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  1. Hi guys! So as you can guess from the title, I'd like to find more anime series that fit my taste. I'd be grateful for some recommendations! I love some serious, preferably realistic setting and a series aimed for mature audience with well-developed characters. My favourite anime: Black Lagoon, Monster, Banana Fish, Youjo Senki, Violet Evergarden, Erased, Nana, Paradise Kiss, Gangsta, Michiko & Hatchin, Black Butler, Yuuri on Ice!, Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom, Tokyo Ghoul, Parasyte Maxim.
  2. Man, I disappear for like a month and y'all gotta go and change things. Huh. Neato. Reminds me of the old days. When last I was here, I was working on a novel for National Novel Writing Month and had just gone through the Book of Five Rings, which essentially worked out to being re-skins of the same challenge about 5 times in a row. I didn't plan it that way, and I think it was a little lazy of me looking back, but I took some good from it, and given all the everything around here in the past year, I reckon some consistency was actually rather called-for. And why did I disappear? Well, no particular reason. I just found myself out of things to say, and work got busy for a while and they rolled out some new processes and platforms for us which has taken some getting used to, and... yeah. What's new with me? Well, since the weather turned cold, I've pretty much just been sitting around, and between the lack of activity and all the holiday food, I've officially crossed the 25% body fat line and have become obese. Which I didn't see coming, but TBF I should have. Non Exercise-Activity Thermogenesis is a thing, and I've not been doing it, and between that and Hashimoto's (read: a finicky to dead metabolism), it was really only a matter of time. But that's hardly the only thing that happened. I rediscovered some movement drills from back in the old days of my training and my hips are good and loose and snappy for kicking now. I rediscovered that I like media! I like shows! I like watching them! I like bingeing them! There is content that is worth watching and reading! I refined my planning process for writing novels and the planning for this draft is well underway. I cooked for my family's Christmas Dinner! I did Green Bean Casserole and this time I had the guts to par boil green beans and fry my own onions, which was a major step for me. Despite my metabolism being dead, I've finally got my thyroid working again, so it's not all bad news on that front. Basically, I've spent the last month just kind of coasting and relaxing, and doing so has kind of allowed me some perspective on what I was doing before and how I want to shake things up. So, without further ado, my goals: Get my body fat percentage to sub-25%. Totally feasible over the course of the month. According to my measurements, I'm sitting at 25.8% with a 3% margin of error, give or take. That means reducing calories, but I can't do a real cut like everyone else does; my thyroid does not forgive that kind of thing. Instead, it's better to figure out a lower weight, figure out what maintenance looks like there, and then program my calories as such. Fortunately, I've got very good at calculating my numbers, so the goal is to stick to 2200-2300 calories for the duration of the challenge. I might dip a bit below that, but certainly I don't mean to go below 2100. New Kettlebell Program yeaaaaaaaaah. Long time observers would be shocked if I wasn't back on my bullshit of trying something new. Strongfirst released a program for sedentary people after one of their coaches at a similar experience to me. The article's worth reading, but the basic gist is to do some one arm swings every hour on the hour for 8 hours a day. This program is specifically designed to work alongside everything else as a plug-in for sedentary folk, and while I'm not swinging enough weight to necessarily burn that much fat, I can definitely tell that I get the "Tonic Effect" off the dosage (ie a sense of physical/mental refreshment and a heightened sense of focus). The other useful thing about this is that it gives me something to work my shadowboxing and other practices in with. But this is gonna be a daily goal, along with the others. One Page Of Planning Per Day. Pretty much what it says on the tin. One page of planning per day. This is actually easier now, since I took the time to figure out my Great Swampy Middle, so I basically have a bunch of dots to connect as opposed to having to make up the dots as I go (which was a real problem last go 'round). It goes without saying that I've got a bunch of extra training on tap. I gave up CaliMove's program because it's not designed to be friendly with martial arts, which will be a concern for me in the long run. I did Athlean X again for a while but it made my shoulder feel janky and I didn't like it, and it didn't stop me from getting obese (between training and nutrition protocols), so to hell with it. GMB's Elements program and Simple and Sinister are the two programs that are designed the most to give me the most what I want, so these will be what I do. It doesn't hurt any that they've both revamped pretty hard; S&S did so first with a revised edition and GMB's updated their Elements program for its release on their new training app. My shoulder feels better with their training, and the challenge can be ramped really easy and really well if you engage correctly with it. So... yeah. Anyway, here in the interregnum between challenges, my goal is to get through the holiday food and get some proof of concept going. And oh, hey, in the meantime, we're all together in one place now. That's pretty neat. Reckon I'll make the rounds and try to see to y'all. It's good to be back.
  3. My favorite class to play in D&D is a rogue. My favorite book series is about an assassin. My favorite tropes in anime / fantasy / etc, are the sneaky, do good from the shadows types. One of my favorite game series is Assassins Creed. Assassins are relied on to work alone, but they have a strong network of people supporting them with info, details, contacts and everything else. And my at work gym is off limits until we're allowed to break the "Firewall" between the warehouse and front office so... more bodyweight than not for the time being! We're going Rogue! Don't tell Tank I am here. [/looks around nervously ...] My goals will remain largely the same as last challenge. Honestly, despite the chaos, I did a ridiculously good job of still working out, eating healthy, counting calories and enduring. (Even dropped about 5lbs during the challenge.) The only bits that suffered last time around were art during the final week and the budget - which is all shades of different for the time being. And that's okay. {Headquarters of the 11th Hour; location undisclosed.} "You have been too long gone from our fold, Starpuck. Perhaps we should see if you are still worthy of being a part of this elite organization. You once held the title of the Unerring Bolt- that position has since been granted another. So here, take these blades. You will be required to prove proficient in dual wielding going forward. If you succeed in passing the Masters tests, you will become the Twin Blade." [GOAL ONE] Your Body is your Weapon - Make sure it is Honed I've been granted the following resources for my re-training: 50lb Dumbbell // 2 x 25lb Dumbbell // Pull up bar (door style, once it comes in and I get it set up) // 12lb and 15lb Kettlebell // Resistance Bands (Therapy Style) * Strength Train - 3X / Week * Move - 3X / Week Strength will be a lot of learning and advancing body weight options, and using the few weights I have to add some resistance to things. Move - let's be honest... I am pretty hooked on Beat Saber (dual wield connection see?) and I am burning plenty of calories with that game! Walks, maybe some Dance Central, and other options might come up, but the point is to just get the heart rate up and a sweat going. [GOAL TWO] Your Body is your Armor - Make sure it is Strengthened Food. Continue to track calories (as it has become an easy thing to do once more) and focus on putting nutritious things down the hatch. * Track Calories - 7X / Week * Matcha Daily - 7X / Week * Fruits & Veggies - Be Conscientious about focusing on these. [GOAL THREE] Work from the Shadows - But let the world see your good deeds. This will be about continuing to share videos, art, stay in contact, and possibly delve into Twitch Streaming. No particular weekly goals will be had here, just a list of things to work on and see what I can figure out. * Art Lessons 1X / Week * Art Practice 3X / Week * Continue to share Video Game videos. * Add more dialog to game play for content sake. (Hard with Beat Saber) * Get green screen sorted out and work on bettering light and recording options with that. * Get familiar with Roll20 * Do some live chat workouts with friends. * More to be added... Might be some project goals here once I get that sorted out. But let's not get crazy! Now then, time to find my old bunk room and make sure my hooded cloak is still in my chest...
