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Found 8 results

  1. We have done a good job of keeping our town safe.For now anyway, Metropolis is free from villains. Which is great. But also, well, truthfully, kind of boring.What's a super hero to do when she doesn't have any villains to fight? I was sitting in my easy chair, reading a book, sipping on some pumpkin spice tea, secretly hoping I would be called out on a mission. So when my secret superhero phone beeped, I quickly darted over to check it. Hmm, it was a text from Jessie Graff. She and I had become buddies one day after I had saved her from the evil Villain Giganta. I opened the text and read: "Hey, EG, since you've scared all the villains away, how about competing on American Ninja Warrior? I'm sure everyone would love seeing a real super hero compete" Hmmm, I pondered it for about one minute. Then quickly typed back "Yep, I'm in" What a great way to train to fight villains! I quickly packed a travel bag and headed out the door. I was off to train with Jessie and the other Ninjas. I love American Ninja Warrior. I watch all the shows, and follow the Ninjas on Instagram. I find them super inspiring. So for this challenge ,I'm going to channel my inner Ninja. Over the spring and summer, I've gained muscle (yay) and also a small bit of fat. So this challenge will be about losing the fat before the dark days of winter set up. I've set up a game boar in my mostly forgotten Bullet Journal to keep track of my progress. In order to complete the challenge and win the level, I need to complete 4 obstacles 1 each week Obstacle 1: Quad Steps; 20 pts to complete Obstacle 2:Jump Hang : 22 pts to complete Obstacle 3:Flying Nunchucks 24 pts to complete Obstacle 4: Warped Wall 28 pts to complete Points: 2 points per day for drinking 64 oz of water/ 1 pt for 40 oz 2 points per day for tracking in MFP, and being fairly close to target deficit / 1 pt for tracking a good portion of the day Bonus points that can be saved for the next week : 1 point for recording all meals for the day prior to the day 1 point for 10,000 + steps Prize for completing the level https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BTBKLLF/?coliid=I3735BPMCGIC7B&colid=2FXN9I8R0TTC&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it Other stuff: I will be doing other things to lose weight, I just didn't want to have to track a bunch, so I focused on the main ones. I will be eating slow, eating veggies, eating my weight in protein, and mostly eating food that will fuel me the best. I am also doing a kettlebell program, and the NF handstand program. So expect to hear a bunch about that. Mini challenge goals Home Economics: Put summer clothes in extra bedroom and organize closet; Also buy some pretty candles Science: Watch a video on kettlebell windmills and video myself Math: I'm in a jump rope PVP, so I'll just double duty and see how many jump reps I can get in History? undecided
  2. So I've been working on me every single day. Decided to upgrade my training to a ninja gym- Gripz Gym. It's a new gym opened only for about 1.5 months. I think I broke myself but leveled up my skills: Accuracy 1+ Coordination 1+ Balance 1+ Strength 3+ Power 2+ Dexterity 1+ Here's what it looked like: I highly recommend going to a ninja gym in your area if you're training for ANW but haven't started a backyard course. The rigs were well placed and designed to push you past what's on TV. It's a great starting point. Now I'm on a mission to build something in my buddy's backyard since mine is nonexistent ;D. I'll keep you guys updated on my progress. If you're into ANW, any tips, suggestions, feedback are welcomed. I'm still on level one but I'm my worst critic.
