get down to business. (war-face)... Right now I don't work out one bit. I do spend a good amount of time at work on me feet and I move heavy things from time to time but that's my entire "workout" right now. So I think some things need to change. There is a gym next to where I work on my way home so I should make that step one. I am going to follow the suggested guidelines for this and see where it takes me. For the diet I am going to change my lunches at work. Most of the time I have some sort of processed microwave thing. I am from now on going to make my own lunches out of real food, I will also try to stop going to the vending machine... its so good but so bad for me... Exercise... This is something I should do but don't... I will sign up for the gym and work out 2x a week. Level up your life... I think I'll take the meditation for 5 minutes and turn it into 10. I'll also try to go to bed earlier... I do not get enough sleep so that really needs to change. PS: I feel like there should be some sort of motivational picture here but I'm not sure what it should be.
  3. Welcome to my first-ever NF-Challenge! As you can read in my DailyBattleLog the last months have already been quite a leveling-marathon for my life and I´d like to take this to the next level by commiting to some awesome quests! I´ll credit my progress by giving percentage on how good I´ve mastered the quests and every Quest itself will benefit my NF-character, 25XP each. Quest 1) No more Soda! My name is Torsten and I´m addicted. Working in shift duty and hating coffee and tea is the story I keep telling myself for "needing" Cola and energy drinks to survive the day. No more excuses! No more Soda! It may be a heavy quest for me, but the mindset is the key. I´ll keep this at 25XP though it may be a hard one. Quest 2) Main meal with veggies and without processed food! Easy one, but it´s a healthy habit I´m not following quite long at the moment. So it needs to be a healthy habit and is worth a quest. Quest 3) Lifting heavy 3 times a week! Actually I´m following Stronglifts 5x5 and it´s the reason I found NF in the wide wide internet. Stacys Strength Training 101 made me a NF-addict and big fan. In my youth I had a real great progress at strength training, but with time came excuses: apprenticeship ("No time for working out and shift duty is exhausting too"), keeping on working in shift duty and my belly grew in addition to my back pain. Over the last years I started working out again but without the knowledge I have today and with bad, real bad diet. My progress has been staying small through the years, so has been my motivation. By doing this quest I´ll keep up the good work, establish my routine and upgrade my life permanent! Quest 4) Meditate at least 10minutes a day! I´m into this stuff since my youth and I love the effects of a positive mindset. It´s a great way of leveling up my life and has been a great part of my progress the last months, if not years. But the last days I recognised that I don´t work every day with this amazing tools, so why don´t I?! That´s why I made this a daily quest for even more progress!
  4. A bit about myself. I am an old-school nerd that enjoys board games and card games,I am getting married to the Love of My Life this summer, and in a few short weeks we will be closing on our first home. Exciting! Over the past year and half I have lost over 75 lbs, but I still have a ways to go to reach my goal weight. My Challenge Goal: My goal is to lose 12 lbs over the course of this challenge. By the Power of Greyskull - I am transitioning from the Stronglifts program to Greyskull LP this month. My goal is to lift 3 times per week. Over the past couple of months, I have been slowly acquiring things to make a home gym (bench, power rack, weights, mats, etc), so I can get all of my lifting done in my new house. Eat Your Vegetables - I had this on my last challenge, but I only scored a D+ at it. I have to do better about eating my vegetables. My goal is to have a vegetable with at least one meal per day. Weekend Warrior - In my last challenge my weekends were TERRIBLE. So this challenge I will strictly monitor and stay under my allocated calories (from Lose It) for all days where I don't have work and the last day of each work week. Elvis Had the Right Idea - With getting the house, I will have way to much to do besides sit around and watch the TV. So for this month, I will not actively watch TV before 7 PM, it may be on while I am packing our eating dinner, but strictly for background noise. Grading: All challenges will use the following grading scale. 90% - 100% - A 80% - 89% - B 70% - 79% - C 60% - 69% - D 0% - 59% - F
  5. Wow, I just found this site today and already love it! So my overarching goal is to lose 15 - 20 pounds and to get lean by increasing my muscle mass. What I have working in my favor is that I have done it before and I know I can do it again, even with age working against me! About 15 years ago I went from 267 lbs to 172. It took a long time, but was worth it. I have slid back a bit, I am at about 195 now. My plan is to do what I did last time, eat decent food and get active. I love activities, in the winter I officiate ice hockey and in the summer I play Ultimate Frisbee as my main activities but I rarely turn down a chance to do something outside. So here are my goals: Diet Add vegetables to at least one meal a dayEat at least 2 servings of fruitExerciseWeight training 3 times a weekCardio 2 - 3 times a weekLUL - This one is tough!Meditate 10 minutes a dayMake my bed every dayMy motivation is simple, I don't want to go back to where I was!Here I go!