  4. Well, nothing is more inspiring than anime, amirite? With a new season of My Hero Academia released, I figure that'll get me all hyped for a new challenge theme. So without further ado... “If you wanna stop this, then stand up! Because I’ve got one thing to say to you. Never forget who you want to become!” -Shoto Todoroki Goal #1 Train Like Deku I often feel like I got handed the controller with the game difficulty set to extreme mode. If that's the case, then Deku started his journey on Nightmare mode. “I have to work harder than anyone else to make it! I’ll never catch up otherwise..." Consistent, intentional movement is essential for health, weight-maintenance, strength, and general ease of doing life things! With 6 years of NF experience under my belt, I know what works best for me based off past challenges. The new twist is to take it as slow as a I need it. Gains will come at their own pace. Doing the thing for the simple reason of "it's good to do it and my body will thank me" is enough. Track: Move 5x/week 2-3 must be strength days. Other days can be ANYTHING, even just a leisurely walk, or hike, or yoga/stretching. Goal #2 Be Cool and Composed like Todoroki (when it comes to food) I too quickly lose my composure when it comes to foods I like. I need to be more collected and thoughtful with it. Hah, every time I am about to go stupid on food, I will picture this look from Todoroki. “Get a hold of yourself, you’re an adult aren’t you?” I did very well last year Sep-Jan by doing two things. Cooking at my friends house for every night we had D&D or gaming, and making sure to then use those left overs on a subsequent night. And also calorie tracking. I don't feel I'm in the best place mentally to count calories again just yet, so we're doing a 1-2 week 'Don't Eat Like a Dick' mode of tracking food where I will update my daily meals and make mention if I went 'bingey' or not. If I feel like that is working and I see the first hints of progress, I'll stick with it. If it doesn't curb my game night fiascos, then weeks 3-5 will go back to tracking in MFP. TRACK: Keep a food log daily (concise/simple) If binging still a problem by end of week two, Weeks 3-5 track calories 6/7 days. Goal 3 - Create like Yaororozu! Keep up the creating of things. The more I work on it, the more I'll be able to create. "We should always start with the basics to develop depth of learning. We must strive to devote ourselves wholeheartedly." I love doing art. I've been on a great streak with #inktober - but I don't like putting in honest work sometimes... it's easy for me to look at a reference picture and just draw and tweak it for my own. I had been gaining progress and skill on drawing totally free form before I stopped going through the lessons and tutorials on Udemy. So, take Momo's advise here and get back to the basics. I have 3-4 courses I can work through and I want to do that and keep in better practice! TRACK : Maintain #inktober until the end of the month. Remaining weeks: 1-2 lessons/week; art practice /doodles 3X/week And that's it for hard goals. I've not completed a challenge in a while, so we're not going overboard with this. Food and exercise getting back under real control is the priority here. Art has been great for me mentally lately, and so that makes it on the board as well. I will probably set some weekly "to do" list type goals, and re-tweak finance stuff going into the new year, but these are the focus.
  5. STARPUCK JOINS UA ACADEMY This anime is full of wisdom and motivation in all the right areas for me. It's also been a while since I plotted out a challenge where the goals are meshed into a theme, and I am feeling like this could give me an extra boost in getting back into the routine of it. A recurring theme for me (came up in the anime's I've watched, and now our church sermons too) is Endure. If I were to take a moment to be completely honest with myself -in an eye opening, epiphany kind of way- I've been kind of a quitter lately. And by lately, I mean the last couple years. So here are some quotes that I am going to be embracing, and building upon through this challenge. Midoriya once said, "I'll have to work harder than anyone else to make it. I'll never catch up otherwise!" He has to work harder to do things that come easy for other students. This hits so close to home for me because I have often said that I need to work so much harder to be fit/not overweight/healthy, etc than 'the normal person'. I watch my hockey teammates chug beers and Doritos after games and not gain a pound, whereas I can gain an inch from just smelling a pizza. It might in fact be harder for me. The options remain the same: do it anyway, or give up. Which leads to the next quote, by my all time favorite character. I want to become healthy, strong and fit. I want to do active things my whole life. I want to be a bad ass chick! Well then - I need to stand up and remember that, and push forward and never give up. This is a hard one to admit. I am the ultimate planner -/ dreamer -- but I fail at being a doer. My dreams end midway because I go through all the trouble of dreaming them up, but leave them on the shelf as 'dreams' rather than goals that I am working to. This is usually because I end up being too afraid to pursue stuff. Fear is a problem that needs facing and as All Might has said, "I smile to show the pressure of heroes and to trick the fear inside of me." So this first post I suppose is mostly just me sorting out my feelings on the challenge and what I need to tackle. Unfortunately, a lot of the things in THIS post aren't very quantifiable, so the next post is going be specifically about what I feel I need to do, to train myself, and to keep going without giving up, and yet still do this in a way that is sustainable for the long haul. (This one ties right in to the single most profound comment I heard in yesterday's sermon: God's best for us, comes through our times of moving through fear.)
  6. A very busy April through May made challenging, and even hanging out here with any regularity or focus, a pretty daunting task. So I sort of loosely hung out, updating my own thread just to keep somewhat in the habit- but otherwise fell off the NF boat! But I think I am ready to return. There's nothing too out of the ordinary planned until mid to end of July so I think I can get back into a good routine. Which actually - is not to say that my past weeks have been terrible. I weighed 5lbs on Thursday of last week, than I did on the Friday before my vacation started in April. And I did this without tracking cals in or out, just getting outside to walk and run whenever I could, and eating normal work foods and snacks and not pigging out when I ate out. So I think I am kinda doing the Intuitive Eating thing (though I never did finish the book and at this point, can't really see myself cranking out the last 80 pages or so.) Anyway! ON TO NEW AND BRIGHTER THINGS! I just finished Acen weekend, so my anime mood is very high! But my D&D floon never leaves. However, it is also summer-ish and so ALL OF TEH OUTSIDE GLORIOUSNESS! First ... a message from our sponsor, the 3 H's of Full Metal Alchemist. Hohenheim, Hughes and Hawkeye. So yeah that turned out awesome and fun! One of my all time favorite characters from one of only a handful of anime's that have earned a 10/10 rating from me! Now onto what the heck we're doing here this challenge. Step 1) Do the Challenge! * Like, make up some goals. Track the goals. Show up and post about it. And follow your herd! Step 2) Do things that make you gooder! * Don't stress about perfection. Do the little things every day that add up. Step 3) Profit. Goal #1 Exercise and Body Goodness I love the feeling I have when I am not being a lazy poof. The trouble is, I am not super good at talking myself up and into action, when the poofness has hit ultra levels. Basically, suns out guns out is quite accurate for me, and I am often motivated to get outside, walk, run, bike, do something! But when it rains or is cold and cloudy? So Goal #1 is to NOT be like Mustang on a rainy day. Be like Hawkeye. My strength training has really slacked off - to the point that I am going to have to start from scratch. Rather than do the things I was doing