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Found 10 results

  1. Hello All I just joined today and was wondering if there was or will be a mobile app available? I checked the google play store and didn't see anything so as of right now there isn't one available that i'm aware of. Granted I am new and wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything. Thank You Spike
  2. hello there brothers , I am beginner and want to buy iOS app for gym workouts , but there are too many of them which do you recomend? thanks
  3. I want to get into doing regular mediation. As a beginner, I think guided mediation would be the best way to start. I end up floundering a lot when left to my own devices. I've done mindfulness meditation before with my old therapist and with a weekly group for one semester in college. But I'm definitely open to trying different types. What are some good meditation apps? (I'm asking about apps specifically (or anything I could download to my phone) because I don't have reliable access to the internet, so browser or YouTube based wouldn't work for me.) (I have an android phone, but it's proba
  4. I just checked the data usage on my phone, and MyFitnessPal used about 275 mb of data to enter maybe 15 meals in the past month. If it was well programmed, it should have used more like 1 mb or less, since it's just text. Maybe 10 mb after you account for ads. MFP must be loading a large portion of it's database onto my phone every time I search for a food to get that kind of usage, and I'd guess that's also why it's really slow. So I'm no longer using it. Anyone have a recommendation for a different Android meal tracker? My priorities are that it needs a good database of foods, it
  5. ... do you use an app? What one would you recommend? When I was tracking calories, I used loseit.com, but it's not really set up for easy macro viewing (and it doesn't have an Android version that's usable outside the US). Going to try tracking macros as well as I realised my protein intake still sucks and I'd prefer to make that my primary goal, with calories secondary, for a while.
  6. Hi all I'm looking for a good iOS app for fitness and bodybuilding since I can't remember the process of my training. I wonder what is your fitness app. I really want to know about this
  7. Hi guys, I'm starting a uni course in September and I want to hit the ground running with a gym membership. In the past, I've been a bit too timid in the gym and stuck to the cardio and weight machines - weights were always something the proper gym bunnies used, not someone like me. But, I've decided/realised that I'm never going to complete my quest without using weights, so I've got to tackle the weights section. Problem is, I'm clueless. I wouldn't know where to begin. So, I'm wondering if someone can recommend an iPhone app which provides training schedules and guides for strength tra
  8. Kind of new to the app and really wanted some running buddies. I mostly do trail running with a once a week street run.
  9. An iPhone app that I use to track my running, iSmoothRun, is free today in the app store. If you're really a geek and you run, then this app will make you wet your pants. I don't have a horse in this race. I just figured free is good and y'all might dig it. iSmoothRun Pro GPS/Pedometer Tracker for Runners
  10. With a new 6 week challenge on the horizon and Steve mentioning one of his goals is to work on meditation, I thought I'd introduce a tool that's been helpful in my practice. Let me preface this by saying I am in no way affiliated with the following app and receive no monitory compensation. This is simply something I have found useful, that I hope can help improve your practice and bring us all a little closer. It can also be had completely free of charge. I'd been meditating for a good long time, and had my head all jumbled up with one too many techniques. So much so that I found my practi
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