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  1. Hi! My name is Jas. I completed a six week challenge back in Spring here and then unfortunately fell off the face of the planet. I was on a team of about 8 people but that was just a little too much to keep track of. I'm looking for one, maybe two people to talk about weight loss with and come up with ideas to keep each other on track. I love video games, so I'm down to have those conversations too. My favorites are Silent Hill and Assassin's Creed. I also like comics, but they're a new development so my knowledge of them is pretty sub-par at the time. I'm going to try to update my profile wit
  2. HEY GUYS AND GALS! The 20's are out and 30's are what's new and hot. Let's help each other stay accountable so that this chapter in our lives is met with the best we've got!
  3. Attention all Adventures from all classes! A New and as of yet unnamed party of Adventures is forming! The Goal is to share challenges, inspire each other, and work toward common challenges for the party! (For example we could try to lose 100lbs as a group for a reward) open to any and all who want to help and be helped
  4. Folks, we all know that not everyone jumps on board right at the start. And not everyone likes to jump into an accountability group that's already chock-full of people who did start on time. (I fit both of these categories myself this challenge.) So if you're still looking for an accountability group a couple days into week 2, hit me up! Looking for regular check-ins here in the forum (1x per week is enough, more often is welcome and encouraged), and you'll get a message from me if I don't hear from you for 5 days or so, just to keep us all on track. All classes and levels welcome. I happen
  5. We're Back! We are the Renaissance Rebels... We're having a Creative Revolution and you're invited! Do you have a creative quest among your challenge goals? Then join this ragtag, eccentric group of nerds and level up your health and fitness habits and your creativity. Sure, that's a lot of balls to juggle over the course of six weeks, but it's a lot easier and more fun when you've got buddies! Post a reply below to introduce yourself. We're happy to have you! Renaissance Rebels BlackTezca Dantilla greenjasper irmintrude greeneyes J
  6. Hi I'm Cupcake, and as my name might suggest I'm a huge fan of sweets... chocolate, cakes, pastries. Which is the whole reason I am here in the first place! I'm a female Dwarf... short (5ft4), round (113kg) but with an inner strength of stone. Here are my stats and my plan.... SW: 113kg GW: around 65kg (I say around because I plan on strength training and lifting heavy and I understand that my weight will have no bearing on how I look in the end). I'm breaking my journey up into mini weight goals and NSV's (non scale victories). Mini weight goals are in 5kg increments and spread out ov
  7. So, I think this is the best place to post this- I have an idea, and I am looking for some help. It is based off my time playing WOW, MMO's, and D&D. I was thinking about trying to get together a PVE challenge. We have PVP where we can compete, but I think it would be fun to do a 5-man PVE challenge with a few people. Here is my general idea: We take 5 of us and each week we come up with some challenges above and beyond out normal goals, these would include both a positive goal and a negative anti-goal: From there the week would be dedicated to collectively fighting a weekly raid boss,
  8. Hey guys, I am respawning, and introducing myself at the same time because I am coming out of lurker status and onto the forums. I think I need to, for accountability reasons. My name is Kat, I'm 24 years old, female, living in Richmond, Virgnia. For the past couple of years, I have done awesome in my weight loss. I lost a total of 85 pounds with a trainer, was significantly under 200 pounds for the first time in my life. I even ran a couple of half marathons. Then I got injured, got depressed, went into a downwards spiral. I regained 25 of my 85 pounds. I am at 199 today and I need to m
  9. I'm looking to start up a 1-month membership to a local health center to amp up my progress for the challenge, and I'm looking for maybe a couple buddies (or the more the merrier!) I can text with to help keep each other accountable. I'm pretty much a noob and a new recruit, and am interested in free weights, some body weight work, and elliptical exercises. I'm hoping to get my 5k time under 35' again by the end of the challenge! Anyone game? We can private message each other our numbers or something? Text works better than computer for me, typically, which is why I ask. If you're game,
  10. Hey y'all! This is my first challenge at Nerd Fitness. I've been getting the emails for a couple months and decided that it was time to try a challenge. I'm 23 and graduated college with a degree in Environmental Science last year. I wasn't having any luck with finding a job and spent a lot of time lounging around my parents' house eating junk food. I've since moved out and gotten a job. Though it's not my ideal job, and it's not even in my field, that was the sort of kick in the butt I needed to start putting effort into my health and my life. My main quests is to lose ten pounds in
  11. "The journey of a thousand miles begins beneath one's feet."--Lao-tzu Copied and pasted from my intro post-- Goal: To have a BMI of 24.9 or less (136 lbs or less) by December 31, 2015 To do this, I will 1. Eat no more than 24 g of added sugar (none from HFCS) daily, 2. Eat only between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., and 3. Spend at least 60 minutes being active every day. This can be formal exercise, walking, yard work, house work, or active play with the kids. To log my progress, I will take monthly photos, frontal and side views, both clothed and in underwear, and I will w
  12. Need a training buddy? Want a Monk-focused accountability partner? Want to do a PVP challenge to lay the smackdown on a fellow monk? Just want to find a new friend? Use this thread to find people and connect with them, if the tagging system isn't working out as well for you! So speak up if you want help somewhere! We have plenty of people willing to help you be more awesome!
