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  1. Rightio then, Challenge number 2. My first with the Awesome Rangers. I am changing things somewhat here, partly to release my geekiness more, partly to express my faith more, and mainly to increase my health. Firstly a couple of definitions are in order, oferfaett is Old English for obese, [literally, over fat]. Medically I am obese pure and simple. It was a practice in Anglo-Saxon Britain to give nicknames to people based on physical features. Surnames were rarely used during this time period [they were brought in by the Normans]. So I have named myself Anglian style. Next we have Ulfhednar, this is Old Norse for Wolf headed, basically the wolf version of a beserker. Using the wolf as a totem instead of the Bear. The Old English Wulfesheafod is not as badass in my opinion so I chose the Old Norse. It is close enough to my race type to work for me. Lycans, werewolf [werwulf in OE] may well have been inspired by these real life warriors. With NF I am changing from Thom the fat to Thom the Lycan. My first challenged focussed primarily on creating routines and getting moving, I had some great wins [4cm of my waist, and 66 bodyweight squats] I also had some hard times, depression does that. Still I didn't quit, and I am here now planning this challenge. Oh and I walked 240 miles in 6 weeks to get to Weathertop and held my own against a Nazgul. My long term goal is still to drop to 17% body fat. I have lost 2.36% since I joined in at the end of November last year. From 36.44% on the 01/12/13 to 34.08% on the 04/02/14. I use the tape measure method for this, It may not be entirely accurate but it is relative. I do my main measurements on the first weekend of each month, so we will find out how I am progressing in a couple of weeks. By my calculations I will drop from 118.7kg to around 90-95kg. As I only lost a grand total of 800grams for the entire last challenge I am not as worried about the weight loss if I am losing body fat. Goal One for this challenge is to track my calorie intake. Or kilojoules as I am working in metric. After much mucking about with various calculators I have worked out my BMR to be on average 9500kj [2285Cal] and my TDEE to be on average 13511kj [3277Cal]. Now to me that seems a hel of a lot of calories. Over the past two weeks I have started tracking my intake on MyfitnessPal with the target of 10,000kj [2388Cal]. I am struggling to eat that many calories. I am generally coming in well under. With the few exceptions of when I eat crap. So I will continue to track my food intake learn about my Macros, and limit/eliminate my gluten based carbs. As this is more a track and learn goal I will put +2 towards wisdom and +2 to my constitution for the successful completion of this goal. Goal Two is to continue my 3 days per week workouts. In my first challenge I used the BBWW to set up my routine. It has been a great help, and has increased my fitness. I am looking at adding a bit more variety to my routines so have decided to change it to the following: Mondays: Hammer workout, using a 10lb, 4.53kg sledge hammer. Monday I worked out a routine for this. Yep this really hit me. Wednesdays: Kettlebell workout, using a 5kg kettlebell and the Simple and Sinister routine. After trying this today [Wed 19/02] I suspect much of this will be learning to perfect the exercises, particularly the Get Up. Fridays: I will continue doing the BBWW. It is a good routine and I enjoy it. I will look at progressing to harder exercises as I go along with this. This is still a strength goal, although the hammer work adds a bit of dexterity as well, So +3 to Strength, +2 to Stamina and +1 to Dexterity. Goal Three is going to focus upon my spirituality. I have let my personal devotionals slip over the past year or so. I need to get things back into gear. I aim to do a weekly devotional to my Gods, Ancestors and Landwights. This is a inner peace and power goal so +1 to Wisdom, and a +1 to Charisma. My Side Quest is to study and do well at my Uni subject that I have enrolled in. The course starts in the beginning of March so until then I will share my artistic endeavours in the form of products that I sell. These are knowledge and creativity goals, so I will be giving +2 to wisdom and +1 to Charisma.
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