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  1. As dust gets swept away by footsteps of the newly arrived, a few pick pen and ink to dribble on recent developments. Many have perished on this path, many might never attempt it. “A man goes to knowledge as he goes to war: wide-awake, with fear, with respect, and with absolute assurance. Going to knowledge or going to war in any other manner is a mistake, and whoever makes it might never live to regret it†-- Carlos Castañeda, The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge You have accessed Aeri's battle log, and are welcome to give input or press for oath keeping. Much love
  2. Man oh man. I've had my second challenge ready since before the forum was open and I'm just now getting it on here. o.o Damn procrastination monster. Sooo basically I'm getting ready for a Tough Mudder Half in August. I'm starting from square one. I want to, I guess, get some good habits in place this month to help propel me the rest of the way. In addition I also have studying and talking with y'all here. Statistic Quest Progress Strength Wor
  3. Miw-Sher looked up from her diary and scratched her head. Geez, this was hard. She had been training solo for about a month now, trying to build enough discipline to finally join the Academy. Past experiences in training with the Rebels had ended up with her getting distracted, or trying too much too soon in eagerness to be able to keep up with the group. So, after leaving her home in Riverock due to being unable to practice her trade and once her broken foot had healed, she had decided to train alone, one step at a time, until she was ready. Then the winter had taken i
  4. Spring is in full bloom! It's warm outside, the grass is getting greener, the trees are getting shoots, and I feel ready to also warm up and start blooming. Part of that entails learning to overcome my social anxiety and become more comfortable with talking with random people. Another important part is learning to ground myself and take in rest and nourishment when needed, so that I remain centered on what is important and don't become distracted or obsessed with the wrong things. My Current State I'm 33 years old, 5'4", married with a daughter and two dogs. Measurements
  5. I've been absent for a while, and the things that happened while I was absent have led me to return with a lot of changes regarding how I approach fitness, so it's time to start a new Battle Log. While I was gone, I spent 6 months working with a holistic nutritionist. It was challenging and ultimately rewarding work. I learned a lot about the power of mindfulness and meditation. I learned that when I am under stress, I tend to get out of balance very quickly. Also, I learned that when I'm in a time of great creativity where I'm inspired to put forth a lot of energy on my art, I get out of b
  6. This is my first challenge with the Rebellion and I'm excited! I start a new job on April 4th, so this is a great opportunity to add extra support and accountability to maintain the good habits I've started while off work. My Story Since childhood, I've struggled with depression and anxiety, and I recently went on sick leave because of stress at work. My body was weak, out of shape, and I had back, neck and shoulder issues. My journey is to become fit, flexible, strong, mentally balanced, and to go on adventures like the heroes in my favourite movies, books, and games.
  7. Slow down. Breathe. Take your time. Use discipline to make that time. While I succeeded the last challenge, I did so flying through it without a minute to reflect upon my process, my goals, my achievements. I was also never able to check in here because of how busy my days were. I can't say I was stressed, but I regret not making time to check in with the people supporting me here and my friends in real life. I also found myself falling into the old pattern again of not being able to sustain routines. Mostly because as I added building stones to m
  8. "You must push yourself beyond your limits, all the time. The only possible course that a warrior has is to act consistently and without reservations. You know enough of the warrior's way to act accordingly, but your old habits and routines stand in your way." --Carlos Castañeda, Tales of Power. In the struggle to follow the Way of the Warrior (druidic lore) so to be strong enough to become a Lord of Knowledge, stable foundations must be built. Beginning by forging a sword of willpower through discipline. This challenge is about setting up rituals that help
  9. Possible DAO spoilers I recently picked my specialization and I really want to do all the cool things assassins do. That is, without stabbing myself in some body part that inevitably will get in the way. I've longed to start a new adventure, put my skills to use, learn new ones and I have a plan! Well sort of... I have a great family, don't get me wrong but sometimes you just need to get out. So after following Duncan (he's this super cool Grey Warden that's been hanging around) and asking if I could tag along with him, he finally relented! His only condition is th
  10. I am typing this up in a rush since I need to be at a friend's in an hour for study purposes and likely won't be able to check in for the weekend. So, this will be my first guild challenge. Well, I hung out with the Adventurers two challenges ago, when it was still slightly less defined in its purposes, but that challenge was cut short by moving countries and never saw an end. So... I am really excited, this is a big step. Tags system based on: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/77949-incipient-order-of-taggers-lets-hack-the-tag-system-for-good/ I love the idea, go support hte
