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  1. Howdy, I'm Newcomb, pronounced the same as Duke Nukem (matter-of-fact, some folks at work have taken to calling me "Duke"). I was pretty into sports through high school, but then through junior college and the start of my career and marriage, I let myself go. A few years in and I found my self the archetypal fat nerd: sleep in, no breakfast, drive the less than half-mile to work, sit at the desk all day, Coke(a-cola) break in the morning, fast food for lunch, vending machine break in the afternoon, head home, takeaway and a Coke for dinner, then Coke and snacks in front of the TV or compute
  2. Hi there folks, I'm Christine, I'm almost 38. I'm 5' 11'', about 280 lbs. Work at home mom, with a 10 year old with severe autism, and an almost 2 year old. Stress makes me crave sugar. Sugar makes me calm. Sugar is also killing me as I have diabetes. I need to be around for my children as long as I possibly can, and there's still a lot of the world I want to see. Been eating paleo/primal for 2 weeks. Getting into the part where I start craving like crazy. If I can get through the next two weeks, I'll be golden until any huge life events interfere and make me stress out again. I'm here
  3. I'll try to get this to the point where I'm posting daily, but this first post is almost overdue enough to call it a weekly retrospective. MONDAY Exercise Goal: StrongLifts workout A - my first! Squats - 5x5 @ 45lbs Bench Press - 2x5 @ 45lbs Barbell Row - 4x5 @45lbs Jog/Walk on treadmill - 15 minutes/1mi Food Goal: Total Intake: 1759cal - 96 over goal of 1663 Fats: 60g - 11g under goal of 71g Protein: 73g - 87g under goal of 160g Carbs: 140g - 42g over goal of 98g Fiber: 31g - 1g under goal of 32-40g Thoughts: Sooo I suck at the bench press. I'd like to blame it on my bum shoulder, but i
  4. A new challenge! Allow me to begin with a brief update on my life. Last time I wrote to you it was on the eve of a job interview. It was a promising position in my city's Hebrew Social and Sports Club where they have a primary school. It was an opportunity to stay doing what I love (teaching) with great benefits and a very attractive paycheck. It was almost perfect for me and I really really wanted it. I say almost because the school is far from where I live and that implied a deadly commute and a whole new routine. The good news is that I got the job =D but I had to change my whole lifest
  5. 6 week goal summary: 1. drop one dress size 2. eat paleo with one cheat meal a week 3. do a set of three chin ups 4. do the beginner body weight workout 2x a week (3 sets) 5. do a set of 3 one minute sprints 2x a week today's sustenance: breakfast-- nitrate free chicken sausage and half a cucumber lunch--cheat meal (curry chicken with plantains) snack- granny smith apple + almonds dinner--turkey sausage with spinach, grape tomatoes, and 1/2 sweet potato workout: one and 1/2 sets of body weight workout with 5 minute warm up and 5 minute cool down/stretch Need to get away from almond snack
  6. Welcome to THE accountability team for Arrow fans. This is currently an Assassins team (but that might change). We're here to keep each other from FAILING THIS CITY. Yes. That just happened. Headquarters: We train together at an undisclosed location, located centrally in the Glades. We have everything that you need to train for anything you'll run into in Starling. We just made an addition of some closet-sized rooms with cots, for visiting vigilantes. Roster: Pathfinder (AKA "Volk") - "For ten years I was stranded on an (annoyingly allegorical) island with only one goal - survive. Now I
  7. NEVER AFRAID OF WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS! NEVER REGRETFUL OF THE PRESENT! THAT'S WHO WE ARE! TOO BIG TO BE JUST THE GURREN BRIGADE NOW! WE'VE GROWN INTO SOMETHING BIGGER, GREATER! THE DAI-GURREN BRIGADE!! WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK WE ARE!?!!! Hello!!! My name is AshPS, and this is Challenge number 6 for me. I am currently Leader of the most awesome group of people who quite literally CRUSHED the last challenge into dust! The name has changed slightly from the Gurren Brigade (originally) to the Dai-Gurren dan (Dan=Brigade)!! (Dai means "Great" or
  8. I'm know I'm late to the 6 Week Challenge party, but as Steve said "Start today!" Background: I'm a new mom that is trying to get back in shape. When I was in high school, I was thin and did a lot of sports. All that changed when I graduated from college and had to move back in with my family. A year of mom's home cooking, a sedentary desk job, and too many MMORPG's took their toll. Eventually I got talked into joining my local Roller Derby team and got moving again. I made great progress and was a pretty good player, but then I decided to take some classes at my local community colle
  9. Here we go. If you are insulted by bad language or bad English grammar, be warned. I haven't figured out how things go. I'm not used to be "buddies". Well, let's see. It's too late to be smart.
