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  1. I am heading to an epic vacation in Glacier National Park starting August 11th. I've dreamed of going there for quite some time, but only within the last year has my dream transformed into blossoming reality. I was at first going to go by myself, somehow... But lucky for me, two awesome friends heard my plans and decided that they wanted to come, too! We have a camping cabin reserved for four nights, and one night we'll be sleeping in a tipi on the Blackfeet Reservation. There'll be horseback riding, whitewater rafting, kayaking, and much hiking in the mountains. I'm from Wisconsin, no mo
  2. Hello everyone, I'm starting over here at nerdfitness and I'm looking to see if anyone would be willing to help keep me accountable/ discuss workouts and the like on this site or elsewhere. I'm a 27 year old chef who's getting into bodyweight training and yoga. I've been a weightlifter most of my life, but finances make a gym membership too much to handle. I'm saving up to buy my own gym equipment, but until then I don't want to stop working out. I've been on a routine for a while, but my wife and I work separate shifts so we can take care of our 7 month son and, while he gives me
  3. I have just moved to Pataskala Ohio and my husband is not really into working out or some of the more nerd things I like. I was looking for a buddy either in the area or online/txt who may also like video games, larp, renaissance faires, pokemon, sports, and who would be willing to help keep me accountable and be able to talk nerd as well . Nerd workouts are the best workouts! If you have/love pets as well I love going to the dog park for a work out for both me and my pups. As I am just restarting my adventure I do not have many weights so most of my worko
  4. Hi all! I saw the Doodlies already have a thread, but as it's for Doodlies only I figured I'd make one for the non-Doodlies. This thread is for people looking for one or more accountabilibuddies to help them with the upcoming 4 Week Challenge. Post a link to 4WC thread, a brief overview of your goals for this challenge, and what you would like from an accountabilibuddy. Remember: You don't have to have matching goals to be an accountabilibuddy! All you need to have is some pom-poms and a willingness to cheer someone else on through the challenge.
  5. Leia Cruz here...middle aged bad ass in training. Just found out about these Battle Logs, so starting mine. I want to track weight loss in 2 ways, scale weight and waist size. I also want to track fitness goals here. I track food on Lose It, steps on Fitbit, and Posting stats and beginning photos: Weight (measured at dr. office, not at home) 193.4 lbs Waist: 41 inches Push ups: 10 on knees Plank: 15 sec on toes
  6. Looking for an fellow revels in sac. We can keep each other up to date on progress. Any one interested?
  7. I want to sit at the table. I'm tired of just snatching nuggets of wisdom and inspiration, then not taking the step to take my rightful place at the table. I want to own my health, fitness, and dreams. I want to be an assassin. I want to take out these crumby feelings and the lame ideas that convince me to be complacent. I recognize that my short-comings are more easily tackled with friends though. All of the assassins I've read up on have a clan, a family, a home; a spot that's just for them where they are built up and in turn build others up. I could really use some accountability and p
  8. Hey all! I'm looking for an online/text/email/whatever accountability buddy. I'm in EST time zone although it's not completely necessary that we match. I'm into RPGs, tabletop roleplaying, The Office, The Walking Dead, Oliver Stone movies, Game of Thrones, every book I can get my hands on, and also outdoorsy activities (specifically hiking and kayaking) and helping animals. My struggles when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle are motivation and anxiety. I hope to find a partnership that can be mutually beneficial! ~Maeve
  9. I'm pretty much a newb who has been dabbling at this for a bit. I am also making my way down this path of fitness and I'd be happy to offer encouragement and support. Sometimes I need a push in the direction of a little more structure, but I like advice and I'm open to it. I have fitness goals - namely get strong enough to do pull ups, deadlift my body weight, and lose 60lbs this year. That being said, most of my support is long distance (family in another state) while the people close, namely my husband is doing his best to be encouraging. His family (in state) is my biggest g
  10. Bards, Paladins, Innkeepers, Clerics, Healers (and more?) of All Guilds... TAG! You're IT! A tag matching system to help nerds find other nerds of the same role-play occupation... Our primary objective for this round is to encourage others to apply the tags we developed last challenge, by spreading the word and teaching others how to apply the tags to their challenge threads. To Dos for Challenge #2 of 2016: 1) Create a short guide for how to apply tags to your challenge 2) Develop a message template with links back to the tagging guides and spread word on all guild genera
  11. So I have a pretty new spreadsheet for this challenge quarter (may look very familiar to some, ) I've decided in order to make the 4 week cycle work for me I'm going to incorporate week 0 and lump it into quarters...if this works for you as well feel free to borrow my sheet (file/save copy into Google Drive I think...) and tweak it to fit your needs My overall, far reaching, want to accomplish this year, goal is to lose 40 lbs...at the very minimum I want to look good nekkid In my opinion, not anyone else! For the next three months to work towards this goal I'm going to go to the g
  12. My third kid is due this week... another girl! I've been reading Nerd Fitness for a couple years. I'm still in my twenties, and as a dad I know that if I don't battle for my fitness now, it'll be a much more difficult uphill battle if I start later on in my 30s or 40s. I've got a pair of dumbbells, a barbell, and a swimming pool. Anybody else out there been in a similar situation and has seen success? I'm looking for like a group of fitness pin pals. I'm new to the boards, so you should know the nerdiest thing about me is probably my ocarina. I bought it earlier this y
  13. So I !@#$%^&* up pretty hard last night. I got embroiled in a personal conflict between two people I care about so much that I barely did anything responsible. I did my own workout, but I let someone I promised to hold accountable eat garbage fast food and drink soda with the excuse that "it's late and it's cheap and simple." I didn't cook dinner or prepare food for lunch today, so I have to waste money buying lunch out here. I have failed myself and I have failed the people who depend on me. I need to get back in the game and lock in, and do things right today.
