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Found 3 results

  1. Health Goals: 1. No crisps. No chocolates. 2. Less biscuits (will follow a graduated plan to reach this stage) 3. Early to bed - aiming for 9.45pm bedtime each night for week 1 Life Goal: 4. Moving house view propertiesdecide on propertyarrange contract stuff for movepack stuffarrange removal of stuffset up new homeMOVE!explore new area and get to know surroundingsdo dry run of future commute Other Project Goal: 5. Start developing app idea get macbookget sim for my mum's old iphoneget iOS/xcode/swift development environment set up on macbookget eclipse/android development set up on macbookread book about iOS 9 devstart prototyping ideas on android dev
  2. The earliest parts of 2014 were some very trying months for me, where I had to deal with a knee blowout, surgery, and tons of physical therapy. But now I'm free and ready to take flight once more. And in honor of dealing with feeling crapped on by the world, but persevering, I'm going for a fun, Firefly theme. (and bonus geek points to anyone who can tell me who said each line and in what episode/context) Goal 1. "I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar" (physical) Now that I've been cleared for sports and such, I want to test myself with some new fancy flying tricks (well, hanging and balancing moves with my legs off of the ground). I plan to work on these moves at least 3 times per week, with the aim of mastering at least 3 5! new moves by the end of the challenge: yoga balances: firefly , dragonfly, 8 angle pose, shoulder press, leg forward crow variation, flying crow variation, forearm stand bar or misc stuff: tucked leg front lever, tucked leg back lever, tucked human flag, and/or dragon flag. Current status: can balance a forearm stand 10 seconds if I wall balance first (will need a solid, 20 second hold for challenge). Can hold tucked leg front lever 3-5 seconds (will need a solid 10 second hold for challenge). I can hold peacock/elbow lever, side crow with legs extended, flying crow, and scissor pose. I haven't really tried or succeeded at any of the rest of these. I would need a 10 second hold for the move to "count". Goal 2. "I aim to misbehave" or behave. (le sigh). (physical) Yeah, I still have to be a good girl with the PT stuff and the climbing rules. So, Leg day must be done 2 times per week (can be split into more days, depending). I must do squats, split squats, balances, knee ROM stretches, lunges, my jumping sets, the leg press machine, the hamstring curl machine, and 30+ minutes of some sort of leg endurance building cardio, like cycling, elliptical, jogging, or swimming. For climbing, I need to follow my rules, which are: -No letting my right leg get more than 3 feet off of the ground while bouldering. (basically, I can only do traverses and the bottoms of routes) -I'm not allowed to do drop knee or heel hook moves with the right leg. -If the knee hurts at all, stop. It's not worth it to push through the pain just to make it to the top of a route. -No knee brace = no climbing. No exceptions. -No whining. Just enjoy being able to climb again. Goal 3 - "The living legend needs eggs" (diet) -I've been doing a lot of strength building stuff. But, as a vegetarian, it's tough to be sure that I'm getting enough protein. So, I need to track my protein and reach 100g each day. I'm expecting to eat lots of eggs. Goal 4 - "What the hell's goin' on in the engine room? Were there monkeys? Some terrifying space monkeys maybe got loose?" Life goal #1 Yeah.. That's how the home often looks, largely because I do have two terrifying space monkeys wreaking havoc on everything. I was pretty successful when I did Flylady a few challenges ago, but I don't find her chores especially relevant for my house. Instead, I made my own chore list and randomizer (yay, iOS programming). The goal is to do 6 of these cleaning chores each week. Goal 5 - "Also, I can kill you with my brain." Life goal #2 This is kind of an extension of my time management goal, but I'm going to improve my brain by learning iOS development. My goal by the end of the challenge is to completely go through my tutorial book. Also, I need to paint at least 4 images for some apps I'm planning on making, as well as record at least 3 piano songs to use for background music in said apps. I've already started one of the apps, which is my cleaning chore manager and randomizer. I'm hoping to add a lot more front end features and make it a professional looking app by the end of the challenge. Bonus "flying" goal (maybe I'll turn this into a PVP): Pull ups in odd places: Yeah, there's a poses in unusual places PVP, but I want to try doing pull-ups in random places or on random things. I already kind of look for odd things to pull up on, but this time, I want to take videos and make a montage of weird pull-ups. Anything other than a standard horizontal bar or rings would "count". Hey, I'm a climber, so I always have to work on my grip. I'll still be hooping. I'm just planning on putting on music and just going with it, rather than specifically learning new moves. And I'll still go swimming with the kids or do it as part of my endurance-building physical therapy. And I'll still be cooking. i'm just not planning on specifically focusing on any of these.