  10. My Fellow NF Members/Rangers, This will be my first challenge as a NF Member and the first step for me in a long time to improve my fitness and over all health. MAIN GOAL: Start Healthy Habits- Kick Start Weight Loss. I'm using these first 6 week challenge to start healthy habits that in the past I have failed to solidify. This will give me the foundation to finally solidify the steps I need to take to loose weight and become a fit person. These habits include but are not limited to Regular Exercise, Better Eating Habits, Being Accountable by reporting to NF on my Battle Log. QUEST 1: St
  11. Hello everyone! My name is Amanda! I am from a big town in Rhode Island. I am currently 225 pounds, roughly 80 pounds overweight for my height. Between a neurological condition, going to college and working in a fast food restaurant I have made unhealthy decisions that have led me to where I am. My biggest struggles are making the right eating decisions and holding myself accountable. I am a chronic justifier, but no longer! Today is the second day since I have made the decision to make myself even more awesome. I am particular interested in the Paleo Diet (who doesn't want to be able to e
  12. Hello there! This is my first challenge and I will try my best to slay all the little-but-numerous enemies of the Holidays! Today is 25th but never mind, I happen to have an account of what I've done since the 23rd Dec. My plans are basically: Since I have LOTS of free time, I'm hitting the gym everyday possible. When not possible I'll jog or ride my bikeI will practice moderation in my meals and won't drink alcoholSleep my 8/9 hours starting at 11 p.mTry to convince my family that I'm not THAT crazy. Maybe I'm lucky enough and I can persuade my dad to eat healthy. He should try, hones
  13. Last month I turned 30. I was not looking forward to it; I thought it meant that I was running out of time to do everything I wanted to and that it was the start of a massive countdown to when I was going to have to have kids (or not) and blah blah blah. I think I set up a self-fulfilling prophecy there with those negative expectations, even though I had a plan for all the great things I was going to to do and awesome new habits I would start and all of that. Well, I didn't have a real tracking/accountability system aside from the blog I started, which I haven't even been brave enough to s
  14. I am brand new to Rebellion challenges, but not so new to life (52 and counting LOL). I began a lifestyle change in diet last year by eating paleo, and also began focused excersizing using Mark Lauren's YAYOG (You Are Your Own Gym). I have had some success with both, but also have had stretches where I fell off the wagon with both. I recently (the last few weeks) began earnestly following both regimens again as well as beginning a 21 Day Sugar Detox, and believe that the Rebellion Challenge will be a way of not losing focus, as I will have people who I hope to rely in holding me accountable to
  15. PrincessLeia (Had to do it, it's my namesake ) Main Goal/Quest: Weight Loss and Health Achievement (Short Term weight loss specific goal fit back into size 12) Paleo Focused Diet 80/20 (with beans) Power Yoga 2x weekBeginner Body Weight/Treadmill 3x weekLife Quest: ​Moving more towards a minimalist lifestyle. Our family has too much stuff and it's time to cleanse and remove the extra stress of constant mess and a chaotic life. Thank you all for the future support, can't wait to help how I can. P.S. I actually have a ton of health food/holistic treatment knowledge so if anyone ne
  16. This is my first challenge and post on nerd fitness. I have resolved to correct some of my personal issues with fitness by creating some accountability in my quest to be better. My only real goal is to exemplify the definition of leaning, which is a change in behavior based on experience. In my case, I have lead a life of ample opportunity, but have yet to seek out or accept any true "behavioral change" in my life. I have learned to admit that I am a true product of newtonian physics. I am a body that is most comfortable and whose state is normally at rest. I require motivation (an outside
  17. New challenge, new name, hopefully some new friends! I don't know about you all, but I am super excited to kick some serious butt in the next six weeks. If I start to forget that, I will require a swift kick in the aforementioned backside, and you better believe I'll be doing the same for you Good luck to everyone, hopefully we can be a bit more active as a group than last time.. (I'm thinking maybe some unofficial mini-challenges, perhaps?) Now, GO!