and likely feel terrible about lost progress... AND because I will want to be able to be outside in the sun even if it's a "strength day" - I am going to get into some full on body weight, calisthenics, yoga, etc training for my strength. That's where you peeps come in. I need some suggestions on what where who and why. Overall Goal: 5x a week, do stuff. Be move-y, bend-y, lift-y, pull-y, push-y. Just get out there, with intention and do things that keep the body in a state of progressing, rather than regressing. Goal #2 Food are friends, not fish. Wait... what? Keep up with the UN-war on food. I've been doing really well with just being a person who eats because that's what persons do, and not going bonkers. I still have the places and times and moments that are super hurdles. (Do not bring Jewel brand soft baked cookies near me. Just.. don't.) There's not a great way to track this because as soon as you start reporting in with any detail on what you did or didn't eat... well you're back to treating food like a THINGUS, instead of just a thing. So this goal is more just me admitting up front, that I am working on this, and the updates likely won't be more than 'Food was on fleek' or 'Had a hang up at this moment, will adjust next time by <insert ideas>.' Goal #3 Keep learning. Never stop playing. Be silly. Art and D&D and other avenues of creativity and brain happy activities. Do them. As often as you can, and want to. But don't force them past the healthy level of routine building insistence. I am really still enjoying art, and want to continue to get better. I've gotten and have always been, lazy in regard to taking next steps on educating myself in this. I mean, Raxie loves to dance, and can do a lot of dancing on her own, and she's glorious at it ... but she seeks lessons and instruction to improve her technique- which will allow her to be better even still on her own! So I need to start poking at resources that will REALLY REALLY show me how to do what I'd like to do. That might even involve finding a class at a community college, or an online course that I ACTUALLY SIT THROUGH AND DO! Art 4x a week - because that's not a crazy goal, and because sometimes I can talk myself out of it easily, even if I would super enjoy it once I settle down. If I absolutely have a brain day that sucks, and feel no creative juice... don't force it. D&D prep will be a thing to, but more of an: Eh, when the ideas strike roll with it. But don't over burden yourself with prep so that it becomes unfun. Reading. Do it. You have come to really enjoy it. Don't fall out of this new habit. Goal #4 Get super serious about Finances. Goal : Become a Home Owner This is terrifying and exciting. But the thing I can do right now, that won't induce stress comas, is get the finances into a pseudo mortgage situation and see what becomes feasible livable and where my monies are going. This task will have side tasks that are mostly one and done, but will be tracked here. Basically... get ready to jump the nest. Hopefully, less dramatically than this. ^
  7. LIFE GOALS: Complete commissioned projects by deadline. Balance Discord/Twitch and the rest of my life. Take a break on Sundays. HEALTH GOALS: 3 bottles of Water a day. Izuku's Gym Workout at 8am - MWF 2.5 mile run3x10 one arm bendt over rows3x10 lunges each leg3x10 kickbacks3x10 shoulder raises side/front3x50 squats3x50 pushups3x15 biceps curl This is the routine I want to get to, but it'll take time before I'm doing everything. GAMING GOALS: Red Dead Redemption Platinum
  8. Soooo, someone might have just finished watching Soul Eater... The thing is? For being as quirky as it was (it was also very, very good) it touched on a lot of topics that I seem to be struggling with lately (always); like fears and bravery, facing what scares you, learning to be less than perfect and finding your path. I decided it would be a good theme to help me finish off the final challenge of the year. STUDY LIKE MAKA [] Track calories daily, aiming for clean foods, and a calorie goal of 1800. [] Art stuff 4x/week and one must be some kind of tutorial. It's time to stop coasting on both of these goals. I can't discern if the formula is working, if I fudge the numbers every weekend. TRAIN LIKE BLACKSTAR [] 2-3 Strength / Week [] Walk on off days. [] Mobility daily, using Adamas mobility flow (10 minutes) There will be weeks I can do 3 strengths, and weeks where only 2 make sense. I joined my local Strong First gym's Healthy Through the Holidays challenge, and there is a mobility flow in there that can be done daily, in about 10 minutes. Since my knee is feeling better, I am not going to push back into running just yet. I want to determine if it's my weight lifting or running that caused that, so this challenge, no runs. BE CALM LIKE KID [] Daily prayer/quiet time 5m. [] Seek balance. First one pretty self explanatory, I need to learn to slow my roll. It can be a 5 minute focused breathing drill or quiet talking with God. The second one is about balance my schedule. Kid loves symmetry, so I need to be more balanced with my days out vs in, and big planned times vs relax me times. DEAL WITH IT LIKE CRONA [] Identify and face fears, and share them in here when they come up. This one will be less 'active' a goal, and more of an, 'as it comes up'. Hard to track numerically, but easy to share. I also made a pretty fun challenge tracker in my BuJo for this one! (This is because I had hours to do it while on vacation.) ALRIGHT, LET'S DO THIS!!
  9. Hey guys! Parker is back for her second challenge in a row. The last challenge was a glorious success and en lieu of this progress, I am keeping my last goals through this one because they became healthy habits that I will continue to maintain! Now I'm going to ramp things up a bit and build off of those goals and their momentum. 1. I will be counting my calories for every meal and keeping a log. I aim to consume a maximum of 1300 so that I am at a deficit, and I will be sticking as close to paleo as I can. 2. I will cook at least 3 meals out of the week at home. I will probably focus on a particular meal (i.e. cooking at least 3 dinners out of the 7 at home instead of eating out). 3. I will get 8 hours of sleep every night. Besides tonight, I will try to be in my bed with electronics off by midnight. 4. Level-up Goal - Apply to 20 different jobs within my career field. (And if it's necessary for applying, have at least 3 clips prepped to use on my demo reel) I am very excited to crush this challenge like I did the last one. I feel like Izuku when he realizes how much needs to be done before his body can handle All Might's ability. The task is daunting, but manageable, and I am so expectant for the amazing results I will be proud of down the line. Let me know how y'all's challenge is going and don't be a stranger!
  10. Hey thank you for looking in my Daily Battle Log Things you are going to see me post in this log: Daily journal; Workout/skill log; Xbox/PS gaming log; Anime/TV/movie log; Streaming; etc.. Old posts will be edited.
  11. Hello All! A year and a half ago I took a journey to Thailand that kick started my health goals. I lost 20lbs in 3 months. Now a year and a half later, I've lost 60lbs altogether! I've went from 197lbs down to 137lbs I'm in the best shape of my life and I even was a featured speaker at an anime convention to teach other people how they can use anime to help them meet their fitness goals. I did it all through portion control and lots of exercise, no fads, tricks, pills, or gimmicks here! I even run a little facebook page for anime fitness memes I'm also a freelance writer with a few fitness articles under my belt. Now I'm looking to go a step further and really increase my muscle mass, lifting power, and cardio-respiratory endurance. Like most people though, I want to find a way to balance it all with work and play. I'm hoping that by coming to this forum I can tap a new wealth of ideas and maybe help out a few people along the way on their quest for success! I love anime, am a huge rpg fan, and I also nerd out about outdoorsy stuff and travel. I hope we can all push each other to new heights and break the bad health stereotype for nerds everywhere! Let's do this! Hello and welcome all!
