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  1. Many children of the 80s revere "The Lady" as the finest helicopter in existence. I am among them. Fixed wing aircraft must maintain a minimum forward velocity in order for the air to move over the wings fast enough to create sufficient lift to keep them in the air. Should an aircraft slow the to the minimum speed safety devices should warn the pilot they are at "stall speed." If the aircraft dips below stall speed, the wings will no longer generate sufficient lift and the aircraft will fall from the sky. Rotary wing aircraft, however, generate lift by moving their blades in a circular motion at very high RPM. If the tail rotor provides sufficient force to counteract the rotation of the main rotor, the helicopter can hover, appearing motionless in mid-air. Maintaining a hover is considerably difficult, as constant adjustments must be made to allow for the natural air currents around the aircraft. In fitness, when progress stops unintentionally an athlete is said to have stalled. However, when someone stops their progress intentionally, they can call it a "hover" and make it the theme of their challenge. I've been slowly progressing with KettleBells after a complete respawn. I'm writing all this out a week before zeroweek starts, and assuming I'll be at six reps for all exercises on the NF beginner KettleBell workout. My plan is to stay at six reps for at least four weeks beginning with zero week before adding anymore reps. I'm doing this to let my body adapt so I can improve safely and steadily, and also to work on form on the reverse lunges. Those who have followed me in the past know the only thing I hate more than burpees are lunges, and the only thing I hate more than lunges are burpees. I still don't get down to full depth on the reverse lunges, my knees freak out and I stop about halfway down. I'm going to work on getting lower in the lunge. I'll shoot for two to three KB workouts a week. Stretching or going for walks on off days are a bonus. I'll also keep cooking. Those of you who don't know me, be warned. Don't come read this thread if you are hungry.
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