  3. Fire Fit in 40 Weeks continues, with essentially the same structure as last challenge. But, I am making it more streamlined and simpler to track by using a spread sheet. What!? I know that doesn't sound so monumental, but I have been "going to do that" for two challenges now. This time it happens. It has to, because I have so much to do that it is the only way I can see to track everything. Boring, stupid, old spreadsheet. However, what would my thread be without the ShadowLion Fire Science Show and Extravaganza? Truck Porn Tuesday will continue, along with some new features to keep me reviewing my fire science and producing more fire-related entertainment for your enjoyment and edification! And, expect to see more on "Fight the Fire," the wildfire strategy and simulation app that came out of the recent Startup Weekend I participated in, and will be continuing to develop with my team. Your feedback last challenge has already had an impact on something that I hope will save lives through educating tens of thousands of people about wildland fires and fire safety in a fun and entertaining way. Not only will I have to keep whipping this 55 year-old body back into shape in order to accomplish my MAIN QUEST of returning to Wildfire Academy in March of 2015 and emerging recertified as a wildland firefighter, I must also become a master of space, time, energy, attention, and money management. This challenge I will focus on Space. I will get my living environment optimized for greater efficiency and effectiveness, to support my main quest. Why? Right now, this is the scene about five miles away from my mom's place and the piece of property I own... This is what I want to be doing next summer... There are just some things you can't explain. Things that go deeper than words, That may appear unrealistic, foolish, even dangerous to others. But if it is your quest, your destiny, you must pursue it. Or forever wonder what might have been... Motivation My motivation is simple: I want to fight fires again. To that end, my current Main Quest encompasses a 40 week program to get me "fire fit" - physically, mentally and spiritually - and ends in my attending the Arizona Wildfire Academy in mid-March of 2015 ready to pass my Work Capacity Test, so that I can re-qualify as a wildland firefighter. I plan to be ready to go for wildfire season 2015 in the southwest U.S on either a Type 2 hand crew or, most likely, a wildland engine crew. Additional details in my Battle Log. The below was finalized July 31, 2014 As Chris-TIen Jinn helpfully pointed out, there is great value in leveraging my vision of where I want to be to help me focus on what I need to be and do now. I can utilize the power in my past knowledge, experience, and associations to overcome my current doubts, fears, and deficits. Thus, I have reworked some of my goals to better reflect the fact that I already know where I want to be, literally and figuratively, in March of 2015 and what it takes to get there. The obstacles I need most to overcome are within my own mind. As in martial arts, where the mind goes, the body follows... Work Out Like a Firefighter STA-3, STR-2 This challenge overlaps Weeks 9 - 14 of my "Forty Weeks to Fire Fit" program, subsequently referred to as "40W2FF." I have backed off of my gradual program of building heat tolerance for exercising outdoors in the high temperatures of a Phoenix, AZ summer, realizing that a higher priority task right now, and crucial to my safety, is to lose more weight. Last challenge, I was in danger of falling off my program simply because the heat and humidity that comes with the summer monsoon was stressing my body and my mind. I was finding it extremely difficult to keep a consistent exercise program going without being wiped out for the rest of the day or grumpy and snappish because I was dreading going out in the heat. I reevaluated my main quest. Was this an indication that my overall goal was wrong (I will have plenty of heat to deal with out on a fireline!) or that there was something with my plan that needed fixing? I knew that I could handle the heat before, what was different now? I was carrying an extra 40 pounds, and was out of shape. So, I switched up my endurance program to less outdoor walking and jogging, and more exercise bicycling. The bonus of that approach has been that I have started losing weight again. Odd, but I can have the same metabolic cost walking or biking, but I seem to lose weight more easily with the biking. Go figure - I will go with what works. I will work in activities from the Rangers mini-challenges here and can count them towards my totals, so as to avoid injury or overuse, which has been an issue for me the last couple of challenges. Endurance (STA-3) __/18 For wildland fire suppression, endurance is the primary focus, as opposed to the sheer strength demanded by structural firefighting. Weeks 1 - 6 of Endurance, Phase 2 of 40W2FF coincide with this challenge. 