  12. Howdy, guys! I’m back for challenge #2 of my respawn! Last challenge went all right, but needed some tweaking for the second round. Goals are staying roughly the same, or within the same vein, and I’ve made things a bit more interesting. Not only do I have an actual theme this time around, but I’ve also done some gamifying! This challenge is wholly inspired by Cowboy Bebop, which is one of my all time favourite animes (right along side Ghost in the Shell). This show came about in the late 90’s (early 2000’s for the US), and was quite progressive for it’s time. I used to stay up until ridiculous hours just to watch it in my early high school years. As I never got around to watching every episode back then, the BF and I have been going through the series over the last week. I’ve grown a new appreciation for it, and it saddens me that I haven’t found anything modern that even comes close to being on par as it (if anyone knows of any, let me know!!). Well, without much ado, lets get this thing started! Cowboy Bebop Intro
  13. "I look toward the goal, the destination of what began my journey here. It's often clouded; a fuzzy, intangible thing that I strive for... ever changing and always, seemingly, out of reach. I stopped to think about this today and realized that my constant focus on the pinnacle has distracted me from seeing just how far I've climbed. For over three years I have been championing a better lifestyle than I have in any of the years leading up to that point. It has not always been leaps and strides, but even the slips have been recovered, over and over again, for all this time. I will keep going! I am NOT going to stop. So I may not know what mountain peak I am even aiming for right now... but I do know I want to reach higher today than I did yesterday. Maybe... just maybe, I need to get to the top of this mountain, to see past the clouds at what my next target is!" It's no mystery I love anime, and one of my favorite archetypes is the hero that has to struggle past his own demons. I love watching them battle their own flaws and weaknesses, and slowly overcome everything with their never give up attitude. It inspires me so much! A friend once told me, 'Stop just looking up to these heroes and BECOME one.' And so, going forward, I am going to be facing my demons and faults with glaring openness and striving toward bold actions against them. I'm going to need the support of my teammates on this, because my determination falters when things don't go according to plan. TRAINING GOALS What I want: Invisible Stair Pull Ups How do I get it: Strength work! Summer means lots of hockey, outdoor desires and bike riding. I will also be taking a vacation with my bike this year, that includes biking the roads of Theodore Roosevelt N.P. I need to be in good biking shape for that. That means other things are going to shift off the board. Namely, running. Between bike riding and hockey, I have enough on the cardio list. I can take walks if I want, but JUST WALKS. Not even weighted walks. Plan: Be active 6 days a week, any combination, but, no less than 2 days of strength training! Pull Ups will not improve if approached halfheartedly. Challenge Length, 4 weeks || Activity 24 || Strength Specific 8-12 || NOURISHMENT GOALS What I want: To be in general good health. How do I get it: Choosing natural foods, and eating enough of it to fuel my lifestyle. I was doing really well with eating to appropriate caloric targets during the first two weeks of the last challenge. (Which meant eating way more than I typically had.) For the first time in 9 months, I dipped below the 150 mark!! When I got sick, all activity halted, and so I stopped tracking and just ate my usual stuff, but cut down portions or some of the extra snacks. I have, surprisingly, stayed below that 150 target despite the shift in everything. I want to maintain this better approach on food. Plan: Two options. 1 - Track food, aim for TDEE -15% on workout days, -25% on rest days and try to get at least 130g protein per day. 2 - Don't track food, choose cleaner, less processed items, eat until satisfied. Pros of 1, I will know if I am eating enough and I can target specific macros. Cons of 1, Ugh, not tracking has been sooo nice. Pros of 2, Less stress could equal more progress. Cons of 2, I could end up eating far LESS than I should be and screw up my already tortured metabolism. Haven't figured out which way to go on this yet. CREATIVITY GOALS What I want: Shadow clones, so I can do all these wonderful things without letting one or another falter! Ok, seriously though. My art. I am so proud of how far I've come, and how long I've stuck to it. It can only get better from here, even if right now I feel like it's slipping. I want to get better at art, because I really enjoy bringing characters to life visually. How do I get it: Stop coasting. Take the time to invest in things that will teach me actual techniques; get books, take online lessons, visit how-to sites and go through tutorials on the programs I have. What else do I want: D&D Work: I've taken on the mantle of DM'ing and I am loving it. There is so much more I can do and learn to become a better DM, so time to put the work in. How do I get that?: For starters, stop being a vehement anti-reader. Read the PHB and DMG. Just do it. A few pages a day and it will be no time before I've at least read through the whole thing. Spend some time each week prepping for your game so that it doesn't feel overwhelming right before game day. Plan: Continue to work on art endeavors, aiming for 4 days a week, 1 of which should be some kind of tutorial or lesson. || Prep for my D&D game at least 2 hours per week, begin reading the books in full, aiming for 5 pages a day. **Can adjust to accommodate weight of plates and intensity of spinning. Challenge Length, 4 weeks || Art 16 days; 4 Lessons/Tutorials || D&D Prep 18 hours; 150 pages read. || MENTAL GOALS What I want: To conquer my fears! How do I get it: By facing choices, making decisions, and sticking to them. Guys- I am thinking, again, about trying to move out. This whole thing terrifies me because of what it involves, what it means, and what could happen as a result of it. I will get into it more as the challenge progresses, but this will be the BIGGEST decision in my life thus far and it is terrifying!! I am terrified by decisions because I am a 'smooth pond' type person. I don't like ripples, I like things nice and calm and routine and happy. I don't like to shake the boat, even if that shaking comes from raising a sail to chase some dream or opportunity. I'm not sure, but I think that maybe, making decisions and learning how to be courageous, comes from ... making decisions and seeing that life goes on whether they were good or bad or in between. So. I need to challenge myself to try things. Regardless of whether or not I pull the rip cord on this jump, I need to start getting my bigger finances in order. I waste a lot of money right now because I can. I rent a room in my sister's house, so the monthly rent is dirt cheap. That allows me extra money to spend on crap just about whenever I want. I am not STUPID with money, I am just in a place where I don't have to think about it. Plan: Make a budget. Stick to the budget. Write down things I want and hold off a week before buying anything that is not a necessity. If after a week I still want it, see if I have saved enough allowance money for it. Practice 'fake mortgage' payment into savings account. So, there's a lot going on, but not a lot of very trackable goals here. There's a storm coming and I am terrified the power is going to fail before I post this and I'll lose all this work, so I will tidy up the thread later! Let me end this with some inspiration from two of my favorite guys! Edit, Monday 7/3 -- Forget that 5 week plan... I can't even tell what day it is right now!
  14. Warning: GIF heavy post Remember when anime was about huge robots? When Transformers were an awesome TV cartoon and not Michael Bay's mix of CGI and explosions? When everyone from Silverhawks to Power Rangers and Saber Rider could call up some huge robotic backup and then combine the damn things into an even bigger robot? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you better buckle up cause I got news for you. Our mini for this challenge will draw inspiration from all things large and robotic *insert sick guitar riff* especially the kind that's piloted by an awesome person inside (that's you) from the classic mechas to the latest trend of robotic armored body suits. We'll be using the classic feat system for this and instead of revealing the challenge every week, I'll lay it all out from the start so you can plan accordingly, especially if you're looking to incorporate this in your challenge. Also, since a lot of us are turning the 2 week break between challenges into a 6 week challenge, I'll be including an optional bonus for these first two weeks. Ready? GO! Optional Week 0-A quest: Constructing the thing Before we pilot a robot, we need to have a robot and in order to have a robot, we need to make a robot but before we make a robot, we gotta plan carefully. Hope that makes sense, because it's an allegory about your challenge goals. Take some time to sit back, review your challenge goals and check whether they are S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-related). Optional Week 0-B quest: Strength in unity What's better than a big robot? Well, multiple of them combining to form an even bigger one, of course! Your mission for the second week of the break is to find the threads of 5 Rangers you've never followed before and do just that. Week 1 quest: Full speed ahead! It's the first week of the challenge and we are all HYPED! Use the excitement to push a little more and be off to a strong start. Maybe go for a new PR, do an extra workout or try to ace your goals for the week with a 100% success rate. Whatever it is, go do it and come back to share your success. Week 2 quest: Fine tuning Maybe putting your plan to action during the first week has exposed some weakness in the design. Maybe you were too ambitious and aimed too high or put too much on your plate (the RangerBrain effect). Maybe life's thrown you a curveball and things have changed. Or maybe you're doing a 6 week challenge using the Zero Week breaks and by now you're starting to lose momentum. Whatever the case, look into your challenge and do any tweaks you might need. Remember, adaptation is a Ranger thing! Week 3 quest: More than meets the eye Two common misconceptions about robots. One, they are big, bulky and hard to move around. Two, they use ranged weapons and only go into melee as a last resort. Your mission for the week is to challenge either. You could add some mobility work or a foam/lacrosse rolling session. Perhaps try out some yoga or just basic stretching. Gymnastics, parkour and ninja flips are always a yes. Alternatively, grab a weapon and get physical. Whether it's a staff, nunchucks, a sword or your own body as a weapon, get some work done in that area. Week 4 quest: The killing blow You've made it this far, it's only fitting now that you finish strong. You might feel this challenge was a failure or maybe you'd like to retry it next round, but you might as well drop the excuses and finish it first. The goal is not to pull off a flawless one (though kudos to you if you did) but to finish the challenge. Even a mediocre or failed one includes a degree of success and work put in and even if that's not the case, lessons were learned. As you head towards the finish line, your mission is to do a quick recap of your progress so far and let us know your plans on finishing as best as you can. Ready? Suit up and let's do this thing!
