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  1. Since joining NFA in June 16, I’ve switched from sugary cereal to plain oats and milk. I’ve learned to make my own protein bars, 4-ingredient cake (no sugar!), increased protein a ton, and tried 2 new recipes a month with fresh ingredients. I’ve worked out every other day, in some form or other. Less rigidly than when I first began, but I’m still showing up. I’ve tried two types of protein powder (not a fan, but need to use it up now!) and I’m really learning what goals I actually am motivated to work towards. I’d hoped to have hit a safe, even level of workouts in order to focus on diet more by now, but I had some setbacks. I’m back to daily emotional eating of cheap chocolate, sweets and crisps.I spent January trying to get things back on track, so I can move forward in Feb. I've learned that I'm motivated to work on balance, agility and flexibility. I’m lacking in energy, so diet is my MAIN focus, but equally I can’t lose all the progress I’ve made in exercise. I have 300XP a month for ‘Wellbeing’ in my annual goals: which is 75XP per week. I’ve decided to grab a 6-month student membership to my uni sports centre at the end of this month - they have a bouldering wall (can’t access without a membership), swimming will be free, they offer yoga/pilates (would need to take leave from work, but maybe be doable) and the alternative would be ¼ the price for a single session. If I do 4 sessions of bouldering across the 6 months, I’ll have got the exact same money’s worth, plus the extra opportunities. It feels uncomfortable to pay £100 to essentially use a bouldering wall (I’ve never seen, so no idea exact height/ obstacles) maybe 6 times across 6 months… But if my husband will come swimming / play tennis with me every 8 weeks (the only activity he could join me in, being a non-member), and if I wanted to pop in to use the gym for a row/run/lift… it would make it worth it. I want to try new thing; to find something other than ‘sports’ that doesn’t tie me down to a timetable. They also offer a body fat ratio measuring session for £5 if you’re a member (not available otherwise)! So for a 6-month ‘trial’ it’s worth the investment. However, my anxiety stops me leaving the house sometimes, so I’m trying to be realistic with my expectations, and due to semester timings, I've got 3 weeks before I can apply. Mission - Fitness 3 workouts per week: minimum 2 sets of exercises per workout. (20XP) Defined as “tires-me-out or i-can-feel-it-doing-something." BONUS! If I did 2 membership-related tasks for workouts across the month. (60XP at end of month) Anything which uses my membership - (Bouldering, Gym, Tennis, Swimming, Donuting, Badminton, Pilates, Yoga, Balance Class) Inventory - Food and Drink Points for healthy snack choices: Aim for 10 points a week. 5 would ‘pass.’ (20XP) Healthy evening meal (at least) every other day. (20XP) Journal - Mindset "Never two in a row. This is all just practise." Side Quests: Submit short story by Feb 28. Extra 50XP to writing goal. Take my measurements again (last done 2nd October 2016…) Weighed myself today, and although I’m focusing on ‘being healthy’ and ‘building muscle’ I've lost 10lb in 8 months. Feeling good as my arm muscles are definitely more defined so some of that is definitely fat. I want to do my actual measurements by March 11. Sign up for 6 month university sports centre membership.
  2. I really need to learn how to insert gifs, and understand the HTML code when I copy and paste things. Also, I was pleasantly surprised how good the Assassin's Creed movie was; having expected a flop. It may have inspired me to take back up my hidden blade and regroup here. Having spent a month recovering from, and reflecting on 2016 - I'm back to take on 2017! My missions for 2017 are: Read books. Complete a Second “agent-ready” Novel. Write 100,000 words. Build Wellbeing - This is where the 4-week-challenges come in. Take Photographs. Now, I already measure these 5 goals with experience points on my writing blog, so here, I'm splitting up my 300XP-per-month for that building goal. Each item earns me 25XP a week: * 3 workouts a week of at least 3 exercise sets: yoga, SN or dance included. [Focusing on balance and agility] * Avoid store-bought 'snack foods' 1 day a week * Practise 'kata' once in the month. Instead of having new items each time, and falling behind, I'm focusing on the 5 goals I make for the whole year, three of which are part of my Academy 16-week challenge: so really I'm only adding one sub-set item each 4 week challenge. Nothing is true. Everything is permitted.