  13. Hello all! This is my very first 6wk challenge and also my very first post in this kind of forum (like ever - not just with NF). I have struggled with my weight and health my whole life (I am 24). I love my family dearly but they have such poor diet and exercise habits that a lot of my older relatives have diabetes, high BP, high cholesterol, so on and so forth with all the other health issue associated with obesity. I do not want to be like that, I want to be a healthy person for the remainder of my life not only for myself but for my family and my (hopefully) future children and grandchildre
  14. Hello, fellow nerds! I've been following this site and the blog posts for a couple of months, and finally got inspired to hold myself accountable with this challenge! I don't have a strong support system at home when it comes to health and fitness, so it's easy to give in, even though these things are very important to me. For the past 10 years, my weight has fluctuated within 25 pounds or so, yo-yoing along with my willpower and/or intolerance to stick with a fad diet that only works temporarily. After a series of personal losses last year, I let a lot of good habits go. As a result, my we
  15. *Spring Ahead with Your Crew* Work together to get, keep, and share motivation and SMART action. Adventurer and Scout Accountabilibuddies Mini Challenge Guidelines: -- choose 5 other rebels to work with during this challenge. Here is a spreadie to help organize your group of 3 Scouts & 3 Adventurers. Put your name and goal work on the left. Pick a column and name your group if you like. You will be helping each other with a goal or staying motivated so similar goals is often a good way to group up, but not a requirement. Once you're in a group, cross off your name on the left
  16. Need a training buddy? Want a Monk-focused accountability partner? Want to do a PVP challenge to lay the smackdown on a fellow monk? Just want to find a new friend? Use this thread to find people and connect with them, if the tagging system isn't working out as well for you! So speak up if you want help somewhere! We have plenty of people willing to help you be more awesome!
  17. Okay peeps - I'm taking the plunge and asking for accountability. I'm hoping there is someone out there who is highly motivated and wants to help someone who is overweight finally shed the weight. I'm stubborn, and I like to do things independently, but the more excited I am about it (which is easy to do) the longer I'm going to stick to it, and a virtual buddy is exactly what I need to help me stay accountable. I can do this both ways, and am a great encourager - but I really need the help. Anyone willing to help me reach that ultimate goal of being a bad ass assassin, feel free to pm or
  18. Hello! I am looking for a partner(s) that can join me with on my Epic Quest to slay an Archdemon (aka my bad eating habits) for this challenge and many more challenges to come! Age/gender doesn't matter, just as long as you are an active rebel in the forums and someone that needs a companion or accountability partner in return. I am struggling with food addiction, binge eating, overeating, depression, sciatic nerve pain due to a herniated disc, and lack of motivation. I also lack accountability and consequences (aside from that dinner binge that will pile up on my butt). Most details about
  19. This is for our fellow Monks or anyone else who wants to make their hips more mobile. Day 1: It's so easy, even a baby can do it! Below is a simple mobility drill that was really designed for the entire but also has a good impact on improving hip mobility. Credit goes to Original Strength's Tim Anderson. I have done this both before and after my workouts or by itself and my hips and body feels more mobile afterwards. Please check in after you do it. Day 2: Wake up your sleepy butt muscles! Since the hips and the butt is closely related and the butt muscles are asleep for many o
  20. Need a training buddy? Want a Monk-focused accountability partner? Want to do a PVP challenge to lay the smackdown on a fellow monk? Just want to find a new friend? Use this thread to find people and connect with them, if the tagging system isn't working out as well for you! So speak up if you want help somewhere! We have plenty of people willing to help you be more awesome!
  21. Hi friends! I'm looking for an online sidekick (or multiple sidekicks)! I would love to just chat, encourage, and keep each other accountable. I'm new to the forum, but a longtime Nerd Fitness fan. Here's some stuff about me: 20 Years Old College StudentMarvel Comics fan (been reading them since I was 6 years old!) Some Other Things I Love: Doctor Who, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Firefly, Sherlock, and DisneyHobbies: Musical Theatre, animation, and cooking. I know, I'm weird. My fitness goals/info: I'm trying to gain muscle and stamina. Losing weight isn't a huge need for me - I'm a
  22. Hi everyone My name is Bekah and I am the Druid Ambassador, and I wanted to invite all of you to participate in a workout accountability group that I am a part of on Facebook (it's for more than just Nerd Fitness peeps, but I wanted to make sure you could get in on the action if you want). It was started by our very own Nerd Fitness Hero AlienJenn (if you dont know her, she is AMAZING and has a VERY inspiring story!) It starts on February 15th 2015 and runs for 8 weeks and you have a buy in of $20 (we can work out payment if you need to but everything including penalty $ has to be in by th
  23. RisenPhoenix


    So here's an experiment we're going to try for the next challenge or two, since people wanted some more communication and connection to people they might relate to better. We are going to try to implement a tagging system for people's threads and challenge. First and foremost: THIS IS NOT A REQUIREMENT. It can be useful, it may be fun, but by no means does not wanting to participate in this make you a terrible person. Just be aware that some people might not creep by your thread as much as others who do tag. Here are some tags we're going to standardize this time around: New2Monk - If you
  24. Greetings, writing nerds! Announcing the first NerFiWriCh ever! That would be Nerd Fitness Writing Challenge, and is pronounced Nerfy-Rich. So a bunch of people were talking about how they had always wanted to join in on National Novel-Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo, but the problem was that the timing was bad. NaNoWriMo takes place during the month of November, which can be a bit of a challenge thanks to a wide variety of reasons. First, a bit of background for those just arriving: NaNoWriMo is an event that happens every year where thousands (seriously) of people sign up to write a 50,000 w
  25. What does everyone struggle with as their biggest obstacle to stay on track or to even start a fitness program?
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