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  1. I started watching Adventure Time earlier a few months ago and fell in love with it. It’s sweet, moving and completely stupid! I’m only just getting to the end of season 5, so please no spoilers! During the middle of the last challenge I set out my plan for the next 6 months. I've stuck it in the spoiler here (cos it's loooong) tl/dr version I've signed up to the OCR World Champs in October next year in the Age group category. The plan is to qualify at Nuclear Oblivion in May Challenge Goals 1. Finn the Human Stick to My Training plan Running 3 runs per week: Easy / Interval or Tempo run / Long Run Strength & Conditioning 3 sessions per week: Lifting / BMF / Bouldering Any combination of the above S&C is allowed, so if I can't climb for whatever reason, I can do a lifting session instead. 2. Jake the Dog PT & Rehab As a lot of you know, I injured my hip/glute in July and it still causes me issues. If I don't stretch every day and keep up with my PT, I'm going to start having serious problems when my running mileage starts increasing. Stretch daily Do my PT exercises twice a week 3. Marceline the Vampire Queen Eat enough & Don’t eat like a dick! I regularly don't eat enough to fuel myself properly which then causes me to eat all the wrong things when the inevitable hungry pangs strike! This is a work in progress, so this goal is here to remind me to be mindful of what I'm eating. Prep lunches for office work days at the weekend I've got into the habit recently of making my work lunches on a Sunday so I have enough to eat during the week and don't end up snacking on the junk food that people buy for the office. The goal is just to keep this habit going!
  2. So things have changed for me - and I have the opportunity to take some time to really figure my shit out right now, so I’m taking it. I’m considering this a Time of Adventure. I still want to focus on getting back in the habit of working out 3-5 days a week. It’s been really hard, but I know I can do it. Trying to be gentle with myself as I get back there, but the frustration has been real. This challenge is heavily reflective/me-centric with working out mixed in. My husband and I have chosen a trial separation, and so while I have this time on my own to figure my shit out, I don’t want to waste it. So there is def a theme here that is working out, but working on me, too. I’m including passive goals -- things I hope happen because I am actively working on the main goals. Should be a fun little progress check. So let’s go on an Adventure! Hard Work Sucks Running for Weight Loss 3x Per Week Use the Running for Weight Loss app 3x per week to get back into running and practice consistent intervals. 3 points per week, 15 points total Passive Goal: Lose 5 pounds during this challenge Show Off Your Muscles Two cross training workouts - anything that isn’t running. Could be a Darebee, could be yoga, could be a bike ride, could be kickboxing… just something to add work to other muscles to balance out run training. 2 points per week, 10 points total Passive Goal: Fit back into my size 8 jeans. Unacceptable This castle is in unacceptable condition. CLEAN IT. While the space is mine, I want to pick 1 project and a week to clean things up. Ideas are: deep-cleaning the bathrooms, reorganizing the bedroom, decluttering the craft room, cleaning the yard, deep-cleaning the living room, watching the window screens, vacuuming the everything, rearranging things, cleaning the basement workout room, etc. 1 point per week, 5 points total Passive Goal: Rearrange the living room to include a reading corner I Am… Complicated Spend time every day reflecting with meditation or journaling. While we are away from each other, I want to focus on really getting in check with me and where I am at. I’d like to do this through a combination of meditation and journaling. I want to check in with myself daily to make sure I’m using this time wisely. 7 points per week, 35 points total Passive Goal: Being able to sort out what I truly want from this time. Get A Life Get back to your hobbies. One of the things I have felt over the years is that I have given up my hobbies or set aside things I want to do because reasons. Stress, life, depression… so while I am on my own, I want to get back to some of these things to see if they are really hobbies I want to keep with me. I want to pick one thing a week to work on and see how I feel about it. Ideas include: getting my guitar restrung and practicing a few times a week, working in the uke a bit, trying more needlepoint or embroidery, hula-hooping, practicing my German with Duolingo 1 point per week, 5 points total Passive Goal: Figuring out which hobbies are still worth my time.
