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Found 2 results

  1. Hi guys, before I get into my question, let me give you a little background of my injuries. I'm a former ROTC cadet as well as a horse trainer. When I was 13, I had a horse fall on my back. My back is in constant pain as a result. The muscles on the left side are two inches shorter than the right, causing my left hip to be raised and my left shoulder to be dropped. When I was 17, my horse stepped on my right foot, kicked my shin, and jumped over my leg. This resulted in my ankle being held in place while also being kicked away from my body. However, this never hurt until I took a false step while running with my company. Ever since then, pain after one mile running. Recently, my left hip has been hurting as well. I think it's from the misalignment of my back and the compensation for my ankle. I can't walk longer than 20 minutes continuously without pain. If I run, it hurts after 5 minutes. To summarize: pain in the lower lumbar region of my back pain in the right ankle due to overpronation (stability shoes, motion limiting shoes, and high arches haven't helped) pain in the left hip Doctors have looked at me. X-rays, CT scan, MRI. There's no muscle, tendon, ligament or bone damage according to any of these. So... I need help... How do I deal with all of these problems? I'd like to participate in a mud run this July, but I'm not sure my body will handle it. I'm only 21. I shouldn't have all of these issues... plus I'd kill to get into parkour.
  2. Hi guys, I just recently started (about 3 weeks in) working on the Angry Birds workout as my first strength training routine. There has been definite progression in all of my fields other then squats. My problem there is that I was squatting down as far as I could go with my heels on the floor and still just breezing through all of the squat levels without major issues. I could tell something wasn't quite right but couldn't figure it out until I had my husband watch me do them. He nicely informed me that I wasn't squatting nearly enough to get the real benefit of the exercise (which was what I was afraid of.) Here's my problem, I actually can't get my butt to go down any further without completely losing my balance. Looking up the issue has brought me to believe that my ankles are not flexible enough and are preventing my knees from being able to shift far enough forward. Does that sound right? I'd like some advice on how to fix my ankle problem (if that is what it is) and also what I should do about my squats in the meantime. If real squats won't work (for now), is there another good bodyweight exercise that I can do that exercises the same muscle groups? I'd like to keep improving my lower body along with my other areas. Thanks!
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