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Found 5 results

  1. So so so many down and depressed days. Made it through the holidays. January hit and I became an emotional wreck on the verge of becoming an alcoholic. it's taken three weeks to recover from the worst episode yet, and my husband has found a dog to adopt that will be acting as a companion for me. we are working to get me in therapy, but this requires answering a phone call to schedule appointments, which I don't do. My grades are also severely slipping and I'm likely to not make President's List again this semester even though I've made it the last two semesters. This respawn, I'm g
  2. Off Week Goals: Lost in the Woods Inara: You’re lost in the woods. We all are. Even the captain. The only difference is, he likes it that way. Mal: The only difference is, the woods are the only place I can see a clear path. What’s your business here? - Firefly, Eposide "Serenity" I'm back. Again. And where I am right now is the dead center of the woods. I just finished my EMT-Basic certification class (still waiting to register nationally), and got back from the anime convention I was going to. Since I was focusing on surviving 15 hour days during
  3. Respwan. I was on here years ago and then I quit. So now I'm back. Baby steps little goals Main Quest: 22% Body fat REBEL CHALLENGE: Diet 2000 mL of water a day pack and eat my lunch 4 days a week....... Payday Friday is sushi friday not skipping that Fitness 10,000 steps 5 days a week Level Up Your Life 2 minutes of cleaning 5 days a week
  4. I went to the doctor in March for a check up. I figured I haven't been to a doctor for one of those since I was like 2 years old...I might as well. The doctor told me all my blood tests came back way better than he expected since I weigh 373lbs. My cholesterol was on the low end (which is awesome) and blood glucose was awesome. Pretty much everything was awesome except my liver enzymes. They were pretty much 8-10 times too high. Since I don't drink alcohol he considered it almost non alcoholic fatty liver disease. He basically tells me I'm healthy except the possible NAFLD and I need to lose l
  5. I joined the newsletter email blasts thing over a week ago, and I thought that I should post something here as well. Here's my background: I am a tall, skinny, awkward guy living in the northern Canadian Tundra. I've always been skinny but since moving out of my parents place and into my own I've noticed my waistline getting bigger and my budget getting smaller. I've never worked out in my entire life, and joined a gym last year. It was the worst experience as my trainer didn't help me at all, and I ended up feeling like I wasted m time and money. The biggest issues I face are not knowing
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