  3. ****Warning: This thread will most likely contain images of videogame violence, including CGI blood**** Grayspeed's December Challenge So, I was originally going to do a Star Wars theme this month because Rogue One is coming out. But I've also been replaying Assassin's Creed 2 this past week and AC just seems more "fitnessy" and relates to my goals a bit more. Also, this is the Assassins Guild. My goals right now are to grind away at NF Rings, get more sleep (I've let my sleep pattern get really messed up lately), and increase the amount of cardio I get. Let's go! Quest 1: Agility Agility and speed are essential skills for any assassin. You can't wipe out De' Pazzi if you can't catch them. Increase agility and speed by performing three HIIT focussed cardio sessions per week. Quest 2: Climbing Strength Climbing all over buildings and looking like a badass is what makes Assassins so great. To build up the strength to do this I will need to do a Nerd Fitness Rings workout at least three times per week. Quest 3: Alertness Having an alert state of mind is vital when you're heading into Templar territory. Especially when you're outnumbered 20 to 1, as Assassins often are. To achieve Master Assassin-like awareness I will get plenty of rest by being in bed by 10:30, five nights per week.
  4. Team RWBY can only have 4 members (so they kicked me out) and the Overwatch team was way too demanding (so I left). I've been feeling like a teenager with no direction and extreme laziness, so maybe training with a bunch of teenagers will be better for me this month. Beast Boy - Health At dinner, half of the plate consists of veggies. (Weekdays) Bonus Points: Snack on fruit instead of Cheez-itz Link for tracking progress. Robin - Agility Stretch for the splits (both legs) everyday, except Friday and Sunday Raven - Thought Read for at least 30 mins a day. Spend at least 15 mins with the Word. (MWFSu) Starfire - Strength Workout out the first tier of Periodic Table of Bodyweight Exercises (MWSa) Terra - Redemption Get my shit together by auditioning more (at least 3 jobs a week), work harder (have set schedule), and learn balance between YT and VA Cyborg - Gaming Continue to get rings cap in DragonVale. Reach lvl 100 in Overwatch. 100% Rocket League. Keep tabs with on my Twitch or YouTube channels
  5. *Copied from my Battle Chapters aka Daily Log* I have been apart of the Nerd Fitness rebellion now for about a month! Woot! As such I wanted to show my June progress: I want to do the splits all ways, but have been focusing on front ways. In the beginning of the month I didn't measure but now I am less than 6 inches from the ground!! Woot!!! I want to get down to 18% body fat. Therefore I bought a measurer and measured myself at 22.1% body fat last month and today I am 20.3%! Woot!! I want to eat healthier. The month of June, I have been cooking just about everyday (or having leftovers) from paleo or paleo-ish recipes that I find online. I hardly eat out and keep cookies/desserts to a minimum when I can. I have been reading labels and eating the appropriate servings. Counting calories and trying to keep my protein high. Usually averaging ~50 grams a day. But I want to boost that to ~75 grams.
