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Found 5 results

  1. Introduction: Hi! I am Padawan Hideyoshi and this is my first full challenge (started late in the previous challenge). I like outdoor sports and ice hockey, but my desk job and poor eating habits aren’t conducive to being active and healthy. I joined the rebellion because I need an extra boost of motivation to keep active and eat right and I do much better when I have challenges to accomplish and focus on, so this site is great for that! I have been up slightly over 200 lbs, and have made some progress with crossfit and a couple eating challenges and things like that, but I've found I can't make any more fat loss with crossfit alone, so I know I need to get my eating habits under control, not just for weight loss, but overall health! Physical Characteristics: 36 yr old male, 5'7" tall (172 cm), 185 lbs (84 kg). Main Quest: Lose approx. 30lbs (really aiming for about 15% bodyfat, i.e. 140 lb lean bodyweight + 25 lbs body fat) by my next birthday (Jan 2016), and complete a Tough Mudder in the summer of 2016. Quest 1: Follow “21 day fix†(Clean eating + portion control). I’ll use mostly paleo food sources, but I won’t track that aspect this time around. This system uses colored containers for the portion control, and each color corresponds to a type of food source – green is vegetable, red is lean protein, yellow in starchy carb, etc... My wife picked it up and I had pretty good success while I stuck to it before. Of course I undid that progress since, but I think if I give myself a little more latitude than they recommend I will be more successful. So, rather than 21 straight days; I’ll follow it during weekdays and just try to do the best I can on the weekends. Measurement: A = 5 days per wk following 21 day fix portions, B = 4 days per wk, C = 3 days per wk, F = 2 or fewer days per wk. Reward: A = +3 CON, B = +2 CON, C = +1 CON Quest 2: Drink 80 oz. of H2O each day; and continue soda limit of 2 cans per wk. Last challenge my goal was to limit to 2 cans of soda per wk, and I ended up having about 4 per wk. I will renew that part and also track water consumption. In the past when targeting that amount of water there wasn’t much room for anything else to drink, so hopefully that will be the case. Again, I will try to follow this strictly for weekdays and do my best on weekends with a little more slack then. Measurement: A = 80 oz. H2O x 5 days/wk; 0-2 sodas, B = 80 oz. H2O x 4 days/wk; 3-4 sodas, C = 80 oz. H2O x 3 days/wk; 5-6 sodas F = 80 oz. H2O x 2 or fewer days/wk; more than 6 sodas. Reward: A = +1 CON, +1 DEX, B = +0.75 CON, +0.75 DEX C = + 0.5 CON, +0.5 DEX Quest 3: Run 5km (about 3 mi.) 3 x per wk; and do the Advanced Bodyweight workout 3 x per wk. (I was recently layed off from work, so if I am able to find something soon I may swap out the adv. BWW for crossfit; as it stands now, I can’t justify the expense for crossfit). I am combining these so I can run and do the BWW on alternating days, but if I have a crazy day that I don’t get anything it’s not too much to do both on one day, so for reward purposes I’ll just count the total, but for application/actual tracking I’ll aim for 3 of each type of workout per wk. Previously I was doing crossfit 3 to 4 x per wk. I will add the running with the aim to bring my 5 km time down to 20 minutes. The reason to add the running is for mud/adventure races. Measurement: A = 6 sessions/wk, B = 4-5 sessions/wk, C = 3 sessions/wk, F = less than 3 sessions/wk Reward: A = +2 STA, +1 STR B =, +1 STA, +1 STR C = +1 STA Life Quest: Meditate 10 mins each day of the challenge. Measurement: A = 10 mins., 40+ days, B = 10 mins, 36+ days, C = 10 mins. 30+ days Reward: A = +2 WIS, B = +1.25 WIS, C = +0.5 WIS Motivation: To be a role model for my kids. They are almost 4 and 7. I am one of the biggest influences in their outlook and behavior. What I model in eating and exercise they mimic. I want them to create better habits while they are young than I did, and put them on a path toward epic success. Prospective Guild: Torn between the Rangers (I like Crossfit; I’m neither a distance runner nor a heavy lifter) and the Assassins (more of a wish I was… the idea of being a great traceur and free climber is attractive, but not necessarily firmly rooted in my reality!) Thanks to all the moderators, especially Blaidd! I can't wait to fully participate this time around! Looking forward to getting to know all the fellow recruits over the next few weeks... Hideyoshi
  2. Day 208, year 1002 BBY 5km run : 30:32 Just over a 6 min/km pace. Need some work, but a good start to establishing a baseline. Next 3 weeks or so will be all about the baseline of getting in the 5k's 3x/wk and then I'll start working on getting faster. Water: TBD Eating: TBD Meditation: TBD
