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  1. I know. Long time no see. *sigh* The tl;dr version is that I've spent the last 1.5 years not working out much aside from tons of walking, gaining weight (not the good kind), and feeling fatigued. Also, the whole family has been in a funk. So, thanks to covid and my husband getting 100% telecommute, we moved across the country 1.5 weeks ago. Our pod full of stuff arrives tomorrow! I'm hoping that a new location means a new start and a new lease on life. I'm also excited about the new Dune movies coming out. I'm a huge fan of the books and loved the Dune and Children of Dun
  2. I still need to eat better, snack less, move more, and lose weight. I've almost certainly been going through some levels of depression over the last year, but I'm hoping that the warmer weather and extra sunlight will improve my mood. Either way, it's time to quit whinging and start doing again. I will certainly still talk about parkour and silks, but I'm going to focus on basic exercises for this challenge. Challenge goal: Pay my debts These are the exercises I "owe" each week and must pay off: 1. Pull ups - 20/week 2. Push ups - 50/week 3. V-u
  3. 2018 was a giant shitshow for me, and I'm hoping that I'm finally ready to get my life back in order. I'm at my heaviest, weakest, and least healthy that I've been since I started on NerdFitness. Bleh. I know my habits have been awful, but I'm also not sure how much of the low energy and other issues is from the Tamoxifen. My main goal for 2019 is to have vastly fewer doctor visits and medical procedures than 2018. But, since I don't have control over that, here are the goals I actually have the power to make happen: -Test for Level II in Aerial Silks -Lose 15 lbs
  4. Summary for the quick reader: Likes: pull / push / bend Tools: body weight, parallettes, aerial silks, ball Epic quest: complete GMB Parallettes 2 (P2) Elbows and Ham because I will be focusing on P2 moves, which involve a lot of elbow humping bent arm work (elbow levers / spin / high frog / HS lowers), and a fair amount of hamstring extension (HS to L-sit). Brains because I'm planning some (light) study time. Then it occurred to me that a zombie theme might work out quite well. Goals Handstands! Handstands! Handstands!
  5. Summary for the quick reader: Likes: pull / push / bend Tools: body weight, parallettes, aerial silks, ball Epic quest: complete GMB Parallettes 2 (P2) Somewhat low key challenge as life is crazy-busy these days BUT that's exactly when I should be careful about keeping up with practice and other sanity-related goals! I will move back to text-based reporting and use cowsay, a very old Linux command line utility (showing my age probably), to generate extremely fancy reports. Here is a preview: [mu@safran nf10]$ echo "Hello and welcome!" | cowsay -y __
  6. @mu


    Elementary as in, you know, fundamental stuff, but not exactly the effortless type. And with hopefully a more balanced programme as I want to keep up with the Mini's leg work! Summary for the quick reader: Likes: pull / push / bend Tools: body weight, parallettes, aerial silks, ball Epic quest: complete GMB Parallettes 2 (P2) GMB Parallettes 2 recap: Prep phase: 4 weeks + deload week /done Phase 1 cycle 1: 3 weeks + deload week /done Phase 1 cycle 2: 3 weeks + deload week /done Phase 1 cycle 3: 3 weeks + deload week /done
  7. Self-indulgent whining.... Goals are going to be super simple: 1. Go to parkour and silks classes according to schedule, even when I don't want to go. I'm currently doing 2 classes on each of Saturday and Monday, and I can't let the blahs stop me from going. Yesterday was a perfect example: I didn't want to go, but went anyway, and after the fact, was glad that I did. Part of the grade will simply be showing up. The other part will be attitude when I'm there. This means that when I'm doing parkour open gym, I need to focus on rebuilding my skill base rather tha
  8. @mu

    Hufflepuff this

    Summary for the quick reader: Likes: pull / push / bend Tools: body weight, parallettes, aerial silks, ball Epic quest: complete GMB Parallettes 2 (P2) Side quest: Nerdwarts Mini – Hufflepuff house GMB Parallettes 2 recap: Prep phase: 4 weeks + deload week /done Phase 1 cycle 1: 3 weeks + deload week /done Phase 1 cycle 2: 3 weeks + deload week /done Phase 1 cycle 3: /on-going This challenge will look like this: NF break week = P2 Phase 1 Cycle 3 Week 1 = Deload Week 2 + 3 + 4 = P2 Phase 2 Cycle 1 Total = 5 w
  9. I'm continuing my studies at Hogwarts, with many of the same themes. Hopefully, this time I don't pull a 3rd year Hermione and bite off more than I can chew. New Classes: Herbology: Goal is one new cooking recipe each week. Also, evening snack must include a veggie. I'm hoping to reduce and make my snacking healthier, and add a little bit more excitement to my diet. Arithmancy: Goal: Complete the entire 3rd problem set 8 problems selected from the 3rd problem set on cryptopals.com or from projecteuler.net (difficulty rating must be 40% or hig
  10. My hype meter has been at an all time low, and it's time to fix that. I also have been trapped in that cycle where I'm sitting at a computer too much, mindlessly eating and drinking like an asshole while there, and moving a whole lot less (in part from minor but recurring injuries). As a result, I've put on 10 lbs (and not the good kind ) over the last year. I've also been in a huge Harry Potter groove, since the family just returned from a trip to Harry Potter land in Orlando (which was awesome!!!), and we're currently introducing the kids to D&D with a Hogwarts setting.