  14. Machete

    Machete: 24

    We all have 24 hours in a day. Somehow I manage to spent the majority of it f-ing around on Facebook. Zero Week: Going to try to figure out where all the time goes. Breakdown Monday: 1030 Wake up [WAKE UP TO BREAKFAST--50 minutes] Breakfast to 1120 Schoolwork to 1230 Lunch and video watching to 1430 Gym (and driving) to 1730 Traffic to 1820 School and drive home to 2115 Cook and DDF to 2205 Driving etc, bet at 0000 Tuesday: Wake up at 0500 0600-0700 class GB, school work to 0930 class to
  15. We are to NF what the X-men are to the Mutants: Teachers, inspiring figures and the first of many! Welcome back doodlies! You know the drill Sign in sheet Score sheet We are hiring! We need one waffle to make team Waffle complete We're full. Check back with us next challenge But, before you sign up, read our mission statement: We also have a D&D pvp (accessible for anyone) We are going to do an old school pvp. Our challenge this time: How set works (by JMK):
  16. Rangering back up again, due to my incessant need to do all the things all the time. I imagine the main goal in this challenge would be prioritization, time management, and accountability. 1. Weekly Task List Because I've gotten used to [what I perceive as] chaotic and overwhelming schedules, I tend to wing it in life. Not only does it make my schedule even more unmanageable, I tend to miss a lot of important stuff as well. As said in Extreme Ownership, discipline equals freedom. I'll be working on my task list and priorities at the beginning of the week, and do my best to acc
  17. I'm back! I just got back from a month long holiday to the US that contained Camp Nerd Fitness (hooray!) lots of food (delicious!) and a shit tonne of walking. Plus some YogaQuest, which is like yoga but nerdy. But I am back and ready to jump into the Nerd Fitness habit building wagon face first. I think. I know it doesn't make sense, I'm still jetlagged, deal with it. Small steps mean big changes --NF Academy bodyweight workout x 2 per week --ride my bike to work x 1 per week Say no to cake --meal prep x 1 per week
  18. Deja Vu warning... This is going to look really familiar... My Boring Backstory For those of you catching up, last challenge was a coop challenge where if either I or my cohort, Deftona, failed to meet our goals we would both incur some punishment. This format worked wonders for me to get my shit together and get back on track with following goals and making them a priority. But I am not out of the woods yet. I just about lost my shit over weekend 0 (this is why a whole week 0 is not a good idea for me) so it's painfully clear that these habits need more work in or
  19. Well...I hope I'm doing this right. Looks like I use this as my blog central, and just add posts from here. Yes? Yes. New to NF, so still learning, but so far so good. I like that there are excellent articles, and what looks like an excellent community. I hate/need accountability, soooo a true Rebel in many ways. But you know, sometimes you really do need to level up your life and really truly play the game. I'm working on dealing with the disappointments in my life (and then doing things DIFFERENTLY) instead of shoving them way down and ignoring them. Sigh. Adulting Fail.
  20. I have had many ups and downs recently. I went zip-lining! I had to unfriend and block my closest friend in town because, long story short, she's crazy. I saw the Grand Canyon and stuck my toes in the Pacific! My boyfriend dumped me with no explanation or apparent motivation. Good times! But I'm focused on keeping a positive attitude and getting back on track. Thus I've popped back up on Nerd Fitness to give this another go. But this time I have a secret weapon.... My Motive-ca-tion Jar! In this jar, I shall deposit funds e
  21. Are you ready for this? This is a tandem challenge. @deftona and I both had an abysmal challenge last go around. It was supposed to be the one where we each got back into the groove and made some progress. Rather than an improvement from the challenges before, it got worse, like, super off the rails worse. Our current levels of accountability don’t seem to be enough. We’ve been accountable to ourselves, to the Doodlies, to the entire NF community but for some reason, right now, this doesn’t seem to be enough. Before we can get back to waging war, we need to get our shit together. And wha
  22. Here is where I'll post my wods, progression, and daily feats! I'll be trying my best to live Ramikadyc, which means in Mandalorian, living life to the fullest and taking advantage of every opportunity, motivate others and make yourself stronger physically and mentally. In keeping a log, I'll be able to see myself get stronger and help by keeping me accountable! Enough talk, let's do it
  23. In school? Studying for an exam? Super-huge thing coming up that you need to prepare for? Need support? Someone to hold you accountable? Then this is for you Trying to be healthy (work out, eat right, get enough sleep) juggle schoolwork, and work/family/social stress is tough...we can't promise to help you pass advanced accounting, but at least you're among others that understand what you're going through, and maybe pick up a few tips along the way
  24. this is also a repost of my respawn, but I plan on posting the updates daily here too. So I'm starting a respawn, but trying something entirely new, so as not to go insane (you know, insanity is trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, right?) So I'm starting this respawn by 1 actually posting my plans, for some accountability, 2 following the academy plan after 3 starting wih an elimination diet to really find out what will work for me, what has been sabotaging me, and also to push myself to be more creative, and resourceful in my cooking and
  25. So I'm starting a respawn, but trying something entirely new, so as not to go insane (you know, insanity is trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, right?) So I'm starting this respawn by 1 actually posting my plans, for some accountability, 2 following the academy plan after 3 starting wih an elimination diet to really find out what will work for me, what has been sabotaging me, and also to push myself to be more creative, and resourceful in my cooking and prep. So as a first step, here are my before pics: Her
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