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Found 5 results

  1. I have been following Nerd Fitness for about a month, but have worked out in the past off and on on my own. I successfully trained for a 5k in the fall and completed another one today! Turns out, I don't actually like running that much, especially in the extreme heat/cold. My new fitness inspiration is to focus on what I like to do, not what I think I am supposed to do. Yeah! HERE GOES! Main Quest: Establish an ongoing, sustainable fitness routine Goals: Workout at least 6 times a week (Yoga x3 the Beginner’s Bodyweight Workout x3) Achieve a 15 second freestanding handstand 5 minutes of handstand practice per day Limit alcohol intake to non-worknights only (Weekends max. 2 drinks with 2 possible cheat days) Life quest: Apply to 3 jobs (I am currently employed, but my husband and I want to move. We can’t do so until we have a new job lined up somewhere else.) Motivation: I want to feel good and feel good about myself. I want to establish healthy habits and routines prior to having kids. Before Measurements: Height: 5'11'' Weight: 164 lbs Body fat %: Pending Neck: 16†Shoulders: 44†Chest: 37†R. Bicep: 12†Waist: 35 ¾†Hips: 38 ¾†R. Thigh: 21 ½†R. Calf: 13 ¾†I'm excited to get going and see what everybody is up to! Mini-Quest Challenges: Week 1: Let's Get SMART (+1 WIS) - Complete! Week 2: Making Friends (+1 CHA) - Complete! Week 3: The Library (+1 WIS) - Complete! Week 4: Checking your starting credits - Complete! Week 5: The Cafeteria (+1 CON) - Complete! Week 6: Choosing your major - Complete!
  2. Well, hello there! This is my first challenge! I'm pretty active but my main problem is a lack of consistency and self discipline. I lay out schedules for myself and lose motivation rather quickly and get discouraged even quicker. I want to do this challenge to create accountability for myself and set up a manageable schedule for myself. Main Quest: For my clothes to fit more comfortably and not squeeze me to death when I sit. Quest 1: Eat clean and paleo every day with one cheat meal on Weekends (Saturday) A= one cheats B=two cheats C= three+ cheats Quest 2: Run three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) for 20 minutes using HIIT technique. A= 3x a week B= 2x a week C= 1x a week Quest 3: Strength train 2x a week (Tuesday, Saturday) A= 2x a week B=1x a week C= no strength training Life Quest: Complete one house cleaning chore a day. Mon.-Sweep floors Tues- clean sinks Wed-clean kitchen Thur- straighten living room Fri- vacuum Sat- laundry Sun-straighten closet Motivation: I want to be in charge of my health and fitness and want to be in the best shape of my life before I turn 30. I'm 27 now.
  3. Motivation: Taking a break from my brief stint as a Ranger to bring myself back into a state of balance, focus, and calm. The daily craziness and stress of my family’s schedule is crushing me – I am tired, unmotivated and lacking focus and drive to be the person I want to be… I want to explore the benefits of meditation, yoga and more brain exercises to help restore the inner ‘me’. Main Quest: Focus on a balance between mind, body and focus to rebalance myself in what feels like a very unbalanced point in my life. This quest will provide an achievable path over the next 6 weeks to work my way back into working out via body weight and quick hit exercises, and focusing on my mind and inner-self through ‘brain training’, meditation and yoga. Success in this quest will be subjective, but I will measure success in coming Existing Main Quest On-Hold: This quest will go beyond this challenge (and probably the next few), but my main quest is to hit the following benchmarks in strength and dexterity/stamina: · Bench Press 300 lbs. · Squat 300 lbs. · Complete 20 Pull Ups · Complete 20 Minutes of Hill Sprints (NerdFitness Academy: Ranger Quest) Side Quests: Restoration of Mind · Sharpen mind with Lumosity Training (average 4x per week) · Complete 3 Plank Sessions per Week (Mind over matter) Points Potential: +3 DEX & +2STA Grading: A= Average 4 Lumosity Sessions / week; 3 Plank Sessions per week B= Average 3 Lumosity Sessions / week; 3 Plank Sessions per week C= Average 2 Lumosity Sessions / week; 2 Plank Sessions per week D= Average 1 Lumosity Sessions / week; 1 Plank Sessions per week F= Average 0 Lumosity Sessions / week; 0 Plank Sessions per week Restoration of Body · Alternate between 50 Pushups and 50 Body Weight Squats Each Day · Average 4 Yoga Workouts per week Points Potential: +2 STR & +3 STA Grading A= Average 100% (Daily) Exercise; Average 4 Yoga Workouts / week B= Average 90% (Daily) Exercise; Average 3 Yoga Workouts / week C= Average 80-89% (Daily) Exercise; Average 2 Yoga Workouts / week D= Average 61-79% (Daily) Exercise; Average 1 Yoga Workouts / week F= Average <=60% (Daily) Exercise; Average 0 Yoga Workouts / week Restoration of Spirit · Practice Mediation Daily (Zen12 Program –12 minute guided meditations that I will listen to upon waking up or before bed Points Potential: +4 WIS Grading A= Average 100% (Daily) Completion of Meditation B= Average 90% Completion of Meditation C= Average 80-89% Completion of Meditation D= Average 61-79% Completion of Meditation F= Average <=60% Completion of Meditation Life Quest: Revamp our Family Budget – we have a loose budget, but with a baby now it would be good to have something more solid to work from each month Points Potential: +1 WIS Grading Pass/Fail Initial Stats (11/10/2014) Race: Human Age: 30 Height: 5’10†Weight: 174.6 BMI: 25.0 Body Fat %: Waist: Hips: Chest: Bicep: Thigh: Calf: Neck:
  4. First quest as a Ranger! Had a great experience on my 'noob' challenge last time and pumped to continue the momentum. Main Quest: This quest will go beyond this challenge (and probably the next few), but my main quest is to hit the following benchmarks in strength and dexterity/stamina: · Bench Press 300 lbs. · Squat 300 lbs. · Complete 20 Pull Ups · Complete 20 Minutes of Hill Sprints (NerdFitness Academy: Ranger Quest) Side Quests: Work up to Barbell Battalion Workout Level 3 (NerdFitness Academy) – Will use the workout regimes provided to accomplish this side quest Points Potential: 4 STR & 1 CHA Grading: A= Completed 2-3 Level 3 Barbell Battalion Workouts B= Completed Level 2 Barbell Battalion (6 Workouts) C= Completed ½ Level 2 Barbell Battalion (3 Workouts) D= Completed Level 1 Barbell Battalion (6 Workouts) F= Did Not Complete Level 1 Barbell Battalion (<6 Workouts) Work up to Total Supersets of the following workout: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvqZvnFr63) Points Potential: 3 STA & 2 DEX * Sprints followed by Jog (6 Reps) * 6 Jump Knee Tucks and Sprint followed by walk (3 Reps) * 6 Plyo Pushups and Sprint followed by walk (3 Reps) * 6 Skier Reps followed by walk (3 Reps) Grading A= Completed all reps noted above (>4 sprint workouts during challenge) B= Completed all reps noted above (< 4 sprint workouts during challenge) C= Completed 4 supersets of sprint/jog and 3 supersets of other sprint types D= Completed only 2 supersets of each sprint type F= Completed only 1 superset of each sprint type Stretch for 10-15 minutes DAILY (static stretches and foam roller) and complete TWO Yoga DVD Workout/Week – this is to keep me healthy/injury free during the challenge Points Potential: 2 CON Grading A= Stretched 100% of the time and 12 yoga workouts B= Stretched 100% of the time and 9 yoga workouts C= Stretched 100% of the time and 6 yoga workouts D= Stretched 90% of the time and 3 yoga workouts F= Stretched 80% of the time and no yoga Life Quest: Destroy my reliance on coffee – a good number of days I will knock back a cup of coffee before work and a pot of espresso at work. This needs to stop… (NerdFitness Academy: The Caffeine Challenge) Points Potential: 3 CON Grading A= Coffee free for 7 days straight with minimal headache B= Can survive 5 days without it, but no more C= Can survive 3 days without it, but no more D= Can survive a day without it, but no more F= Still hooked on at least a cup a day Motivation: My motivation for this challenge is regaining strength, muscle, and confidence. Since my daughter was born two months ago I haven’t been able to strength train (or more honestly haven’t made it a priority, which I am totally OK with). I watched myself lose muscle week after week and honestly lost some of my identity. Everyone at work keeps commenting how skinny I look. Time to bring back the ‘me’ I am proud of! My wife and I are both committing to getting back in shape, and are covering for each other’s workouts each day. Initial Stats (9/14/2014) Race: Human Age: 30 Height: 5’10†Weight: 177 BMI: 25.4 Body Fat %: 12.4% Waist: 34 1/2 in. Hips: 38 in. Chest: 40 1/2 in. Bicep: 13 3/4 in. Thigh: 22 in. Calf: 15 3/4 in. Neck: 15 in.
  5. Hello! I've been looking through all the different threads to find some new yoga routines to do, and I thought I'd put up my findings here. Feel free to add to the list as you see fit! The 'Tavern' thread in the druid guild of the most recent 6 week challenge is apparently where all the druids hang out. So I'm sure that is a great place to ask questions. Recommended by Affekonig. Mini-Quest: Great Druid Book of Yoga Poses is the ancient book in which the druids have collected their mystical yoga knowledge for the generations to come. Recommended by DrDidg DoYogaWithMe.com seems to be one of the best freebies. It was recommended by Leonine and Panczo. Yogajournal.com/video was recommended by chelsea_mae, Alethea and DrDidg. Doyouyoga.com/challenge is very popular with its 30 day challenge where each lesson is about 10 - 20 mins long. Recommended by Jun3II, UltanBoyd and Tanuki. Yogaglo.com apparently has some free videos, although it is aimed at a paying audience. Recommended by QoB. Youtube.com/user/TaraStilesYoga is recommended by chelsea_mae and me. Yogatoday.com has a video library for a monthly ($9) or yearly ($90) subscription. Recommended by Meidan. Myyogaonline.com is recommended by Hermione Gainser and suggested by Tanuki. Youtube Yogatic videos were written about somewhere and also there is a progressive 30 day challenge on about.com. http://www.bitrebels.com/geek/star-wars-yoga-the-illustrated-edition/ IS STAR WARS YOGA! Pointed out by Machete. Yogadownload.com has free 20 minute audio classes, plus longer versions you can purchase. They also come with PDF pose guides. Recommended by NikaVanilla. Myyogapro is currently/soon to be online. Recommended by Tanuki. Reflexion yoga (https://reflexionyoga.com) is suggested by Tanuki. Yogameditationhome.com is recommended by Elleme and being tested by Waanie.
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