  11. Keeping with my goals for improving circus, losing those last few pounds, and increasing my flexibility, all while not losing strength, maintaining my energy levels and eating well, I have put together an overly complex google docs tracking system for what is essentially a very boring challenge. But hey, spreadsheets are pretty, right? 1. Diet Stay below target calories each day. Assess target vs. energy levels vs. weight to continually maintain appropriate caloric goal. 2. Circus Open gym 1x/week Class 1x/week Choreography. Due to various life thing
  12. Hi, I'm new and exited, it's nice to meet all of you. For years I have been passionate about learning aerial acrobatics, and I want to finally persue learning. Unfortunately, I am not in the financial position to pay for clases. Seeing as it is dangerous, and I don't have an apparatus, I'm not sure how to start. Is there anything I can do on my own? Or anything I can do to build skills and condition myself for when I have the opportunity to take classes? I have a background in yoga, pilates, ballet, gymnastics(not since I was little) and a little bit of modern dance, and while I can't take cla
  13. I'm sylph. Given my preferred choice of exercise, naming myself as an air elemental seemed appropriate. Been at this for a few challenges now, and into fitness/working out/health for quite a bit longer than that. Lately I've had the niggling feeling that the challenge format isn't doing me much good; my habits are well-ingrained and I'm generally happy where I am. I wind up creating some manufactured goals just to fit into the expected structure. As an experiment, I'll be backing off from the 6WCs for a bit and keeping everything here in one continuous place instead. As a bit of histor
  14. "And I will work this body, I will burn this flame Oh in the dead of night and in the pouring rain, Yeah, I'm a workaholic and I swear, I swear, Yeah, and one day I will beat you fair and square" BOSS FIGHT (+1 STR, +2 DEX, +2 CHA) I've got an aerial performance coming up at the end of this challenge, and this time, it's going to be different. Let's do this thing. My main quest is literally just to FINISH THIS DAMN SHOW AND EMERGE UNINJURED. That is it. That is all. I will be working towards this by attending open gyms and private less
  15. Sooooo.. I realise I'm always late to these things. But better late than never, right? So last challenge didn't go great, but also not as bad as it could have. I focused on drinking, eating, working out and meditating. And I'll continue to work on some of those things during this challenge also. So I'll jump right in. Quests: 1. Eat all the protein and nothing of the sugar. Last challenge I wanted to eat at least 80 g of protein each day, which actually isn't as much as I need, but much more than I usually eat. So I think I'll up the game a little and eat at least 90 g of protein. I w
  16. As I gain momentum in some areas, I'm getting a better idea of what my weaknesses are. They're essentially all mental. For this challenge I'll be working mostly to keep up with my current workout and eating plans, BUT the twist now will be to try to shift the focus to: making my mentality about health a lot more positive. So to find my goals, I've got to know my weaknesses, right? What I want to work on is my wide array of Bad Ideas about health/fitness and body image. I've talked to several trusted friends and I'm finally coming to terms with having a lot of unhealthy ideas about my body an
  17. Our protagonist: a 24 year-old massage therapist and full-time student. She's never really done something like this before - organized sport? Not since middle school! But she seems to have found a new hobby... The prologue we've finished: she started aerial classes 5 weeks ago with a roommate, and is developing her love for this outlet. This chapter: continuing to gain skills with silks. Continuing to gain strength outside of classes, to progress further during aerial sessions. Fuel the body that's taking her on this journey. Juggle all this with the return of a full semester of classes.
