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Found 9 results

  1. Welcome to my Battle Log! I'm here to kick some tail, bust down brick walls, forge new paths, and take the enemy down! Join with me! I welcome hi-fives, advice, and "go get 'em"'s! Stats: Name: LyricalSharon Height: 5'1 3/4" Weight: Don't know for sure but it's somewhere around 150 lbs...will update soon! Other Stats: Erm.... lemme dig out my measuring tape here... will update! Picture: Yeah I just ate. Talk to me tomorrow morning. Main Quest: Fit in size 4 jeans by Nov 27 2015 (Current size: 10/11-ish) Three Goals: 1) Take dog for a walk 5 days a week 2) Do Angry B
  2. Introduction: Hello! I'm Lani (say "Lah-nee" or "Lonnie) and this is my first challenge. My hubby and I have been over our fitness journey for over a year. He's lost a 100 lbs, put on a ton of muscle, and is now a personal trainer. I've lost about 50 lbs and still have around 20-30 lbs to go (plus I'd like to put on some more muscle on my 6'1" frame). I've been loving some barbell workouts, kettle-bells, and my weekly yoga class. I'm still trying to tweak a sustainable way of eating for my lifestyle and am excited to continue to unleash my inner amazon. Main Quest: Lose my last 20 lbs o
  3. Main Quest: Fit into size 7 jeans by Nov 27, 2015 I'm pretty proud of myself that I have managed to develop a consistent exercise regime over these past few months! I've noticed changes in my body and people have commented on how great I am looking. I feel stronger, happier, and more confident (WAY more confident) about myself. There IS such a thing as an Amazonian Hobbit, I am sure of it! SO! Develop excellent exercise habits and build a bunch of muscle? Check! Drop body fat so that I can actually SEE those muscles? Ummm............ I'm still in size 12 jeans, though they are loose eno
  4. Last challenge I discovered my inner Amazon... This challenge, I go really wild! ShadowLion Wild. As in Wildland firefighting, getting out into wild places, And letting my inner wild woman out to play... Experimenting with new foods, Trying out some assassin guild type exercises, Playing around with gamifying my challenge and Various aspects of my daily life In order to break out of some ruts and Take my productivity to the next level. Fun. Play. Experimentation. 40 Weeks to Fire Fit continues, and that quest remains my prime focus. But this time, the standard firefighting fare will b
  5. [First of all, can I tell you how hard it is to find pictures on the internet of female rangers/amazons or pretty much ANY female protagonist that isn't either hyper-sexualized or, conversely, uber-cute? Sheesh! I just want a tough female ranger/amazon picture that isn't scantily clad. C'mon, people, I am more than my "assets"! /rant] 8K's, Muscles, and New 'Dos! (also known as, "Train for an 8k, part 2!") For those that have run the hidden pine trails with me, my goals this challenge are similar to last challenge. The last couple weeks of the challenge last time got derailed
  6. Fellow Rangers! I am writing you this from the depths of the Canadian Amazon Jungle. My adopted tribe has sent me here as part of my transformation from hobbit to Amazon warrior. Though I am a hobbit, my Ranger class suits the skill set needed to become a true Amazon warrior - that is, an Amazon must be equipped and ready to handle many situations. The (non-NF) Scouts I met during my last challenge have invited me to train for and complete an 8k run in October, so my tribe has sent me here to train with them. Of course, I represent the Amazons and so must attain excellence, so I must compet
  7. LyricalSharon..... HAS JOINED THE RANGERS! W00T W00T! .....and has the heart of an Amazon.... but currently the physique of a Hobbit! And in order for that to change, LyricalSharon is challenged to become MOAR GOODER!!!!! Starting stats: LVL 2 STR 4 DEX 0 STA 4 CON 4 WIS 2 CHA 0 CHALLENGE GOALS I am keeping the momentum of the last challenge going, and am adding goal #3. 1. MOAR WATER! +3 CON As I transition from Hobbit to Amazon, I must learn to hydrate like an Amazon! So, For every cup of coffee I have, I must drink a glass of water. (Ok ok, so most Hobbits drink tea. I'm
  8. It was late when she lifted her head from the ground. The fire had died long ago and even the embers had vanished on her. Blurry blue eyes studied the darkness looking for why she had awoken. Footsteps, soft and low. The woman rose to her feet and bared her teeth at the sound. “Oh please.†A voice low and gravely taunted. “You are nothing that you once were, Farwood.†Her growl faltered wondering how this person knew her name. “Come out and face me.†She snarled. It fell silent. The forest itself quite as the hidden moon finally revealed its face. The sound of run
  9. Hey everyone. I'm lolavictrola. ("Hi lola...") I'm new to the site, but really excited about this approach to weight loss. I love gaming, and I always do best in weight loss when I have a support community to help me along. Me: 6'3", 27 year old female. This is why I chose my race to be "amazon". I'm ready to let my warrior woman out. The characters I play are always badassess... time to let myself be one as well. I'm currently flirting with my alltime high weight: 350. I've lost 5 pounds in the last 2 weeks, so I'm on my way to remedying this. My ultimate goal weight is 190, which will
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