  3. "uhhhnnn..." "Sire! He's awake!" "Hmm? Well then, it appears Rosa's efforts aren't in vain, after all." "Who dat? Who's dere?..." "Easy, friend, you're among comrades." Red sits up to see who's talking, "Comrades?... GASP! My brothers! Where are they?!" Red looks around frantically. "Your brothers? I'm sorry, but we just found you, no one else... But there was a smashed teleporter." Red mutters to himself, "I hope they got away in time... Hey, who are you guys?" The guard steps forward "How DARE you speak to the King that way!?" "Heh heh, that's enough Biggs, he is a stranger to these parts, we can't blame him for not knowing who I am." Biggs clears his throat "You are in the Presence of the Lunarian King, Cecil Harvey, Lord of the Kingdom of Baron, Savior of the Blue Planet, Paladin King, Commander of the Baron Army, former Commander of the Red Wings." Red jests "That's a mouthful." "WHAT?!" The soldier exclaimed. "Ha ha ha! Yes, it is sometimes! You should hear the title of my friend, the King of Fabul, He's got belts in nearly every martial art! One time, he--" Another soldier runs in, "My Lord, we're under attack!" "Then we must go! To Victory!" He shouts as he leaves the tent, The soldiers rally behind him, "TO VICTORY!" they all yell, as they follow their King. "You stay here, Stranger!" Biggs shouts as he leaves. "Stay here? Yeah right!" Red says to himself as he jumps out of the bed In the Fog of war, Red sees the soldiers fighting against an army of monsters, his eyes spot King Cecil surrounded by monsters, and they're closing in fast. "I've gotta do something!" Red leaps in the middle of the battle! "What the--?" Cecil exclaims. "You're kidding me right? A Knight who uses a White sword? How can I not help you?" "Alright then, I must admit, your resolve is inspiring. Here, take this!" Red receives Echo Grass! "If you're going to fight with us, you're going to need to communicate with our scouts, just speak into it and they'll hear you." "Huh, thanks! Now, let's do this!" BATTLE!! "Are you alright? You're slower than you look." "Heh, Life has been interesting to me lately, but I'll be fine, I just need time for my body to remember how strong it used to be." "I see, well then, how about I help you? Using your Past, Present, and Future." "Remember your Past, the routine you used to follow!" I am going to workout three times a week, every week! I will be doing the Advanced Bodyweight workout given to us by Steve Kamb. 1 point per workout, 18 total; Points given: Str +2 & Sta +2 "Now face the Present at hand!" I am going to increase my shoulder strength. I am going to lift heavy things over my head in sets, Using my old textbooks and nearby objects, I'll be doing something like a Shoulder Press but holding for a set amount of time. Goal Time: 3 Minutes Weight: TBD Points given: Str +1 & Sta +3 "Get ready for the Futur--" "..lo? Hello?" "AHHHH!!! WHO SAID THAT?!" "... ahh... my ears... *ahem* Hello, This is Baron Scout, Cami. I've been informed to help you help our King." "Oh, right, The Echoy Grass thing!." "...*Ahem* Well, there are many obstacles and heavy objects ahead of you, you'll need to push them out of the way." "How many would you say there are?" "...43... 75... About 100 obstacles here that would require you to use upper body strength. Yep, you're going to have to attempt 100 Push(up)s." ​​Following this program: http://www.hundredpushups.com/ Currently at 30 Pushups Points given: Str +3 & Sta +1 "Hey! Focus! The enemies that we'll be facing are a difficult bunch! Each of them requires different means to defeat them! - This monster feeds off of the dirt and mold around us, to defeat it, we'll need to cleanse the area! (At least one cleaning activity a day.) Wis +1 & Con +1 - This foe feeds off of your mind, If you keep your wits about you, you'll be able to stave off his attacks! (Read a Chapter every Tuesday and Thurs; Book: To Kill a Mockingbird) Wis +2 - This creature uses a foreign language to cast spells upon the soldiers, if you can learn it's language you can interrupt the casting! (Study Spanish using Duolingo, a section every Monday, Wednesday, Friday) Wis +2 & Cha +1 "Huh, there's that music again..." "You can hear that? That song can decrease the strength of the Spirit beasts if you can find a way to amplify it, even if it's only a part." - (Play Moonlight Sonata part 2) Wis +2 Alright, So with this challenge, it's going to be interesting because of lots of Life things. My summer course is ending this week (thurs is my last day), my nieces start their school soon (Aug 11th and Aug 13th), Still looking for a job, Planning on going to University in the fall, and I still have visiting relatives that'll be here for about 2-3 weeks.