  11. Yeah Assassining isn't a word but whatever. I am so bad at Topic titles and it's better than Jonesy's 2nd Challenge. Haha. Sort of nervous to post here but here it goes. My name is Tiffany. My friends call me Tiff, Jonesy, Mrs. Bilbo Baggins, or Hobbit. This is my first big adventure outside of the Rebels or the Adventurer guild. Little backstory. I’ve been attempting to get healthy for the last 3 or 4 years. I have not been able to find something that makes me keep with it though and it’s starting to piss me off. I want to find something fitness related that makes me want to be acti
  12. Hey guys, so, after failing my last challenge and going on a fitness hiatus, I decided to have a go at this again. I haven't been completely fitness-less. My eating habits are as decent as they can be on a minimal budget, and I have managed to keep up Reddit's Bodyweight routine for a month now. I have also been doing some of Darebee's challenges and am really looking forward to the moment I can take upon some of their tougher ones. However, at a 14-hour workday rhythm, it has been really hard to pick up the pace, so I am turning to Nerdfitness again to motivation. I have seriously misse
  13. I've been reading Steve's new book, and figure it's time to level up my life. I've participated in challenges before, but I've let myself rebound so far that I feel it's time to reinvent myself from level 1. I've also been reading the Throne of Glass book series, by Sarah J. Mass. I've realized that as heroes and their journeys go, I really admire assassin characters, not for the bloodshed they cause, but for their dexterity, grace, proficiency, creativity, intelligence, awareness, and self-awareness, as well as the intense training, determination, and dedication it took for them to achieve th
  14. PKMN JOURNEY, part 1 I don't need to be the very best, but who hasn't wanted to go on an epic journey of self-development, forming relationships and overcoming challenges along the way? Grab your ball-related puns and let's get moving! Now, I don't live in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, or Sinnoh, and I have little interest in visiting Unova or Kalos. Looks like I'll have to challenge the fictional PKMN league of New York. If you're unfamiliar with the Pokemon series, that means I have to defeat the leaders of eight type-based gyms, then take on the Elite Four, finally facing the Champion. Each gym
  15. I debated on what to call this thread and what to write here. This isn't my first challenge but in a way it is. See I've been here before. I joined NF back in November of 2012 and did a lot of challenges. Last year I tried, emphasis on TRIED, to comeback and called it a respawn but I don't want that again. Hello 2016, goodbye old threads and old Jonesy! Long Term Quest : I can't get away from this quest until I work my butt off, literally. I can't wait until I conquer this quest but for now, losing weight is my long term quest. Over the course of the next 2 years I want to lose 150lbs. Ma
  16. I've been looking forward to the rollover into the new challenge since I joined a few weeks ago. I'm going to keep it simple for my first go, especially since I'll be relocating during the second week. Sorry, no exciting bells and whistles here! My goals for this challenge: 1 - No more than four sugary and/or acidic beverages over the course of each week. I've fallen off the water wagon recently. Especially after I relocate in a couple of weeks, I'll have easy access soda and juice. It's easier to maintain willpower when I've got a water bottle I keep filled and at the ready. I honestly thin
  17. Hi There! My name is Matt and I just finished reading Level Up Your Life this weekend and jumped on here to start a challenge. I think the leveling up system plus accountability is the last ingredient I need in my recipe for success. I know it's halfway through January, but others had mentioned it was okay to start now. You can click on My Character in my signature to read a little more about me rather than rewriting everything here. Below are my goals for January. Thanks! Health: -3x Day, Move for 20 Minutes, or 90 Minutes Overall (if less than 3 times) -3x Week, Bodyweight Workout (I'
  18. Odonate

    Odonate Respawns

    I am a female-bodied person who is about to turn 40. Unsurprisingly I am also a nerd, and one of fairly diverse interests. I'm happy with my weight, my diet is reasonably healthy, and I'm able-bodied and capable of doing the stuff I really need to be able to do, physically, so while I'd like to improve my stamina and strength some, my main concern is mental, not physical, fitness; I'm dealing with depression and probable (testing is in progress) AD(H)D and a lot of inertia/momentum issues. Last challenge did not go so well, but I'm giving it another shot with similar, but simplified, goals. No
  19. I have been lurking on the forum for a while now and finally decided it is time to step out of the shadows and into the light. I ended the year on a pretty sad note and I don't want another year to pass in this same monotonous life. At the end of this year I want my body (and my life) to reflect the person I am inside. So, onward to a new me. My goals for this challenge are as follows: Diet 1: NO CAFFEINE I have done it before and felt so much better after. I swore I wouldn’t get back into that daily habit again, but somewhere along the way I got stuck back in that rut. Time to brush mys
  20. My Main Quest: Become an Apprentice in the Order of the Keepers Current state: Kid on the street, running messages and picking pockets to keep my ribs form meeting my spine. (Not literally, but you understand, the usual beginner stage) Has anyone played or remember the Theif series? I loved those games so much and that is why I make so many refrences to it. For those who don’t know what I am rambling about, the Thief that I am referring to is Garrett who basically is like Etzio from Assassin’s Creed but doesn’t kill, only breaks into places and steals whatever valuable they have. Trus
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