  3. Greeting Rangers! HAPPY ZERO WEEK!!! Wandering Warrior RedStone here, joining ya'll in what may be a long, overdue visit My first OCR is coming up soon, so I thought this would be a great time to pop on over for some Ranger mingling I'm looking forward to getting to know you better, and see what this Ranger brain business I keep hearing about is like! Normally I would be all about Zero Week (ZERO WEEK!) and use the week to have some mini challenges and think about what I want to tackle next... but my last challenge was 5 FLIPPIN WEEKS OF ZERO WEEKS and I... cannot, any longer. I love me some Zero Week, truly, but I'm looking forward to some simple consistency. So. ON TO THE CHALLENGE! I'll be adding some OCR specific jams to my routine, and changing a few things up in my nutrition in a kind of scary/exciting way for me. I'm also in the the middle of a big sea change in my life, which may or may not effect the way things go down during this challenge. (Long story short, I just finished schooling and certification for a career change, and am currently interviewing for new jobs! Soooo... with any luck my schedule will be changing dramatically, but nothing is concrete enough at this point to prevent me from getting the biz laid out.) TRAIN FOR ADVENTURE If you're an adventurer like Finn, you never know what you might have to face... I have a lot in my Rx that's prepping me for the unforeseen obstacles ahead of me, but there are some other things I'd like to work on as well. Training is: 3X (per week) Lift Rx 2X (per week) Run Rx Grip Work -1X (per week) 50 rep light gripper -1X (per week) dead hang to failure (I have chin ups in my lift Rx, so I'll treat that as day 3) 5X (per week) 3rd World Squats for time 3X (per week) (SIGH) Burpees: Start at 5 per session, add 5 each week. 25 per session by end of challenge 5X (per week) Morning Sil Lum Tao (Kung Fu Form) 1X (per week) Walk to town 2X (per challenge) go to playground and do monkey things _____ EAT UNAPOLOGETICALLY I don't have the best track record about eating the things. Recently I've made some interesting push/pull strides in eating more, tho it's messed with my head a bit. I've got my foot in the door of good head space, and I want to just push myself over that threshold already. I'm almost at 2 weeks of NOT compulsively tracking the foods, and have decided to put away the scale for awhile as well as the number game is playing up my BDD something fierce. I will be continuing with my daily measurements and meal planning. (This is where I struggle the most and need the most work ) Nutrition is: DON'T track regularly* Weigh in only once per week Meal plan weekly Allow/plan for 3X treats per week Continue research and consider fish oil. Report back *There are once in awhile days, particularly when scheduling is off, that I may need to run my numbers to prove to myself that I should be listening to my hunger and allowing myself to eat more. TLDR: I started tracking to make sure I was eating enough... I wasn't. It's easier for me to ignore hunger than to mindlessly snack or over do. I don't consider this tracking on the regular, more of an occasional system of checks and balances. If I'm eating at the right time, regularly, this isn't really an issue. _____ SORT THE TREEHOUSE Finn and Jake might have a treasure room... and who knows, maybe I do too? I... probably just have to remove the layers of junk that's all over the place to find it! .....right? LIFE STUFF IS: CLEAN -Office -Sewing Room (BONUS) -Studio (BONUS) 5X per week - Read a trade article in the morning 1X per challenge - Get mortgage pre approval/send to realtor Sooooo I realize this is a lot, and of course I'm holding back on more I want to include. To be fair, I'm in a weird transition where I was totally tied up doing all the things for school/work, and now I've got a whole lot of nothing but time. This, as I mentioned, could turn on a dime. So in light of that possibility, here are the things that would be on the chopping block, just to be clear about priorities. (This is not a way out before I even start, just a cushion of - it's ok if things get crazy.) _____ THINGS I WOULD DITCH BECAUSE I GOTS NO TIME FOR YOU, YO DITCHABLES IN THE CASE OF SUDDEN EMPLOYMENT Burpees. Obvs *grumbles about stupid burpees Morning Forms Cleaning So I think that's plenty to get going on! I'll spend some time on a bujo tracker in the upcoming days, but meanwhile I'm very much looking forward to challenging with you guys this go round, and learning me up some awesome ish while I prep for my OCRs!
