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Found 2 results

  1. This is my second challenge, and my very first with the Monks. I'll be facing this challenge AIRBENDER STYLE! "Air is the element of freedom" - Iroh #1 Meditation So meditation is really important to airbenders and I'm going to give it a go. I'm aiming for about 5 minutes a day because I've never even tried this before. If I feel like it's going well, I might try for longer but we'll see, it seems like a good starting point. Measurement: A = 42 days (every single day!) B = 4-6 times a week C = 1-3 times a week Reward: A = +3 WIS B = +2 WIS C = +1 WIS #2 Fitness I don't think I'll be doing push ups like that any time soon, but I was getting on really well with the BBW in my last challenge. I had been skipping the dumb bell lifts due to not having anything to lift, but I figure that's a poor excuse and I need to get creative! I'd like to do the BBW at the very least twice a week, but maybe this time push it up to three times a week. Measurement: A = 2-3 times a week B = 1-2 times a week C = less than once a week Reward: A = +3 STR +3 STA B = +2 STR +2 STA C = +1 STR +1 STA #3 Diet Airbenders are vegetarians, I'm not that dedicated to the cause. I don't have a problem with meat, I have a problem with sugar. I need to stop snacking on chocolate and sweets all day and drinking sugary drinks. No more snacks while I'm working and I can drink water in the office too (we have a water cooler for gods sake!) I also need to be careful that I don't just follow this and then get home in the evenings and eat loads of crap. Measurement: A = Absolutely no snacking and only water every single day B = 1-2 snacks/sugary drinks a week C = 3 or more snacks/sugary drinks a week Reward: A = +3 CON B = +2 CON C = +1 CON #4 Life Even real monks traditionally have very few possessions. I'm not about to go and throw out all my stuff, but I recently moved house and I have considerably less storage space here than I did before. Over a month later and I still have boxes everywhere, I need to unpack and de-clutter. I'm aiming to unpack at least one box a week. I don't care whether I find a home for the stuff, sell it, bin it or give it away. It all needs to go somewhere and I want to be completely unpacked by the end of this challenge. Measurement: A = 1 box a week B = half a box a week C = 2-3 boxes over the whole challenge Reward: A = +3 WIS B = +2 WIS C = +1 WIS This will be fun ...
  2. 6WC Tracking Spreadsheet Air bending= Cardio/endurance Water bending= flexibility/agility Earth bending= weightlifting/strength Fire bending= nutrition/fat burning This is my second "Avatar" challenge overall. My name is Dr3wcifer My quest is to master the Avatar State (yip yip)! My favorite color is green. No, blue. No, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa But seriously, my Main Quest is to compete in the Crossfit Open next year. This will require mastery of all the elements: Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. This gives me nine months to figure out all the exercises I currently don’t know: the muscleup, the handstand pushup, the clean and jerk, the snatch, the holyshitwhyamIintimidatingmyselfrightnowbylistingallthesethings. Supporting Quests Air Goal: 50 Double Unders in a row (3+ STA, +1 CON) Current Ability: It's about like this: single under, double under, single under, double under, single under, whip myself in the shin. Shit! Start again. Grading: A: >50 DUs B: 40-49 DUs C: 30-39 DUs D: 20-29 DUs F: <20 DUs Water Goal: Stretch at least 3 hours/week (+2 DEX, +1 CON) I need to maintain some flexibility and keep my muscles fresh to sustain progress. Last challenge, I kind of burnt out trying to do yoga for 4 hours a week, so I'm scaling back the goal this time to make it more manageable. Current Ability: I've been taking a break from yoga the last couple weeks Grading: Every 10 minutes of stretching is 1 point. No more than 20 points can be earned per week. A: >90 pts B: 80-89 pts C: 70-79 pts D: 60-69 pts F: <60 pts Earth Goal: Clean & Jerk 135lbs (+3 STR, +1 DEX) My knees are feeling a lot better these days. I need to work on my form on this lift, though, and then start upping the weight. Current Ability: TBD (Diagnostic on Friday) Grading: A: >135lbs B: 115-135lbs C: 95-115lbs D: 75-95lbs F: <75lbs Fire Goal: Body fat % <10% (+3 CON, +1 CHA) This was the one that kicked my ass last time. I was doing pretty well 2/3 of the way into the last challenge, then succumbed to the ice cream and pizza and funnel cake and more ice cream and why am I doing this to myself? I even lost my six-pack a little bit. Anyway, goal remains the same as last time, but increasing the attribute reward, because it will be worth it. Current BF%: Floating around 13%, as of last Friday Grading: A: BF<10% B: 10%<BF<11% C: 11%<BF<12% D: 12<BF<13% F: BF>13% This will reappear next challenge as a diet side-quest AVATAR STATE (Life Quest) Goal: Be productive for at least 8 hours a week (except DisneyWorld week) (+2 WIS, +2 CHA) Productive activities include, but are not limited to: Studying for the GMATStudying Japanese HouseworkYardworkCarworkGrading: Every 30 minutes of productive activity is 1 point. No more than 20 points can be earned per week. A: >80 pts B: 75-79 pts C: 70-75 pts D: 65-69 pts F: <65 pts
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