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  1. Over the past few years I've seen my life slide further and further into a horrific trash fire and with the ongoing nonsense that is Covid-19 I'm finally hitting my limit for what I can and can't handle. I can handle being pretty much broke all of the time, being a little bit tired all of the time, doing the work of two people, and being two inches away from screaming at two specific co-workers all the time. What I can't handle is the lack of mobility in my right hip when doing basic tasks, overheating and getting out of breath when climbing stairs at the train station, my chronically pain
  2. I am currently challenged with working out on a daily basis. I have a long drive to work, so waking up to early can limit my sleep and effect my health. I want to work out when I get home, but I always end up just sitting on the couch. Even worse, some days I can get so tired from work, I pick up food instead of making a healthy meal for my family. My challenge is to work out 6 out of the 7 days of the week and limit eating out to once a week. From looking at other posts, I have decided that logging my journey is the best way to be accountable. Today's goal 1/
  3. I'm trying something different this time and having some fun with a themed challenge. I'm really excited about finally rolling this one out. Before we begin, though, a few things to get out of the way. You can skip straight to the challenge if you'd like: Without further ado, let's begin: While conducting research in the university library, Wolfen uncovered a letter, yellowed with age but pressed and preserved in the pages of Man Makes Himself by Gordon Childe. Wolfen's eyes widened as he read the header at the top: Dr. Henry Walton Jones, Jr. B
  4. I have been MIA on NerdFitness for quite some time. A few days ago I got a random bug to plan an introvert adventure. Some where nature like. Alone. As I've fleshed this idea out I'm leaning towards a rustic (hike in!) cabin, or maybe camping + hiking. This kind of trip would require some training and planning. I'm kind of out of shape and have never done anything like this before. A four week challenge is perfect for getting me started on prepping for my adventure. Move your feet I will go on a walk once a day. It can be long or short - just so long as I do it. C
  5. I am back! I need to work on follow through for this sort of thing! I've fizzled out on my last challenges, but travel had a bit to do with that. Travel exploded my world in the most delightful of ways. What are my goals for this challenge? Be vegan for a month. I've done it off and on, and I just want to try it, actively, for 4 weeks. I rarely do dairy, so it's not too far a jump, but being vegan forces me to focus on what I am eating, and I often am making my food anyway. Tonight starts 4 weeks of meal prep! In the Japanese bento style! I'm going to make little bento for my
  6. New Challenge! Or rather a series of challenges because I am trying to do multi-challenge character arc and it will span the course of 12 months. So, in case I have not mentioned it, tomorrow is my birthday! And also Thanksgiving if you're one of us Yanks. Which means I plan to get some extra stuffing and NOT feel bad about it. I turn 49 tomorrow, which is a weird combination of WHOOOT WHOOOT and holy fuck. I want to make my next few challenges all about getting out of my comfort zone, trying new things, and basically revving the engine so I come screeching up to the starting line
  7. This discrete and select social club serves to not only promote illumination with regard to the eclectic, obscure and esoteric but also endeavors to promote the development of physical skills required of adventurers. We have skill development workshops that range from true torch making (in case one find themselves in a cave) to LandNav (for Orienteering events) to grappling hook use. Think Teddy Roosevelt meets Edward Gorey meets Indiana Jones meets Sherlock Holmes meet Amelia Earhart. Feel free to respond if interested. J.P. Jason Keith Secretary Arkham Community College ~ Expe
  8. Vincent van Bro, formerly known as Curl Brogo, is an American painter, powerlifter, and Adonis with bat wing lats and biceps big as your head. Partly a renaissance man, he paints meditative, impressionistic still life and landscape, surrealistic allegorical depictions of small animals, and abstract expressionist paintings and drawings depicting musical ideas. He lives and works in Indianapolis. There's my Wikipedia intro paragraph. I've made up my mind to go back to school and study art in the spring, end goal being an MFA. So this challenge will be centered on prepar
  9. I'm just redoing my last challenge, but raising the bar a bit on some goals. Goal 1: Stay hungry. Not eating much is for me the most effective way to actually lose weight. Step one: Eat only small, healthy snacks until dinner time. <200 cals, has some damn protein, fiber, and vitamins. My schedule at work makes it so I can have 4 of these. Step two: meat and veggies for dinner first, then carbs till I'm no longer hungry. Weight goal: 245 lbs. Goal 2: One adventure a week Go visit or see a new thing each week. Hiking in p