  4. Hello fellow rebellion armies, I'm a skinny-fat Southeast Asian dude weighted at a whooping 60kg and 167cm tall. On level 50, I'd want to be able to be present at any point on earth within 24 hours of prior notice. But that's a really long way to go. Right now I just want to build muscles, lose fats, and take control of my life. On my first challenge, I was able to gain 4.5kg by consuming 2500kcal every day (before joining the rebellion I was only 55kg). However, as I'm still not rich enough to buy "clean food", I managed to get those calories by eating a lot of stuff, even junk foods. I did consume protein shake and managed to increase my daily dose of protein. Those, with a HIIT training using 7 Minute Workout program, I got some newbie muscle gains (mostly just on biceps and triceps, also some increase on the chest and thigh if I stare at my body at the mirror long enough). HOWEVER.. My belly is getting bigger (fatter) faster than the muscles I gained from exercising. I mean, dude, I didn't want any of this. So, in this challenge, I want to focus on losing these belly fats, and to gain even more muscles by doing harder exercise (I'm not in a hurry to build huge muscles, no, not yet, maybe not ever). Current Objective: Keep getting fitter, happier, and leaner. Goal 1: On the 27th of October, I wanna be able to see some abs on my tummy. Meaning, cutting to 10-12% body fats, but I don't have the tool to measure that accurately, so if abs can be seen, even just a little bit, that's a success. Goal 2: Do a customized Advanced Body Workout 3 times a week. Increasing the difficulty as needed. Goal 3: Wake up at 7am every day. Once I able to do this 7 times in a row, try to sleep for at least 8 hours a day, which is important for muscle recovery. Current Life Goal: Because I'm on my final year of a college degree, at the end of this 6 week challenge, I would like my thesis proposal to have been accepted by my professor. That's it! Let's go!
  5. I have two main goals for this challenge: Goal 1: Begin parkour training. In order for me to accomplish this I need to focus on 3 key result areas (KRAs): strength and conditioning, balance and movement skills, and mental and physical health. Each KRA has a set of performance indicators to enable me to keep track of progress. KRA 1: Strength and conditioning Performance indicators: Advanced Bodyweight Workout twice a week (I have a spreadsheet to keep track of how I'm doing on each exercise and what to aim for each session) Yoga and mobility workout once a week STR +2, STA +2, DEX +1 KRA 2: Balance and movement skills Performance indicators: Arm balances (to be practiced for a minimum of 5 minutes a day every non-workout day (Sundays optional) Crow - increase length of timeHandstand progressions - work up to at least wall handstands facing away from wallBasic parkour movements (to be practiced for a minimum of 5 minutes a day every non-workout day (Sundays optional). Reference guide will be this website. Week 1and 2: lazy vault and kong vault progressions (start with ground kongs and work up to proper kongs)Week 3 and 4: skills from the previous weeks + parkour rollsWeek 5: all previous skills + box/tuck jumps to soft landingsWeek 6: combo movements - basically beginning to really play around as a traceurDEX +2 KRA3: Mental and physical health Performance indicators: Healthy body habits Eat at least one Paleo meal five days a weekLimit sugar/carb intake on all other meals and days. In other words, enjoy but don't binge.Get as much sleep as possibleReestablish daily early morning 10 minute Zen practice. CON +3 Goal 2: Become a more productive artist by cycling key result areas every 6 weeks. I got the idea from one of GMB's article on cycling fitness goals instead of trying to train everything all at once for the sake of balance. I have come to realize that as an artist I want to do way too much. I want to write a blog but I also want to write songs, I want to play guitar but I also want to play piano and sing. On top of that I want to practice two martial arts! So for this challenge I'm going to pick just one creative area: writing. Next challenge will be songwriting. And after that I'll pick an instrument to practice or maybe work on my singing. Performance indicators: Blog At least one blog post a week Lyric-writing I always have trouble putting words to my music. I rarely have trouble with the reverse. So I will write at least one haiku/poem/stream-of-consciousness crap a day. WIS +3, CHA +2
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