  18. LEVEL 0: Inaugural Battle Log Entry achieved! We need badges for this stuff, lol. Started the Angry Birds workout after a 15-minute warm up walk/jog earlier this morning (around 12-midnight) at 24-hour fitness. Though I've read Steve's email articles about being able to do all natural, gym-free workouts at the park, it just doesn't sound like a good idea after getting off of work at 1AM. I also have to be courteous about any Zumba/kinect/P90X workouts at night since I live in a small apartment complex. I may consider morning workouts, but I am nocturnal and usually don't go to bed until
  19. I don't know how many "Hi, my name is Vanessa, and I'm new here" posts I've filled out. With some grit, this will hopefully be the last one, since I plan on sticking to getting and staying healthy. I've been battling the whole weight loss thing for awhile now, and like many of us here, started some program, only to bail out at the site of the first obstacle or interruption. This is extremely frustrating, since I seriously considered military life in high school, was awarded a 4-year army scholarship after graduation, had spent a year training with Army ROTC's Ranger Challenge team, was give
  20. Hey guys! I'm looking for a person, or group for motivation and accountability. Just so you know where I'm starting from and if your goals align with mine here is my starting point: - 21 year old female - Looking to lose 30lbs - Trying to eat healthier Online groups are great, but if you are from CA,Ontario in the GTA let me know!
  21. (for the study backing up the assertions below please see the link at the end of the article) You have some extra pounds and you want to lose them. The good news is weight loss is one of the simplest concepts to grasp. However, it is one of the hardest to actually put into action successfully. Here are three simple things you can do to give you a better chance to lose the weight. First, write down both your weight loss goals and your action plan. This sounds like a silly thing, but motivational coaches and results oriented individuals the world over have found actually putting the goal
  22. Will be checking in here at least once a week, and possibly daily. Long term goal - daily fitness and healthy eating are habitual, like breathing. Result of this habit are endless with the obvious being weight loss and healthy weigh maintenance, able to wear clothes that do not pinch and bind and I feel GREAT. I have energy and positive outlook on life as a result of making these changes. Short term goal - lose 5+ lbs by 7/6, more would be better, but I know I need to start with small obtainable milestones to be successful. How will I achieve this short term goal that will effectively
  23. Hello! I'm a new Ranger, and as other posts have mentioned here, our mini-challenge is to find someone in another guild who is good at what they do and make noticeable improvement towards our goal. My goals are both vague and concrete (i.e., they're habit building rather than accomplishment-driven), BUT one thing I need help with is developing a good Tai-Chi workout or a new yoga routine that I can do at the park. If you can help me think of a fun and amusing reason why one might have to do said exercise while trying to escape a cave, even better. Part of my challenge is to escape a 300 mil
  24. Dear Monks, I am currently participating in my first six week challenge with all you most excellent nerd fitness folks. I'm a ranger with Monk inclinations and our next mini challenge is to reach out and find an accountability buddy within another guild with a common goal. I am in most desperate need of yoga to center myself, calm my raging anxiety, and stretch out all of my muscles from weight lifting and the pavement pounding of a good run. Won't you be my neighbor in this endeavor? My goal is to spend a minimum of one hour this week practicing yoga. We can break it down into whate
  25. I'm new to all of this, but here goes! Starting an accountability group! Team LEVEL UP is for peeps who have lost weight, or have weight to lose and are ready to take this challenge to the next level. LEVEL UP PEEPS! I'm Strongmama and I have lost 180 lbs. I still have some more to lose, but my focus is eating clean and training mean. If/when I lose more pounds, it will be great, but the number on the scale is not my primary focus. I want the numbers on my dumb-bells to go UP! Here are my before and current pics. Feel free to post pics, so at the end of challenge, you'll have a good co
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