  4. Holy crap guys! This is my first themed challenge of 2016, and I’m hoping it will be a silly/weird/fun one! This month is definitely going to be an adventure - the Crossfit Open is in progress, podcasting is getting super serious, St. Patrick’s day and my Mom’s birthday are this month, I’m going to be making some big adjustments in my diet, there are serious changes happening at work, I have some health stuff going on to plan for, aaaaand I’m partaking in my first ever Ranger Mini Challenge. So, in light of all this, I figured what better theme to cover all the shenanigans than... ____________________________________________ Adventure 1 - I don’t want to hurt you, but you should know - things get crazy when I’m hungry. Meet protein goal no less than 5 days/week. +2 CON | +1 STR | +1 WIS Per my coach (who is also a certified nutritionist), I tracked my food all of last week to find my baseline intake for protein. Starting this week, she wants me to increase my intake to 145-150g per day - slightly less than 1g/lb. I’m averaging about 82g/day right now, so this is going to be somewhat challenging for me. To take a little of the guesswork out of it, I’ve come up with a super basic daily meal ‘plan’. It only lists proteins, everything else (sides, veggies, how the protein is cooked or served, order in which I eat them, etc) is up to me when I’m doing my weekly meal prep. The majority of my protein is going to come from shakes (protein powder), chicken, fish, eggs, and greek yogurt. Other suggestions are welcome Adventure 2 - Puncha yo buns! Increase Crossfit to 3 WODs + Open every week +3 STR | +2 STA At the end of the last challenge (so, last week), I made the decision to upgrade my membership at my crossfit gym. RIght now I have the 3x/wk plan, but I have always had the intention of one day upgrading to the unlimited option. Well, I think now is that time. I’m becoming more confident in my abilities, I’m starting to lift heavier (though nothing crazy yet), and I really want to put more time towards attaining my goals. My membership won’t upgrade until the middle of the month, but because of the Open we’re allowed to come in to complete the WOD (or re-do it). This is the perfect time to start getting into a 4x/wk schedule, join in on the Oly class weekly, and then eventually crank it up to 5x in a later challenge. Adventure 3 - Let’s go kick their digital bootays! Participate in my first Ranger Mini Challenge +2 STA | +1 DEX I think it’s finally time that I join in on the Ranger Mini - and what a time to do so! I was part of the generation that grew up on the original Pokemon show, it was a big part of my childhood. I can’t believe the franchise has reached it’s 20th anniversary already... Anyway, my team is in the next post. Adventure 4 - Ah nah...I am not getting eaten by zombies tonight… Keep on top of my research for the podcast +2 CHA | +1 WIS For those of you who do not know, my friend and I host a horror themed podcast where we talk about a different movie every week. We started working on this at the beginning of the year, and now we’re about 10 episodes into recording. At this point, we’re looking to add more structure and elements to the show - reformat it a bit. We’re branching out to video games, books, possibly comics, and whatever else we can find. This is awesome and I’m super excited, but it also means more research and time working on it outside of the ‘studio’. Recording is done every other week, which gives me plenty of time to complete my set of show notes. It’s going to be a matter of making the time, and setting up a prioritized schedule for myself so that I’m not going crazy at the last minute (which is what I’ve been doing…). For this I’ll be using my new-ish planner; I’ll fill it out in 2 week sections to keep the work manageable and spread out. I’ll post pictures of my planner if necessary to keep myself on track. What I have to do: - create check list of topics - set schedule in planner - complete research/type up show notes
  5. Hello rebels! I did things a little backwards and posted in the challenge section because I was so excited to participate. Then I realized I never even introduced myself, D'oh! But better late than never. I stared at the empty box to type for a while till I could calm the tidal wave of anxiety and now here I am posting again! I'm Syd, 22 years old, female. I get self conscious very easily, (even when posting on the internet!) so one of my major goals is to work on my self confidence.Seriously I took voice lessons for 8+ years and still have never sung for my parents (lol but also ) I'm not happy with the way I'm living my life. I want to be a proactive rather than a reactive person. This site and community seems like a great way to get there! I'm a college student interuptus, I've been on medical leave for two years sorting out my