  15. FATE / STARPUCK : ZERO The last few challenges have seen a change in how I see myself, and how I approach life, fitness and food. A GOOD change! I'm also fresh off of ACEN and my anime floon is high, so this seemed a fitting time to delve back into some anime themed challenges. TRAIN LIKE SHIROU Shirou got dragged into a war he wasn't even aware of, but chose to stand up for his ideals nonetheless. If he had any hope of surviving, let alone being a hero of justice, it meant he had to work hard and gain some combat skills. He also had to rest after exerting himself too much, because a mage without mana, meant a weaker servant! ACTIVITY GOALS: 6x / week Like before, this can be any type of intentional activity, though I want to make sure at least 2x a week it is strength training. Starting in June, I will have the potential for up to 3x hockey / week though I will probably opt out of that. I may end up doing 2x a week for the whole month, depending on when Coed games line up. LEGITIMATE REST DAY 1x / week When summer whips up, I can sometimes get into a streak of having zero rest days. I'm not suggesting I sit and do nothing, but one day per week must NOT have any "real" training. Leisure hikes, bikes or walks are okay. But once every seven days, there must be no run or hockey or weight training. PRACTICE LIKE RIN Rin was born and raised to be a mage, to become the heir of her family's legacy. While she is a compete magus when we see her, it was a long, hard process for her to gain that level of skill. She studied and practiced throughout her childhood, and pushed her boundaries endlessly. ART GOALS 4x / week I should really be pushing to start implementing tutorials, or skills practice. I have made a lot of progress, but I think the next wave of improvement will only come if I start LEARNING things. The reason I am not changing this goal to reflect that need, is because I don't see it as strongly feasible during the summer months when I get uber busy. So for now, keep up the routine and practice. D&D PREP WORK 1x / week My game is going well enough and I am actually enjoying life as a GM. I do want to get better, so I need to make sure I am investing time every week into either prepping my specific game, or reading rules books, watching tips, etc. COSTUME WORK 3x / challenge My brother and nephew will be going with me to Comic Con in August. I have a really good start to a Rebel Legion worthy Jedi uniform, but I am unhappy with how it fits, and the lack of colors. I have material for a new Obi / Tabard set, but no sewing skills. In order not to get rushed last minute with this endeavor, I need to start doing this now. I will practice on crap material, until I am comfy enough to sew the tabards an obi in the new color. CONQUER MY ARCHER "If you cannot defeat your enemy with the weapon you do have, then imagine one with which you could." Archer is ... a complicated character, and I will not go too much into it in case this is on your list to watch. (Recommended!) This goal is about defeating my own biggest nay-sayer... AKA, ME! AFFIRMATIONS 7x / week Daily affirmations in journal. My 'wake up' routine. I want to start expanding what's written in them now, talking myself up more and ... most importantly, start working on developing some courage. PUCK LOVE, BOLD EDITION 1x / week One RANDOM picture per week, posted with complimentary self talk. IE. No taking pics that I look at and go, "Gee that's my good side." Snap pic, post, talk nice. BEYOND THE BOUNDARY 3x / challenge Engage in an activity that is decidedly beyond my routine comfort zone. Do it without backing out. I will need some advice and suggestions on this one for ideas! EAT TO PERFORM 7x / week Not the ACTUAL program, but I am aiming to up my calories to no MORE than a 500 calorie deficit per day, and may in fact, aim for something closer to a 250 calorie/day deficit. I want to add good, healthful calories to the mix, so it may also turn into a bit of a cooking challenge. I'll have the house (and thus the kitchen) to myself for part of it, so it will be a real test. The goal will be to eat 1800 calories per day on a normal activity day, 2400 calories on a hockey day, and 1700 calories on a rest day. KEEP UP NIGHTLY REGIME 7x / week Not a solid habit yet. Must keep this on the list until it's set in stone. ODDS AND ENDS - Buy tickets for Wizard World - Plan August trip. - Research new bike. - Buy new bike for August trip. - Clean out closet. - Go through clothes, recycle, toss, etc. - Finish leather pouch for Jedi costume (requires a snap install) - Research suburban Improv Class * - Clean up PC, files, pics, etc. Alright, it looks like a lot on the plate, but it's really mostly the same as last time with a few new twists. Also, most of it can be done first thing in the morning, or during my already established routine. I'm riding high on the coattails of last challenge, so let's do this! "I am the bone of my sword. Steel is my body, and fire is my blood..."
  16. So, I completely failed a couple months ago. Ha! Therefore, a respawn is in order and I'm going back to my roots. I made my past challenges way too difficult and I ended up getting upset, overwhelmed, and just stopped everything. YouTube Binging was my poison. Still is! I'm going to make this challenge easy, measurable, and feel great about it! Haha. PLUS! If you haven't seen RWBY, I highly recommend it! Watch it here RooterTeeth.com. It's in his 4th season which just began a couple days ago. Yay!! RWBY HYPE. Team RWBY and Team JNPR Training Ruby Rose: Trophy Huntress Trophy hunt everyday for at least 30 minutes Goal: 100% Rocket League Weiss Schnee: Discipline Update Nerd Fitness every day and actually follow my goals/schedules. Blake Belladona: Read Read every day for at least 30 mins. If I don't like the current book, switch to one I look forward to reading. Yang Xiao Long: Confidence Beginners Bodyweight Workout every MWF. Goal: Be able to do the workout 3x through without stopping. Jaune Arc: Perseverance Practice Voice Acting every day. (Excluding weekends) Goal: Get a paying gig. Nora Valkyrie: Determination When I feel distracted, watch/read something inspirational to get me back focused. Goal: Stop watching YouTube when I need to work. Pyrrha Nikos: Spiritual Pray everyday. Goal: Grow a relationship with God. Lie Ren: Nutritional Eat healthier. Goal: Two veggie servings and one fruit serving everyday
  17. mar·vel ˈmärvəl/ verb 1. be filled with wonder or astonishment. ◄ Also, this girl! So another challenge is on the horizon, and after the last few, I have to admit I am feeling a bit down on things! So I got to thinking about what I am doing right... and explore what I might be doing wrong. I'm active. I consistently do something intentionally active at least 4x a week, and often 5-6x a week. I run 2-3 miles at a time, I play ice hockey, I train my body to pick things up and put them down. I bike ride, play dance games, frisbee, take hikes, etc. I stretch, I foam roll. This list is not found on someone who is lazy or inactive. I'm health conscious. I don't eat whatever I want whenever I want to. I may not get this right 100% of the time, but I consistently put thought into my food choices. I track calories (more consistently now) and try to eat balanced. I'm creative. I have my hands in a lot of creative activities. Drawing, writing, roleplaying (which also allows me to be socially active). What I am not? I am not very kind to, or appreciative of, myself. I never look at all of those ▲ things and say, "Wow Starpuck, you're pretty awesome!" And therein lies the name to this challenge. I need to start marveling in myself. I need to start really, really cheering myself on for all the amazing stuff I am capable of doing! And what better time to do it than now... leading into ACEN, where I will be cosplaying as Wendy Marvell. With that wordy challenge introduction out of the way, let's get to the details! STARPUCK BECOMES WENDY IS MARVELLOUS Goal #1 -- Fuel yourself properly! Do not starve yourself, you need energy for all those magical attacks! Track Food Daily (One off day/weekend) Get more protein and spread meals out throughout day. Fill up on healthy sources of macros. TOTALS PER WEEK 6 CHALLENGE TOTAL __ / 30 Goal #2 -- Train for all things! All around training is required so you can face a range of unexpected situations! This boils down to my interest in straight up functional strength. I don't need to aim for lifting PR's or certain numbers of anything. I just want to be functionally strong so that everyday life is easier, and so that my bones and muscles stay strong and ready for life well into my senior years. RUN 2X/WEEK STRENGTH 3X/WEEK HOCKEY **X/WEEK TOTALS FOR CHALLENGE RUNNING __/10 STRENGTH __/15 HOCKEY __/ 8 Goal #3 -- Practice your Art! Wendy is a master of support magic, and that requires a calm mind and great focus. For me, this means maintaining my creative side- which forces me to slow down and get quiet. I am going to continue with the idea that I should do my art, but change up one thing. No longer will it be on 'these certain days, you do art before other stuff'. Because sometimes I am just not FEELING it. So, still aiming for 3x a week, but it can be broken up however. ART 3X/WEEK TOTALS FOR CHALLENGE ART __/15 Goal #4 -- Compliment yourself! Wendy starts off as a shy, uncertain girl in Fairy Tail. But she learns to build her confidence by believing in herself. Twice a week I will post either a picture of myself being awesome, or comment about something I am capable of doing, in such a way that I praise myself and love on my body for all that it does for me. Can we say awkward? >.> STARPUCK SHOWS OFF HER AWESOME 2X/WEEK CHALLENGE TOTALS __/8 You may have noticed I have some goals that are including all 5 weeks (off week + new challenge) and some that start next week proper. That's intentional. I also have data and a fun calendar (flaunts for @Karinajean) I need to post in a follow up post. But, work is crazy now, so I need to hit Submit Topic before the internet eats all my hard work!
