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  1. I'm a 40yo Assassin who came looking for new ventures on NF about 2 years ago. I've gone through a fair amount of challenges and I am now looking for a different pace to get on with my usual goals. Time for a Battle Log! So what are my usual goals? Persian I spent the last 4 years of my life very close to the infamous Assassin's castle Alamut, and I want to keep up with my Persian. My spoken Persian is holding well as I speak it with my other half, but my spelling is quite poor. My mother tongue is French and I don't always spell the different types of
  2. Hello! I had my first challenge over here (with a wee intro). I do mostly parallettes, low-height aerial (in-house apparatus) and some flexibility/stretching work. My second quest will be some sort of a continuation of that (improve lines/sleakness/stability). This time around I'd like a bit more focus on strength where it's lacking (shoulder/back, hand and knee grip), get into the habit of having a slot for creative work: movement flow/improvisation/choreography/ a bit of physical theatre. Start small but do something. So her
  3. Dear Community, 2 years ago I came accross the article on Maya who performed aerial silks. I got very intrigued and I decided this week to take my 20 sec of courage and do a class. It was a disaster, I was unfit, I could lift myself and it was a horrible experience. I quit the training after the 2nd session, but I don't call it quit. I am really out of shape, and I would like advice on what I should train to be able to actually take a beginner class. If someone has any tips that could help me, I would really appreciate! Thanks !
  4. starsapart: A Brief and Abridged History I think an anniversary challenge calls for a bit of retrospection, doesn't it? I found Nerd Fitness in summer of 2014 after someone sent me one of Steve's articles. I'd been on a health and fitness journey since April of that year, which had marked an all-time emotional low point for me. I'd latched on to weight loss as a silver bullet of sorts, with this vague idea that if I could just be conventionally attractive, my life would sort itself out (spoiler: it doesn't work like that). Finding the forums really helped me start to find some joy in move
  5. I am still trying to decide on how to round out this challenge buuut the primary focus of this challenge shall be my current weak points that are causing me to flounder and flounce sadly in aerial: grip strength, lack of chin up/pull up., lack of endurance in the air. (I am also still sort of doing a cut in that I still have a little bit of tummy chub I am working on losing, but I would really rather make sure I have enough food to fuel my workout schedule and lack of sleep so I am more doing maintenance + trying to eat more veggies and don't eat like an asshole. I'm more about intuitive eatin
  6. I need something new and shiny to kickstart 2018, so I got myself a brand new battle log! I have a whooole bunch of shinies to chase this year, it's going to be great. My plan is to screw the four week SMART goal framework and chase them on my own terms, i.e. inefficient and haphazard, but with gusto. Everyone keeps telling me you can't do everything at once - to that I say pfffft. Here are things you can expect from this log Handstands Climbing Aerial Pole Flow Acrobatics Flexy things Strengthy things ??? Oh and fooood
  7. @mu

    Winter in Alamut

    I finally had my Assassin Level Up and have now gained a decent mastery of Teleportation by freeing the little Red Ball from the silks. I also started linking bent arm press reps on my parallettes. But the real grit is yet to come... On the programme: more conditioning (the beatings will continue until morale improves)... some string theory (aerial puzzles)... experiments in fluid mechanics (sequencing, movement quality, improvisation)... ~~ Overall goals – the usual suspects ~~ Increase push/pull strength More back flexibi
  8. For the ones that already know me - OHAI! For the ones that don't - Yay, glad you're here! I'm a dabbler in all the shiny assassiny things like circus and pole and climbing. Some say I get easily distracted -SQUIRREL! Oh uhmm... yeah they're probably right. But that won't stop me from DOING ALL THE THINGS (badly). I'll add some more goal type thingies when I feel like it, but for now I want to take off the challenge pressure and just hang out here in this battle log. Hope you're cool with that.
