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  1. Man, I disappear for like a month and y'all gotta go and change things. Huh. Neato. Reminds me of the old days. When last I was here, I was working on a novel for National Novel Writing Month and had just gone through the Book of Five Rings, which essentially worked out to being re-skins of the same challenge about 5 times in a row. I didn't plan it that way, and I think it was a little lazy of me looking back, but I took some good from it, and given all the everything around here in the past year, I reckon some consistency was actually rather called-for. And why did I
  2. My favorite class to play in D&D is a rogue. My favorite book series is about an assassin. My favorite tropes in anime / fantasy / etc, are the sneaky, do good from the shadows types. One of my favorite game series is Assassins Creed. Assassins are relied on to work alone, but they have a strong network of people supporting them with info, details, contacts and everything else. And my at work gym is off limits until we're allowed to break the "Firewall" between the warehouse and front office so... more bodyweight than not for the time being! We're
  3. Well, nothing is more inspiring than anime, amirite? With a new season of My Hero Academia released, I figure that'll get me all hyped for a new challenge theme. So without further ado... “If you wanna stop this, then stand up! Because I’ve got one thing to say to you. Never forget who you want to become!” -Shoto Todoroki Goal #1 Train Like Deku I often feel like I got handed the controller with the game difficulty set to extreme mode. If that's the case, then Deku started his journey on Nightmare mode. “
  4. STARPUCK JOINS UA ACADEMY This anime is full of wisdom and motivation in all the right areas for me. It's also been a while since I plotted out a challenge where the goals are meshed into a theme, and I am feeling like this could give me an extra boost in getting back into the routine of it. A recurring theme for me (came up in the anime's I've watched, and now our church sermons too) is Endure. If I were to take a moment to be completely honest with myself -in an eye opening, epiphany kind of way- I've been kind of a quitter lately. And by lately, I mean the last coupl
  5. A very busy April through May made challenging, and even hanging out here with any regularity or focus, a pretty daunting task. So I sort of loosely hung out, updating my own thread just to keep somewhat in the habit- but otherwise fell off the NF boat! But I think I am ready to return. There's nothing too out of the ordinary planned until mid to end of July so I think I can get back into a good routine. Which actually - is not to say that my past weeks have been terrible. I weighed 5lbs on Thursday of last week, than I did on the Friday before my vacation started in April. And I
  6. LIFE GOALS: Complete commissioned projects by deadline. Balance Discord/Twitch and the rest of my life. Take a break on Sundays. HEALTH GOALS: 3 bottles of Water a day. Izuku's Gym Workout at 8am - MWF 2.5 mile run3x10 one arm bendt over rows3x10 lunges each leg3x10 kickbacks3x10 shoulder raises side/front3x50 squats3x50 pushups3x15 biceps curl This is the routine I want to get to, but it'll take time before I'm doing everything. GAMING GOALS: Red Dead Redemption Platinum
  7. Soooo, someone might have just finished watching Soul Eater... The thing is? For being as quirky as it was (it was also very, very good) it touched on a lot of topics that I seem to be struggling with lately (always); like fears and bravery, facing what scares you, learning to be less than perfect and finding your path. I decided it would be a good theme to help me finish off the final challenge of the year. STUDY LIKE MAKA [] Track calories daily, aiming for clean foods, and a calorie goal of 1800. [] Art stuff 4x/week and one must be some kind of tutorial.
  8. Hey guys! Parker is back for her second challenge in a row. The last challenge was a glorious success and en lieu of this progress, I am keeping my last goals through this one because they became healthy habits that I will continue to maintain! Now I'm going to ramp things up a bit and build off of those goals and their momentum. 1. I will be counting my calories for every meal and keeping a log. I aim to consume a maximum of 1300 so that I am at a deficit, and I will be sticking as close to paleo as I can. 2. I will cook at least 3 meals out of the week at home. I will probab
  9. Hey thank you for looking in my Daily Battle Log Things you are going to see me post in this log: Daily journal; Workout/skill log; Xbox/PS gaming log; Anime/TV/movie log; Streaming; etc.. Old posts will be edited.