  18. These 4 Week Challenges are going to deplete my list of clever anime-related word play and puns! Unacceptable! I'll have to let the title slide this time, in favor of setting up an amazing challenge... That I will kick the ass of as if it were an angsty teen-Sasuke! STARPUCK'S FEB -er MARCH CHALLENGE; WHERE SHE GETS HER ACT TOGETHER BECAUSE SUMMER IS COMING AND SHE LOVES SUMMER AND ... SUMMER THINGS, AND SHE IS GOING TO BUY A NEW BIKE! AND THEN GO BIKE-CAMPING OR SOMETHING COOL AND ... ahem... right. Annnnnyway.... Many things will remain the same because I've only really started lightly poking at them again after the winter blues and hurdles. STEP #1 Strength and Rehab - I am still battling the pain and limitations of shoulder impingement and inflammation. I've been doing what I can, and working carefully around it with the prescribed exercises and such. It's been a very hard battle to let go of the 'What I used to be capable of' to adopt the 'What I can do now, and work to improve on' mentality. I still haven't truly mastered it. So I am borrowing inspiration on this one from Rock Lee. Who, countless times, took the card he was dealt or the setback he faced, and persevered through it. Terms: 3x / week I will do a strength and rehab workout. Focus on the shoulder rehab, with strength training as tolerated. Schedule for best success: Mon - Wed - Fri STEP #2 Run and Move and Sweat - This one should be simple. Because I (mostly) love doing these things. I'm aiming for 2 runs per week, because I really do notice some difference in hockey endurance when I am actively running. Also. It shaves my hips like nothing else does! But bike season soon, and I looooove bike riding like crazy. And in general summer movement stuff. So. To qualify for this goal - it need only be something that gets my heart rate up, but with an emphasis on making two runs per week. Inspiration? Move like a Ninja ... not like a Titan... Terms: 2x / run + 1x / week additional sweat, move, whatevers! Schedule for best success: Tue - Thu for runs. Extra day ideally on a weekend but can double up on strength days and still count. STEP #3 Eat Smart - Live Life - I am not in a place to track my food. I am borderline calorie-raging right now. So instead, we're going to just be SMART this challenge. 7FG helped me brainstorm up a way to track my progress versus hiccups, in a way that will help me keep this going. Basically, each meal and snack starts out being worth 5 points. Every time I add something to that meal that is not ideal, I lose a point. The catch here is that I am not aiming for 100% on the points. I am aiming for an 80/20 spread. I need to learn how to have my consistent days, and then MODERATE my treats and indulgences. Spreadsheet thingamabob to follow. Inspiration for this one ... well, Starpuck does not wield Dragon Slayer magic, so she should not eat like one! Eat more like Happy... one savored fish at a time. Terms: Track points daily per meal. 16+ points per day average will net me my 80/20 goal. Schedule for best success: Mon-Fri keep my at work meals and snacks consistent! This is typically where I can finish the strongest. Plot for weekends out. Limit them to 1 per day on Sat/Sun. STEP #4 Keep Arting! - I am making progress on this I think. I feel as if I can look at pics I did this past week, compared to three months ago, and see growth. This is awesome. Especially because it does not come easily for me, and I so easily fall victim to the 'I am not the best, therefore I suck, and should quit' demon. So yeah. This is exciting! Terms: 3x / week do some art stuff. Sketch book or digital counts. Schedule for best success: Mon, Tues, Wed after work has been ideal. Adding in a weekend day will help me learn and retain things better, so that might be an angle to try. ALRIGHT! I told you it was going to be an amazing challenge write up! Let's do this. March is going to be so great!
  19. HOW I FELT TODAY WHEN 7FG POINTED OUT IT WAS THE NEW CHALLENGE! Hah. Took forever for this title to come to me, and when it did, it couldn't be more fitting! Overall Challenge Goal: Consistency! I must find consistency! I need to stop letting things sidetrack me beyond the reasonable amount of sidetracking... I am my own worst enemy in that regard. This challenge will be a lot of the same things as last challenge, with the focus being on seeing them through and not fading out in the middle. GOAL #1 Bulat - It takes a lot of strength and endurance to use Incursio! Details: Strength train 3x / week. Each session will include 3 of my rehab exercises, plus either workout A or B from a beginner strength workout, modifications done as necessary to keep shoulder happy. Tracking: Summaries here, also kept on my monthly calendar and workout logs have been printed. GOAL #2 Akame - But I'm hungry! Details: I've not really been in the track my food mood - so I'm not sure if I should force myself to anyway, or just be mindful of what I am putting in my mouth. One of the two will happen. Tracking: MFP and/or here based on a 'how close to clean' points allotment. GOAL #3 Leone - "Man nothing beats booze running in the middle of the day! Details: Run 2x/week on my lunch break. No reason this shouldn't be happening. And I have a Tri in June! Tracking: Zombies! Run app and here LIFE GOAL Lubbock - "I run a manga bookstore." Details: Art 3x/ week. Basically, moar draw. Keep practicing with the tablet. Start learning fundies stuff too. Tracking: Post crap here, because it's good for me to get over myself and the fact that some things have to be worked at and practiced before they get good. And... that's the challenge folks! Pretty simple, not too much brain-banter on this post. Just a plan of attack and the charge! Title Trivia So, inside story on why the title of the challenge is so perfect? Because I am currently watching Akame ga Kill and I freaking HATE this anime. Except, it might be that sort of love-hate relationship. I mean, and please be mindful of spoilers here folks -- but like, seriously, I watch some of these episodes and turn the tv off feeling anger, and rage and sadness and ... too many of the negative feels all at once. And yet I am somehow drawn to go back to it, time and again... as if to see if there is some light at the end of this brutally dark, and sad, tunnel. So I will see it through. And then, then I will make my next anime some delightfully fun and lighthearted romp.
