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Found 3 results

  1. Hey Doodlies, You know who you are. Are you not, or have you never been a doodlie, or do you not know what a doodlie is, I'm sorry, this thread is not for you. We have been on many adventures together. We have battled great evil and each other. We've been covered in batter, hit by smut and rolled around in shenanigans. But we've let our brother- and sisterhood slide. We've been neglecting the awesomeness we had together. I know, a lot of you are pressed for time. You've been hit by life, or are just working really hard on your personal goals. That's why I wanted to do a light challenge. I will give you a theme and an assignment every week, and you can respond when you've got the time. Nothing big. It can be posting a meme, an inspirational text or sharing pics of your pets/kids/plants. I'll post the first theme on Monday. Are you in?
  2. Welcome to the Doodlie Head Quarters We are the Nerd Fitness special forces. To be a doodlie is to succeed! We offer support and friendship. We are your drill sergeant, your shoulder to cry on, your cheer leaders. We love smut, we love perkele party's, we are awesome If you want to know more about us, and learn our language, read the doodlie newsletters. We have our own pvp. This challenge it will be a scavenger hunt. We have two universes: the griddle and the nuthouse. We separated because we grew too big. And we just want to follow everyone and support everyone, and that can't be done when we have to many doodlies. You can sign up here. If you are new to the doodlies, Team Peanutbutter is the place for you. This thread is ment for all doodlies. We post doodlie announcements here, new newsletters and we discuss the current pvp. We are often found in the Yak's Head. This is a line chatroom. If you want in, pleace add me as a friend in line and send me a message, I'll add you to the right line groups. My username is terah_nf Scoresheets: Griddle Nuthouse Update your scores every week, so we can see who's winning Rules for the pvp: Update your scores in the scoresheet before Tuesday, otherwise your score will be "0".Unless specifically mentioned: all items can be collected during the whole challenge, and don't have to be consecutive. So for example drinking just coffee/water/tea for 7 days can be 1 day in week 1, 3 days in week 2 and 3 days in week 4.An other example: you walk 2,5 km on Monday and 2,5 on Friday. Now you can cross off the "walk 5 km's"Everything you do counts for one of the items. So if you walked 10 km's, you can just cross off the 10 km's, not also the 5 km's. If you bike 15 km's it only counts for the biking challenge, not also for the cardio one. But if you, for example, are reading a book during your biking session you hit the biking goal AND the reading goal. Every challenge can be completed 4 times maximum per team. Each time you complete one of the challenges you'll get one point.And most importantly: HAVE FUN
  3. Welcome. Level 0 newb here, Handle is "Toomine". Main Quest: Play for a club soccer team. Measurable goals: I. work on fundamentals: (3x/week)*(15 mins/drill). There are 8 excercises that I work on here. 1. juggling 2. shielding (moving the ball in all four directions without changing the orientation of your hips) 3. triangle dribble patterns 4. soft touch (look at a video of messi if you don't know what soft touch is) 5. Shooting (accuracy and form only, not actual goals yet) 6. Passing accuracy (I developed this drill, its like around the world from Basketball but on the soccer pitch) 7. more classical agility drills 8. ball speed drills II. (3 days at interval training +3 days at constant cardio training)/week. the longer term goal is to get to tabata (I think that's what it is called) and get signed up for a professional scouting combine. III. Regularize a bedtime and arise time. My goal is to bed by 10 each evening and be up at 5:30 each morning. (7.5 hours works better than 8 for me). This provides perspective on how quickly life goes by, as well as a consistent framework for the habits I'm building right now. My motivation: The only way to be satisfied, to live with no regrets, is to pursue the dreams in your heart. I live to die with no regrets. Therefore, I work when it is uncomfortable.
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