emotional biz and I only have my senior year left. Currently working on the paper work to return in the fall (ugh paper work). Living at home made it easy to pack on pounds. I went from my lowest weight (105lbs) to my highest (138 lbs) in like....4-6 months. Too much Talenti gelato. I'm the opposite of most college students, I actually lose weight when I go to school because I walk everywhere. I really need to focus on cleaning up my diet. I can barely go a day without chocolate...haha. But true. I've been doing a little yoga + meditation and I'd really like to get into that more. I've found mindfulness extremely helpful for dealing with depression+ anxiety + ADD and want to continue to learn. I isolate myself from others because I feel worthless so I hope the friendly vibe here will help. I have a sizable collection of vintage dresses/clothing that I want to fit into again. I love reading. My room has books piled on every surface. One of my long term goals for this site is to start running. ALL THE GOALS. But really I know (from experience) that one small change at a time works best, even if it's had to convince my inner enthusiasm that's the case. I started my fitness journey last year when my mom got certified in weight training and pilates. I'm lucky that she trains me for free (2x pilates, 1x weights per week). I went from completely sedentary (and proud of it) to exercising 3x per week. But I want to work on self-guided working out so I can keep it up at school/the rest of my life. Wow that got long. So final notes: any Adventure Time/Steven Universe/Gravity Falls fans hit me up (those are my current 3 favorite shows) and also here is a picture of my adorable kitty because kitties are the best ice-breaker. My username comes from the funny little sideways hops she (Nico aka"Bean") makes when she wants to play. I call them her spooky feet. -Syd
  6. Words to live by : Inspired by the always awesome Shaarawy I am reformatting my quest by character. I think it will make a bit more sense this way. Also some of these are more like daily guidelines. Still figuring out how to make them actionable. Grading is on a do/do not basis. Quest: Finn/Fionna—think less, do more! Finn and Fionna are heroes who know who they are and what they want out of life. They avoid mental gymnastics. I strive to emulate their straight forward attitude and ability to deal with REAL problems. “ I don't need to feel like I'm waiting to be noticed. I know who I am and I'll know what I want if and when it ever comes along.†-Fionna, "Fionna and Cake" “I’m all about stupid!†-Finn, "The Real You" -Actionable step: Go for a morning walk, connect with my physical self -Goal: Stay in the moment, don’t overthink things. Actionable Step: Believe in myself because I am awesome! Decide at the beginning of every day, in writing, that it will be a good day and that I choose to believe in myself -Actionable Step: Weight training 2x a week, Pilates 2x a week, 1 rest day Quest: LSP—Love myself LSP is awesome. She is full of self confidence and sass. Goal: no physical or mental picking Goal: using food as self love but in a positive healthy way. showing myself I care about myself by making good food choices what this means: 3 meals a day/ no snacking primal/low carb (50-100 grams a day)one salad a day (visiting veggie village)food is fuel (no emotional eating) 3 cheat meals per week (thanks Snarkyfishguts for the inspiration)Savor my food- eat mindfullyhappy cooking time! Quest: Magic Man— some people are just jerks! For those who don't watch the show, Magic Man is a magic dude (well, duh) who is a huge jerk. In his first episode on the show teaches Finn that some people are just jerks. Then in a later episode it's revealed he was banished to Ooo because he "used to be cool" until the love of his life died and he become a bitter jerk who turned all of the water on Mars into hair (and when the Martians tried to drink it they went bald). (yes I watch this show way too much because I wrote that whole paragraph from memory) ANYWAYS, he could have come back to Mars "If you had just learned to care about living things again," but "Instead, you bummed around Ooo, acting like a jerk for 200 years." Goal: Accept that some people are just jerks and don’t let it bother me because I am awesome! And it is good that I care about other people(but not necessarily their opinions). Actionable steps: Practice letting go at any opportunity. Get mad? Let go. Accept what is. Quest: Marceline- Creative Outlet Marceline is a killer musician (heh) and I've always wanted to do music. I've sung for a long time but have always been too afraid of people judging my voice of my music. This is me taking back my creative space. Goal: Having a creative outlet. Balance the sad and the happy and create awesome art! Actionable Steps: This one is easier to measure because I have to do ONE creative thing per day. Doesn't matter how long or how much, just do SOMETHING. Write a sentence, practice guitar for one minute, paint, draw, ANYTHING. Try to get immersed in creating, let go of judgment and have fun! Quest: Jake the Dog- Eliminating Desire Jake is pretty much always relaxed and goes with the flow. During my first challenge I experienced this type of zen and it was amazing. I would like to get back to that place. I know I can. “What are you doing?