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Found 8 results

  1. As of today, I have 348 days to get down to 200lbs. Progress: 4/75lbs Quest: Lose 5lbs (268lbs) 1. Track calories 5 times per week 2. 90 additional minutes of movement per week 3. A productive thing per day 4. Work on painting once a week Specific productive tasks
  2. Hi there! Hope you're having a nice day! Soooo, this is my first forum post ... ever... in my life... how is that even possible?!!! I've got a few things going on at the moment- I've decided to finally confront my obesity head on and I'm about to start a new career any day now, along with making myself more active physically and socially. So here it goes, my first 5 week challenge! 🤞💪 1. Exercise 3 times per week 2. Stay on track with healthy eating everyday (be mindful of what I eat, why and when) 3. Get out of house every day, even for 10min (in these days, with the cold outside and going out being unnecessary, that can take some will power) 4. Start my internship (I'm in the process of applying, sure to get it but a bit terrified of it, so I believe it is nice to reward myself with some XP upon finally doing it) I'm rooting far all you guys to level up multiple times this month and be content with how things go! 🍀 PS I've discovered NF community only just now and it sounds AMAZING!!! I've always found fitness and health communities a bit fancy, overachieving and pressurizing, but this one... now this one sounds like a place to be in and enjoy yourself! I've always loved fantasy stuff, spent hours watching my brother play games, but for most of my life I haven't quite cultivated that side of myself. Two years ago I started playing DnD and tried out some other games, and it helped me realize just how wonderful nerdiness can be- how it can help you feel free, enjoy yourself and fire you up for some things in other fields in your life. Upon looking over thousands of communities, sites and motivational videos I can easily say that nothing has hyped me up as much as this character levelling, XP gaining approach. I can't believe I've never thought of looking at the process of weight loss this way!!! I'm super excited!
  3. RES

    RES: Fall Into Me

    I'm baaaaaaaaaaack!!! Now that the season is over I have maybe two more minutes to my day than I did previously I have two new fur babies for those of you who do not follow the battle log or me on Facebook...I'll bore you with pictures later So far this off season the schedule is looking a tad bit heavy... Sunday 9/16 - Pagan Pride (which is why I'm late posting this!) Tuesday 9/18 - Pride planning meeting (I'm on the board this year, because I have nothing else to do?) Saturday 9/22 - Movie night at the ball field! (work, but still fun!) Sunday 9/23 - I will be tailgating in one of the Jags new cabanas...also work related outing but still fun! Tuesday 9/25 - Pride planning meeting Wednesday 9/26 - Sponsorship dinner (work) Friday 9/28 - Pride Volunteer dinner/meeting (because I'm in charge of the volunteers) Saturday 9/29 - Painting with a Twist fundraiser Tuesday 10/2 - Pride planning meeting Friday 10/5 - Pride Sponsor Appreciation Party Saturday 10/6 - Pride parade Sunday 10/7 - Pride festival Sunday 10/28 - Evergreen Pumpkin Run 5k Saturday 11/3 - Florida Brain Tumor Walk Saturday 11/3 - First Coast AIDS Walk Saturday 12/1 - Girls on the Run 5k Saturday 1/12 - Best Damn Race 5k That's just this challenge! I'll post the rest later...since I am at work right now So this challenge will be getting through all of that without going off the rails entirely...the rest of my challenges will be: - Continue eating as I have been, down 18 lbs so far! My goal is to get under 200 this challenge, even if its only 1 lb - Start working out again, this got sidelined during season since I wasn't going to build new habits (even if I'd had them prior, it was still starting over again) my wife has the second bedroom looking like a construction project but no reason I can't use my PiYo videos in the living room....since I have one now . I want this to be habit and second nature again. - Get to the gym! My job is giving (yes, as in free) us year memberships to Bailey's Gym starting October 1st. They offer classes and a wide variety of items and are right around the corner from me (I could ride my bike!! ) At least twice a week after this starts. - Pay off 'one more' thing...I've started 'snowballing' our debt to try to get it eliminated. I had this done for the most part then we bought the house, and everything we needed for it, etc...happened and it got a bit out of control for this accountant I've got everything compiled and have started the process, just need to continue working it till it's all gone. Then I'll tackle the student loans, one elephant at a time. No worries, in true RES fashion I have 5k's scheduled, they're just later on so I'll add them to the list at some point... I realized that I have a little over a year before I hit a huge milestone in life...a lot of goals I want to hit before then, one of them is weight/health related, the other being life/debt related. Time to really get busy on this.