2-4 workouts per week, of varying intensities as per my periodization schedule. Phase 2 Begins - Weeks 1 - 6 of a 16 week program of successively faster and longer intervals. Success at the end of 16 weeks will be having increased to continuous jogging for a distance of 5K, with an average heart rate of 145 or below, and a peak HR under 155. Goal time: < 40 minutes This six week challenge will be a combination of exercise biking, brisk walking/hiking when I am in the high country, swimming, and jump-roping to build my stamina for returning to outdoor workouts of walk/jog intervals during the next challenge. So I can start hiking once the weather cools down a bit... Strength (STR-2) __/18, __/1,000 I completed the Phase 0, a pre-conditioning program and entered the first phase of a two phase body weight strength program last challenge. These are timed to reach my goal of starting the Hotshot Strength program (Phase 3) at Week 29 of my 40 week program. Weeks 5 - 10 of Phase 1 coincides with this challenge. 3x per week. Phase 1 Strength (STR-1) - 12 week assisted exercise program of knee-pushups; assisted pull-ups, grip hangs and rows; modified dips; lunges and variations. Additionally - squats, planks, sit-ups, burpees and variations. This will kick things up a notch and prepare me for an increased focus on strength training in Phase 2. 1,000 Burpees (STR-1) - Just what it says. This should get me past the knee-pushup barrier, with the bonus of enhancing my endurance, as well. If I get bored, or feel I need to supplement/complement my other exercises, I can add in variations to the standard burpees. Eat Like a Firefighter CON-2 I will fuel my body with high-quality, nutrient dense foods with an eye to maintaining endurance and muscle, while trimming off excess weight. Body Composition Mission (CON-2) My 40 week end goal is a bodyweight of ~150#, +/-5# as long as my body fat % is at 20% or less using the U.S. Navy Body Fat Calculator. This tends to be a little under actual, so a DEXA scan would be even better, acceptable BF% < 24%. Goal for this challenge is to drop my BF% by at least 3 percentage points, to 33% or less. This will be from a combination of fat loss (primarily) and lean mass gain. (The following was calculated using US Navy Body Fat Calculator, it is an estimate. I think the calculator is somewhat overestimating my recent fat loss/lean muscle gain, but that it will all even out by the time I reach my goal weight.) Current Body Composition - 07/28/2014 Total Mass: 188 lbs. Lean Mass: 120 lbs. Fat Mass: 68 lbs. BF% = 36% Waist = 36" Hips = 43" Neck = 16" Height: 5'6 3/4" When Joined Nerd Fitness - 05/31/2013 Total Mass: 206 lbs. Lean Mass: 107 lbs. Fat Mass: 99 lbs. BF% = 48% Waist = 42" Hips = 46" Neck = 16" Height: 5'5 3/4" GOAL - 03/08/2015 Total Mass: 150 lbs. Lean Mass: 120 lbs. Fat Mass: 30 lbs. BF% = 20% Waist = 27" Hips = 37" Neck = 14" Height: 5'6 3/4" Non-graded extras Achieve another 42 days of my 365 total on the No Soda PVP. Research nutrition, macros in particular, so I can match my diet better to the phases of my training. I want to experiment with at least one day per week of vegetarian eating and play with various combinations of macros to see how my body responds at different points in my training. Ideally, I will figure out an eating plan that will be useful as the intensity of my endurance and strength training increases. I want to read the "Engine 2 Diet." Recover Like a Firefighter WIS- 2, CHA-1 Recovery or "Rehab" is planned into the management of every incident. You can't expect human beings to work hard under trying conditions without providing for adequate rest and recovery time. As it was last challenge, this may well be the hardest part of my challenge. I need to change my habit of staying up late to work or research or write or whatever until the wee hours of the morning and then turnaround and be up at 6:30 or 7 am. I regularly get by on just 4 or 5 hours of sleep a night during the week, then crash on the weekends. I did well the first four