  6. I think I'm going about his backward. I'm introducing myself AFTER having laid out my challenge... or MAYBE you're just reading this out of order. At any rate, my name is Brad (username chord509). I am: husband of 17 yearsfather of 2 teenage boys41 years old6'0", ~250lbs (17.8571429kg, 17.8571429st)training mentor for a large computer manufacturerMy fitness journey has been a series of mis-starts. I lost some weight on Atkins and Weight Watchers in the past, but it's hard to keep a fat man down! Growing up, I was the skinny runt of the class. No matter how hard I trained for sports, I never got bigger and only marginally stronger. I graduated high school at 5'8" and 115lbs. In college, things changed when my wife became pregnant. Late night pizza and nachos cravings drove my wife's pregnancy. I was only TOO happy to oblige and eagerly participate. I saw my weight go from 165lbs to 180lbs to 200lbs... Today, I am approximately 250lbs. Tying my shoes, in itself, can be an aerobic event. I know what it feels like to be overweight and unfit. I now want to know what the other end of the spectrum feels like. In addition, my father is almost 500lbs. His method of transport is a walker. Without it, he is off-balance and prone to falling. He has had major surgery on both eyes for glaucoma, as a symptom of his Type II diabetes. I have horridly realized that I am roughly 20 years from the same fate if I don't change something. You see, I drive a desk for a living. Eight hours on my butt every Monday through Friday, and then the weekends are spent... on my butt playing World of Warcraft. My surname is Self, derived from Seawulfe, a Norse Viking clan. My ancestors were explorers and warriors, and I want to recapture that adventurous, conqueror's spirit. I'm not looking to pillage and plunder any villages, but I do want to conquer my diet and inactivity!
  7. I'b back for my second challenge! As I was celebrating New Year's with the family I saw a commercial come on for some health apps to start the new year. But one stuck out to me the most; the couch to 5k app. I thought to myself "why not?" what do I have to lose? Nothing, but weight. I already use most of the other health apps the commercial mentioned since they were free and could sync with the health fit app the iphone already has. In my last challenge I learned to build new and better habits. I work out more, make healthier eating choices, track my calorie intake and sleep schedule, and keep up with a daily to do list. I've been gaining weight because of the stress of college, recently changing majors, and taking care of the family after my grandmother passed. I'd love to lose that weight by summer. So 40 pounds by June or 20 weeks. That's about 2 pounds per week which is completely doable. (Shout out to rebel stillskies for her lovely last challenge. It was completely awesome, extremely nerdy, and very inspirational. And I think I'll follow suit with hers.) Main quest Learn to master Earth bending! To do this, I’m going to need to be able to travel around to find a earthbender teacher, actually train with said teacher and bend some earth, and have energy to spare. (and after that maybe find a hidden spirit library in the desert for vacation) Quest 1 Find an Earth Bender Teacher(+4 STA, +1 DEX) It's gonna take some exploring to find an earth bender teacher. I've got a lot of ground air to cover. CHALLENGE 1: run three days a week outside (weather permitting) and follow the couch to 5k apps regimen. A: 100% 3 day run completed, B: 67% 2 day run completed; C: 33% 1 day run completed CHALLENGE 2: Take time to stretch out for at least 5 minutes after my runs. I’m really bad at this if all I’m doing is running. A: 100% complete/stretched for 5+ minutes after both runs, B: 50% completed/stretched for 5+ minutes after one run Quest 2 Earth Bending Training (+4 STR, +1 CHA) Earth bending is tough. CHALLENGE: Lift three days a week following the Stronglifts program. [Edit: I'm changing workouts since I don't have the proper equipment for the program] CHALLENGE: Complete the Beginner Body Weight Workout three times a week 20 body weight squats10 push ups20 walking lunges10 dumbbell rows (using a gallon milk jug)15 second plank20 reverse crunches (or) ab roller 30 Jumping JacksA: 100% completion three days, B: 67% completion two days, C: 33% completion one day Quest 3 Eating