  4. Hey everyone, So to preface, I "joined" NF something like 3 years ago, but I don't think I ever did anything with it. In the intervening three years, a whole lot of life happened. I moved, and moved, and moved again. I met someone, we started dating, and then we got engaged last year. We're getting married this November. I've also gained about 90 pounds in the last three years. I'm now at my highest weight pretty much ever. Both my fiancé and I are above the 400 lb mark right now. We are both doing Weight Watchers, which has worked for us in the past, but we've hit a rough patch with a change of jobs and a lot of stress for us this year, with the wedding and family stuff. We recently got together with a friend who is for lack of a better term a fitness coach. They are going to be providing us with a diet that is essentially Paleo, maybe a bit modified, and then a workout plan, but they won't be there with us during the workouts. I am still hoping to maybe find a personal trainer, but right now funds are tight, with saving for the wedding, honeymoon, and my fiancé is also looking for teaching jobs across all of Texas, so we're preparing to potentially move. What motivates me: My fiancé, obviously. We have a lot of big goals. I am trying to start a business, we both want to travel the world and eventually we both want to open a theatre somewhere. We want to have children and to be fit enough to keep up with the kids and also to be a healthy role model for them. I also want to live an active lifestyle, a healthy lifestyle, and I want to live a long time, obviously. What I'm interested in: Fitness-wise, I'm interested in weight loss, strength training, muscle building, yoga & martial arts (both things I want to try but haven't done), swimming, and running. I remember when I used to run as a kid in PE, it was the best feeling ever. Otherwise, I'm interested in theatre, opening and running my own business, and I love animals and the great outdoors. We've both discussed moving to a place with a better emphasis on health, fitness, and the outdoors. We live in Texas, and it's hard to do things outdoors sometimes because of how hot it can be and we both really love the beach, and that's obviously no where near us, living in the DFW area. We've considered Colorado or California as places to eventually look, but right now we're going to be in Texas, and we want to make the best of it. I don't know what I hope to get out of this forum yet, but I'm hoping to find support, some new ideas, and knowledge.
  5. Introduction: Greetings! I've been lurking around Nerd Fitness for the past few months reading articles and learning as much as I can and enjoying the nerd references. I'm an oldschool nerd and I spent about the last 10 years living an unhealthy lifestyle that revolved around a career that required a lot of travel and poor health choices. Since switching paths a bit over a year ago my fitness quest has been on again off again so I thought its time to commit to a 6 week challenge. In the past year I have lost 35 pounds but I can't seem break past the current plateau so some consistency over the next 6 weeks should do the trick. Age: 40 (and feeling 50) Gender: Male Height: 180 cm (5'11'') Weight: 118 kg (260 lbs) Main Quest: I want to be fit again. I was fit a long time ago and I remember what it felt like. I'm aware this is a poor goal to have because its neither measurable or definitive. But that's it. I don't want to feel old and sluggish anymore. I know I am no longer 25 but I should feel better than this at 40. To feel my age, or better! Quest 1: Do a work workout a minimum 3 times a week for the duration of the challenge. Keep the workouts intense and measurable so I can track progress. I'll probably start with the beginner body weight workout and occasionally change it up with some running and cycling and weight lifting. Quest 2: Work on my flexibility and mobility so that my right side is not so much stiffer than my left (old car accident). I think with some better mobility I should feel much better, less stiff and sore. Quest 3: Defeat my nemesis Dairy Queen and limit ice cream and other treats to 2 times a week. Life Quest: Help turn my family into a fit and active family. I would like our family to be healthier, sick less often, and be able to attack life. To do that I have to lead by example and level up myself before I can help them. Motivation: I want to provide a good example to my 3 year old daughter. I want her to grow up fit, healthy, active and confident she can do whatever she wants to try.
  6. Joining a little late, but hopefully not too much so! Last time I logged on the current challenge was too far underway for me to feel comfortable joining. I promised myself I'd make this one, but boy how time flies! Bit about me: My name's Alex, I'm 21. I'm finishing my final year in college (BS in Business Management, minor in Computer Science). I'm also a freelance writer and editorial assistant. I am, of course, a giant nerd (Star Trek, Doctor Who, games, games, games...) Some fun facts about my health journey: I've been overweight since I was 9I went to a fitness and weight loss camp (read: fat camp) at 14I've gained all that weight back since thenMy parents both have had weight problemsI'm perpetually lazyI have too many bad habits to countI've tried an uncountable number of "fad" dietsHere's my challenge! Main Quest My Main Quest is pretty vague, I guess, but it's built out of necessity. I want to develop healthy, kickass habits while banishing all those lame, unhealthy ones. Goals Be active everyday. Whether it's just a vigorous cleaning session of the apartment or a formal gym workout, I never want to spend another day entirely sitting on the couch. Get up by 9A everyday. One of my worst habits is sleeping to much. My schedule is 95% flexible and I never have to be anywhere before 1P. I'll sleep all day and try to justify it in my mind. I think if I start getting up by 9A, I'll start getting tired appropriately and get myself on a normal sleep schedule, which should lead to more productivity. Self-monitor food/drink intake. I had to do this at camp at it was eye-opening. I'm very well versed in nutrition now, but self-monitoring is a good way to keep myself dedicated to my new lifestyle. Having to write it down means more of a connection. I'm not too worried about caloric intake, but it'll be nice to see what kinds of foods make me feel like shit--or make me feel awesome! Live Quest Like I mentioned, I'm a writing. I'm currently trying to break into business writing in order to build a stable career before I graduate. I've been dragging my feet due to low energy and low self-confidence. My goal for this challenge is to reach out to at least 50 local businesses about my copywriting abilities. Motivation My motivation is to not feel like crap anymore. I want to have more energy. I want to feel good for no reason! That should be the default. Being energized and happy. Also, I've always love this e-card: My boyfriend is working on getting healthier with me (he says he's got "relationship gut"). I'm not doing this "for him" but he is great motivation! I'm tired of feeling like I'm not good enough just because I'm overweight and lazy. Real Life Roleplaying I haven't looked too much into the stats, but here's my character so far, cause why not Race: Wood Elf Class: Adventurer Surprise, surprise. Not entirely original, but a small start! So, yes, hi guys Glad to be participating. I'm off the gym for the first time in... oh, just about FOREVER. Oh, if you want a before picture, here you go. It's old, but it is exactly what I look like today.