  20. â–² This is me trying to come up with a challenge format on a weekend!! Hello my peeps! It's been a while eh! Nevermind the assassin title there on my signature, I assure you, we are totally here as bonafide, genuine rangers. Yus. Absolutely. Did I say we? I meant I... We would suggest a small infiltration group, and I of course, am here, all alone... yes. As a ranger. Ok enough with the jokes! (Or maybe they're not jokes...) I ran my first 2 years here as a ranger. I can't believe I've been here since 2013! And as my training is really taking a shift back to a combination of many things, I felt a return to my first guild would be in order. I run, but nothing past a 5k. I strength train, but it's a combination of a lot of things at this point, and I hockey. The thing is; In early September I tried water skiing. (I totally got up and I love it.) BUT, I'd been nursing a 'chatty' shoulder since May. Nothing insanely painful, just certain motions (bench press and push ups) bothered it and I kept sleeping on it and mucking it up. Water skiing wasn't just a nail in the coffin, it was freaking LANCE THROUGH THE SHOULDER! Long story short, cortisone shot + 3 months of PT and ... no relief. Nothing is torn, there are no spurs, I just have hella inflammation and impingement. My original doc (not happy with him, trying other approaches) said that surgery is now the next option. I'm not fan of surgeries to fix things that aren't mechanically broken, so I am opting to give myself 3 months of self rehab. â–¼ What my shoulder felt like after water skiing. â–¼ What my last 3 months of fitness, diet and overall health looked like. So, while the shoulder has limited me away from the things I love doing (pull ups, cry. I was up to 7!! SEVEN IN ONE SET, and they are all gone now..) and has in general, been a royal pain in the ass, I have to decide: Let it control everything, or learn how to work around it and really really be consistent on fixing it. Without further ado. My challenge.... Goal #1 - Shoulder Rehab Traumeel rub 2x/day (After shower, before bed) Ice 3x/day (After bf at work, after lunch at work, after dinner at home) Stretches 2x/day, foam roll daily. Home rehab program daily, as written.I know that's like 4 goals in one, but they really all need to be worked on and two of them are just quick little things and the other two could technically be combined. This will act as the 'strength' portion of my fitness until I can add in other strengthy goodness. I may, after I get in a good groove on the shoulder stuff, split the shoulder moves between two days, and add in lower body/core work in so that every day is a light, but still full body circuit. Goal #2 - Running Run 2-3x /week. Simple. Work back up to running 5k at a shot. (Flexibility to allow for weeks there is much hockey.)Because some dumbass signed up for a triathalon in June. (Just a sprint distance, so 1/2 mile swim, 13 mile bike, 3.1 mile run.) **What. Dafuq. Was I thinking?** Goal #3 - Track Food Track food in MFP daily. Aim to eat 1500-1800 calories. (This is slight loss to maintenance level depending on my activity for the day.)I've done it before and succeeded with it. I already have hundreds of things built into MFP so this isn't a monumental thing to try and to with the rest of my goals. Try as I might to 'wing it'. Especially now with my usual activities having to change up, I need to know what I am putting into my gut. I also want to really try and mimic the anti-inflammation diet as much as I can without being zealous about it. Life Goal: Art something twice a week.I have a huge creative side that I do not nourish enough. I was gifted a drawing tablet and software for Christmas. I do not know how to use it at all. Like at all, at all. This is going to be a very good challenge for me to work through something I am not 'immediately good at' and learn how to put in hard work and time and effort. Since I'm torn on music and drawing, I've the challenge simply as art. It can be hand drawing, digital drawing/learning or playing the piano. But twice a week, slow my roll and do something creative. Prep work for tomorrow is: Take my home workout from my PT and separate the stretch moves from the rehab moves so I have quick visual markers for what is what when I do it. Take measurements as a new starting point. And possibly a before picture. (Anyone else have like seventeen different "befores" lol.) Make a grocery list for work food.Starting Measurements: Weight 152.2 Ugh! Bodyfat 33.3% Muscle 27.6% Alright! Let's do this!
  21. I have a tendency to want to restart everything once I screw up, fall behind, or space out on it. I've certainly done that over the summer this year in regard to my challenges and overall health and fitness goals. It's about this point that I would usually want to pull the plug, find new gadgets and gizmos and start over. Not this time my friends. This time I am going to continue with the characters I have, at the level they are, and keep playing. The great thing about NF (okay one of the many great things about it) is that I can look back at past challenges to see where I had my most success and what I was doing to attain it! So I did that! And... I also wrote down all the stuff that's on my mind that I want to do. Then I plotted it out on a calendar. How do I know that my best bod history was basically between April and August of 2013? I found this pic of me. In a box. And I love it!!! As far as I can tell by past NF notes and updates, I was around 142 here. But that's a sharp looking 142. (I haven't weighed myself in a while, but I think I am around 147, so not far off number wise, but way different shape wise.) I was able to look back and figure out what I was doing at this point. Running 3x a week. Strength training 3x a week. Eating really, really clean. So now I know what pieces need to be in this puzzle, it was just a matter of arranging them. Ok, and adding in things like, hockey, yoga, drawing, gaming, and other things. I also can take past experience to know that, I will NOT get a strength workout in on the weekends. Just never happens. I DO tend to be otherwise active on the weekends though, so no worries. Hockey season is starting up again, so I will have hockey at least once a week, sometimes three times a week. Taking that all into consideration, the plan of attack is this: Strength Train M-W-F (3x/week) Run T-Th (2x/week) Yoga T-Sa (2x/week) Draw M-Sa (2x/week) Hockey W-F/Sa/Su (1-3x/week) Gaming Th-Su (2x/week) Bible Study W (1x/week) Yes, yes it seems like a lot! But the strength training and running is always done at work, on my lunch hour. So the drawing, yoga, hockey and gaming will be my evening activities. If I go into it just knowing that on certain days, I do certain things, it takes some of the brain work away. I am also going to track my food, especially as I may cut out some of the processed grains and breads again. Last time I did that, I lost a lot of weight, but I also think I was eating far too little. I have a vacation that starts on, and lasts through all of week four, so that is going to be really hard. I think I'll just do my best, enjoy the trip, and not worry about it. I also need to think up a way on how to organize and track, and ... oh snap! I forgot about the other goal, lol. Back to budgeting. And with the idea of putting $300/month, physically, into the savings account. Alright, the morning is getting away from me, but I wanted to get this posted before I lost track of my thoughts. TL;DR GOALS SUMMARY Strength Train 3x/week Run 2x/week Yoga 2x/week Draw 2x/week Eat Clean/Track 6x/week Budget $75/week into savings. I'll spew brain vomit on this thread more later. I need fooooooood.
