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Found 6 results

  1. I have decided at least for now to switch to a battle log since it seems that is mainly what my challenge logs have become... I have a few goals for 2015... I am gonna figure out this place and what my goals are and whatnot... anything goes here... this is a place for complete transparency
  2. typed a big long thing. It essentially boiled down to there's been a lot of crap in the past year and I have fallen off the wagon and it has driven over me. Then the internet ate it and said I couldn't post. so..... point of the matter is I am tired of making excuses and allowances for myself. I have some goals. I would like some accountability. 1. "Am" routine 2. "PM" routine 3. Food - track (youfood) - whole 30 ish 4. Exercise - step goal OR 10 minutes
  3. http://www.spartan.com/events/?event_id=567%2Fasheville-super so... I kinda registered for this today... I picked 1115-1245 as start time... because I think I might be slow we will get placed based on the majority of choices... so we will get the slot that the most of the team picks... so make sure that people pick the 1115 time slot So far there are 3 of us team is "nerdfitness" come on out and race with us!!!
  4. A couple years ago I was biking with my kids... it was our FIRST long ride (about 50 miles)... we were on our way back to the car but still about 10 miles from the car... we were tired.... we were hot... Zombie (my youngest he was about 10 then??) got VERY frustrated and threw down his bike... he wanted us to go get the car and come back for him (wasn't an option because we were miles from the nearest access point)... I told him whenever I get frustrated I think of my favorite verse and my favorite childhood book and he was like HUH? and I said... I can do all things (through Christ who stren
  5. Interestingly enough I am making the most money I have ever made in my entire life and I am more broke than I have ever been. I bought the book (Dave Ramsey) Total money makeover. My friend (not sure who she is going to be when she joins NF so I am gonna call her D… until I know her name here) and I are going to read this book… 1 chapter in the week between challenges and then 2 chapters per week for 6 weeks… there are also worksheets to work though… I intend to get my finances in order!! I am taking 6 months off in 3 years (in order to hike the appalachian trail) and I have to have a
  6. alienjenn - TMNTs So last challenge I tried to center myself and get back to who I am… get back to the basics of life… and I am getting there… but I wanna get back to what I love… and I LOVE the turtles!! Teenage -Tough them turtles are some tough dudes… and I think they go to the gym 2xweek or more! I will go to the gym twice weekly… ALTHOUGH I reserve the right to substitute a big hike for a gym visit Mutant Money Makeover - Interestingly enough I am making the most money I have ever made in my entire life and I am more broke than I have ever been. I bought the boo
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