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Found 1 result

  1. Being all new (first post, first challenge ! hi all !) and quite late, I guess I'll better keep it short and simple ... (1) carbs < 50g/day (7 out of 7 a week) I've been "eating right" for so long ... logging everything I eat for months ... 75-80% paleo for weeks and weeks now ... and moaning and complaining about why I can't seem to lose any weight ... when I actually know what to do. So I'm going to radically cut the carbs for those four weeks. Hah ! (2) be nice (7 out of 7 a week) I have a lot on my plate (bad pun) as I work full time & have two lovely kids (6 and 4). The last few months have been difficult (we moved abroad ! to another country ! with the whole family !) and it has been quite stressful. But, that is no excuse for the shouting and labelling that has been going on here lately. I don't want to be that person. I want to be a kind mum. So, be nice to the kids, and my husband. This is really goal 1. This is my main goal. (3) limit screen time to 30 mins every night (6 out of 7 a week) I can do a lot of forum reading done in my lunch break (oh, wait :-)) and .. ah, I'm not going to miss anything, am I ? I used to have so much time and now I spend it all "relaxing" with my laptop when it's not relaxing at all. It's worse than watching TV, actually. For me it is ... so that's goal three. Oh yes, I'm 39 (I'm ancient !!!) now, research scientist in the UK, married and 2 kids (I said that). I live in a small city in the Southwest. I love running but I'm mindlessly slow and I have asthma. I run with a club twice a week (that's speed training on Tue and hills onThu) and do long runs (erm, long for me is 12-15k) on the weekend and I usually manage to throw in a few bodyweight workouts a week. I'm rather happy with my fitness routine (which is why I don't have fitness goals right now) and am consistent when I'm not ill (that's the one big IF). I've gained 10kg (that is over 20 pounds) over the last two years when my dad died and I stopped smoking for good and I haven't been able to loose them. Yet. I feel ready now. I used to be around 135lb but now I'm 157lb ... I'm 5ft 7 ... I kind of want back to where I was (only fitter) at one point. So, I have a new Garmin .. and a diary ... and I ordered a book on "anger management" from Amazon (I did - I felt like a bad person ordering the bloody book !). It would be great if you could help me with this ... I really need somebody for accountability (can you say that ?) Thanks for reading. Love, Nanako
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