†“Eliminating desire from my heart, it helps pass the time†-Finn and Jake, “Marceline’s Closet†“Sucking at something is the first step towards being sort of good at something†-Jake, “His Hero†“Listen to your melon heart!†-Jake, “The Tower†Goal:The Jake quest is about trusting my intuition, continuing with meditation, and letting myself be in the moment. Being okay with my journey as it happens. Letting go of trying to control everything and just being Goal: Each day is an experiment, approach the day without judgement or emotional baggage ​Actionable Steps:Daily meditation sessions, Daily journal using 2 hour blocks system. Actionable Steps: Have Fun!! Quest: Ice King - Embracing Sadness Ice King is probably the saddest character on Adventure Time. He is a portrait of depression and anxiety. I would like to try embracing the difficult parts of myself and feel comfortable with them. “That's right. M.M.S. Runs through all magic users.I hung out with scores of them, all displaying varying degrees of magic… Madness... And sadness. Studying these symptoms could lead me to their underlying cause, and then I'll control the forces that hold sway over Simon.†-Betty, “You Forgot Your Floaties†Goal: Embracing the sad. I want to embrace sadness that passes or even embrace my depression as a part of me and not try to “fix†being sad but just to let myself BE sad. This is not an everyday thing, this is only when sadness occurs naturally. Actionable steps: Really feeling sad when it naturally arises MORE GIFS:
  7. (Spoiler: I hate math!) Friends, Rebels, countrymen! WELCOME!! This is my seventh challenge here at Nerd Fitness! As usual, per a Shaarawy Style Challenge each one in 2015 is deliciously nerdily themed with something I love. Adventure Time is simultaneously the silliest/stupidest/weirdest/most AWESOME cartoon I have seen in a long time. Holy crap. It’s also a really smart show that’s a lot of fun and I’m unabashedly addicted to binging it on Netflix on weeknights. I think my recurring favorite character is Jake but I also like that weirdo Lemongrabs and Neptr (so underrated) and CAKE, we need more Fionna and Cake episodes plz~ Ok, sorry. Anyway. My last challenge was particularly taxing and grueling and hard on me, which is very ironic because I specifically made that challenge to be a little more chill than my usuals. Unfortunately my nutrition snuck up on me in a BIG way, and it wasn’t even part of my challenge, so it felt like I was doing two challenges at once and barely treading water. So for this 6 weeks I’m allowing myself to have a little fun (while still working hard!) as I step back, regroup, and do things The Right Way. Iiiit’s ADVENTURE TIME!!!! Quest 1 - FINN (STA+3 STR+2) Gonna destroy some lifting, destroy some PR’s, and NOT destroy myself because that’s not Finn-like, like, at all. Gotta be STRONG to be a good adventurer! (Aside: Know who else is strong? SUSAN STRONG!!!! When she’s not eating the Candy Kingdom. Ahem, anyway.) In my previous challenge I started doing SL5x5. It was pretty physically taxing on me, but I LOVE lifting with barbells. I also missed having a day to do non-barbell stuff - skullcrushers, lat pulldowns, hammer curls, w/e. Or even take a day off and try out a Zumba or kickboxing workout? Yeah!! Right now feel I need to progress a little slower while also keeping mindful of other important things (see next quest), so for this I’m committing to three lifting days - at least two SL sessions, with one session for auxiliaries/others. And if I feel like doing three SL sessions, rock on, but I want to give myself the option to mix it up a little bit this time. Also, this quest is gonna have a LITTLE BIT OF A BYE, (of course because why should anything be easy) because... at the end of Week 1 I’ll be getting a tattoo on my back that’ll limit my heavy lifting abilities for about ~2 weeks. I’m not allowed to work those muscles or sling a barbell over my back or get ridonkulously sweaty, because I’ll essentially have a very pretty open wound that’s healing, and I’m paying a lotta beans for this... so obvs, safety first! I’ll take things day by day as it gets to the end of the two weeks but for the first week I’ll be subbing in three leg/lower body workouts to keep myself going, and the second week will be more play by ear. WOO! Weekly Grading A - 2 days of SL, one day of either SL or