  22. Main quest I just got my very first pokémon. But we've got much training to do before we're ready for the road ahead. So lets get ready! To become all-around healthier so that I can direct my focus towards something more specific next time Quest 1; Feeding my new Fennekin Drink 2L of water daily A. Average of 7 days a week (by end of challenge) B. Average of 6 days a week C. Average of 5 days a week Quest 2; Winding down after a hard day of training Yoga 6 times a week A. Average of 6+ times a week B. Average of 5 times a week C Average of 4 times a week Quest 3; Pokémon league, here we come! Weight training 5 times a week A. Average of 5+ times a week B. Average of 4 times a week C. Average of 3 times a week
  23. ANIME-KE IT SO! Another play on words, brought to you by Starpuck. Ok, so this is stretching it, but I wanted to keep up with gif filled anime themes for a while since they're still super motivating for me. What's better than an anime related, gif filled challenge? One that combines it with Star Trek! DUUUUUH. Ok, in truth, I do fancy some TNG and, confession time, my very first RPG video game was a Star Trek based one- and yeah so what if I read the Star Trek Novellas in junior high... I'm actually not THAT much of a Trekkie in all honesty. But this was too fun to say to pass it up. And since I am trying to make my budding health habits into life-long, no fuss-no muss habits, the catch phrase works. Are we going to get down to business, get the workouts in, and learn to eat healthy without having to think about it too much? Yes? Then Make it So! I have a goal for mid July, and I need to be consistent to make it. ALRIGHT THEN! SO NOW WE NEED SOME GOALS ... Ugh. This is proving really difficult this time around folks. I have come to realize, that my goals are sometimes hard to think up because I do not have a master quest that I am on. There's no end target in sight. No final destination. It's all about losing weight, being more trim, finding a shape I like, being stronger and in general, staying active. I mean, those are all nifty things, but I don't think I've gotten to the point of doing them just because that's what I do in life. So they keep ending up on my goal list. Over and over and over again. Activity Goal - This is hard. I know I get the best results from 3x / 3x on strength and running. Once I start up hockey again, I'll be skating 2x week potentially. Doing that, plus adding in 3 runs and 3 strengths means ... for one, I could use an extra day in the week, or two, I'd have to double up. Doubling up strength on hockey days isn't that big a deal, but hockey + running can be a chore. If I change my goal to simply "Be active 6x/week" I'm not sure I'll be consistent on the strength or runs... and then I worry about lack of progress, then I want to change things up to trick my body anyway, and I'm all GAAAAH! So. In the mindset that summer is here (not that you'd know it by the gray skies and 48 degree temps we just had all weekend) I am going to, for now, for sanity sake, say, Yes, Just be active 6x / week. Any assortment of things, but try to balance it all out. Food Goal - I guess things have been working? But not as awesome as they did in 2013... but I KNOW, (*pokes herself* "you know!") I KNOOOOW that I lost weight really fast in 2013 because I wasn't tracking my calories in versus out and was actually eating less than I should have been. I need to not let results encourage bad behavior. So. Since I'm already tracking food and that doesn't seem to be an issue anymore. (Hello 101 day streak.) And since I am eating far more 'IN' than out during the week. I think I should tackle two things. Weekend Food Monsters, and Variety. Going to try a rule of being allowed only 2 meals not at home per weekend. Yes this means 'quickie' McDonalds breakfasts on the weekends would count as one. If I want lunch out with family on Saturdays and dinners out with friends on Friday, that's all I get. The other side to this will be putting some time into creating meals I can take to work, that are different from the sandwich and cucumber deal I've been doing for five months. Prepare lunches ahead of time 2x per week. Creative Goal - Easy peasy. Don't give up on the art. It's good for me to slow my roll and do something that is not computer, game or tv related. I also enjoy it. And I may be able to get somewhat skilled at it if I keep it up. I've no interest in trying to make any money out of it. It's just a hobby. My main goal is to get good enough to draw up my tabletop group's characters as we play our various games. Body Love Goal - So last challenge, it was an awkward but, I think, beneficial exploration into the beginnings of accepting myself. Going to continue on with it this challenge with a slightly different twist. The camera can be an absolute a-hole- we all know this. This time around, rather than just grabbing the camera for impromptu snaps of me in whatever unflattering pose or angle I was in, I'm going to try and take pictures of me being active, then complimenting myself on what I see when caught in the act of doing what I LOVE to do. GOAL #1 - BE ACTIVE 6X/WEEK (Don't be lazy. Get to the job board and get moving!) Activity 6x/weekPull Up Work 3x/week GOAL #2 - FOOD FOR WEEKDAYS AND WEEKENDS! (Keep at it like Rin, and you'll get some awesome meals.) (Don't be like Choji on the weekends.) Cook or Prepare NEW things to eat 2x/weekRestaurant meals on weekends = 2 allowed GOAL #3 - KEEP DRAWING, DON'T GIVE UP! (If shy, adorable Madoka can bring her art to her friends, so can I!) Draw, for any amount of time, 3x/week. GOAL #4 - BODY LOVE, OWN WHAT YOU GOT (Gotta love a goal that allows use of an Ichiya gif!) Take and post an "in action" picture 1x/week
  24. Does anyone here attend A-kon Anime Convention in Dallas, TX?
  25. The downside to my latest anime binging, is that I've watched four whole series, a third or more of two more series, and a few episodes of even another series in the last 6 weeks. That's on top of keeping up with series that are really long and still going. How could I possibly find just a single theme for this challenge with inspiration like that? So instead, a conglomerate of awesome anime references, all in one spot, and with a fiendishly terrible pun/play on words. GIF IT MY ALL ... ANIME WIN! (20 bonus points to the first person to figure out the word play.) The best way to succeed is to use your own abilities to the fullest. ~ Yukio Okumura GOAL #1 - Run 3x/week* (Yes, this is probably what I look like when I run) Despite my usual aversion to running (it's haaaaard) - I have to honestly say that I feel great afterwards, I love being outdoors for whatever reason, and it does great things to my hips. That's three pro's right off the bat, with the only con being that it's hard. It's time I stop avoiding things just because they seem difficult and/or require me to step out of my comfort zone of quick and easy success. The asterisk allows me to count a hockey game as a run for the weeks that the hockey schedule may cause overlap. “Fear is not evil. It tells you what your weakness is. And once you know your weakness, you can become stronger as well as kinder.†~Gildarts GOAL #2 - Strength 3x/week* Simply put. In order to keep from losing your progress, and to see increase in strength and stability, this part of the routine must be consistent. What I would really benefit from is getting on board a program that already exists, that includes the things I want to work on. I have access to weights in my whse, so standard lifts are all good to go. I also really want to get up to 10 pull ups in a row some day. (I'm at 3-4 depending on the type of bar right now.) GOAL #3 - Eat for Health! (Track Daily) This one is hard for me because I am constantly panicking over the question of, "Am I eating too much, or not enough?" I MUST not let my slow progress trick me into eating less than my current numbers because, I DO get more powerful when I eat. You cannot ask your body to do more, lift more, run longer, while giving it LESS fuel. I'm not a Prius after all! So track 6+ days per week just like last time. Start getting variety into the week. After months of eating the same things for breakfast/lunch/snack and doing the same exercise, the body has learned what it can do with what it's given. So, let's get crazy. GOAL #4 - Keep Drawing 2x/week This went really well last time! Not only was I super enjoying it, but I found that it was a great way to calm me down at night. It was relaxing! And I feel like I am improving on it. Last challenge I ended up doing more than one drawing per week, but it was still often happening on one day. This time I'd like to increase the frequency in which I am drawing. (Also? I totally made that gif myself!!! I hope it actually shows up on the forums! Gif skills +1) GOAL #5 - Confidence and Love It's time to start telling my body, my body as it is RIGHT NOW, that it is my friend. It does some pretty amazing things, and in fact, has never stopped me from doing something. So why all the dissatisfaction? It's not only pointless, it's harmful. And it has to stop. So, once per week, I will post a picture of myself. With this picture, I will write something kind and positive about what I see. No negativity, no 'buts', no 'if only'. Just. Picture. Kind words. Done. Oh god, I can't believe I just committed to this idea. NOW THEN, LET'S DO THIS!
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