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  1. Hey guys, So two days ago I tried doing the NF semi advanced bodyweight routine. I got through it, but as I had a party to attend imediatly afterwards, I don't think my stretches were all that they could be. My question is, should I be working out today? I feel the pain is mostly muscle soreness, and not an injury. I'm pretty sure I can workout if it's not due to injury, but I thought I'd ask experts. (Y'all say you're not experts, but you're a lot smarter about these things then me.
  2. I am seeking help, from fellow nerds, as I start back on a new fitness journey. I am not wickedly out of shape but I am getting older and have a family history of bad backs, herniated discs and back surgeries, along with other heart related issues. So I feel I need to start changing course and moving in a more suitable direction for my health and hopefully steer clear of the problems of my ancestors. I don't want to lull you with a story but I am a very tall man who had the metabolism of the gods and I could eat everything and I did eat everything but it just wouldn't show. now I am closing in
  3. Hi there. Hope to receive some help. Will tell you my short story. I was a heavy smoker and one day I've decided to give up that habit. It was 2 weeks ago. I was doing my best to manage, but now I'm almost on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I became too nervous and too irritating. I started eating too much, but then I've realized that I didn't want to be fat and ugly. I decided to go to the gym to leave my energy and bad emotions somewhere. BUt guess what? I came to the gym with vape. One of my friends recommended it to me and I thought it would be a good alternative not to smok
  4. Hey guys, I'm a 32-year-old male and was wondering is it fine to take testosterone specifically for when I work out?. Hope to hear from someone soon Thanks in advance
  5. Hi Nerds, I just got back from an optometrists appointment, and brought up corrective surgery. My vision is currently 20/400. With glasses or contacts I have 20/15. There are 80% odds I'd get 20/20, and 98% I'd get 20/40 and not have to drive with glasses. I really like my current 20/15 vision, but doing things like wearing safety glasses, ski goggles, and sunglasses aren't options since I wear glasses most of the time! So, what would you do? For those of you who have had corrective surgery, are you glad you did or do you wish you wouldn't have?
  6. Hi, I just started Nerd Fitness, and only have a brief basic fitness background from 8 years ago when I played Ultimate in college. I tested into level 2 workouts and am not sure how to modify them to be more even levels of difficulty. 2A I find an easy workout, and yesterday I completed an extra set of all the exercises, performing unassisted squats. However, 2B I actively struggle with. While I increased the difficulty of the bodyweight lunges by making them unassisted (which feels like a decent workout) I truly struggle to do the inchworms and wall slides, and I can barely do th
  7. Okay so I have put myself in a very bad situation as a 16 year old guy. I managed to cut down from 176 lbs to 130 lbs without noticing it very much (I didnt have a scale at home until now) and I now notice that I'm underweight. My height is 179 cm and my weight it around 59 kg. I lift 3-4 times a week on a program from David Laid and weight myself every morning (if I haven't increased in weight every day, my mother gets mad af). I always try to increase the maxes in each exercise but it's really hard to always reach new maxes. I want to bulk up and gain as little fat as possible, but still gai
  8. Hokay folks. New challenge starts in a week! Let's get things rolling! Anybody got an interesting topic to start with? Otherwise I might just start gushing about the Switch and the new Zelda.
  9. Welcome to the new challenge! The Juice Bar is here again, with fresh new recipes, and is a place for fellow rebels to hang out, talk, ask and give advice, talk about interesting things and support each other! Talk about whether or not you will be moving to other guilds, or why you've come back, or why you've come to NerdFitness for the first time. Feel free to make yourselves comfortable in the Juice Bar, and welcome to the new challenge and this community! The challenge of the thread is : 1) Introduce yourself 2) Say why you're here on Ner
  10. Good morning folks, As usual, I'm always looking for more things to do, things to tweak, things to add into my daily/weekly work out cycle. Since around September/October of last year I've been doing the "beginner's" body weight circuit 3-4 times a week. I've increased in stamina and strength significantly (adding in dumbells to many of the exercises). Circuit activity can be found at this link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-HLwfvnIQTByiQnw7WjKWxbQ0oOZlQeKoOVoW58-POE/edit?usp=sharing After the Circuit, I run for around 10 minutes.
