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  1. Music for the background (Youtube link): BrunuhVille - Winterwolf Hi y'all! I'm a druid. The kind who sits still and reflects. Who wanders in nature and reflects. Who doesn't sleep and reflects. Who endures the hits and reflects... I think you are starting to see the pattern, here. There is something very wrong in my life. I am always on survival mode, why? Why don't I ever consider my situation as good enough? Why do I mix serenity and acceptance with an unsatiable hunger for greatness and aiming ever higher? Why is my answer to everything "just get stronger and overpower it?" The pieces are getting together and I've finally set the right circumstances to start my journey. 4 years without what I'd call a life just to get ready to stand at the startline!? Does that make even a remote bit of sense!? Anyway, I'm not about to give up when I'm finally getting ready to leave my shell and bring the battlefield outside of my own self. The time to rise and shine (motivational youtube video) is getting closer and I intend to GRAB it and NOT LET GO! I've learnt that success doesn't feel like success. I've learnt that it doesn't look like it either. It still is success. People are unhappy around you and you keep gathering loud complaints about the things you're not doing but you know you've done everything you can and that the right pieces are at the right spot for life to keep on. You are tackling a mountain and have dug holes in key places. While people still see a mountain, you know it's a swiss cheese and while it'll never cease to look threatening, you've cut most of the teeth out of it. But they grow back and there are many... the pile of work never ceases to grow. The hardest lesson I've learnt this year is to realize that living in a State putting forward the rule-of-law doesn't mean that the law is upheld and individuals get a fair treatment from the authorities. What it means is that every decision that is taken can be challenged in front of the proper instance. Living in a State pretending to abide by the rule-of-law means that at any time, individuals can fight for their rights and people who don't fight most often don't get fair treatment. In a sens, that is fair and is keeping us at the ready, in a shape good enough to take on the challenges that keep coming. But enough of the freezing cold but clear night that surrounds my thoughts. What I've learnt is that not having the optimal circumstances for the fight we are about to lead is no excuse not to fight. Life doesn't care about our circumstances, what we face is reality and the outcomes of our actions don't change just because we refuse to look them in the eyes. What we don't see or think about still is. Last challenge round, I've brought hiking back into my life. It has done me good but I'm still walking with my head down, shoulders bent. There is no pride in me, people can walk all over me and I am not life-ready. I know what I have to do. I have to train my core and upper body. This is a place I've already been to and it's a place I like. That there is no time handed to me on a plate to do it is no excuse. Time to bring workouts back on the menu! The challenge I win if: I keep going out on a hike once a week (no preparation needed); I work out every other day with 4 sets of 10: bodyweight squats; inverted bodyweights rows; push-ups; as well as perform 4x10s of hollow ups. I've got the knowledge. I can get the body shape. I am adaptative. I can survive anything that happens. Once the wild beast in me will truly be at the ready, it'll be time to start rocking at life in society. I'm on my way to become a werewolf, at ease in social situations as well as in survival mode but, for now, let's focus on simply waking up the plain, regular wolf.
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