healthy (+4 CON) Food is so tasty. It's hard not to overdo it. Stay within my calorie limit. I've been very bad and going over my daily limit on MyFitnessPal. I'd like to stay within the limit recommended A: Met weekly goal, B: Went over 1 or 2 days, C: Went over 3 or 4 days Life Quest Secret Spirit Library(+1 WIS) CHALLENGE: read. I just started reading again over the Christmas break and I haven't stopped since. I started reading Harry Potter and half way through the third book. I plan to read at least three books over this challenge and keep this momentum going. A: three or more books read, B: two books read, C: One book read Point breakdown LEVEL 2: STR : 4 (A=4, B=3, C=2) DEX : 1 (A=1, B=.5, C=.25) STA : 4 (A=4, B=3) CON : 4 (A=4, B=3, C=2) WIS : 1 (A=1, B=.5, C=.25) CHA : 1 (A=1, B=.5, C=.25) Measurements: Neck: 16 Chest: 40 Waist: 35 Hips: 45 Thigh: R: 23.5 L: 23.5 Calf: R: 16 L: 16 Bicep: R: 13.7 L: 13.7 Weight: 194.6 Dress/pants size: 16
  8. Hi, I’m Davi, a 22 years old architecture student, laboratory assistant I once was a warrior, not the greatest of all, but in path. I studied at morning and took the free time to practice as much as i could. I used to train 6 hours per day at this time. Respected by my comrades, feared by others in tournaments in my city, that i let my pride grow up like a beast, then i fell. Adulthood came to the door three years ago when joined college, military service, full time job and teaching martial arts for a kids class and i could no longer maintain the pace of training. Skipping classes, insomnia, stress,empty excuses, and my income has dropped so much that I gave my place in the competition team. And this is my struggle, my effort is to take back my former glory and strength. My Battle Log Updates almost everyday! Main Quest Lose weight (and body fat%): Since i had decreased in my workouts, fat showed up (and also lower back, ankles pain) ugh! I have 1,70m and actually weight about 79/ 80 Kg. My goal is to reach my 72 kg back! This is how i divided points: A: +3 DEX; +3 STR; +3 CON; +4 STA; +3 CHAR | B: +2 DEX; +2 STR; +2 CON; +3 STA; +2 CHAR | C: +1 DEX; +1 STR; + 1 CON; +2 STA; +1 CHAR A: 70-72Kg |B: 73 – 75Kg |C: 76Kg > SIDE QUESTS: Eat all the vegatables, kiddo! Start a modified version of Paleo diet (i like milk, judge me.) The goal is to only have one junk meal in a week. So, the distribution wil be: A: +3 CON; +3 STA; +2 DEX; +3 CHAR| B: +2 CON; +2 STA; +1 DEX; +2 CHAR| C: +1 CON; +1 STA; +1 CHAR A: 1 – 2 JUNK meal in a week | B: 3 – 4 in a week | C: Up to 6 Run faster, last longer HIIT at least 3 times a week, to improve strenght and power, with one day médium/ long distances. Wushu forms are great for endurance training, and discipline as well. at the final week, my goal is to run 5k at least, with combining high speeds (hmm The Flash). A: +4 Dex; +3 STR; +4 STA | B: +3 DEX; +3 STR; +3 STA | C: +2 DEX; +1 STR; +2 STA A: 3 times in a week | B: 2 times in a week | C: Once in a week The Wheel of Pain! Become te most strong as i can, using basically bodyweight. The goal is to train at least 5 days, and at the final week, my personal challenge is to make 100 pull ups, with hangin rests, and 100 push ups in a row. A: +3 Dex; +4 STR; +4 STA | B: +2 DEX; +3 STR; +3 STA | C: +1 DEX; +2 STR; +2 STA A: 5-4 days in week | B: 3-2 days in week | C: 1 day in week Life quest Save Money in order to buy/build my castle (BEBBANBURG!) and travel with my girl. The real challenge is to save money and start my own projects. Reward: +5 WIS; +4 CHAR Motivation To become the best man i’d can be, for my family, my master, and my future queen, whom i want to build a family, and protect them from any harm that i can. This i me actually: P.S. Sorry for my bad english, i'm working on it too as one life quest too
  9. I'm off to a late start, but I need to start now rather than to wait. Main Quest: Prepare for and defeat Don Sergio Franchi (for those of you familiar with Mack Bolan) by preparing my body for functional physical capabilities, marksmanship, and even improving my intellect. 6 Week Quest: 1. Begin and stick to a workout routine (The James Bond Workout posted on NF and Mens Health) 2. Consume 30mg of protein, 30 minutes after waking (Tim Ferris 4 HC) 3. Drink a baseline of 2 liters of water Life Quest: Reread Don Quixote (Bolans favorite)
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