aux workout. B - 2 days of SL, no days of aux workout. F - Dude what are you doing, get it together. Quest 2 - PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM (WIS+2 CON+2) Nutrition snuck up on me like a TRAIN in my last challenge. (I don’t know how a train sneaks up on anyone but let’s just go with it, shall we?) I hadn’t realized that lifting heavy = eating heavy (I mean, DUH?) and it really threw me for a loop. It almost felt like I was doing two challenges because it was so intensive, and I had a lot of fatigue days where I was just trying to figure out what was going on and make it through the day to collapse on the couch at home. So this time I’m going to really focus on what I feed myself and make it an ACTUAL QUEST so I get some kind of credit for all of this hard work. I need to be like Peebs and NOT fall asleep on a pizza slice (nomnom), but get this FOOD SCIENCE working so I can be at my best! And I mean, come on, who’s better at calculating numbers than PB?? Right now my macros are as follows: Calories 1900 Carbs 238 Fats 53 Protein 119 I’m reserving the right to tweak as I go along as I find what works best for me, but as I do I’ll update them and do my best to come within 100g of my calorie count, and 20g of other macros. Weekly Grading A - 7 days of macros hit. B - 6 days of macros hit. C - 5 days of macros hit. F - 4 or less days. Fooding FAIL. Quest 3 - JAKE (WIS+3) I love you Jake, I really do. I’m especially jealous of your BIG LIVEEERRR but I’m not a magic dog so I don’t have that kind of cool. Okay, I’m REALLY ready to hit this one hard. With no foreseeable holidays or drinkworthy events on the horizon for this challenge, I’m ready to experiment with drinking LOTS less than I’m used to and seeing what it does to my abdominal measurements and photos. SO READY. Due to the nature of this quest it is pass or fail weekly only. ONLY. Weekly Grading A - 1 alcoholic drink per week. F - More than 1 alcoholic drink per week. Lush. LQ - LUMPY SPACE PRINCESS (CHA+3) My LQ this time around is about literally remembering to have fun EVERY DAY, and that no matter what life throws at you or how crazy things get, there’s always something to CELEBRATE!! And, uhm, LSP is the gal that TOTALLY knows how to lumpin’ jam. (She's also FRESH TO DEATH. Yaaaaass.) Each week, with the help of the Weird Holiday database ( http://www.weirdholiday.com/ ) I’m going to pick a day and find something to celebrate. I’ll report back here with the day and event (i.e. July 15th is National Gummi Worms day, YEAH) and how I rocked it out, preferably with photos or artwork or something, pertaining to the event. ( edit - use this one for august, it's way better -- http://www.gone-ta-pott.com/AugustCalendar.html ) Stupidly enough I’m really looking forward to this. Weekly Grading A - Celebrated once per week. F - Did nothing, sheesh. Lame. Phew. All right Rebels, let's keep going strong through SUMMERTIME and have some BOMBASTIC FUN together!!!
  8. Hello all adventurers! I am back to Nerd Fitness after almost a year. NF has taught me so much about health and fitness but then life got in a way and I just could not find the time for this forum. This does not mean that I didn't have time for healthy lifestyle - I eat 90% Paleo food, I cook all my meals and I try to exercise. Recently, I noticed I am getting too lazy to exercise and I also started to make bad food choices. So I thought I better tackle this before I fall into old habits! I have been with the Rangers before but I feel like I belong in Adventurers this time. Looking forward to seeing how everyone is doing! Main quest: Become stronger and fitter. Goals: Quit sugar for 6 weeks. Yup. Cold turkey. This also includes honey. Fruits are tastier anyway. I allow myself to consume 4 sugar food items in case I find a very tasty thing to try while I'm travelling.Do 200 squats per week. I will exercise more than that anyway but I love squats and I should do more of them. Having a specific number will give me a reason to get up from the couch.Learn to do a push-up. It's embarrassing but I still can't do them. So, practice push-ups 3 times a week. Motivation: I don't want to be dependent on food and I want to have a firmer body.
  9. THE JOURNEY CONTINUES... Installment three. MAIN GOAL. Lower bodyfat percentage. ADDITIONAL GOALS FOR THIS CHALLENGE. Stick to personal trainers 21 day Paleo meal plan. Blog about it. LIVE IT. Work out 6 days a week in some fashion for at least 30 minutes. Drop the self-depreciation. Seriously. LIFE QUEST. One craft project a week with my children. One main craft project for myself for the duration of the challenge. MOTIVATION. This weird and oddly humbling feeling that I discovered whereby it's okay to live in the moment and not sweat the small stuff. It's given me so much more momentum than I thought it would. BEFORE STATS.
