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Found 5 results

  1. Hey there, hi there, ho there! I'm looking for find my Jedi Council. I'm hoping to find people who can have done any of the following things to help me out and be helped out in return, hopefully. Starting a small Business - I'm currently working on starting a small home business doing computer repair. Anyone with experience running a business would be great to talk to! Big bonus points if you did so in Canada so the rules and laws will be the same. I want to do this all on the up and up.Weight loss - I've got weight to lose. I know how to do, I've done it before and even helped others do it, but then I got lazy, gained it back. Really just looking for other people to journey withComputer Repair/IT - I know there are dedicated forums for this all over the web, but just someone to bounce ideas off of when I get stuck working on clients PC, or even just to vent to for stupid issuesCool people to chat with?Business Accounting - This might just go with the first one, but anyone that knows a lot about Business accounting in Canada. If you have experience with any of these and feel like becoming my mentor, I would be forever grateful. Or if you feel I could be of any help to you in anything, just let me know (I've always wanted to be a Jedi master!!) Y-Not (Tony)
  2. I'm going to try to get back into the swing of things. This year is my year, and I'm going to complete as many of these four week challenges as possible. I can do it. I can, and I will. Goal 1: Declutter. I want my room to be a haven for myself, and at the moment I have too much stuff. I've divided it into sections, and for this challenge I'm focusing on the floor. I have two crates of stuff that I want to be gone so I can use the crates for different storage (Christmas stuff and craft stuff). If they're gone by the end of the challenge, it's a win. If I get my Christmas and/or craft stuff in one or both crates, it's extra credit. Goal 2: Yoga every day. I find a significant change in my mobility and joint health when I practice yoga regularly. I really find this is useful for my everyday life and my sanity. At least ten minutes of yoga every day. Goal 3: Eat a whole food based breakfast. Nutrition is the most difficult thing for me to change so I'm going to try to start the days well. Eggs and veggies, meat and veggies or a protein shake and veggies, and a green smoothie in the morning too if I can get my ass into gear. Goal 4: Get to the gym. My gym has a community building focus with lots of classes that are mostly high intensity aimed at losing fat. I want to eventually get back into lifting but for now I want to get back to the gym and start making more friends there. I want to go at least three times a week, and up to five, or work out at home three to five times a week. I have to have a caveat because I'm going to be away for the last week of the challenge. My main quest for this challenge is to lose 4% of my bodyweight, as I've also signed up for DietBet for this four weeks. I hope with my smart goals I can achieve this. I'll also be aiming to drink lots of water, get to sleep on time and write every day, as these are my goals for the year.
  3. If you answered 'Yes!' to the above question, then I need you to fix me and you need me to let you fix me! I'm a 21 year old gal originally from Toronto, but kind of hopping around the world. Went to college in England, volunteered in Moscow for a year and just got back from a year in California. I'm a travel junkie wannabe and love going anywhere! I'm into entrepreneurship (started my first retail business in 10th grade) and I'm currently working on www.ProjectSWAG.org, an educator's core method to inspiring self esteem, self confidence and character building in students. I hope to make a passive income online in the long term so I can continue doing what I love doing and not have to worry about a job. But, back to this - I'm 5'3.5" and weigh 185lbs. I'd really love to get down to 135 in the long term. Short term goal is to drop down to 155lb. After living a pretty sedentary life for 21 years, I finally started CrossFit about 8 months ago. I absolutely love it and I think it's finally time I start taking control of my eating habits. I'm looking for a weight loss buddy and mentor whom I can text at any time - especially when I have an instant craving and who can say - "Don't do it!" I'm looking for encouragement as well as law enforcement While I love that there's this awesome community here and I'm sure you're all awesome people, I really want to focus and take charge of this change and therefore am only looking for 1 buddy. If you can help me and I can help you, please send me a private message so we can exchange contact info. If I already have a buddy, I will just let you know and please understand that it is not personal. Please, please, please only respond if you are serious about this - and not if you think you want to give this a try, but you're not really sure where it'll go. Let's give Steve and the rest of the NF team 2 epic success stories ;-) Cheers, Stephanie
  4. Hi! I'm Julie, 22. Super new to the Rebellion and super psyched to be here. This isn't my first time putting my shoes on and getting out the door, as it were, but it is my first time doing it with a community. I'm really locking myself in, here. The fact that this post exists is bigger than I'd like to say, because I'm admitting it's going to take a little more than prayer and focus to make this happen. I'm pretty solitary when it comes to exercising, because it's the only way I can really focus. So, proximity isn't really necessary, but having someone to talk to would be great! Main focuses are in getting stronger and running endurance right now, as well as testing the vast waters of paleo. (All in bite-size steps. One thing at a time.) An accountibilibuddy with similar focuses is cool, but totally not necessary. Actually, the contrast of my ranger against someone else's warrior would be kinda cool. I'm also super in this to just build my tolerance and energy level overall. So that I can take more, do more, help more, talk more with my loved ones and people than need it. Starting weight is 208 lbs (94 kilos), goal weight is 130 lbs (59 kilos). Alter-ego me is super confident and quippy, unafraid of getting her hands dirty trying something new. Ultimately, I want to make myself the best possible vessel to bring some much-needed positivity and love to this world. No stranger will walk away from speaking to me feeling brushed off. Will you join me in this effort?
  5. Literally in the next 10 minutes, I am kicking back into fitness gear! Some background: I've played volleyball for 6 years and that was the highest fitness of my life. After completing my volleyball run, staying motivated and committed to working out has been difficult. My recent attempt was summer last year and I was able to complete to first 3 months of Insanity. Which is INSANE! But I suddenly dropped when school started up and I had a Hip Hop Dance class. Not the best decision. So I've gained all the weight back (and then some) and lost all the beautiful muscles. My life goal has always been to be at ultimate fitness by my 21st birthday, which is in 8 months. So this round of fitness is all or nothing. I really want to stay motivated and go all out to be faster, better, strong, and generally so hot people go, "damn". I mean, how empowering is it to have a visual depiction of how well you take care of your body? Pretty empowering! To stay motivated all the way, I am in search of a fellow fitness partner in crime that will vanquish all remnants of the bodies that couldn't do much to become the bodies that could almost do it all! We would stay in touch via email, nerd fitness messaging, or text and keep each other on track. We could have a google doc where we track our workout progress each day, to compare results and gives tips, and perhaps weigh in weekly/bi-weekly? I've not thought it all through quite yet, but I know we'll figure out a game plan. The main idea is to keep each other motivated--as that's the greatest enemy of all. Also if you want to do the next 6 week challenge, I'm all for it! I've never done this before, so if you need more information, send a word and I'll get back asap!
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