  6. Walking into the domed training area, Terror lifted the visor on her helmet and glanced around. 19 females of all shapes and sizes stood waiting in readiness. Their eyes showed determination and strength - and Terror had no idea why she or these women were here. None spoke, only looked amongst themselves and the unfamiliar space. Some seemed alert and wary, whilst others seemed as if being in this space was their birthright. "You have been chosen", a deep voice cut through the tense silence. A short but muscular man stepped from the shadows, each stride forward purposeful. Terror felt there was a sense of grace in his movements, akin to the cats she had left on her homeworld. She felt her gaze drawn to this man, quietly spoken but compelling. "Let me introduce myself. I am Commander Rex, the trainer of the Dames - an elite response squad who are deployed to some of the most dangerous situations in the galaxy. Our mission requires strength, agility and tactical knowledge - skills which each of the 20 recruits in front of me have demonstrated through careful observation by our operatives" 'Observation?' Terror thought, 'All I remember is being put on a shuttle without any information as to why - and no choice whether to go. I'd know if I were being observed, due to my... well... no one wants to be near the misfit.' "However" Commander Rex continued, "...we can only take 14 operatives in the field at a time. You must undertake a range of training to ensure you are fully prepared for battle - should you be selected. Each of you will shortly be taken into different sections of the training area to undertake a baseline test, from which we will tailor your individualised 4 week initial training." Main Goal: Make game roster for my Roller Derby league A Team (14 players) "It is of vital importance that you each become one unit together - so please remove your helmets. Look upon the faces of the women you will fight alongside, work intensely with and possibly die for." Terror hesitated. The voices screamed she was in the wrong place, there must be a misssssstake, she wasn't ssssspecial and didn't dessssserve to waste everyone's time - the difference is her voices weren't just in her head. With a deep breath she lifted off the helmet, and let them out. The green snakes uncoiled from her head and writhed loosely around her shoulders with a gentle hiss. The other women took a step back. "Ah, Miss Tops - you have let your secret weapon out I see. You have been chosen not despite your... oddity but instead because of it. They make you particularly gifted in communication and awareness, a vital skill for the Dames. And, I assure you ladies, they are harmless." Rex smiled. The other recruits smiled gently at Terror, but did not step closer. "So - the first of your 3 areas of training. In order to best facilitate your neural connection to your own reflexes, and to help create the hive mind which our successful warriors must demonstrate - I have developed a neural-development serum each recruit must imbibe daily. I call it the Habitual-Hydro-Objective, or H2O." Goal One: Drink more water A: 3L per day = 5CON B: 2L per day = 3CON C: 1L per Day = 1CON "You must also work on your strength for power and endurance in battle, plus your agility and dexterity in order to counter enemy moves before they have even made them. To this end, you must undertake a strict training regime, outlined below" Goal Two: At least 2 strength workouts per week (on top of team training 3x week) A: 2 workouts avg. per week = 3STR 2STA B: 1.5 workouts avg. per week = 2STR 1STA C: 1 workout avg. per week = 1STR Goal Three: 10 minutes agility, 3 times a week A: 3 per week = 3DEX 2STA B: 2 per week = 2DEX 1STA C: 1 per week = 1DEX Terror nodded. She wouldn't listen to the voices - and if they got too loud she could always tie them in a scarf. The women turned to leave. "One final directive ladies" Commander Rex called after them. "Each month you must have a detailed monitoring evaluation with one of our medical staff - to check your wellbeing and progress. There will be no excuses." SIDE QUEST - One date night minimum per month with Hubby (no work!) As Terror walked from the domed hangar with the other recruits, she couldn't help but think this was a beginning of a whole new chapter of her life. And she was ready for it.
  7. Light Day, 18th of Snowfun 426 Today, my journey from my hometown of Hargoth begins. My family cried as I packed my things, but they have been supportive. It surprises me because they had always been afraid for my safety. When I was a child, my mother would always tell me I'd end up in a ditch somewhere. I don't know what makes ditches so dangerous, but that's what my mother always told me I'd end up. I am Devyn, Half-Kender. My father is full kender. He grew up in Hylo, but his grandparents were among those at the destruction of Kendermore. Because of that, he is an afflicted kender. My mother is human. She comes from a small town of people who have always been very protective of their homes and very protective of their children. Few people ever leave. My father went back to Hylo when I was very young, so I was raised by my human side. I have lived a very sheltered life and because of that, I've grown soft and weak. It'd taken me a long time to answer the call of Wanderlust. But I can ignore it no longer. The afflicted kender and human in me has taught me to fear the outside world, but part of me can't ignore the call to adventure. I made the decision to discover my true kender roots. I will travel the continent of Ansalon. On that journey, I will learn what it is to overcome fear. I will become strong and antifragile. I will learn about new places and different kinds of people. And on that journey, I will record what I learn through my favorite medium: Art. I will write, draw, sing, whatever I feel I need to do to reflect back to the world what it has given me. Today, I've spent most of my day packing for the journey. I've packed food, clothes and supplies. Hopefully, I have enough to last until I get to Korval at the base of the mountains. I guess part of the point of a journey is to learn these kinds of things. Then over the mountains and to the great city of Palanthas!