  10. The Cease, the Cease, the Cease is on fire. We don't need no water...well, actually...fill 'er up. CHALLENGE ME (CHANGE ME) End goal: 20% bodyfat. Or to eventually be happy with my body/learn to love my body. GOALS Train for eventual pull-up awesomeness 3 times a week. Log daily, via MyFitnessPal (EndlessMuse.) Stick with my trainers 6-minute workout every day for the 6 weeks. 1 minute Push up1 minute reverse lunge1 minute bridge1 minute deep squat1 minute sit up1 minute diamond push upAS AN ADDITIONAL NOTE: I will not be weighing for the entire 6 week challenge. LIFE QUEST To be kinder to myself. Something I realized with the last challenge is that I didn't respect myself enough to commit the time to my goals NOR to praise myself for my good deeds or forgive myself for my bad ones. At least one positive personal affirmation per day. MOTIVATION As before, my motivation is my children, but also this time I want to focus on this simply because I need to see myself commit to and complete something. This will be my second challenge and I want to come straight out the gate like I'm on fire. And burn brighter each day. BEFORE STATS Photographs to be posted on the 11th, along with weigh-in information. I CAN HAS GOODIES?! I think the prize to myself ultimately will be the strength and changes in my body I should accumulate throughout this challenge, but as a reward to myself for completing this challenge, I will be looking toward a little gift basket containing the following items. Kettleguard wrist guards. ($25)Nerd Fitness Shirt. ($20)Ripped Goddess Shake-Cup. ($10)I'm only going to allow myself these prizes upon completion of the 6 week challenge, assuming I complete the entire 6 weeks. The wrist guards will eventually be purchased anyway, but this is just my way of justifying buying them sooner. Lulz.
  11. Why, hello there. My name is Adam and this is my first post on the NF forums. I am 18 years of age, currently finishing up my last year of high school, and love sports, playing piano, video games, and nature. I would currently classify myself as an ogre/warrior, as I am 5'11", 210 lbs., and around 16% body fat, with a heavy genetic predisposition for gaining weight (whether that be fat or muscle). I have decent muscular development, and definitely need to drop some body fat and maybe gain some lean muscle mass. I am excited to begin my first challenge, as it marks the inception of a great, life-long adventure. I shall therefore call this challenge, Adventure Time!!! This is my challenge. There are many like it, but this one is mine. Main Quest My primary goal l is to drop down to 175 lbs. and sub-10% body fat. This is definitely a long term goal, which I hope to accomplish within 6 months of today. Incredibly and Awesomely Specific Missions ​Eat within macro nutrient profile each day. 65 g fat, 230 g carbs, and 160 g protein, eating the majority of carbs at dinner. Perform 30 minute bodyweight strength training routine 4 days a week. Bio-energetic exercises for 10 minutes every morning along with foam rolling for 20 minutes. Life Quest Continue playing the piano, practicing Hanon exercises for 15 minutes each day, and working on pieces for 30 each day. My goal is to have mastered the first 10 Hanon exercises at the end of 6 weeks, and perfected the songs Waltz in A Minor by Chopin, and One Summer's Day by Joe Hisaishi. Motivation In one of his videos, Elliott Hulse quoted Ralph Waldo Emerson, saying something along the lines of "life is a culmination of all your experiences". It is my dream in life to experience as many things as possible, whether that be related to self improvement, travel, relationships, appreciation of those and what is around me, or giving back. I truly am fearful going into this challenge, as I do not know if I will succeed or fail. This goal I have set is not so much about improving my looks and health, upping my confidence around other people. It is more about improving my inner confidence and focus, not just confidence that is situationally based. I hope not to just reach my goal, but change myself fundamentally as a person. My goal is to become a person who is willing to take on fear of the unknown, and fear of success. I will beat my inner resistance and the resistance found in those around me. This is simply a step towards becoming the strongest version of myself. ---- This challenge will hopefully be the first of many for me, and I am excited to connect with other members of the Nerd Fitness community. (image credit goes to Cartoon Network)
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