  9. Hi everybody! I'm coming in late for the current challenge but I read somewhere than better late than never Quickly on my background: I'm a 38 yo woman, used to do powerlifting and then aerial dancing (silks and rope). I stopped aerial for 2 years and a half (needed a break and moved to another country). During that break, I kept weight lifting, more as maintenance than anything else. Then got myself parallettes and did about 3 months exclusively on them (GMB parallettes 1, which was very enjoyable). And 2 months ago I got myself an aerial apparatus, not ver
  10. New challenge = new profile photo! Continuing down the PvP road with Hatter from last challenge, plus publicly available PvP ab/core torture videos this time around. Whee! Abs - PvP ridiculousness! +5 points for each completion of a weekly abs vid Inverts - I want a straight arm, straight leg invert on the silks or the rope SO BADLY. To that end, +5 points for focused practice around that. On apparatus or off, but not inclusive of the core PvP stuff above. This is dedicated hollow body work, pike reverse crunches, etc. Also (perhaps not intuitively) this is also
  11. Still pondering my exact goals for this! I realized in early June-ish (or maybe late may?) that I wasn't quite happy with how things were going. I had "needed a break" on my hectic schedule because of my overbooking for the last few years, but then realized I'd cut TOO MUCH out of my schedule, especially exercise and training and I wasn't really happy about it. 1) Exercise makes me really damn happy and I love doing it. 2) My fat loss stalled out because I had stopped exercising but kept eating about the same (luckily no fat gains, just the slow overtime weight loss stalled out on me.)
  12. Okay! First, read this. I'll wait. http://www.laurawitwer.com/2017/06/29/post-laura-witwer-ego-smashed/ That blog post hit me preeeeetttty hard in the feels. When my circus gym reopened after >1 year, I somehow expected to pick up right where I left off. Amazingly, this did not happen. I spent a few months bootcamp-ing, aerial style and when i had some strength back, jumped back into a skills class. My ego did not take this well. I'm finally to the point where I'm feeling somewhat strong most classes, but I definitely have the "Comparing myself to myself" moments come back and b
  13. This will be a work in progress since I am ultimate stress-panda right now. Hopefully will have some time to breathe post race this coming weekend and then finalize my goals for the rest of the challenge (aerial will definitely be on the list once I have time to brain and breathe again!) For this week my only goals are: UPDATED GOALS as of Week 2! GOAL 1 - ENDURANCE - Run at least once per week and do a good walk at least once per week (hikes also OK, and if I run or walk more than once that is also OK!) GOAL 2 - LIFTING - I MISS LIFTING. Slowly ease back in
  14. BEHOLD the challenge in which I pretty much do exactly the same goals as last challenge, but with NEW silly pictures. (SO FANCY!) JUST KIDDING! I added one goal that is totally new! 日本語, bitches! :D! GOAL 1- STRENGTH Strength training at least 3x per week! this can be bodyweight training, aerial, or lifting. OPTIONS, YO. I am especially determined to get my chin up back some day soooo yeah ALL the hanging and pulling and ab work! GOAL 2 - RUNNING Running 1x per week! I sucked at actually g
  15. I am sick so this is a super rough draft of this until I am feeling less like death. DAMN YOU IMMUNE SYSTEM AND STUPID SINUSES! Going for something like: Goals: GOAL 1- STRENGTH Strength training at least 3x per week! this can be bodyweight training, aerial, or lifting. OPTIONS, YO. (Want to get in pull work, push work, core work, and SQUATS because I have been neglecting squats and push lately since I no longer work with a powerlifting trainer who makes me do this stuff. And I actually LIKE push ups, so that should be easy to make my
  16. For this challenge, I'm just modifying what I've been doing so that it works a little better for my life. Last time around, I did pretty well, with a paleo-oriented eating plan, and a pretty strong weights and cardio routine. This time, I'm taking the other responsibilities and activities into my life and hoping to work with them to find good balance. 1. Determine the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow! Every week, I've got aerial class twice a week. This includes low-flying trapeze (YAY!) and fabric (um, yeah, whatever). So that's two hours or more of aerial
  17. I'M BAAAAAAAAACKKKKKKKKK! As you may have noticed I was totally MIA for December because life was NUTS and then I was sick and also I wanted to hermit to get some downtime from life being nuts. OOF. BUT DECEMBER IS OVER MY FRIENDS!!!!! I took my December hibernation break to give a long hard think to what I wanted to work on for the coming year. And my conclusion is HEY WHAT ABOUT ALL THIS OTHER STUFF YOU WANTED TO DO before you got TOO BUSY with all the dance shows and more dance shows and more dance shows. Like, all your OTHER goals? Ye
  18. sylph

    sylph gets UP!