  10. I have been trying to opt for outside activities. Thinking of new fun things such as hiking in the woods fishing climbing and beachcombing. Feeling fatter than ever but choosing to ignore that voice. I've been trying to eat healthy. I had a great breakfast option of veggie omelet while on vacation. But need to focus on packing healthy snacks and eating at home more. But....I am meeting my goals of exercise, eating veggies everyday. Still need to work on the pray/meditate time. We get ourselves so busy in this world. Must slow down. We went jetty fishing and lots of hikes acro
  11. After falling off mid-challenge back in Feb, and going through some life issues that ultimately ended in falling on my face. See re-spawn if you care to read the novel: At the heart of a the worst storm the lands had seen in generations, Ruby-wan found her dolphin-pulled dingy spiraling out of control. The sole survivor of her once mighty crew, she struggled to take the reigns. Up to this point, her life had been one endless struggle after another, and fortune didn't seem to be turning. This storm would not break, but neither would she. As a nearby barrier gave way Ruby-wan freed the dol
  12. So, hi! This might come out a bit jumbled. I didn't really get much sleep last night. And while I know what I want to do this challenge, I'm having trouble putting it into words. I guess you could call me a traveling assassin, and I'm spending some time with the rangers because it felt like a good idea. For this challenge I'm drawing inspiration from the elements: fire, water, earth, air, and spirit. One of the things fire represents is change. A big change that I have to work through is finding a new job. This is something I ne
  13. Welcome do Dungeons and Dragons, the Doodlie version. Everyone is welcome to participate By participating you DON'T become a Doodlie, it's just that this game in this form has been invented by the doodlies. We still need a DM, who wants to be our master? You are qualified if you have played at least one challenge with us. A short recap of how we play You start by copying the character sheet and fill it in (see rule book for details on this). After this you put a link to it in your signature, and put the link on the sign in sheet. The name of
  14. Guess who's back?! (No, not Slim Shady....) It's been at least 6 months since I last took part in a proper challenge (holy crap, it's been so long!). I realize this one is coming a few days late, but I've had all kinds of shit going down lately and I'm slowly catching up. There's a lot to fill you all in on, but I'll do my best to give you as brief of a synopsis as possible before moving forward with my challenge goals. For those who don't know or remember me - HI! I'm your friendly neighbourhood Ranger-Cyborg who has a hankering for adventure, crafting
  15. So, back in July or August I messed up my left shoulder. Learned my shoulder structure will tend to inflame my rotator cuff if I'm not careful. Lost a lot of mountain biking time, and gained about 15 pounds. Some big-picture goals I am working on: rebuilding overall strength, making time for fun, and eventually losing weight. Fitness Goals: Workout at least 3 days per week, minimum workout: 3 rounds of: 25 jumping jacks 15-second samson stretch(both sides) 10 squats 10 sit-ups 10 ring rows (scaled) 5 ring pushups
  16. I'm PinkNinja. I've been a monk since 2013, when Adventurer was a little less literal. I've not done martial arts regularly since, well, 2012. But It seemed like a good fit. When they changed the classes, I started to swap, but to be honest, new people are scary, and at the time, I put a foot in the door, but decided I wasn't up for it. Sorry! I'm sure you guys are GREAT, I just was having a weird moment. I'm a park ranger, and I love my job. I get to share the outdoors with people. I worked on a mountain for 6 years, but this past year, I was in a different position where I moved to a di
  17. This time around, like so many of my other challenges, I started out with one idea and it morphed into something totally other. I was planning to do a "Spartan Race" challenge because I'm attempting one in December (full disclosure: I'm probably going to die) and while I was looking for some good movie quotes I stumbled across "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" which I hadn't seen before, watched it, and I sort of latched on to it instead. It really seemed to speak to where I'm at right now. So instead of Gerard Butler's abs you get to look at Ben Stiller for a month. I am so sorry
  18. Superhero Challenge is here at last! I've had this one in the back of my mind for a minute, so this should be fun. It's also influenced by some things I've seen @Tanktimus the Encourager, @Sloth the Enduring and @Atrytone do over the summer, and credit for the title goes to @deftona So I wanted to do a very serious superhero challenge, and I spent a lot of time pondering who the right superhero to model on. Superman? Wonderwoman? The Flash? So many choices... I needed someone who hit all the points and inspired me and suited my personality.