  8. So one of the ways I'm getting more fit and doing cardio, is jump roping. Of all the choices, jump roping is one of my favorites to do. I used to do double unders all the time and speed rope for a good 15minutes. This was 5 years ago. After failed attempts and throwing in the towel after trying to pick it up again, I finally jumped...haha.... back into speed roping. Though I can't go for 15min just yet, I managed to do 10 seconds of continuous double unders and that makes me feel really good
  9. Hey there, Rebels! I'm heading into my third challenge, and I'm hoping to push myself even harder. I only have 3 weeks left in this semester, but I'll probably stay on campus for an extra 6 weeks to take a "Maymester" and work. Anyways, life will for sure get a bit easier, so I want to start my summer break off strong by finishing this challenge! I'm breaking this challenge into "Fitness" and "Life" goals, although there's a bit of crossover. Thanks for following me on this journey! Current Weight/Measurements: Weight - 120lbs Bust - 34" Waist - 30 1/2" Hips - 37" Thighs - 21 1/2“ Fitness Goals GOAL 1: Run like Wonder Woman. (Run, or Use Elliptical or Treadmill 3 days a week) (Fun fact - my English professor is Lynda Carter's first cousin. Unfortunately, I still don't have an autograph.) Details: I am not a big runner. It's just not something I've ever done, and I've been okay because I've found other ways to stay fit. However, I need to up my endurance. I am only choosing to do 3 days a week because I get a lot of cardio from dance (especially tap) and I don’t want to set too high a goal. Possible Points: +3 Stamina Current Progress: 2/20 Days GOAL 2: Do a Handstand (Take 2!) Details: This was my goal in my last quest, but it didn’t happen. I have managed to stay in a wall handstand for 60 seconds, but I can’t do it consistently. I also can’t get up on my own away from the wall. So, I’m going to try it again! Possible Points: +2 Dexterity Current Progress: Can hold a wall handstand for 60 seconds. Can get into a handstand away from the wall. GOAL 3: Hulk up! (Regular Weight-lifting Details:I am trying to get more into regular weight-lifting, beyond what I do in my tiny apartment. I’ve been trying to use the free-weights at the gym, but I need the added motivation of making it part of my challenge. I'm also partial to bodyweight stuff, so I will probably rotate between that and free-weights. I’m shooting for a bare minimum of 4 days a week - but hopefully I'll make more than that. Possible Points: +2 Strength Current Progress: 2/24 Days Life Goals GOAL 1: Get more sleep. Details: I used to have a very steady sleep schedule, and unlike most college students, I'm not into partying and I rarely stay up late of my own accord. (#nerd) But recently, especially this past semester, I've been getting an average of 4-6 hours of sleep. I didn't notice it until I got a FitBit and started tracking my sleep, but MAN is that unhealthy. So I'm going to work on getting more sleep. Possible points: +2 Constitution Current Progress: 4/42 Nights of at least 7 1/2 hours of sleep. GOAL 2: Pass the Psychology CLEP Test (And not Britta it) Details: I need to knock some of these GenEds out of the way so I won't have so much going on. First up: Psychology! I'm basically gonna be a therapist, guys. Possible points: +3 Wisdom Current Progress: Studied first 4 chapters of Textbook GOAL 3: "I...am not left-handed." (Regular Fencing!) Details: So I've done a little fencing in the way of workshops (and a lot of stage combat, since I'm an actor), but I never had the opportunity to do it regularly. Thankfully, I now have access to a fencing school that has adult classes DURING times I can take them! So I start on the 18th with a weekend intensive, and I'll be doing it regularly after that. I am really excited about it, since it's something I always wanted to do but never had the time. Also, this school teaches historical fencing, which I'm totally into. I'm actually making this a "Charisma" challenge, because it just makes me incredibly happy, and what's more charismatic than a 5'4" chick with a sword? Absolutely nothing! Possible points: +3 Charisma Current Progress:
  10. The big goal this challenge is to decrease the amount of sugar that hubby and I consume. He is non-insulin-dependent diabetic but needs to improve his blood sugar levels STAT. So, this guy is public enemy number one at our house: I don't think that he is ready to go cold turkey; so I've devised a transition plan - based in part on the NF Academy nutrition guidelines. I've already dropped my sugar consumption about 25% - compared to last month. Gotta love data!!! I'm using LoseIt to track what I eat, and have the premium plan so that I can drill down on my macros to see what I'm actually eating. So Quest #1 is to transition to a Whole30 (which will be next challenge's goal). Each week, I'll add another improvement to our diet, and I'm going to be tracking it using HabitRPG. At stake: 2 CON, 2 WIS - with grading by percentage of days that I manage to stick to our improvement plan. During the break, I've convinced hubby to eat a high protein breakfast ... and he's already feeling better. That was no big deal for me, but next week ... I need to substitute a vegetable in for a starch at lunch and dinner. I'm not a big veggie eater ...... (0/42) The other big thing I am working on is to be able to complete an obstacle course race. I've been a bit discouraged at how long it takes me to improve my upper body strength, but I'm going to keep at it while working on my running and my general agility. So, Quest #2 is to do strength training 3 times per week. I mix it up and do a routine at the gym (including assisted pull ups), kettle bells at home, and sandbag training at home. At stake: 3 STR, and grading is also a percentage of goal. (0/18) Quest #3 is to get through C25K again. This should be pretty darned easy since I'm on week 4 already and am an experienced runner. But I'll (hopefully) be transitioning to outdoor running by early April. Yes?? 2 STA awarded for getting through it; 1 STA if I get to week 6. Quest #4 is to work on agility weekly (at least). I have my FitDeck agility cards. Or I can go climbing or take a related class - such as yoga, zumba, pole dancing, martial arts class, etc. I'm allowing myself to play with this and have some fun .... and be flexible with how I work on improving my agility for 2 DEX, based on percentage completion. (0/6) Quest #5 is to work on my dead drop assassin skills - using geocaching and Ingress. I'm going to pull a number out of the air and say that I'll do this 20 times during the challenge for a possible 2 WIS and 2 DEX. Geocaching in the harsh winter can get to be a bit problematic ... so the augmented reality game, Ingress, is a good substitute to get me out of the house. Scoring is also by a percentage. (0/20). PLUS - Assassin's Guild minis:Week1 - Pullups and Mountain Climbers (+STR)Week 2 - RUN!!! (+STA)Week 3 -Week 4 -Week 5 -Week 6 - AND, I'm competing in an exercise consistency challenge that Bekah put together on FB. AND WAIT - that's not all!! I'm putting together a simple Fitness RPG. It has a long way to go, but I'm playing it while designing it. So, I'm really hoping to have fun and improve my body composition this challenge!!!