  11. Hey Nerds! I would like some suggestions for how to drop that last bit of body fat to get me from about 16-17% to 12-13% Background: Male, 5'-11'' (182cm), 162lbs. (73.5kg), 31 years old. I've been lifting weights 3-4 days a week for about a 1 1/2 years now with some very good results. I went from 185lbs (84kg) and 19% body fat to my current weight while clearly adding muscle (from a visual perspective.) Currently I fast from 9pm to 10am most days and eat about 80% paleo (I still eat some cheese, butter, and cream and have the occasional tortilla). I also skip bre
  12. After a few years without access to a pool, I've joined a gym with a wonderful lap pool and I'm excited to get back to swimming. One challenge I've always had with swimming that I want to overcome is breathing on both sides. I can breathe fine, with acceptable technique, to the right, but I absolutely cannot get the hang of breathing on my left side. It feels more difficult to turn my head far enough to the left, like my neck is a bit stuff turning that way. I can't seem to get comfortable, and as someone who came to swimming with a fear of the water/lack of oxygen, it's causing me anxiety in
  13. Hullo all! I'm James Penhallurick, a games design graduate, and currently self employed illustrator! I'm not entirely new to fitness and health, just over 3 years ago I was quite active, going to the gym at least 3 times a week, generally being more active than I am now! I've been on and off routines for the last 2 years, and now that I'm less busy in life, I've decided enough is enough! I want to get back to doing it all properly as I really enjoyed it! I do have a gym membership but I'm totally open to trying out new things, I'm relatively ave
  14. Hi there everyone I am a female, age 24, height 154cm, weight 69kg. I am on the process of losing weight and am weight training. I wait train early morning before even having breakfast. I live in South Africa. Food is expensive so getting my right amount of protein from food alone is just so expensive! If there is anyone with knowledge on protein supplements I would like some advice please? I am considering supplements to help. I already use 100%whey post workout of 23g protein (I was advised this is the best way to drink it). I did som
  15. Hi there, I have just joined you guys. Yay! I am a female, height 154cm, weight 69kg. I am trying to lose weight. I started about 3 months ago. It has been a rocky road this far but I lost 3kgs in 3 months and only a few 8cms. It is a small amount over 3 months and the number on the scale refuses to dip below 68. I was doing resistance band routines in the morning and about 3 weeks ago started doing dumbbell (I think endurance) routines with a friend that was looking for a partner in the afternoons. I also do a 10-15 yoga (very beginning beginner,
  16. Good morning community! Haven't posted much but thought I'd launch with a request. I've been dieting for about 3-4 years and am fairly happy with what goes into my body (thank god for myfitnesspal). Last September, after seeing I'd flat-lined for awhile, I found the "basic" bodyweight circuit. I've been doing that regularly (and added some weight/reps) but am wondering if there are other things I could/should be doing (I've shared the circuit with some others and they refer to it as a cardio circuit). I'm looking for some more strength training options to add in. Below
  17. Hi guys! I alternate a 3 day routine, 5-6 times a week, (never less than 3 on a bad week). Day One - Arms, Chest & Shoulders Flat bench 25kg (3 sets x 8) Incline bench 20kg (3 sets x 8) Pec Flys 5kg per arm on a flat bench (3 sets x 8) Dips with a resistance band (3 sets x 5-8, depending on strength) Superset: Shoulder Press (10kg) and Dumbell Lateral Raises (2kg on either arm) at (3 x 8) Push ups (3 sets of 8) (1 set being Diamond Variation) Day 2 - Back & Arms Dumbell Curls (5kg o
  18. I have just arrived in your city! I'm here for about a week and would like to meet some Italian nerds and maybe get some help. I'm staying in a hostel near Termini station and been told that the area is a bit dodgy to go out in after dark. I've also been following a running programme, I'm about half way through it and it's the best progress I've ever made so I don't want to give it up while I'm here. Any advice on good/better places to go for a run?
  19. For those that didn't read my intro thread (although I'm sure all of you read it, because I'm such a fabulous writer; in fact, it's probably gone viral while I wasn't looking), here's where I'm at right now. I just turned 53 last month. I'm in recovery from alcohol and opiate addiction, and I take Suboxone (which causes constipation, sorry but that's important to know), along with Lexapro and Remeron for depression, Neurontin for anxiety (400 mg 3x a day), and Prilosec. The Remeron was supposed to be for sleep, but I find that it's not working, and I don't want to rely on a substance to put me
  20. Greetings everyone, long time lurker, but never posted anything until TODAY! And you just had to know. Anyway, so lately i've been putting some more exercises in my routine (because i realised i wasn't really working my shoulders). I usually do it at home late at night, like 22 or 23 because it takes quite some time and i find that in the morning i really feel without energy. But after putting some new exercises and the workout taking like an hour, i find that i don't really have the motivation or energy to do it anymore, i have been postponing it for 5 days or so
  21. PROLOGUE Hello fellow adventurer! My name is Lisiera, but you may call me Lissy. I see you've found my battle log. I admit that it isn't too impressive in its current state. But that's okay! I'm working on changing that. And, as an optional side quest, my friend, you're free to help as well. You see, I have many dreams. I'd love to spar and hold my own against a warrior like Alistair or Sten (Dragon Age). I long to have the endurance to hike from Canifis to Yanille (Runescape). I'd love to have the agility and skill like Black Widow to take down my enemies in the blink
  22. This may be a dumb question, but... If I'm doing a dumbbell press with two 25 lb. dumbbells, is it considered 50 lbs. since I'm using two or 25 lbs. This has always confused me and I have never thought to ask before now. There it is, my dumb dumbbells question. Thank you.
  23. Greetings all, I had a quick question. For the last couple months, I've been doing a lot of general fitness things, working out an hour 3 times a week, cleaning up my diet, trying to get a decent amount of sleep each night despite work, etc. Recently I've become engrossed in the masterpiece that is The Witcher 3 (I'm late to the party, I know), and I was wondering if any of you guys knew what NF class Geralt would fall under, if I wanted to point my plan in a direction that would get me as close to a Witcher as possible without the mutations haha. My guess was Ranger, cause of
  24. So I recently moved into a new house and apparently my door frames are too wide and my pull up bar cant fit over them in order to hook on. What is a good alternative so i can still do pull ups?
  25. Hello, I'm Jess and I'm from the UK. I've tried many times to lose weight and get healthy with mixed results. I've had problems with my digestion for the past few years and I've recently reintroduced eating wheat based products to my diet that has helped me lose 3 lbs (which I think my be due to increased fiber in my diet.) I am 5'4.5" and I currently weigh 203 lbs. This is getting close to the most that I have weighed ever and I am between a UK 16 and UK 18 dress size. I have mild asthma which I think is due to my weight gain as it has only appeared in the past three years. I am 30 y
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