  7. Hi all! This will be my first official quest. I joined the Level 1 Rebels in the last week of the previous challenge, and am looking forward to being able to level up this time around. My quest is the same as last time, although with my previous week of experience I am far more knowledgeable about what works for me with regards to exercise, and what will keep me motivated and on track. So here is my mission: Krunchy's Main Quest: to lose fat and gain muscle. Ideally at a fat loss of 2 lbs a week. My Three Dragons: 1. No flour and no glucose, every day. Note that I didn't say 'no sugar'. This will allow me to enjoy my homemade preserves, but avoid any of the processed crap in the store. I will lose a grade for every day that I do not accomplish this goal. Exceptions to this rule: planned Girls Night out this Saturday and my sons 2nd birthday in October. 2. Work up to drinking 10 glasses of water a day, at least 5 days a week. I will keep track on my calendar to ensure that I am meeting this goal. Week one I will drink 5 glasses/day, and for each week after that I will add another glass/day. For every week that I do not accomplish this goal I will lose a grade. 3. Get moving, every day. Strength training one day with cardio the next does not work for me. I lose motivation. I like variety. So 'Get moving' can mean many different things to me. It means any combination of the following, 30-60 minutes a day: working with free weights, HIIT training, running on the treadmill, biking with my family, interval training outside, playing and working out at the playground with my kids, hiking, basically anything that gets my heart rate up and my muscles moving. I will lose a grade for every day that I do not accomplish this goal. The grading system may seem a little harsh, but I have been on this path since the beginning of August, so I have no excuses. I should be able to do the above realistically. The thought of losing a grade WILL keep me on track. Life Quest: Continue to read Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman My Motivation: To be able to do a chin-up. To be a healthy and active role model to my sons. To be good to my body so I can live a long and healthy life. To make up for all the damage I've done to my body up until now. To do a Warrior Dash next year and not have my ass handed to me. To be an inspiration to others so that they can live long and healthy lives too. To vote with my pocketbook so that the current food system is forced to make changes that benefit our society as a whole.
  8. Hey Nerd Fitness! I am brand spankin new to the forums and to the idea of creating my own rebel, although I am a little familiar with the idea of it since my older sister has been on here for a few of the challenges already. I'm 24 years old living in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. My current job is a payroll clerk (blah desk job), but this fall I will be returning to school for an Environmental Technician diploma. Numbers seem to click pretty easily for me but now that I'm in a really great job I've found that being in a stuffy office at a desk 5 days of the week just is not what I'm meant to do! Back to the drawing board. Outside of the windowless cubicle, I try to stay very active. I visited the gym quite often (until my car died) so I bought a bike, and then it snowed a few inches in the middle of April, so yoga and body weight workouts in my living room and the odd jog when the sidewalks are clean have been my physical activity for the past few weeks. Definitely looking forward to biking to the gym once the snow is gone, and biking across town to meet up with my sister to to work on our goals and challenges! I guess you want some goals and stats too: Age: 24, Height: 5'6 ish Weight: 140 ish (the battery on my scale has been dead for a loooong time) Goals: My sister and I have 3 obstacle course races this year. *A long term goal is to beat my last years time in the Spartan Sprint, eat a cleaner diet. Short term goals are: *Jog/walk 10km in about an hour. (I just achieved my goal of going 5km in under 30 minutes :-D ) *Save up enough to cover my tuition (this wont necissarily include books or other equipment needed, but if I have enough to cover some extras with out hitting up the loan then YAY) *Compete with my sister and do everything better then she does! LOL Just kidding! ..... kind of, a little friendly competition never hurt, I guess I can let her beat me every now and then. Not really sure what else I should add in here, so I'll leave it at this for now. Until next time, CHEERS
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