  3. Been working on keeping it basic with my strength progress for American Ninja Warrior. I put my progression video together to share for you who are struggling to reach pulling the entirety of your own weight. Before I could do a pull-up I didn't have a guide, I just adapted and overcame. Those came with a bit of consequence because it translated to more injuries than necessary along with down time. So here's my take on what to do to work up to a good pull-up:
  4. Hi Nerds! I found this forum because it's an "epic quest for awesome" for the desk jockeys, nerds, and average Joe's. I'm an average Joe working my way up through the ranks in the American Ninja Warrior competition. I started my journey a month ago and now looking for support from people to help me through this process. It's a long road ahead to qualify, soooo I'm going to be posting my progress. I will be sharing everything fitness. Those will include what I'm digesting on a daily to keep my fitness up. What's hurting (i.e. grip strength, ego, soul...). I'll share my journey every step of the way that relates to health and fitness to hopefully inspire others to do crazy stuff because, who wants to live a "normal" life? Feel free to follow me on my YouTube channel for my "epic quest" to qualify: http://bit.ly/noobsvsninjas Here's my latest episode of my fails. http://bit.ly/noobsepisode4
  5. I'll be following this 10 week program this summer, starting on June 1. Since I'll be out of town during the last week of this challenge, I will go ahead and start a week early. Goal 1 - Get Leaner: Lose 2" from my midsection Did my pre-challenge-weigh-in and measurements last night (5/31) and my wife measured my midsection at 36". I'd ideally like to get down to 32" or less, but I'm just going to shoot for losing 2" during the next six weeks. I managed to accomplish this before using a combination of calorie restriction and low impact cardio. I plan to eat at maintenance calories for the first 3 weeks and then switch to a deficit for the last 3 weeks. I also plan to walk at lunch every day. Goal 2 - Get Stronger: Hit 5x5x95# for overhead press You know what complements a nice lean midsection? Broad shoulders! The SF Lean & Strong program is based around 4 big lifts (Back Squat, Deadlift, Floor Press, and Overhead Press) and I've always felt my OHP has lagged behind my other lifts, so I'm going to make that my focus this time around. I tested and hit 5x5x70# last week, which means I need to add 5 pounds each week. Goal 3 - Get Motivated: Watch American Ninja Warrior at least once a week I'm mostly just throwing this in there to have 4 goals, but you have to agree that most of those warriors are lean and strong! Goal 4 - Get Musical: Practice banjo 30 minutes a week And now for something completely different. After playing a friend's borrowed banjo for years, I finally bought myself one and I'm using that as motivation to level up my skills. I got a copy of Ross Nickerson's Banjo Encyclopedia and I'll be working through the chapters. I thought about making this goal 5 minutes a day just to build the habit, but I think the 30 minutes a week gives me a little more flexibility and accomplishes the same goal. I'd also like to have at least one song memorized by the end of the challenge so when somebody asks to hear me play, I can do more than play a scale or the opening riff to Dueling Banjos.
  6. Any Ninja Warrior fans here? I've become hooked on it, thanks in no small part to a post that Steve wrote on the Japanese version some time back. Just watched the most recent competition: USA vs the World. It had athletes from USA, Japan and Europe. And it was phenomenal. http://www.nbc.com/american-ninja-warrior/video/usa-vs-the-world/2811306?onid=189616#vc189616=1
  7. Kinda like... AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR! Or not. Here’s what’s up: I’m going to partake in the Gladiator Rock’n’Run on September 6th, 2014. I’ve gone back and forth on my commitment to this ever since I first discovered its existence a couple months ago, only to realize that I was going back and forth because I am scared. Scared that I will not do well, or that I’ll embarrass myself. Mostly scared that I’ll be competing alone though. (Anybody accessible to the Detroit area feel free to join ) Anyway, the time for scared is not today. My interest in an event like this has never wavered, only my commitment. Its time to straighten that out. Besides, what better way to get my friends and/or family to join me than by proving I am serious and just doing one?! So, I’m just gonna lay my plan out on the line, and begin rambling my explanations afterward. Goal 1: Feed the beast Calories = 1600/day [sTA 2]Protein = aim for 125g/day (I'm really aiming for 150g but 125g is acceptable) [sTA 1 CON 1]Carbs = try for less than 130g/dayGrading for each of these is going to be simply one point for each day/42 days total. Aim for lots of days. Goal 2: Sculpt the beast I have an aggressive workout plan. Here 'tis: Weekly Schedule:MONDAY – Strength workout followed by hill sprintsTUESDAY – Kickboxing sessionWEDNESDAY – Yoga with core and balance