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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, I miserably failed my last (and very first) NF 6-week challenge and since a new one is starting soon, I though "what the heck" and signed up for this one. Previously, my goals were a bit too ambitious. I over-estimated my abilities greatly and thought I could handle the exercise, diet change AND uni. I was very, very wrong in all three areas. So I'm back. I started a daily battle log about 1 week ago detailing my transition to paleo, and now I want to convert it into a 6-week challenge. As far as I understand, those who have attempted and failed their first challenge proceed to p
  2. Let's get ready! NEW GOALS COMING SOON
  3. Happy Lunar New Year everyone! I did NOT finish last challenge well and because I hate feeling so low and in the dumps I'll start this new challenge with a handicap: I have to catch up for last challenge lost FOOD and hours studying. I'll keep the objectives aligned but simplified and made slightly easier given the likely stress at work of the next 6 weeks: - focus on weight loss: 6 weeks, 6 kilos. Simple. Now STOP EATING SNACKS! - EAT LESS SNACKS. Or at least less sugary snacks. Focus on fruits, egg whites, milk, non sugary drinks (that means no English tea latte). I am 5.25 points behin
  4. I was hiding in my cave while the others were enjoying the fire and dancing, laughing. Suddenly, someone dressed all in black comes towards me and hands me an enveloppe. "Wanna join?" says in curved letters the paper contained inside. When I raised my head to look at the man a second time, he was already gone. The paper was all blank except for these two words. Whether or not I wanted to join was moot, since I couldn't join based on these two words alone. Or could I? I needed to solve this mystery. Following an idea, I get closer to the fire. Some people laughed at me, a snort of sort, which
  5. Hi Everyone! I am JuMun and this is my first challenge! Based on everything I read so far I want to become an assassin, but with kinda ogre nature it is going to be hard... So let's start and keep on track! For my first challenge my Main Quest is to become Fit and Toned with a side of Looking good naked. My goal for this 6WC is to lose weight (6kg - preferable of fat) and gain muscle (3kg - please let me know if that's unrealistic...) all the while being more emotionally distanced and relaxed. My goals are: - Do a strength training routine every weekday morning (+3STR, +2STA) (100
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