  11. Main quest To hold an Iron X long enough for a photograph Three goals Build upper body strength Build core strength Get lighterTrackable version of the 3 goals (in addition to usual pole classes/gym/contortion) Mon — 3x10 pullups, 3x10 floor core exercises, 10 elbowstands dismount Tues — Handstand conditioning, 2x10 pole crunches each side Wed — 3x10 pullups, 3x10 floor core exercises, cardio, 10 elbowstands dismount Thurs — Handstand conditioning, 2x10 layback crunches Fri — Cardio, 2x10 pole crunches each side Sat — 3x10 pullups, 3x10 floor core exercises, 10 elbowstands dismount Sun — Handstand conditioning, 2x10 shoulder mount crunches each side Other goals Try out capoeira More about me and my quest I am on a neverending quest to become stronger, more agile and just more badass in general. Pole lets me do that while I am having fun. I am SO far from being able to do an Iron X, but if I keep meeting these daily goals I will be there one day soon enough. Anyone else into pole dance/pole fitness/other forms of aerial fitness? I also want to try parkour some day. And maybe lyra. Oh, so many things to try, so many different quests worth aiming for. But, one thing at a time.
  12. July 16, 2014 Hi guys! I'm back! Lots of things have been going on in my life in the year or so that I've been away, but I've already covered all of that in my profile. So just a brief snap shot: I got hurt. both shoulders and my left hip. I've spent the last year trying to overcome the pain and recover some of my range of motion and now I'm finally in a place where I can pick up from square one, assess my current abilities, set my goals, plan my path to success, and begin recovering lost ground. Goals, for now... Run 10k non-stop. Run 5k in 20 minutes or less. Freestanding Pistol Squat. 3 sets of 10 per leg. One arm push ups. 3 sets of 10 per arm. Freestanding handstand push ups. 3 sets of 10 Front/back body levers. 60 seconds, full extension. Muscle ups. 3 sets of 10. Injury proof, become Anti-Fragile, and improve mobility. The Plan Physical: Create, and do a bench mark workout in a controlled environment to get a progress point. Build a habit around consistent training and recording progress and stats on a weekly basis. Build a habit of stretching after every workout, and do lots of mobility work on cardio days. Be sure to log workouts daily, and do stats and pics every third week.Dietary Build a habit around tracking what I eat using MyFitnessPal. Incorporate my current line of supplements into an approximation of a paleo diet. While tracking my diet, it is more important to be full on good foods, than to hit a certain calorie goal and be hungry. Today I am super busy with errands and "I just got back from camp" stuff, so my next post, tomorrow, will include my workout plan and starting stats. See you then. -Church-
  13. It was a cold morning on the 24th of February when it came, his first Assassin assignment came. He woke up in his apartment bedroom, which was a part of a large training academy he shared with the rest of the assassin tribe, typically 3-4 assassins per house. He woke, stretched his arms then noticed it: a neat envelope which was half way through his letter box, which simply bore his name in gold writing: Bambamty. Upon opening he knew what it meant, this was his first Assassin task, everything up until now had been training, practice. But this time was different, if he messed this one up he died, game over. The letter said: Dear Bambamty, We write this letter to you was we believe you are the write candidate for the task at hand. In 6 weeks time, the ogre's plan are gathering, and will likely march to war, you must stop it. Kill the leader Yuzgrut, and bring his head back to camp. Only then will you be a fully fledged member in the noble rank of the assassins. The elders. Breathing heavily he read over it twice, this was going to be the hardest task of his life. He knows he can't kill an ogre through strength, so he draws up a plan to hone his agility, his balance, and his skill, then immediately sets to work. Translation. For this challenge it wont be about weight loss for once, as im approximately the weight id like to be! However, the thing I'm lacking at the moment is some serious agility, balance and co-ordination, so ill need to work on those i think, whilst trying to lose fat (and remain at the same mass) Main quest. For my main quest, id simply like to be in the best shape ive ever been, a little vague i know. But theres no one huge goal i want to be working to, so ill break it up into sub goals! GOAL 1: To get close enough to kill an ogre with my bare hands ill