  18. This is pretty late, but things have been crazy and I wasn't sure I was going to make another challenge anyways. But better late than never: here I am. So I had a good idea last challenge: get the basics solid. Unfortunately, I still tried to do too much, and crashed and burned. I even gained weight... This time, I'm going to focus on just getting into a routine. For anybody interested, my old challenge is here: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/76107-lydiajaybird-goes-back-to-basics/ Main Quest - Get comfortable in a daily routine Up until now, my focus was always losing
  19. I did pretty decent last challenge, but I feel like I was getting pretty shaky on always getting in my runs, on always staying under my carb count, etc. So. For this challenge, I'm reinforcing the basics of my fitness instead of adding lots of new things to try to do. (well, imma add one new thing, but one is easier to do than three!) For anybody interested, my old challenge is here: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/73739-lydiajaybird-shakes-it-off/ Main Quest - Lose 6 Pounds Since the challenges are shorter now, I've decided to cut my weight loss quest in half. Yes, I kno
  20. " you're picture perfect blue sunbathing on the moonstars shining as your bones illuminatefirst kiss just like a drugunder your influenceyou take me over you're the magic in my veinsthis must be love...Boom! Clap!the sound of my heartthe beat goes on and on and on and on and..." AKTE I Welcome to another round of Chasing Shiny Objects with Stars, where every topic is on the table, All the Things get done at once, and themes range from mainstream films to obscure, heartbreaking anime about magical ballet dancing ducks. One guess which way I went this time..... In this final challenge
  21. "we all got our stories but please tell me what there is to complain about when you're happy like a foollet it take you overwhen everything is outyou gotta take it in oh this has gotta be the good life...." MAIN QUEST: Win the House Cup! And don't forget - it's all a game, so have fun with it! I'm certainly guilty of taking myself too seriously sometimes, but lately I've been working on lightening up and living in the moment. Guys, bumps in the road aside, my life is so good, seriously. And so, since my fitness regimen is chugging along like the Hogwarts Express, I decided that this ch
  22. "'She's got lions in her heart, A fire in her soul; He's a got a beast in his belly That's so hard to control, 'Cause they've taken too much hits Taking blow by blow, Now light a match, stand back, watch them explode. When you've been fighting for it all your life, You've been working every day and night, That's a how a superhero learns to fly..." MAIN QUEST: Become the Queen of Heroes! Or, in layman’s terms, keep moving toward my long-term goal of being the best acrobat I can be! Not every quest directly ties back to this, but almost everything leads back to it in my mind, sooner or la
  23. Alrighty. The Fuckits are absent, time to take advantage of that fact and get some real work done. Focused Study Man in Black: [intrigued] You've done nothing but study swordplay? Inigo Montoya: More pursue than study lately. You see, I cannot find him... it's been twenty years now and I'm starting to lose confidence. I just work for Vizzini to pay the bills. There's not a lot of money in revenge. [after a moments' silence, the Man in Black stands up and prepares to battle] Man in Black: Well I certainly hope you find him someday. Inigo Montoya: You are ready then? Man in Black: Whether I a
  24. Everyone loves a good booty, do they not? A booty is important. It helps keep your pants from falling down. It provides a comfortable place to sit. It provides POWER to lower body athletic movements. And (let's be honest) it feels pretty good to have a nice rear view. Mine is trying to leave me. I dropped a bit of fat for vacation last month and found I was unhappy with the resulting shape. Thus, the Booty Preservation Society was born. I've done Bret Contreras' "Strong Curves" program in the past with good success; thus I will return to that which previously brought me good results. Sa
  25. New challenge! After the last couple of challenges, which I failed to complete because of crazy work schedules (work life balance?? What's that??). But now I'm back! LOTR THEME!!!!!!! OMG WTF LETS DO THIS So one of my goals relates to step counting. By my calculations, by the end of this challenge I should have done nearly enough steps to have traveled from the Shire to Bree. Actually, I think we will end up in Barrow-Downs, but close enough. And being in New Zealand, what could be more appropriate than a LOTR theme?? So what're we doing?? Well, I really want to get into the fit
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