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Found 2 results

  1. I don't know about you, but for me being stuck in an apocalypse bunker without a gym kinda stinks. Without any clear connection to the rest of the world, there's not a lot of external accountability to keep me on track when my own motivation falters. And given the limited exercise options and resulting boredom of workouts in general, my motivation has faltered quite a bit. Needless to say, it's made keeping up with my fitness goals much harder and I know I need a bit more accountability if I'm going to stay on track. I'm about to start my first challenge and that seemed a fine time to start tracking what I'm doing more closely as well. The details of my challenge can be found here. I'm planning to track each workout in detail and keep a rough log of what I'm eating. I'll include what exercises I did, how many sets/reps at what weight (if I'm using weights), about how long it took, what my meals were/overall protein for the day, and if there was anything else happening that influenced things in one way or another. With any luck having a written record will make it easier to keep an eye on myself and make sure I'm working for what future-me wants, not only what present-me wants. Like being able to fight off those zombies, should they decide to show up. ⚔️💥 Daily Log Template: Workout: Warmup: Superset 1 (# times): Exercise 1 (weight/reps) Exercise 2 (weight/reps) Superset 2 (# times): Exercise 1 (weight/reps) Exercise 2 (weight/reps) ...etc Cooldown: Total Time: Notes: Meals: Breakfast: Lunch: Dinner: Total grams of protein: I'll try to post an update at least on my strength workout days, 3x per week. Ideally more, but we'll see how I go. I'll also post weekly updates on my challenge thread keeping track of the bigger picture. Meanwhile, I'll keep training to beat this apocalypse and be more prepared for the next one. The story's nowhere near finished yet, and I look forward to seeing where it leads!
  2. MAIN QUESTI want to reduce my body fat through healthy eating habits and habitual exercise Drink enough water, Don't over-eat - listen to the signals my body gives me, Never miss a workout (even if I have to do it on a different day - as long as I do all the ones I need to do each week) SIDE QUESTSPut money in the savings account each paycheck and leave it there. DECLARE YOUR MOTIVATION I have been at sub-par health for way too long and it's keeping me from doing things I want to do. It's keeping me from feeling as good as I can, and as good as I can about myself. I want the exterior to match the warrior-woman spirit within. Also, I want to pull off a spandex cosplay some day....
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