need to have exceptional balance, and to train this i intend to be able to do a free standing handstand by the end of the challenge, so ill be doing the 28 day handstand challenge AGAIN, as im very close to doing this. (+2 DEX, +1 STR) GOAL 2: Another aspect of my life i need to level up in order to complete my task is my agility and co ordination. For this one it'll be a fun one ive been doing since September, but not nearly enough! I aim to do minimum 3 hours a week juggling practice, including the 2 hours on a Thursday with the club, if i can successfully do a 2 diabolo sprinkler by the end, challenge succesful. (+2 DEX, +1 CHA (for the social side)) Goal 3: 20 pullups! Im about 4 weeks into my 20 pull up challenge, so intend to keep going, will need to commit at least 3 times a week to this! (+2 STR) SIDE QUESTS. My first side quest is to commit to a calisthenics routine, not sure how im going to split it up, but itll probably be something like Monday: Chest, triceps, core Tuesday: Back, biceps Wednesday: Big bike ride on wednesdays so no chance of any real calisthenics, might do pullups on weds too Thursday: Chest, triceps, core, Friday: Back, biceps Saturday: Legs, Sunday: Rest. +1 STR, +2 Con (fitness = staying alive),+1 STA Side quest two is to again eat as clean as possible, no strict grading to this one, just grading each week and see how it goes. +1 CON My final side quest is to complete 5 weeks of swimming lessons (embarrassing i know, but i cant swim!) This could be vital, as who knows what terrain is waiting for me on my way to kill the ogre leader. +1 STA Thanks for reading guys, as always ill try and update often. With a weekly round up each Sunday evening! Hope you liked the narrative, its nothing amazing as i suck at writing stories, but it sounded cooler in my head! :L Good luck to all my fellow rebels!
  14. I have a training drill where I need to switch directions very quickly at random intervals over a 3 minute time span. Works very well with a work out partner willing to clap randomly for you, but not quite as easy to perform solo. Does anyone know of tracks, online generators, or iOS apps that could help me with this? Thanks in advance
  15. HEAD OVER HEELS: a love story Hello, my darling nerds! Every year, as winter approaches, my joints stiffen. But not this year! Where previous challenges have focused on strength training, this challenge is all about flexibility and acrobatics! Although I doubt one-finger handstands are anywhere in my near (or very, very far) future, hand-balancing is the name of the game for this challenge through the holidays! My inspiration for last challenge was Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica, for this one, it's the unstoppably cheerful Ty Lee from Avatar. STRENGTH! STR +3 Continuing with last challenges theme of "strength, grace, power" I'm going to have to continue to muscle up! Can't balance on my hands if my arms aren't strong enough to take the weight! This means lots more pushups and also just a lot of hand-balance practice! I'm going to be turning to youtube and other online sources for a variety of ways to improve arm strength toward hand-balancing poses, so please, if you have ideas or suggestions, post away! A: 10 pushups 4x per week, practice hand-balance 4x per week. B: Miss 2-3 days C: Miss 4-5 days D: Miss 5-6 days Fail: Miss 7+ days GRACE! DEX +3 As I mentioned earlier, flexibility is key! I'm hoping to begin attempting some awesome hand-blanaced yoga poses. I'm still a leetle weirded out by yoga as a concept, but "twisting my legs into cool shapes in the air while balancing on my forearms" is a challenge I can get behind. I hope, by the end of this challenge, to be able to perform one new, awesome, legs-in-the-air yoga form. A: Hold and photograph awesome legs-in-the-air form of my choice, stretch/yoga 6x per week. B: Hold and photograph awesome legs-in-the-air form of my choice, miss 2-3 days of stretching/yoga C: Miss 4-5 days of stretching/yoga, fail in form. D: Miss 6-7 days of stretching/yoga, fail in form. F: MIss 7+ days POWER! CHA +1, CON + 2 Ok, so the picture doesn't apply. I just liked it, so sue me. This goal is all about food! I've fallen off the wagon considerably when it comes to eating clean. My meals are great, but my snacking is atrocious. Quitting "bad" food cold turkey has proven unsuccessful, so I'm going to wean myself down. Most important is to get back off dairy. I know I'm allergic, I know I shouldn't eat it, BUT I LOVE CHEESE. Sigh. So, dairy products, sweets, processed foods, etc, all count as "treats" for this challenge. I'm not going to include alcohol this time because I really don't drink that often anyway and when I do, I'm out with friends. I'm staunchly against my health regimen interfering with my social time. A: 2-3 treats per week B: 4-5 treats per week C: 6-7 treats per week D: 8-9 treats per week (but at this point, who am I fooling?) F: 10+ treats per week WORDS! CHA +1 Always the words challenges with me! Well, November is National Novel Writing month and as per usual, I'm participating. So, the challenge is to complete and hit wordcount every day! RUBRIC! Freakin love Duality's rubric, folks, so we're using it again! Strength! 