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Found 2 results

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwITzNACKIQ All lessons learned from last challenge, I believe it is time for some more epic things to happen. My summer course is almost done and I'm basically taking a "month off" from everything until school starts up back again in September. That being said, courage wolf is back! The Quest: Be Like a Beast. Main quest is to lower my body fat percentage, 2-3%. (I'll use progress pics, won't necessarily post them.) I've decided I'd be happier cutting fat before going for muscle gains first - although who's to say that won't happen along the way, but this is my focus this challenge - and so diet will be strict. I just need to keep my routine... that means getting back into Muay Thai and being careful so I don't have to stop again. Be Hungry like the WolfEat PrimalIncrease vegetable intake, less dairy (for everytime I eat dairy, must also consume 2 servings of veggies.)Stop skipping meals (I've been getting distracted from eating way too often), eat moar! Be Fierce like the WolfAttend Muay Thai 3-4x a weekSide-quest: Learn and memorize how to properly wrap hands (I'm awful at this, at the moment)Do body weight circuits in between, 1-2x a week Be Supple like the WolfWobble board exercises and calf raises every day for 10-20 minutesSide-quest: Be able to perform one-legged squat on the wobble board by the end of 6 weeksIf in pain... stretch, ice, compress and rest instead Rise like the WolfWake up earlier more often (No more sleeping in til noon... Aim to get up at 10AM at the latest)Get ready for the day before anything elseIncludes showering, eating, making bed, etc. Why? To become strongerRaise self-confidence a little moreTo not disappoint those who support meTo see the looks on the faces of those who don't
  2. ... So I've decided I want to be like a wolf. Not a werewolf. A real wolf. And not just any wolf. Courage wolf. He is fearless, intimidating, badass and can do the impossible... and for someone introverted like me, this seems like the perfect inspiration. (If you look at my avatar, you can see a resemblance.) This challenge is going to be going further out of my comfort zone so that I can achieve what I want and not be held back by the silly little details and anxieties that I let get in the way. I just returned from an amazing 2 week eurotrip, where although I walked a ton, I ate very unhealthy, non-paleo foods every day, my water intake faltered hard and I haven't exercised since I left. I also still don't have a summer job lined up. So I think you can agree when I say, it's time to get serious. 1. Eat Paleo I'm keeping it loose again, however, I'm not going to list any exceptions this time. If I fall, I fall, but I won't feel guilty about it anymore. I know what I want from this challenge and I'll stay true to myself. Every challenge, I slip, but here's what's different this time. None of my friends here, save one or two, at home know that I've been trying paleo. I've been too shy to tell them because I know the responses I'm going to get and I know they're going to judge and not understand it, which is why I just never said anything and gave in to treats and drinking in the past. There we go. If one of those occasions come up, I will explain what I'm doing, I will stand up for myself and I won't give in to silly treats unless I really want to and I believe it's worth it. Friends will have no choice but to deal with it. 2. Fix Ankles Day I left for my trip, I got orthotics. And OH. MY. GOD. They've helped. I got ankle pains once over my entire trip, and that was after a lot of excessive walking so it was expected. It's an improvement... but now to exercise and do some mobility work. Perhaps 30lbs is excessive for just around my ankles... but I have been told that I need to build strength around my ankles and learn to stabilize them. I'm going to get a wobble board and exercise on it at least 4 minutes a day according to the progressive schedule below, followed by at least 10 minutes of mobility work and icing as needed. Week 1 & 2: 4 minutes, both feet planted, once a dayWeek 3 & 4: 2 minutes per ankle, one leg at a time, once a dayWeek 5 & 6: 2 minutes per ankle, one leg at a time, twice a day 3. Join Kickboxing (or something) I miss it, I came up with tons of excuses not to find a new place to go to when really I'm just shy to try somewhere fresh. Don't get me wrong, Muay Thai still intimidates me, but as a monk, it's time to man up. Goal is to join kickboxing, or some other activity, (but it will probably stay as Muay Thai) and get a free trial by the end of the first week. And when I do join, goal is to attend at least 3 classes a week. 4. Get a Summer Job I keep getting down how I still haven't found anything yet, but again, I could always try harder. More applications, more interviews, more nagging the hell out of everyone to hire me. If I don't try, it won't happen. After all, I've got nothing to lose. Before the end of the challenge, (hopefully within the first couple weeks), I need some sort of work. Even if it's just volunteer work, it'd be better than nothing but uh... I do need the money. --- Also, another thing with this challenge. I'm actually taking progress photos this time... and keeping them instead of going "eh, I'm not gonna change much this challenge anyway" and deleting them. I still won't post them, because that's even more out of the comfort zone than I want to go this time around, but again, it's progress. That being said... You heard him, monks. Time to kick ass and make courage wolf proud. Who's with me?
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