  19. My to-do list. To be completed, in no particular order, between now and estimated date of expiry sometime around the year 2070. - Become light enough to fit a wetsuit designed for a 5ft 3 woman - Snorkel in the sea - See a basking shark - Build something useful out of beach litter - Build something beautiful out of beach litter - Learn to SCUBA dive - Get a dry suit - Train for the British Divers Marine Life Rescue team - Go to another country, at all - Deadlift your own body weight - Hold a plank for two minutes -
  20. I'm really just starting this thread because I like to have a home to hang out in. Battle logs are just not the same. This is going to be a bit of a weird challenge. In 10 days I'm flying out to San Francisco to go to Burning Man! For anyone unfamiliar with BM here's a nice little video: After BM I'm flying down to LA for a few days, then back to Sweden, then BACK to the US for a conference in Boston 10 days laters. I'll stay there for about 10 days (hey look at that) then another 10ish days before traveling down to my parents' place in Sweden for a G
  21. Sora.2

    Sora's Shot

    Hello all! It's been quite some time since I was last part of the scouts or the NF community. You may remember me from my previous account, username "Sora". I made a post HERE yesterday detailing my absence and change of account. Regardless, I'm back, and that's what's important! Part of the reason I'm starting this challenge a few days late is my account troubles, but I figure better late than never. So Let's Go! This Summer, I'm completing an internship in Japan, near Kyoto. Some of you may remember my challenges from the past that led up to my first trip to Japan, and I'm really ha
  22. In the spirit of the book Level up your Life, this group is aimed at engineering our characters, stories, and epic quest lines. (And whatever other direction we might like to go.) This group was originally created by @SnowOwl! And here is the twist by @Schaengel. Working on our epic story (using the book) is good but if it doesn't results in action it's just collecting underwear (see underpants gnomes in the book) so the twist is, at the beginning of the month we declare 1 area or even better concrete goal with something that we would like to do that is epic and fun but still
  23. I'm the most overweight I've ever been. I'm embarrassed. But I'm going to put my measurements on here for my start and every check in. I think it will help me immensely. Weight: 246 lbs Neck: 15" Waist: 50.5" Bicep: 14" Hips: 51" Thigh: 25" Bust: 50" This is going to be a battle log for me to get my health and my finances in order. My first goal is to get below 200 lbs. When I reach that target, I'm going to reward myself by going to a rock climbing class. The gym is 3 hours away, and my sister says she'll go with me.
  24. Does anyone have any good suggestions for a routine I can do in the morning? It takes me about 20 mins to get to work. I usually wake up 40 mins before leaving to give me time to shower and prepare. What can I do that will take maybe 30 mins at most when I wake up in the morning? Things I was thinking of: Yoga - I have no idea how to do it. I'd like to though, I've been wanting to improve my flexibility. Walk outside - walking is about as far as I go. I HATE running! If a zombie apocalypse happened, I'd let them eat me. Push ups/ab stuff - I like this idea too. I
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