0/4 0/4 0/4 0/4 0/4 0/4 | 0/24 Grace! 0/6 0/6 0/6 0/6 0/6 0/6 | 0/36 Power! 0/3 0/3 0/3 0/3 0/3 0/3 | 0/18 Words! 0/7 0/7 0/7 0/7 0/7 0/7 | 0/42
  16. So it’s been a little while since I told anyone a story but I feel like telling you all a story now. It’s one of my favorite stories. The best part is that the story is a true one and is taken from the journal of a great man. So without further ado, I give you the story of the Dynamic Alchemist. (If you’re too lazy to read, the moral is in the next post). I am known by many simply as The Alchemist, though recently, I've mostly been known as The Prisoner. I have been in prison for a long time now, accused of practicing the forbidden art of Alchemy, an accusation I proudly admit to. I should have been sent to death as many others had but the gods look favorably on me and I have been given a second chance. I don’t know what year it is, or how many I have spent here, but I do know that it is nearing the end of the month of Julius and so my release is imminent. Only three and a half weeks and I will taste fresh air and freedom again. But my freedom is overshadowed by danger. I know that people wanted to see me hanged and that they will be upset about my release. Surely, someone will come to kill me shortly after I get out. Perhaps some mercenary gang or a hit man will track me down. However, I do not plan on going down so easily. It has been such a long time but I was once a member of the legendary Assassin’s Guild. I was taught the skills to survive, to move, and if necessary, to take the life of another. Unfortunately, I have grown weak in here. I have become lazy and managed to put on too much weight drinking the sugar drinks that more privileged prisoners can sometimes get access to. I’ve sat around most of my days playing the petty games other prisoners play. Surely, like this, I will be an easy target. I have decided to not be an easy target. My main goal is to put some movement back into my body. I want to increase my fluidity and agility so that I can once again call myself an Assassin. I will not be just an alchemist, I will be dynamic; I will be The Dynamic Alchemist. I once learned from some Northern Assassins l’art du displacement in order to move quickly through tough environments and over great obstacles with ease. I have forsaken this art for too long and so I must go back to it if I plan on outrunning the people after me. The prisoners are allowed out into the courtyards twice a week and I will use this time to practice this art. My body also needs further controlled training and so at least 5 days a week I will train my body with a variance of workouts so that I can be strong once again. I must not forget my diet though. My training will mean nothing if I cannot quell the faults of my stomach. I will reduce my intake of sugary drinks down to only one a day at most and I will focus only on my food when I eat so that I make sure not to over consume. Though I will use a lot of my time to train my body, I must not forget my mind and so I will also read for at least an hour a day My time in prison has been long and has made me weak but my remaining time in here is short and I will use it to make myself strong. I will not be so easily taken out, not so easily captured again. I am a long lost member of ancient guild and I have at least one person coming to kill me. We will see who the better Assassin is.
  17. Can anyone recommend drills or exercises to help overcome clumsiness? I don't have issues running, but I often trip over myself just walking around and I have terrible hand-eye coordination and balance. I also tend to have a very heavy footfall, just stomping around without meaning to. Preliminary research turned up recommendations such as standing on one leg while shaving or brushign one's teeth, one-legged stork squats, running on my tiptoes, or tossing a small object to oneself using employing only peripheral vision. Does anyone have suggestions, commentary, or recommendations?
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