weeks of the last challenge on rest, but have struggled with it since, particularly with sleep. Yes, I need to change this. I also know the changes that are coming in mine and my partner's work schedules. I don't think I can enforce the kind of program I had last challenge, so I am going to try a softer approach. For this challenge I will track, observe, and experiment as part of an ungraded sleep goal. I will focus my recovery efforts on stress reduction, resiliency, and better time management, in preparation for sleep to be a bigger focus next time. Rest, Recovery and Resilience (WIS-2, CHA-1) Adequate rest and recovery are critical to my success, as are providing for good time management, stress control and resiliency. Rest/Recovery (WIS-1) Two cheat meals and one indulgent treat per week are not only allowed, they are encouraged. I am required to take at least one full day off of exercise per week, two if showing signs of undue fatigue or of developing any injury. (Situational Awareness applies to one's body, too!) Ungraded Extra as preparation/trial run for next challenge Curfew/Bedtime/Lights Out - These are not synonymous. Curfew means I must "be in the house." Screens connected to the outside world must be turned off. Bedtime means actually in bed, but I may read, journal, meditate, or pray until lights out. Lights out - Dark, quiet, eyes shut, and brain powered down. Curfew is one hour before Lights Out. Bedtime can be any time between Curfew and Lights Out. Curfew - Midnight Bedtime - 0030. Lights Out - 0100 Wake Up Time - 8 am Naps are fine, if needed Resilience (WIS-1, CHA-1) (Attitude and Stress Management/Personal Space Rehabilitation) To stay positive and not succumb to my depressive tendencies, or my doubts or fears about what I am attempting, I must cultivate inner strength and resilience. To stay peaceful and calm in the midst of great change and effort, I will manage my schedule and environment for enhanced productivity and streamlined maintenance. I will utilize the fantastic support network that is Nerd Fitness by actively participating in my guild, my accountabilibuddy groups and my PVPs. (Linked in my signature.) At least 15 minutes per day of meditation and/or journaling/sketchnoting/mandala or other drawing/visual journaling method (WIS-1) At least one half-hour per day (on average) of decluttering and improving my personal space. This beyond my daily 15 minute clutter patrol and regular household tasks. I am losing precious time dealing with clutter and maintaining things I don't need or no longer use. I know better than to carry unneeded gear in my pack or on my truck. It wastes time and energy. I need to treat my living space the same way. Have less, to do less, to be more. Space, the final frontier... (Thank you, AnnieP!) Play Like a Firefighter DEX- 1, CHA-3 Firefighters work hard and play hard. You learn to take the fragility of life seriously, yet in stride. You learn what is important, and that tomorrows are not a given. Those dreams that you carry around in your head, they need to happen sooner, rather than later. Lately, I have been telling a lot of other people that they need to have more fun in their life. I need to take my own good advice... Make working out more fun... Make eating more fun... Make rest and recovering more fun and my daily life more fun... Create more, relax more, Tai Chi and Other Fun Physical Activities (DEX-1) At least once per week. Tai Chi Saber, belly dance, whatever, as long as it is fun! Create Something (CHA-1) At least once per week. With the Renaissance Rebels! Continue Creating the "Fight the Fire App" (CHA-2) Ultimate Nerd Cred. Take the iOS programming course...once per week. Document Like a Firefighter - Stupid Simple Spreadsheet WIS- 1 DONE 7/31/2014 If it isn't documented, it didn't happen! That is a common saying in fire and EMS. I need streamline my documentation and I have been procrastinating. No more! The Stupid Simple Spreadsheet MUST be done by Midnight, July 31, 2014 = 1 Point WIS. Spreadsheet Done, Posted, Shared @ 2358 MST, July 31, 2014 Yay! I got my Stat Point! (Just barely!) All of my activities for this challenge are quite simple to determine on a day-to-day basis: "Was X scheduled for today? Did I do X today?" Yes or no. I will log my progress in my challenge spreadsheet. Each goal will be graded with the standard A, B, C, D, or F system using the usual percentages, and points awarded accordingly.
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