  10. Hello All! A year and a half ago I took a journey to Thailand that kick started my health goals. I lost 20lbs in 3 months. Now a year and a half later, I've lost 60lbs altogether! I've went from 197lbs down to 137lbs I'm in the best shape of my life and I even was a featured speaker at an anime convention to teach other people how they can use anime to help them meet their fitness goals. I did it all through portion control and lots of exercise, no fads, tricks, pills, or gimmicks here! I even run a little facebook page for anime fitness memes I'm also a freelance
  11. Howdy, guys! I’m back for challenge #2 of my respawn! Last challenge went all right, but needed some tweaking for the second round. Goals are staying roughly the same, or within the same vein, and I’ve made things a bit more interesting. Not only do I have an actual theme this time around, but I’ve also done some gamifying! This challenge is wholly inspired by Cowboy Bebop, which is one of my all time favourite animes (right along side Ghost in the Shell). This show came about in the late 90’s (early 2000’s for the US), and was quite progressive for it’s time. I used to stay up u
  12. "I look toward the goal, the destination of what began my journey here. It's often clouded; a fuzzy, intangible thing that I strive for... ever changing and always, seemingly, out of reach. I stopped to think about this today and realized that my constant focus on the pinnacle has distracted me from seeing just how far I've climbed. For over three years I have been championing a better lifestyle than I have in any of the years leading up to that point. It has not always been leaps and strides, but even the slips have been recovered, over and over again, for all this time. I will
  13. Warning: GIF heavy post Remember when anime was about huge robots? When Transformers were an awesome TV cartoon and not Michael Bay's mix of CGI and explosions? When everyone from Silverhawks to Power Rangers and Saber Rider could call up some huge robotic backup and then combine the damn things into an even bigger robot? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you better buckle up cause I got news for you. Our mini for this challenge will draw inspiration from all things large and robotic *insert sick guitar riff* especially the kind that's pilot
  14. FATE / STARPUCK : ZERO The last few challenges have seen a change in how I see myself, and how I approach life, fitness and food. A GOOD change! I'm also fresh off of ACEN and my anime floon is high, so this seemed a fitting time to delve back into some anime themed challenges. TRAIN LIKE SHIROU Shirou got dragged into a war he wasn't even aware of, but chose to stand up for his ideals nonetheless. If he had any hope of surviving, let alone being a hero of justice, it meant he had to work hard and gain some combat skills. He also had to rest afte
  15. So, I completely failed a couple months ago. Ha! Therefore, a respawn is in order and I'm going back to my roots. I made my past challenges way too difficult and I ended up getting upset, overwhelmed, and just stopped everything. YouTube Binging was my poison. Still is! I'm going to make this challenge easy, measurable, and feel great about it! Haha. PLUS! If you haven't seen RWBY, I highly recommend it! Watch it here RooterTeeth.com. It's in his 4th season which just began a couple days ago. Yay!! RWBY HYPE. Team RWBY and Team JNPR Training Ruby Rose: Trophy
  16. mar·vel ˈmärvəl/ verb 1. be filled with wonder or astonishment. ◄ Also, this girl! So another challenge is on the horizon, and after the last few, I have to admit I am feeling a bit down on things! So I got to thinking about what I am doing right... and explore what I might be doing wrong. I'm active. I consistently do something intentionally activ
  17. These 4 Week Challenges are going to deplete my list of clever anime-related word play and puns! Unacceptable! I'll have to let the title slide this time, in favor of setting up an amazing challenge... That I will kick the ass of as if it were an angsty teen-Sasuke! STARPUCK'S FEB -er MARCH CHALLENGE; WHERE SHE GETS HER ACT TOGETHER BECAUSE SUMMER IS COMING AND SHE LOVES SUMMER AND ... SUMMER THINGS, AND SHE IS GOING TO BUY A NEW BIKE! AND THEN GO BIKE-CAMPING OR SOMETHING COOL AND ... ahem... right. Annnnnyway.... Many things will remain the same because I've only really