    Woo! Let's try this again, eh? After a very stressful end to 2016 both personally and professionally, I'm trying to get back into the fitness habit. My circus gym has been closed for over a year, but is reopening this week and I'll be back in the air on the day this challenge officially starts. Seems like a sign, or something, so I'm going to take another stab at challenges. Why not? Note: if you've been here before, some of these goals are going to look very familiar. I keep not-quite-succeeding, and so keep making the same goals over and over again.
  19. Late poster, but I was trying to plan a little differently this time. I want to succeed and I want to believe in myself, so I took a lot of time planning this out. I've tried challenges in the past, but I faded off the track every time. Every part of my life was falling off. It took my partner pointing out what he saw to get my attention. He told me that I was showing signs of depression. At first, I disagreed, then...I thought on it. Yeah, I've definitely been dealing with depression this past year, increasingly worse. It's hard for me to admit. It's not fun or pretty, but once I
  20. Happy New Year, beloved nerds! Welcome to 2016. If 2014 was the year of personal transformation and 2015 the year of settling into my own skin, I hope that 2016 will be the year in which I expand my successes into realms other than the physical (while continuing to hone my physical skills and being a BAMF, of course!) I start this year injured and rehabbing but not discouraged. I'm good at being the underdog. Between illness and injury and holiday madness, the last few weeks have been full of gluttony, missed workouts, and stress. I'm not a resolutioner in the traditional sense, but the
  21. I've realized this last challenge was an excellent exercise for me in maintaining balance soooo I am going to keep mostly the same goals for this round! NOW WITH MORE CAT GIFS!! :D!!!! Goal 1: EXERCISE Maintain exercise plan for maximum happiness but NOT into oh hey where did my life go? territory. Parameters: work out at least 3 x per week Goal 2: DOWNTIME & FRIENDS Have AT LEAST one evening off during weeknights in order to hang out with friends OR cook stuff/ downtime whatever I need, and at least one day a weekend with a
  22. ALMOST NEW CHALLENGE TIME! This last challenge hit some setbacks in the form of a giant adorable old man kitteh sized hole in my heart (lost one of my dear furbabies.) This challenge I am focusing on how to keep up with all of my various exercise shenanigans WITHOUT totally overbooking myself/ with actually leaving some time for downtime and for socializing...not that I don't get social time when I AM working on a dance show etc., but it is only with dance-fam people and I neglect every other relationship in my life. These past few months I've actually been hanging out with my goo
  23. "And I get so overwhelmed till it's hard to tell what I'm thinking We get down down down we feel sorry for ourselves we get down down down we all need somebody's help let's get loud loud loud till there's love and nothing else cuz the more that you give the more that comes back around..." What it says in the title, guys. Life has been pretty chaotic lately - pretty good, but CRAZYSAUCE - and I just need to focus on basic things. Like, wow, super basic. I'm putting my life back in order now, and have been for the last few days, so this challenge is going
  24. I have never done this before so I am attempting to kinda make this into a story kinda plot line for my own amusement. Maybe it will help me out and actually keep on top of things, My goals are going to be pretty much circus/ strength training. Goal 1: Fitness 5 training sessions/week (usually i am at the studio Monday- Thursday 1-3 classes a day) (3) Run 1x/week (3) Walk 1-3 miles a week. ( I see this as reasonable since Pokemon Go keeps me moving most of the day!) (3) Goal 2: Circus Goals Conti
  25. HI ALL!! Life has calmed down and I finally feel recharged! I actually have the luxury of free time to reel in some things I haven’t had some time to expressly focus on lately, namely FOOD. I did not have time to cook for the majority of the past few months and I miss 1) having a firmer grasp on my food intake and 2) I JUST MISS COOKING. My diet is actually pretty decent, but I’d like to take the time while I have it to zoom in on my macros a bit more and also track what I am eating. I am really really determined to dial in ways to get more veggies AND to increase protein in
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