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  1. "Ahhh... Thank you, I greatly appreciate your assistance." The Figure replied after staying in place for what seemed like an eternity as Red1263 struggled with Gravity magic. "Oh! It looks like you've gotten errr something... of a handle on it." Red1263, still floating in midair and trying to contain the sudden boost of Gravity magic. His replies are through strains and grunts, "Oh yeah... Totally... Got it... I'm just dandy..." "Huh... may I offer a suggestion?" "... Yeah?... I'm all... ears." A sinister smile comes across the Figure's face as his eyes light up! "How about weee... Fight!" "... Beg pardon?" "What are you doing?!" Red1263 cried out as he was able to stop himself from slamming into the walls. "I am trying to help you with this! I'm not here to fight you!" "Exactly! I heard somewhere that the best way to learn is under intense, life threatening pressure! Take this! Gravita!" "No! No one says that! Ever!" Red1263 says as he stops himself again, mid air. But judging by the look in the Figure's eyes, as he lifts himself and starts to fly towards Red1263, his words fell on deaf ears. 'Crap! Guess I have no choice!' He thinks to himself, "Wait! At least tell me who you are!" The Figure stops in mid air, "Oh!... I guess I never introduced myself! How silly of me! I am the Gravity Knight!" Let's see you handle this! Attack with a silent roar! Gravitaga! Goals! Pull-ups: I have to get this one! He's moving too fast for me! Goal: 5 Pull-ups consecutively Weighted stance: Ha! Let's see you try to handle this! Adding Weight/Difficulty to my routine: Monday: Work on shortening my 1-mile time Be able to run the trail twice without stopping/taking a break Wednesday: Pull-ups, Farmer's Walks, Elevated Push-ups, seated Bicep curls (), Friday: Weighted shadowboxing. Speed drills Handstands: Huh, why is the ceiling getting closer to me? Begin Handstand practice by following this Tuesdays and Thursdays Goal: 1 min wall handstand.
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