  18. HOW I FELT TODAY WHEN 7FG POINTED OUT IT WAS THE NEW CHALLENGE! Hah. Took forever for this title to come to me, and when it did, it couldn't be more fitting! Overall Challenge Goal: Consistency! I must find consistency! I need to stop letting things sidetrack me beyond the reasonable amount of sidetracking... I am my own worst enemy in that regard. This challenge will be a lot of the same things as last challenge, with the focus being on seeing them through and not fading out in the middle. GOAL #1 Bulat - It takes a lot of strength and endurance to use Incursio! Detail
  19. â–² This is me trying to come up with a challenge format on a weekend!! Hello my peeps! It's been a while eh! Nevermind the assassin title there on my signature, I assure you, we are totally here as bonafide, genuine rangers. Yus. Absolutely. Did I say we? I meant I... We would suggest a small infiltration group, and I of course, am here, all alone... yes. As a ranger. Ok enough with the jokes! (Or maybe they're not jokes...) I ran my first 2 years here as a ranger. I can't believe I've been here since 2013! And as my training is really taking a shift back to a combi
  20. I have a tendency to want to restart everything once I screw up, fall behind, or space out on it. I've certainly done that over the summer this year in regard to my challenges and overall health and fitness goals. It's about this point that I would usually want to pull the plug, find new gadgets and gizmos and start over. Not this time my friends. This time I am going to continue with the characters I have, at the level they are, and keep playing. The great thing about NF (okay one of the many great things about it) is that I can look back at past challenges to see where I had my
  21. Main quest I just got my very first pokémon. But we've got much training to do before we're ready for the road ahead. So lets get ready! To become all-around healthier so that I can direct my focus towards something more specific next time Quest 1; Feeding my new Fennekin Drink 2L of water daily A. Average of 7 days a week (by end of challenge) B. Average of 6 days a week C. Average of 5 days a week Quest 2; Winding down after a hard day of training Yoga 6 times a week A. Average of 6+ times a week B. Average of 5 times a week C Average of 4 times a week Quest 3; Pokémon league, here w
  22. ANIME-KE IT SO! Another play on words, brought to you by Starpuck. Ok, so this is stretching it, but I wanted to keep up with gif filled anime themes for a while since they're still super motivating for me. What's better than an anime related, gif filled challenge? One that combines it with Star Trek! DUUUUUH. Ok, in truth, I do fancy some TNG and, confession time, my very first RPG video game was a Star Trek based one- and yeah so what if I read the Star Trek Novellas in junior high... I'm actually not THAT much of a Trekkie in all honesty. But this was too fun to say to pass it up.
  23. Does anyone here attend A-kon Anime Convention in Dallas, TX?
  24. The downside to my latest anime binging, is that I've watched four whole series, a third or more of two more series, and a few episodes of even another series in the last 6 weeks. That's on top of keeping up with series that are really long and still going. How could I possibly find just a single theme for this challenge with inspiration like that? So instead, a conglomerate of awesome anime references, all in one spot, and with a fiendishly terrible pun/play on words. GIF IT MY ALL ... ANIME WIN! (20 bonus points to the first person to figure out the word play.) The best way t
  25. Hello fellow nerds! I've anxiously decided to put myself out there and see what happens! I've never been very good at talking to people on forums. Like most of you here, I'm a nerd of many stripes. My biggest nerdy areas are watching anime and playing lots of rpgs. And I'm a tumblr-user. I graduated from college in 2013, and magically managed to find a real adult job! But I had to move to a new place where I don't know many people, so I've been struggling on the social front. Working at a desk all day is starting to affect me physically too - so this seems like the perfect place for me to
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