focus (like a rest day)THURSDAY – Strength workout followed by hill sprintsFRIDAY – Long runSATURDAY – Strength workout with core focusSUNDAY – Kickboxing sessionGrading is out of 42 days, point for each day I complete the scheduled workout. Aim for lots of days.Stretching and/or mobility work after each workout will get me... [DEX 1]Making gains of some sort during each strength workout will get me... [sTR 3]Progress with hill sprints will get me... [sTA 2] and increasing my long run each week will get me... [sTA 1] ... because endurance = winningEpic kickboxing sessions that include lots of technique and form practice will get me... [DEX 2]... because I hang out with the monks so I should be more monk-y Goal 3: Rest the beast Aim for 11pm bedtime – because sleep is nice. Most days 10:30pm works well for me, but too often lately I ignore the clock for no reason, which never results in a morning workout. Grading is out of 42 days, point for each day. Aim for lots of days. [CON 1] Goal 4 [Life Goal]: Entertain the beast Read all the things – this is meant to be a fun goal. I love to read. <<gross understatement. I will allow myself time to read anything and everything I want, as long as I complete my daily challenge requirements, including workout, meal prep, etc. I have fun reading to do, and also work reading to do, and I’m not going to specify how much of each to do. I’m hoping that by giving myself permission to read whatever I want whenever I want, I’ll not feel that feeling of being on a “diet†and only getting to read work stuff. There is no grading. It’s just for funsies. [WIS 1] Rambling Explanations: (because I said I would) Yes, my challenge is challenging. Here are some thoughts on that: ​I did a lot of reading (let's call it research) to prep for this challenge. I read blogs, books and articles to gather different perspectives on training, diet, motivation, etc. I always feel like I can't make up my mind on what I want to focus on for each challenge, which results in me hastily choosing a path, only to see a shiny new path appear before I've reached the end. As a result, I feel very confident with the path I've chosen this time, because I have a reason, a why, for doing each each thing.​One of the themes I've caught from some of my recent reading has been that people always want a quick fix, the best results with the least amount of effort. And while I realize that there is another end to that spectrum, of people going too hard too fast and burning out, I feel that personally, I ride to close to the "make it easy for me" line. I always have this goal and want to see that progress and want to accomplish these things, but I don't want it to be too hard. I seem to subconsciously subscribe to the view that there has got to be an easy way to do this, I just haven't figured it out yet. It's time to push myself outside of my comfort zone. It's squishy here, and I will remain squishy if I let myself remain inside my squishy comfort zone.​How will I find time for these workouts, and not burnout, if I do in fact manage to complete them all? Well, the subject of each workout is explained like so:​Strength workout follow by hill sprints = mainly the Beginner Bodyweight Workout, with slight modifications. But this will also include a specific focus on certain areas I feel will particularly help on the obstacle course. Hill sprints, because I've read numerous times that people wish they had done these before an obstacle course. So I shall. Kickboxing session = a nice long sweaty punchy/kicky fest, but also technique practice. I'll be viewing this more as a dojo visit, because I can't actually go to a dojo. I do apologize if I put off any of you Monks with formal training, but I simply cannot afford that right now, and I'd like to still do the best I can with what I've got, and improve my form and stuffs. Yoga with core and balance focus (like a rest day) = whatever I feel like my body needs, be it stretching/flexibility stuff. A take it easy kind of workout. Long run = self explanatory. Don't be mad when my long runs aren't very long. The race distance is 6k so that's what I'm working towards.Strength workout with core focus = insert core exercises in place of hill sprints. Not sure which will suck more the next day. I'll keep you posted. So stay tuned, but beware. There will be much complaining, so much soreness, very loud music, cold showers, and burpee hate. Maybe some food porn? Yes, I am a little bit crazy. To prove it, I will owe myself 20 burpees for each day I skip a workout. Shout out to the 13th letter.
  8. I'm starting this challenge a little late, but better late than never. I have one year to train and get ready to tryout for and compete in American Ninja Warrior 2015. To help do this I recently joined a crossfit gym. Here are my main goals for this current 6 week challenge... * Attend every class without fail (5x a week) * overhaul my nutrition and eat clean (no exceptions) * Watch and study past ANW competitions My one personal quest during this 6 week challenge is... * get my garden started
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